Holocaust Remembrance Day is Every Day

by Stanley Zir

Can the observance of Yom HaShoah possibly be given added weight and significance? Emphatically, yes. Today there is a new Hitler who wants to destroy the Jewish people and the old adage “Never Again” has never been more meaningful.

Yom HaShoah commemorated this year on April 28 has to be more than commemorating the horrific past. It must be about combating the deadliest enemy that the Jewish people have ever faced, a nuclear armed Iran.

We must use the lessons of the past on what we must do today. History must note that six million voices claimed victory over those who would again bring darkness into the world. On Yom HaShoah let us declare that Never Again Is Now, then proceed to launch the greatest assault the world has ever seen on an enemy that is determined to unleash a nuclear nightmare upon America, Israel, and the citizens of the free world.

When being threatened with extinction Holocaust Remembrance Day is every day. We must act with lighting speed because Congress still believes they have time to negotiate with Iran while the majority believes there is nothing we can do to stop them.

To reverse this untenable position there must be a great awakening, one that instills within us an indomitable spirit that victory is within reach. Creating this great awakening is the purpose of this campaign.

While promoting his 9-9-9 tax policy, Herman Cain was asked, “Do you think there is a will in Washington for politicians to put their careers on the line to do the right thing?” And he replied, “Not without the will of the people, without a massive activist grassroots movement from the bottom up. They are not going to do it from the inside. When they feel the heat, they will see the light.” We the people must be the heat.. We have to take on the Goliath.

We, Jews and Christians together, must be that Goliath. The Never Again Is Now campaign provides the catalyst so we can achieve this objective.

In January we posted an ad in the Jewish Voice and Opinion, and the reaction to our campaign proved that a six million army of Never Again is no phantom army.

When told about the response they received from my ad, I was overjoyed. The editor wrote, “We have been inundated with calls and emails since the January issue came out with your ads. People have been telling us that they know Iran is a terrible problem, but they didn’t think they could do anything about it. Your ads seem to have motivated them to make their voices heard by contacting Congressmen, both their own, and others.

Please encourage all you know to join with us in this campaign to stop Iran.

Stanley Zir
Founder of Never Again is Now

Obama’s Final Solution Tour:

Its Now or Never
for America & Israel

Part 2

Author Stanley Zir




In order to understand how Obama’s final solution tour set the stage for Palestinians terrorists being released from Israeli jails, Part one covered the time when Obama visited Israel (March 20 -22, 2013).

Part two is inclusive of that visit but deals directly with Obama’s final solution for America; Stripping her of her identity as the leader of the free world, thus waving the white flag of surrender to the Islamics and their secular totalitarian comrades in arms, both of whom are diametrically opposed to capitalism and freedom of expression, the culture that liberty sustains.

That is how Obama intends to achieve his ultimate aim: American’s fundamental transformation into a feeding trough for his social justice payback initiative, one that translates into a one class, fair and equitable, proletariat nation.

To recap part one chronicled President Obama’s antics as he maneuvered his way around the Israeli leadership before moving in for the kill, presenting Israeli youth with a malignant peace plan. The plan Obama proposed, asked the youth to take the first step to show they were sincere in wanting to jump start a dialogue with the Palestinians. Unfortunately they had no idea what Obama had in store for Israel, releasing Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons as a gesture of their good will.

Obama betrayed these naive youth when his mouth piece, Secretary of State John Kerry, initiated this gesture, claiming it would show that the Israelis are sincere about achieving peace with Abbas and his potential peace partners. Kerry conveniently ignored the fact that Abbas partners happened to be homicidal maniacs, radical Islamic savages, secular totalitarian barbarians, and the United Nations, where the final solution for the Jewish state is now in progress.

While it appeared that the Israeli leadership took the bait and swallowed it hook, line, and sinker and released terrorists, all is not as it appears. Part one revealed that Obama had strong armed Israel, threatening that he will not be able to protect Israel in the future unless they made peace with the Palestinians now. This single most important truth was also exposed in my essay A Monster Among Uspublished in June 2011 – it now has 23,000 hits. It is a great read.

[You can read part 1 here.]

Part Two
Obama’s Solution For America  

When Obama first arrived in Israel he attended an international press conference with Netanyahu, where he used his charm offensive to take the leaders of Israel down the garden path. He told the Israelis how he stands by them and has their back. He reminded them that he had given them a missile defense system (the Iron Dome) to protect themselves from missile attacks.

After that he claimed never in history has there been such a close relationship between Israel and America. Poor Netanyahu had to listen to this claptrap, knowing he could not speak the truth and why? One major reason is that the Jewish people in America, who say they are avid Zionists and love Israel, never gave Netanyahu the support he needed to demand Obama take immediate action against Iran’s nuclear terrorist infrastructure.

Although Netanyahu has pleaded with American Jewish and Christian Zionist for over two years that Iran is Israel’s single most important issue, they failed to create a firestorm in America, one that calls for the immediate destruction of Iran’s nuclear sites, one that Obama could not ignore, one that would put him on the defensive.

Since the terrorist attack in Boston it could not be more apparent that if Iran becomes nuclear capable, the next attack coming to America will be a nuclear jihad episode in one of our major cities. Clearly not only is Israel under an Iranian nuclear threat, but the same Iranian vultures that circle Israel are circling America.

Obama’s Rabbit Hole

By-passing the serious threat from Iran to Israel and America, Obama led those at the press conference down his rabbit hole. “We are working closely with the international community, and we are gaining ground.” he said, as if America had been making progress all along.

The fact is that over the last three years Obama’s international partners in peace to stop Iran, Russia and China, both supported Assad in Syria. In addition, Russia has been helping Iran build their nuclear power plants without interruption since 1978, and both Russia and China vetoed sanctions against Iran over and over again in the United Nations. Is this the international support Obama was talking about?

Again Obama attempted to cover up the failure of his foreign policy, like he did with Benghazi. The GOP’s had a chance to put Obama’s foreign policy on the chopping block with another one of Obama’s Benghazi-style fabrications but they still failed to hold Obama’s feet to the fire. Is the GOP any longer qualified to represent us?

A physician is qualified to analyze the symptoms of a patient in order to prescribe the cure, but the GOP acts like an inebriated physician, one who misdiagnosed a life threatening condition, then awakens from a stupor to claim he found a cure.

Incredulously only when Putin decided not to return Snowden to Obama’s new America did the GOP start strutting around like peacocks.

The uproar from the GOP, about how Russia was disrespecting America, preventing our nation from succeeding against Syria and ending the Iranian threat was more than a day too late. It is becoming apparent that trusting the GOP could be fatal.

In every case, the GOP has been late in tackling issues critical to our national security. Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after Morsi betrayed his nation, Russia protecting Iran and Syria, and Benghazi was no different. Tragically, almost a year after the event, Benghazi still is nothing other than a Johnny-come-lately affair.

Benghazi, Obama, and the 2012 Election

During the 2012 election, Obama in order to maintain the illusion, as he does now, that his foreign policy is on solid grounds, he covered up a terrorist attack on our diplomatic mission at Benghazi with the pretext that the attack was due to an anti-Muslim video. This video was created by an unknown American amateur whose subsequent arrest was something out of a Kafka novel. You would have thought it took place in a totalitarian state as he was led from his house by numerous marshals, like KGB operatives.

What is more than outrageous is Obama’s apology to the terrorists of the Islamic world on behalf of the American people because of this anti-Muslim video. This was unforgivable. Why does Obama brand patriots as fanatics, fear-mongers, and a danger to our national security because they speak out against those nations who conquer and enslave in Allah’s name? Who is he labeling fear-mongers? Those who demand we defend ourselves from the treachery of Islamofacism. Even a child could see through Obama’s act of treachery, yet the GOP did not grab the bull by the horns.

Benghazi, the Tip of the Iceberg

The attack on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi was just the tip of the iceberg. The attack at its core went far beyond the actions of some Al-Qaida operatives, as the GOP would claim, debunking the idea that it was the provocations of some anti-Muslim youtube video as Obama would insist. At that time I alone argued that something of greater significance was in play far beyond the assessment of both these parties.

Throughout Obama’s presidency I chronicled the fact that the Republicans put his foreign policy on the back burner. They never presented a world overview, inclusive of a foreign policy that represents liberty’s grand design, which translates into our core value, our stance against tyranny.

While the GOP was obsessed by the disastrous effects of Obamacare, and the rise of his entitlement society, and rightly so, America was being swallowed whole by Obama’s political behemoth. The ground we had gained though the spilt blood of America’s patriots is now being retaken by Russia, which has reemerged with a vengeance and along with a modern day re-tooled Communist China, both have aligned themselves with the Iranian Jihadist conglomerate (Syria, Hamas, Egypt, etc.) to impose their will on America, Israel, and whatever is left of the European Union.


The GOP could not even get it right in Syria, their outcry that Obama was not taking action against Syria quickly faded, even after it was proven that Assad had crossed Obama’s red line when he used chemical weapons against his own people.

Why did we think then that Congress would hold Obama’s feet to the fire in dealing with Assad, at that time Congress ignored the fact that Obama had crossed his own red line when he continued to maintain his coalition with Russia and China to stop Iran.

Obama’s Double-Cross

After Syria’s second attack with chemical weapons on their own people, Obama could no longer cover up for the Norwegian saber-waving tactics that he used to win the 2012 election. Obama is now forced to take military action, otherwise he will lose face because he will have double-crossed his own red line. Even the Democracies are demanding he act.

The danger the GOP faces is that Obama’s attack on Syria could nullify any chance the Republicans for winning future elections, Obama’s failed foreign policy was their ticket to the White House and now Obama will try to upstage them again by putting the GOP on the defense.

Once Obama launches an attack on Syria, the chest beating will begin, be prepared for the “I killed Osama” routine. Obama will tell the American people that he is sending a message to any nation using weapons of mass destruction that this will not be tolerated. This will put him in the cat bird’s seat in dealing with Iran, thus negating all those who claim he will never take military action against Iran.

The point is he will never attack Iran because he would never get the support from nations around the world to form a coalition of the willing. This is Iran, not Syria, Iran is a horse of a different color.

GOP Must Immediately Reverse Course

Thus the GOP must immediately reverse course, if we are ever going to stop Syria we must first stop Iran.

“No matter what we do in Syria, Syria will still be a problem because of Iran. Stop Iran, you stabilize Syria, put Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist on notice, and minimize China and Russia’s influence in the region because Iran‘s influence will be severed. Cut off the head of the snake and the body will expire. This is why we must strike.

Iran is the number one problem, not Egypt, Syria, or al-Qaeda. Iran is the proverbial Alpha male of the Islamic world because Iran alone continues to hold America hostage with an economic if America doesn’t agree to the creation of a nuclear armed Iran.

U.S Not Israel Must Lead the Attack

Furthermore I can never stress enough, that the United States, not Israel, has the technology and material to permanently destroy Iran’s entire strike-back capability and its entire nuclear weapons infrastructure without a ground invasion Russia, China, and the international community will not permit Iran to shut down the Strait of Hormuz for any extended amount of time would have on their economics depends on this shipping lane to deliver oil in order to keep.

But most significantly is the bi-product of this unilateral preemptive strike on, This would be our ability to successfully stabilize the Middle East, and reclaim America’s position of influence in a region where the enemies of freedom no longer fear our resolve. American history has confirmed that standing up to the absolute power of tyranny saps the enemy of their influence and their hold on power, and guarantees our continued prosperity thought the best and worst of times.

Like all other fascists before them the mullahs in Iran can only be unseated through the initiation of a force that is more powerful than their misguided beliefs.

Nuclear extortion is their ace in the hole, deny them access they will lose face and be vulnerable. This is the shortest route to unseat the Iranian leadership thus clearing a path for regime change.

“Therefore only an emergency procedure that delivers a payload of destruction directly into the heart of Iran’s nuclear facilities and her strike back capacity can eliminate the hub in the wheel of an emerging Nuclear Terrorist Empire, whose success would have the free world do the bidding of madmen.” — Passages from prior writings of Stanley Zir

The Failure of Obama to Stand Against Iran Radicalized the Middle East

The GOP hesitated for years on end, without establishing the Iranian threat to our Constitution as their top priority, yet national security must take priority over domestic concerns, especially when there is an imminent threat.

By failing in their obligation to protect the Constitution, the GOP left a vacuum in our foreign policy that Obama filled. Obama’s attack on Syria will provide him with the chance to assert that he champions a no nonsense foreign policy, nothing could be further from the truth. The failure of Obama to stand against Iran radicalized the Middle East.

For over three years even Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, both of whom I greatly admire, failed to focus on America’s failing foreign policy, even though it was obvious that the leadership of the world was being transferred to rogue nations, instead they concentrated on Obama’s domestic policy ignoring the fact that the greatest threat to our nation, our economy and the future survival of America is a global threat and the epi-center is Iran.

The GOP Must Get It Right On

If it took the GOP nearly a year to reveal what really happened in Benghazi, then how long will it take for the GOP to get it right on Iran. How can they get it right on Iran if they are not even outraged now that Obama is honoring talks with their new leader Hassan Rouhani, who like his predecessor Ahmendinejad, is intent on the destruction of Israel and America. You can bet that the GOP will be outraged if Iran becomes a nuclear terrorist state, as these sanction peddlers will claim that it was not them that failed to act, it was Obama’s dictatorial lack of respect for America and her stance against despotism, like Putin, that sealed the deal.

Finally There is Morsi

The GOP fared no better in Egypt, Instead of demanding that Morsi step down after he betrayed the dream of the people through free elections to be rid of oppression they buried their heads in the sand.

Was it not Morsi that pulled a coup when he proclaimed that there would be a new Constitution under his presidency that would honor the strict adherence to sharia law as Egypt’s protocol with no avenue of recourse.

Incredibly Obama was defending the Muslim Brotherhood before the military re-couped Morsi.

Instead of asking Morsi to step down because of his tyrannical terrorist agenda he let Morsi know he had his back as he had just given approval for the delivery to Egypt of 14 fighter jets and $250 million in aid – this to a country that has joined with Iran and Hamas to destroy Israel and bring down America. Is this the reward one gives to the enemies of America and Israel when they become Islamic terrorist states? It sounded more like an incentive.

And so in Israel, Obama, the soulless Svengali, stood there shamelessly in front of the world, claiming that he’s has America’s best interest at heart and Israel‘s.

Meanwhile Israel, America‘s greatest ally, faces the threat of an Iranian nuclear attack and an imposed suicidal two-state solution. Why does Obama still try to convince the American people that we can avoid conflict and achieve peace and economic parity with people and nations who are willing to die to end our freedoms?

Declare Our Independence

I firmly believe the American people must emphatically declare their independence from the dictates of Obama’s foreign policy, one that binds our nation to tyranny’s diabolical edicts. If we do not confront this aberration of our founder’s decrees, we are all culpable for the actions that the president takes on our behalf.

Actions that green light the advancement of Iranian nuclear terrorist state, actions that attack the mandate that keeps America safe from enemies foreign and domestic can only be considered acts of treason.

Where do we go from here? Maybe like those who held the Boston Tea Party, we too should withhold our taxes. Why should we fund a government that uses our hard earned money to support activities that will lead to the destruction of our nation from within and our standing as the leader of the free world? We hold the purse strings, not Congress or the President. I assure you this one action will wake up Congress. We just need some grassroots leaders, with the guts of our founders, to lead the charge.

One last note, Paul Ryan has initiated a petition that has gathered 600,000 signatures to stop funding the government that will fund Obamacare. I am sure he feels he taken the right path, but I have great reservations when our nation is under and imminent threat the job of every American is to stand as one against that threat.

While we can repeal Obamacare, we can never repeal the creation of an Iranian terrorist state once it is created. Ryan says we need to create a firestorm across America to stop Obamacare. Yes, we need a firestorm but to stop Iran.

Who is willing to to declare we can no longer wait to set that Iranian Nuclear Hellhole on fire? Only that person is qualified to be the next president of the United States of America.

If America is going to be victorious, she needs a new guideline; a new point of departure, one that honors our national interest, what makes us exception among the nations – our eternal stance against the advancement of global tyranny. We must immediately embark on this new path, for only this will guarantee America‘s victory over those who have compromised our core beliefs at home and abroad.

Part one is found here.

Stanley Zir is founder of Never Again Is Now and VictoriousAmerica.com, “dedicated to the completion of America’s destiny … in fulfilling Liberty’s mandate: ‘Our Eternal War on Tyranny.'”