Opportunism run amuck

This is a rant about the gun control non-debate. I heard this commercial several times. It is from a lobby affiliated with the anti-gun campaign but doesn’t matter.

They talk about gun control saying because of the events, this is the best “opportunity” to push through gun control they have had. Maybe I get offended whenever the word opportunity is used in politics? But that certainly touched my nerve, never have they had such a great opportunity to pass gun control.

Is that what this is a great “opportunity”? We also have Rahm Emanuel’s doctrine, “never let a crisis go to waste”. It is all the same thing. Opportunity? Is the murder of the kids in Newtown now reduced to an opportunity? I am not surprised.

That’s what the Left is all about, opportunity. The shooting in Colorado or the  shooting in Newtown, is just the greatest opportunity they’ve had. Note how cavalier they say it.

That’s why I relate politics to extortion, and extortion to terrorism. They extort the events for political gain. Politicians are out to get as much as they can from the circumstances. With progressives it is a jihad. They are opportunists. And what do terrorist do? Take advantage of circumstances to serve a political agenda.

I am so sick of their opportunism. No matter how horrible the event or circumstance, opportunists run to take full advantage of it. Hello, Barney Frank on Boston.

Like the death of a wealthy person, family members come out of the woodwork looking for a piece of the pie. When a disaster happens, people try to take advantage of victims. Opportunistis et al. Politicians looked at the banking/economic collapse the same way, “how can we use this?”

It is professional extortion, and all of us are the victims. There can be no doubt the Left is declaring jihad on guns, the second amendment, and gun owners. They tell us. They issued a fatwa to the American people that they want our second amendment rights. At the same time they will not defend the right to life. All part of the same fatwa.

But Liberals and pols will tell you that is just the way our system works.

Now the Boston bombing presents serious national security concerns while they push illegal immigration legislation and amnesty. But all of a sudden the Left cries foul and claims the bombing should not be “used” to deter their illegal immigration agenda. A legitimate national security issue is not relevant to illegal immigration? Beam me up!

There must be a bylaw for the left: when opportunity presents itself, bust down the door. Use a battering ram if possible.’…’when opportunity knocks, beat the hell out of victims.’

In fact, I heard political strategists/pundits talking about illegal immigration “reform” – whatever the hell they call the current concoction. The MSM loons complained that for the right to use the bombing in Boston against “immigration reform” is absurd. “Off sides…personal foul..95 yard penalty. “They can’t understand any remote connection. Say what?

They then accused the Republicans of playing politics and trying to use the illegal alien issue for political gain. Is that a hoot, using the issue for political gain? The gods of opportunism cry foul.

Obama and his cohorts already denounced Rand Paul and others for accusing Obama and the Left of standing on the graves of victims, playing politics with the second amendment, and using family members as “Props” in their anti-gun “campaign”. Oh no, attack the messengers, even if they happen to be right.

Right to Life means right to death if you’re liberal

Yesterday I noticed something a bit odd. I saw Liberal-apologist Media adopting language about “Life”. What brought that on, you ask? It was the fuhrer-in-chief invoking “life” in his rally in Connecticut for gun control.

The kids at Sandy Hook were where they were supposed to be. So were those moviegoers in Aurora. So were those worshippers in Oak Creek. So was Gabby Giffords. She was at a supermarket, listening to the concerns of her constituents. (Applause.) They were exactly where they were supposed to be. They were also exercising their rights — to assemble peaceably; to worship freely and safely. They were exercising the rights of life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So surely, we can reconcile those two things. Surely, America doesn’t have to be divided between rural and urban, and Democrat and Republican when it comes to something like this.

If you’re an American who wants to do something to prevent more families from knowing the immeasurable anguish that these families here have known, then we have to act. Now is the time to get engaged. Now is the time to get involved. Now is the time to push back on fear, and frustration, and misinformation. Now is the time for everybody to make their voices heard from every state house to the corridors of Congress.

Obama: “But this is not about me. This is about those children and those families.”

So its about children and families; and the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.Reminiscent of the shock of Hillary at a Roe/Wade anniversary declaring abortion should be safe,legal and rare.

Of course ever the quick studies, Liberal Lapdog media were quick to follow the lead and to make the connection to abortion. To stifle that notion, they complained that the Right is always talking about Life and abortion but they aren’t so anxious to talk about gun control.

And the way Obama framed it was as if someone is trumping the right to life by the second amendment. Not true. The second amendment defends the right of life. That is a fundamental purpose of it, self-defense and a guard to protect innocent life.

Still they set up their argument that the right was standing in the way of Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness in their support of the second amendment. Not so. But that matters not to the Dictocrat in the Oval Office or his many minions. He cites polls of support for background checks as a matter of rebutted fact against the second amendment lobby.(i.e. gun owners)

Now you have to say wait a second. They are spoiling for a fight over the Life issue. Well, the abortion lobby and Democrats resist even sonograms for mothers. They don’t want them to see the baby they are going to abort – kill. No, but they want background checks for every person trying to buy a firearm for the potential danger it will do, presumably to somebody.

He declares he wants to protect children. Saline, scissors and suction hoses are A-okay. And do not try to over regulate that. All children should have a right to a saline bath, or scissors to the back of the head if need be, for whatever reason. But its the gun lobby you have to worry about.

And they want to make sure they promote that “right” and teach our youth that its an unwavering right. They want justices to swear on the alter of an abortion decision. Then they need to subsidize and coddle the very industry doing the most of the abortions in the country.(while it enjoys a budget surplus) We’re told how government has a responsibility to subsidize that industry, to “preserve” abortion “rights”.

Then declare the gun lobby to be public enemy number one? How’s that for supporting Life?

Of course, they never want to acknowledge the good that firearms do in protecting life and liberty, or the deterrent value. All they see is that someone could be killed with that gun. Never mind the doctor standing there waiting to kill the baby, or fetus as they want to call it, for any reason. They even want late-term abortions up to the second he/she is ready to meet the outside world. They want to deny and rob it of its first and only breath and all life thereafter. That is justifiable to libs.

You’ll always hear Obama strategists talking about “pushing back” on an issue or point. What about pushing back on the babies’ behalf or the issue of life?

But on this day, for this issue of gun control, they trot out the life issue and decide it is worth protecting. And they want to remind us all how “life is a foundational right in our foundation of government. Hooray for putting life at the fore for once. What is the reason again?

To protect life by infringing on the second amendment which offers protections for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. See how it works to libs? They need to regulate down the second amendment rights to supposedly protect life. They’ve shown how much they really care about life, and demonstrated it over and over. They see Roe v Wade as a fundamental right. And they don’t want anything to infringe on abortion so-called “rights”.

What is abortion and Roe v Wade in reality? Its a right to kill; a right to deny life, liberty, and puruit of happiness. An unwavering “right” in their eyes. They file it up there with all the enumerated rights.

There are no appeals. As I said, they resist sonogram requirements but want universal background checks for all Americans. There are no waiting periods for abortion. Not to worry about mental screenings. The less regulation they can do on abortion the better.

They don’t even want to share or expose the database to the public. But as we saw with Garnett News, no problem with publishing names and addresses of law abiding gun owners and plotting their homes on a map. They declared that under the freedom of information.

But no such freedom for info on killing babies which they declare a fundamental right in our Constitution. (excuse me) *** I forgot, their right of privacy means “right” to kill your baby. (how did I forget?)

It is also revealing that when you mention rights in the Bill of Rights, Dems are quick to remind you of limitations on rights, namely one through four. So the inference is that they and government need to regulate these rights, and properly limit them. But when the subject of abortion comes up they never want to address limitations, if possible.

So no shouting fire in a theater, but kill your baby? No problem, its a “right” you know.

They glance over that to assert an unquestionable and moreless unlimited right to abortion. They don’t want states to regulate it, they don’t want localities to regulate it, and they don’t want it limited by any of those. And you will never hear them complain about too many abortion clinics.

Obama: “Now is the time to push back on fear, and frustration, and misinformation.”

Funny, that’s what I was thinking.

Guns front and center… Fast and Furious, fuhgeddaboudit

Texas YNN
Obama returns to the podium in the briefing room again. But he should have issued some strict rules and guidelines. It set off a firestorm of reaction following his speech, when off topic questions invaded the press conference.

It is a little hard to swallow Obama’s passion on the issue as ‘gun-runner in chief’. He thwarted, stonewalled, and blocked inquiries into Fast and Furious using executive privilege, now his priority is gun control. This was his third speech about it — gun control. Contradiction never occurred to him, nor does hypocrisy.

Then gun control advocates were frustrated when questions after were about fiscal cliff negotiations. Reporters were even called on to justify their fiscal cliff questions in view of the presidents remarks limited to gun and violence issues. They had to explain the rationale for their questions about the looming debacle.

But when did he make a national speech or commission about violence and murders, many of them children, in Chicago? He didn’t. Oh the president is the only one that can create a task force and then say “this is not a commission”. Does it matter what you call it? He promises it will not stretch out for months and inaction, you know, like Fast and Furious.

Just because the nation is headed for a fiscal cliff in a few weeks, with stalled negotiations, does not mean anyone should be asking about that subject. Nah. Piers Morgan led a charge of gun control advocates against the ofenders. That prompted statements today from reporters to justify their questions.

Gun running to Mexico can’t even be questioned or discussed. And there is no media firestorm about it. That was only “a manufactured scandal”. Obama has no time for such nonsense. He suggests the gun control should not be political and dragged out while they made Fast and Furious partisan ordeal, dragging the Dems for how many months now? They deny public outcry about it. They politicized the Newtown massacre from day one.

But read Obama’s lips, this is no commission on guns….even if it promisses to be a commission on guns. And let’s put that partisan hack, Baretta Biden, in charge of it.

Photo credit: http://austin.ynn.com/content/local_news/289711/president-pushes-reformed-gun-control–talks-fiscal-cliff

Newtown horror, town loses its innocence

I’ve been searching for ways to talk about the unspeakable horror in Newtown, Ct. It’s tough to come to this point. Churchill said “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

In this case, the point may not be exhausting all other avenues but finding the words to express it. We’re told that it is important to talk about feelings. Liberals banter that philosophy around a lot. However, I don’t think it is important to talk about every little or large feeling one may have. Some of them may be better kept private between him/her and God.

But I’ll  say that, on something like this matter, thoughts should not be kept personal. On that I’d agree with liberals, though it doesn’t mean I agree with their methodology or conclusions. It was a horrible event causing personal and mass sadness. I’m offended by evil. I grieve for the victims, families and children. “Tragedy” does not do it justice.

Somewhere on the web I saw this thought:

The time when all the politicians tell you “Today is not the day” is EXACTLY the day to start talking. You talk when the armies of lobbyists haven’t got their ground game down, you talk before the talking points are distributed, you talk when the public eye is focused like a laser onto those in power whose only goal should be making our lives better and our children safer but do neither in a quest for more personal gain. To not hold them accountable and do anything less is dereliction of duty. — unknown

Mourners gather for a vigil service for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, at the St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown, Conn. Friday, Dec. 14, 2012.

Are we all talking about the same world? One where a video critical of Islam results in burning embassies; and a world where Liberals advocate sharing every feeling one has? Yet they slam you if you dare offend persons of a certain persuasion, while advocating attacks on their own political enemies. That world, in which liberals are judge and jury on free speech.

I found my voice and apparently so has the NRA in issuing a press statement that its several days of silence was “out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency.” Don’t count on mutual “respect” from media or the left. MSNBC went into political-mode almost immediately. Then Ibama, hijacking the memorial service to further politicize it, stepped it up.

Sorry about the rambling but there is a central theme to it all. It’s the same world where progressives want to make all the rules, “rules of the road”. Now they claim that everyone should be so offended by this event in Newtown that it should bring about “meaningful action and change”– defined by the left, of course. Obama says it calls for action. But their idea of action is one thing, what is truly called for is another.

Conservatives have long railed about the coarsening of culture, or the sickness of it. That criticism gets dismissed whenever they bring it up. Oh, the glories of enlightenment. But we have something like this happen and they clamour for action and legislation.    Would they want to crack down on violent video games and movies? No, they just want to blame guns for causing this horror. The gun didn’t pull the trigger, a madman did. Yet when we blame the culture and misplaced values it gets dismissed. “Sit down and shut up.”

They don’t want to deal with that aspect. Just do a few photo ops with clergy and family, then run to Washington asap to pass new laws and regulations. It doesn’t matter if they are right or not, just hurry up and do something to satisfy their feelings – the quicker the better. Strike while the iron is hot is their motto. Emotions rule.

In fact, they really don’t want to discuss” the issue, they want immediate action. Remember Pelosi saying “we have to pass a bill before you can find out what is in it”. That pretty much sums up their rush to legislate philosophy. Then we get a Casablanca moment, “shocked”. Don’t listen to their disingenuous, dishonest talk and calls for dialogue, look at what they do. Now, despite the tough reelection, Obama now claims another mandate for his arsenal — to legislate guns.

But cry out about government inaction over fast and furious or Libya? Not so much. They’ll drag their feet till the cows come home on those issues. And Obama will use executive power to halt the inquiry into F&F. Congress will stage a walkout. Mr. Zero-accountability will hide his failures behind executive privilege. But he’s right on point when it comes to attacking the 2nd amendment, and Congress can’t move fast enough for him to legislate. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

They don’t want to merely act, they want to legislate by emotion. That’s nothing new for liberals, it’s what they do, even if bureaucrats are still writing it. Emotions rule, from Roe to the bench to the purse. When anyone mentions the coarsening culture of death, they don’t want to hear it. They staged a phony “war on women” and started a “war on religion” to create their self-fulfilling prophecy. They mocked any talk of “death panels” in ObamaCare, they ridicule pro-lifers, and defend murdering babies as a right. But the biggest problem is guns.(culture is giving that a run for their money) They don’t even want to recognize evil for what it is when staring it right in the face, or in the mirror.

There is as much potential harm in the legislative pen or executive order, as there is any gun. Both must be used responsibly.

There are two bodies in Congress, the Senate is known as the cooling saucer. But in this case — and never mind that the leader of the Senate is waging nuclear war on the filibuster — the Senate is moving at breakneck speed to get out a bill on gun control. The man who couldn’t get a budget through will suddenly find all kinds of ways to move this. Plus Obama has the executive pen which he promised to use in other circumstances. A scary thought when you think the second amendment is on the chopping block.

Especially considering if they sense support for more legislative controls, they will go as far as they can like they always do. If they have one chance, then grab as much as they possibly can while they can — just like with ObamaCare, the stimulus and the rest. “Take it to the limit”. Feinstein wants incremental controls, and then make it illegal to possess certain guns to top it off. And they will smile all the way to the scrap yards. That’s their plan and they’re sticking to it. They have useful MSM idiots who will push the issue.

So Manchin and Warner go wobbley on guns. Really, who would have predicted that? A Democrat turn coat. Remember Bart Stupak, Democrats for life and ObamaCare? That was the illusion of dissent. Then we saw DNC’s convention against God and Israel? — there was the real dissent.

Newtown lost its innocence and was violated. And innocence was lost in the public square… quite some time ago.