Hillary’s mountain of problems

The White House declares Obama did not know and only found out through the press. Play it again, Sam. Doesn’t say much for his administration, does it?

That’s only half of the problem, if we take Obama at his word. That Hillary did not disclose or notify them is a sub-problem. Why not? And he did not find out. Why not?

So Hillary supposedly did not inform the Obama administration that she was exclusively using private email and routed it to her home.(wherever) Wouldn’t security and national security demand that she tell them, or Obama?

I actually speculate that there was some sort of conversation. This is only speculation, and only one possibility. It could have went something like Hillary letting him know basically what she was doing, ‘but just for security reasons'(wink). He might have said if there are ever questions or problems, I have deniability. Even if there was no conversation it amounts to the same thing, “I didn’t know”.

What if every cabinet Secretary did that? This was not the occasional overlapping of private email accounts. When they point to Jeb or Christie, those are states and not the federal government or a department.

The other problem is that State Department certainly knew it. But no one informed the administration of the situation?

As with most Clinton problems, people want to close the barn door after Clintons bolted through it. She has her way and benefits, then takes a stand in favor of closing the door.

Hilary, you’ve got problems!

Syrian Rebels sold out Sotloff

A Sotloff spokesman, after disclosing Syrian rebels sold him over to ISIS, took aim at the administration’s handling of it.

Sotloff Family Spokesman: Syria’s ‘So-Called Moderate Rebels’ Sold Sotloff To ISIS

Jamie Weinstein | Daily Caller

“We believe that these so-called moderate rebels that people want our administration to support, one of them sold him probably for something between $25,000 and $50,000 to ISIS and that was the reason he was captured,” [Barak Barfi] said.

Barfi then turned his ire toward the Obama administration for making “a number of inaccurate statements.”

“They’ve said that the families have been consistently and regularly informed. That is not true,” he claimed. “I speak now only from the Sotloff family. I can’t speak for the other families. They said that these hostages were moved frequently. We know that for most of the beginning of part of this year they were stationary. We know that the intelligence community and the White House are enmeshed in a larger game of bureaucratic infighting and [murdered journalist] Jim [Foley] and Steve are pawns in that game and that’s not fair.”

Barfi even threatened to reveal more damning information about the Obama administration’s handling of the situation if the administration didn’t stop leaking details of Sotloff’s captivity to the press.

“If there continues to be leaks, the Sotloff family will have to speak out to set the record straight,” [Barfi] said.

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What other information he was referring to was not divulged. But we clearly have Obama saying whatever he pleases whenever it pleases him, despite the consequences. He hasn”t been held accountable in Benghazi, I doubt he will be in this. Pawns rings a familiar note.

If Obama is selling excuses, I’m not buying

In a stunning revelation about Obama’s secret Afghanistan troop visit, the administration is forced to admit they outed the top spook in the area. Ever quick to scramble, on anything scandal related, they called it an accident and revised their press blurb. Too late they already had spread the word though most outfits did not release the name after. Yea, let’s just call it an accident. But I’m not so sure. (who can be certain about the reasoning of anything in this twisted regime?)

See, if we learned one thing in the last year of scandals, it is that the administration prides itself on its talking points. The information it gave the press was a list of the supporting staff and network in Afghanistan. Always wanting to thank their subordinates and cronies, they issued the release with the name on it with various VIPs.

White House mistakenly reveals CIA official’s name

May 26th 2014 2:32PM

By Ken Dilanian

WASHINGTON (AP) – In an embarrassing flub, the Obama administration accidentally revealed the name of the CIA’s top official in Afghanistan in an email to thousands of journalists during the president’s surprise Memorial Day weekend trip to Bagram Air Field.

The officer’s name – identified as “chief of station” in Kabul – was included by U.S. embassy staff on a list of 15 senior American officials who met with President Obama during the Saturday visit. The list was sent to a Washington Post reporter who was representing the news media, who then sent it out to the White House “press pool” list, which contains as many as 6,000 recipients.

The Associated Press is withholding the officer’s name at the request of the Obama administration, who said its publication could put his life and those of his family members in danger. A Google search appears to reveal the name of the officer’s wife and other personal details.

The intentional disclosure of the name of a “covered” operative is a crime under the U.S. Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

That’s right, on first blush you notice they referred to the person as the “station chief”. This on the heels of Benghazigate, where we heard such words regularly. Knowing full well station chief refers to CIA, even most people know that. Its a no-brainer. I could see if they released the name only but listing the title “station chief” should give anyone pause. But then what does it really matter if they did it intentionally or not? Then they revised it, but only thanks to a reporter that they caught it at all.

How nice that the press are taking it on themselves to withhold it, as if that fixes the problem. I bet Al Jazeera will be as kind too. More troubling that the information was WH cleared prior to release.

Of course, we haven’t heard the last of this and a “oops” won’t make it go away. These are the same people that were so hyper sensitive about Valerie Plame, who for all intents and purposes was in Washington. Whether she was or not under cover at the time. Here you have the station chief divulged in a war zone, at a super critical time, especially as we consider a mass exodus from there. It will be interesting to hear how the media try to bury this as a non-issue. Obama is just a walking talking scandal machine.

Accidentally, no foul, no harm…yet. Oh, he was leaving anyway. I expect that’s the sort of excuses we’ll here.

But the even more interesting thing is that in his speech Obama went out of his way to thank ambassadors and their families for the sacrifices they make too, often at great personal risk or in harms way. And then they out a top operative in the area. They are they same people who went after Fox’s James Rosen, and his family, for leaking information, threatening charges. But carefree Obamanoids give away data by themselves. Well, not like it was intentional or something.

Good thing there would never be an accidental leak of secret information on Obama, and his super-secret records though. Heads would roll then.

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