Beck on Trump: “the stabbing wouldn’t stop”

What does Glenn Beck think about the candidate’s promise, at Thursday’s GOP debate, to support the nominee in the end?

“If I were close enough, and I had a knife….the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

But sidekick, Stu tried to cover for Beck later saying Glenn was referring to playfully murdering his co-host. Sure, that’s believable. Live from CPAC: it’s Beck Theater.

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That’s one way of getting publicity. Then Dana tried to give him cover.

Try this for an explanation. You saw the first tape. Then Beck calls this story a smear. Glenn says SS showed up at Blaze HQ in Dallas to check it out.

“Butchered the analogy” is one way of putting it. Wow, a lie in process right there at CPAC. “Yellow journalism,” as Dana called it, is what it is. Really?

What Iran and Communist Party USA have in common: Chuck Hagel

Thanks to MJ for pointing out this article.

Hagel endorsed by Communist Party USA

Obama’s defense nominee previously earned Iran’s blessing

byAaron Klein WND 2/5/13

After reportedly receiving support from Iran, Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s  defense secretary nominee, has yet another endorsement to add to his resume,  this one coming from the Communist Party USA.

People’s  World, the Communist Party USA’s official magazine, touted Hagel as “represent[ing] the more sober elements who have called in our national  discourse for rejection of the old cold war tactics, the unilateralism and the  continual push for wars all over the world.”

communist-party-obama-logo-275x275(communist-party-obama-logo / *WND)

As a senator, Hagel opposed sanctions on Iran, instead calling for “direct,  unconditional talks.” He was one of only 12 senators who refused to sign a  letter asking the European Union to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

WND also reported Hagel serves on the board of the Ploughshares Fund, a George  Soros-funded group that advocates a nuclear-free world.

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Politics at all costs

The word and emails are out. Obama is waging a war against the potential VP nominee, whoever it may be. He is covering all the bases by asking those in the states of the contenders to send in their dirt on them. Sound familiar? It should, remember the hotline number to report criticism of ObamaCare? This is the typical Chicago smear machine in hyperdrive. What else would we expect from the dirt peddlers from the Big Windy?

Once again, we see from the Left that politics trumps everythng. Right and wrong do not matter, ethics do not matter, nothing matters, only politics — winning at any and all costs, whatever it takes. And they are not shy about using this method. If it hapens to be a lie, who cares?  But we have a gaffe-master plagiarizer VP now and it matters not, no tactics are too low.

A few weeks ago Obama admitted in an interview, supposedly one of his shortcomings was that he remembered that he has to tell America a story. A story? Indeed tell us a story, Obama; tell us the biggest, fattest, juiciest story or lie he can. That seems to be job one. All his other plans don’t mean much if he cannot pull out his reelection. Anything goes. So the story ‘is the bomb’, as they say. How many people believe his conniving narrative is yet to be determined.

He wants anything related to any nominee they can find. Their opposition research is so busy. Maybe they should be doing a little opposition research on “the one”? Then they could find some real dirt. (that might be too easy)

Obama camp asks supporters to dish dirt on possible Romney veeps

 In emails to supporters in Ohio, Florida, and Minnesota, Obama for America invites critics of hometown pols Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Marco Rubio, and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty to “share what you think Americans need to know aboutthe could-be vice presidential candidates.