Hillary Down and Not Out

The incredible inevitable Hillary doesn’t look so inevitable. Her 22 point loss to Sanders gives her heartburn but thats about it. The wind up scandal doll takes a licking and keeps on ticking… off people she runs across.

It’s so beautiful, the idea of having a candidate people don’t trust. It creates so many options.

So now she takes her show cross-country with more lies. She says even though some people don’t support her she will continue to support them. I suppose it all depends on the meaning of the word “support”.

She was fashionably dressed in black to make her premature national victory speech. If a looming indictment doesn’t embarrass her, a landslide loss to Bernie won’t cause her to flinch.

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Debate summary

In NH Republican debate, they ask what would you do about Syria, ISIS, Libya, Iran?
And interesting that all are products of the Obama administration.

Dems debate, by contrast, is who is more progressive than the other socialist?

Haven’t we seen enough results and consequences of progressive government?

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Horse trading, South Carolina

There seem to be some similarities on the Dem and Republican sides. My observation is the establishment on both sides is looking past New Hampshire and Iowa to South Carolina. They are planning or hoping to build a consensus from there forward for the establishment candidates and establishment itself.

Establishment is taking it on the chin this year. Both sides are lining up paying close attention to Iowa and New Hampshire. That may be the usual course but both seem like they are following a similar pattern. We are trying to judge the races(each) by events in Iowa and New Hampshire while those are looking increasingly irrelevant. Could they cancel each other out? But the establishment on both side is looking at South Carolina.

That’s why I chuckled as Jeb rolled out the endorsement from Lindsey Graham. It reveals the importance of SC to Bush — his only chance. Not only for SC but for establishment to break the barriers it has so far been unable to do. It’s all Jeb can hope for.

The establishment seems to be playing virtually the same strategy game, with Jeb Bush being a harbinger. While we are consumed by Iowa and New Hampshire, they are betting their estabo marbles on some momentum they can build from South Carolina on.

So my point is estabos on both sides are looking to start hijacking or stealing the election there. I said on both sides. Dems are engaged in a social debate, and queen-estabo- Hillary plans on South Carolina being her firewall and beginning of her victory. Bernie does not seem to have an answer for that. I don’t know if conservatives have an answer yet for the big establishment roll out? They both can be very persuasive when they want to be.

How does the establishment RNC deal with a lead candidate who is not going to be begging for money and groveling? A candidate who looks past estabos like they do anti-estabo front runners? That scenario looks more like war, politically. Finally the establishment is on defense against the ropes. Can they endure the onslaught and still survive? Or are they beaten clear back to their respective corners? Is the RNC forced to try making concessions to save themselves, just like they do with Democrats everyday?

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The quiet operator

Someone is out there beneath the distractions and radar actively framing a run for 2016. This is not an endorsement, but I saw this interesting article. I’ll put a couple excerpts out here. Sort of like some spy story.


Dec 20 2014 | Conservative Base

Enter George Pataki. The former New York Governor is best known for his leadership on 9-11 and its aftermath. However, after recent trips to New Hampshire and South Carolina, conservatives are finding out that he is rock solid when it comes to issues they care about like immigration and common core. “I was surprised,” one long time observer of GOP politics told Conservative Base. “He articulated, better than anyone I’ve heard, why conservatives must oppose common core and why immigration must respect the rule of law.” Other observers noted that instead of well-rehearsed and carefully scripted 15-second sound bites, Pataki is able to go 3 and 4 layers deep on just about every subject, telling you the history and what the conservative, pro-free enterprise solution should be. “He’s Gingrich with discipline,” summed up one attendee at a recent Pataki talk.

With the GOP establishment trying to shove a nominee down the throats of the rank-and-file, the possibility of a Pataki candidacy is refreshing. The recent University of North Carolina Study of the 2012 Election, which revealed that it took 22 aides and handlers for the Romney Campaign to send out a “tweet” on Twitter, is not lost on the grass roots.

Now this is not an endorsement of him. Just someone else in the mix that no one seems to pay attention to. I don’t know if “Gingrich with discipline” is a slap or compliment?

There is a need for someone who isn’t tongue-tied when it comes to making a case. I get the impression he’s not someone who can be shoved aside, if he has the drive. Maybe someone can influence discussion besides Jeb? And Jeb demands a big stage.

Who knew Romney was so communication challenged?