Man tries to drown his daughters

This happened a few months ago but I haven’t heard about it. A North Carolina guy tries to drown his daughters because they were going to be taken from him.

Then he calls 911 telling them why he did it, to blame CPS. It is bizarre.

“I just drowned my two daughters in the lake back there … ’cause CPS wanted to take them away from me,” he said.

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The thing that stands out is how he is the victim. They just didn't help him.

Citizen journalist frames shark attacks

On kind of a funny commentary on recent news, a woman from Tennessee makes a video statement that shot her into viral fame. She was thinking of the recent reports of  shark attacks in North Carolina, when she said:

“The shark has the right to eat you up when you in his house. When chickens come in my house, guess what? They get ate. When pigs come in my house, they on the plate.”

Then she took it one step further: warning her viewers not to go in the woods either because “that’s the bear’s house.”

Source: see WGN TV

Guess what, she’s hard to argue with. Gotta love her way of putting it. She’s gotten more hits than the sharks got. No word if she will be doing any PSA’s on public safety.