Against: part II

I thought I was but apparently I wasn’t done with my rant on the right-wing establishment. You know how sometimes you are sitting on the toilet and think you’re finished and then all of a sudden you realize you aren’t?

Who anointed these guys and NRO kingmakers and the patriarchs of politics? No one I know of. In case they missed the season lesson, their “thou knowest better” elitism is exactly what people detest right now. It has been building for a long time.

Many of them would be content to support Jeb. They supported Romney. They supported McCain. Now they tell us to check our credentials at the door if we don’t line up in their corner. And they browbeat us about being patient. Patience wore thin some time ago.

Sorry Ted, but that is no way to win an election, or even win over conservatives. What of all those grassroots which was the impetus for any real success recently? Easy come easy go, according to right-wing estabos. Who has really succumbed to the left?

Who preaches the doctrine of tolerance? It reminds me of the lectures to us as “agents of intolerance” from McCain in 2000. Now it’s coming from stale, upper crust conservatives. We’ll tell you who to support. Ask no questions.

Since their formula and picks have been working out so well, why change? You know the saying “if you keep doing what you always did you get what you always got.” Maybe it is time for something different? Maybe something that is not Kosher or conventional thinking is needed to break the chain of loss? Somewhere, a record of winning calls out.

I’ve had more on this in the works for months but maybe this is the time to drop it?

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The coalition against: NRO spells NO

Now that we have NRO and the misfit coalition “against Trump,” it tells us a lot more about their views than it does about Donald’s.

They lined up far and wide to add their names to a hit list to denounce Trump as the Republican/conservative candidate. Fine, if that is your thing. Seems to me that we have been lectured for about a decade now that it is not enough to be against something. What is important is to be “for” something, they say. So this piece just tells you about who they are against, not who they are supporting.

NROAgainst Trump” | January 21, 2016

But he is not deserving of conservative support in the caucuses and primaries. Trump is a philosophically unmoored political opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus within the GOP in favor of a free-floating populism with strong-man overtones. – Read more>

But therein is the rub. To include who they support would shatter their coalition into pieces. And there likely is not a big consensus on who they do support. Some of those names in there would be Jeb supporters. There are RINOs in the mix who probably would support Christie. But at least they can all agree on who they don’t support.

I like many of the pundits and conservatives in the No coalition. However, how much have they done for us in their influential capacity over the years? Not much and that is the reason we are in the spot we’re in. They can’t show you a recent record of success. That is one of the charges they levy against Trump.

Which all brings us to the next point. When you dissect this so-called conservative circle, you find that there are establishment conservatives. Surprise, what a timely reminder. Here we are with everyone against the establishment (staus quo) even on both sides. Along come these gurus of politics to out one person for not being a pure enough conservative. Skillet meet the kettle. But what do they mean by not pure enough? That’s the question.

Many of them live and breathe the beltway politics. They are interconnected to the RNC and establishment. Some are staunch supporters of amnesty. Some attack conservatives on a regular basis. Many think Cruz is too far right or extreme for them. But for the time, they all get on board to oppose the Donald. Some back big-government spending.

Then there is the net effect. Who gets hurt in the mix, members of the coalition of “No” or the Trumpster? My money is on Trump weathering the storm. If bringing people together to oppose something was their goal, then mission accomplished. Can they core an apple?

Here is one disgruntled viewer of the Kelly File which debuted the sultans of No. In her own words she has a message for them.

    Published on Jan 21, 2016
    I am livid, I am angry, I have a voice and I am going to use it!

The list of 22 conservatives in the coalition Against Trump.

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