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Fired D.C. insurance commissioner tried to apologize for criticizing Obamacare fix

Lies and Deceit – by J.D.

(I thought some people might appreciate this column)
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
November 14, 2013


I’m tired of writing about Obama and Obamacare. I’m tired of writing about the idiots in Washington who have driven our country into the ground and “reformed” us into a third world banana republic akin to so many of the socialist dung heaps staining the southern hemisphere of the globe.

Just days ago, I was reclining betwixt the white sheets of a hospital bed with tubes attached to my veins dumping — Lord only knows — what into my fairly used-up body.

Suffice to say that, as of this writing, I remain on the sunny side of the grass and am able, to some extent, to continue my campaign of aggravating the living daylights out of my political opponents on the left.

Yes, it IS cathartic, and does SEEM to aid in the healing process. But with the nation’s attention totally drawn to the most recent assault on the middle class, by way of a socialized medicine scam perpetrated by the Democratic Party, I have become BORED writing about all the things we warned America would happen if the democrats passed Obamacare into law.

See, NONE of the shortcomings of Obamacare are surprising to this old scribe. I saw it coming, and said so — publicly — and became something of a Jeremiah-like prophetic voice sans a sackcloth garment and ashes dripping from my unkempt hair and beard.

It seems I had become quite used to being “out there,” along with a handful of other like minded conservative “boat-rockers” and “cage-rattlers.” Now, however, Americans who have suddenly had their lives touched by — and thrown into confusion by — Obamacare victims are flooding into our once lonely space.

You’d think I’d be happy that so many Americans have come over to my side, right?

OK, I suppose I am. But I must, in all honesty, admit to a bit of annoyance(?) that, suddenly, the truth that I (and my conservative brethren and sisteren) have been imparting for years now seems to have come as such a surprise to so many.

Everything we warned of, has either already happened, or is about to happen, and NONE of it HAD TO HAPPEN.

We live, dear reader, in an atmosphere of lies and deceit.

Look. The whole MESS in Washington, DC is the result of apathy and ignorance on the part of everyday working Americans, the middle class, if you will, who just could not find the time to pay a few minutes attention each day to what the so-called leadership in our national legislature was doing.

As I observe the heads of agitated and frightened Americans popping up and screaming bloody murder when accosted by Obamacare it reminds me of the old expression “submarine Christians.” Yeah, submarine Christians are the so-called Christians you never hear from until they are in trouble. Like a submarine they surface when in trouble. Submarine Americans are popping to the surface all over the place today.

Problem is — it may already be too late.

WE have a REAL national crisis on our hands — one which must be handled decidedly and decisively — if we wish to have a constitutional republic left for our children and grand children.

Now that we have your attention, at least for a short while, please understand that even if we are able to repeal this godawful law and save what’s left of our country, we can never disengage from the job , no — the DUTY — of keeping a tight rein on the people who we have selected to govern us.

The current crop, for the most part, are drunk on power. They have become addicted to the power and perks of public office in America. Forcing them to go “cold turkey” is going to inflict much pain on them and they are bound to lash out, even at those who placed them in office by their sacred vote.

It is my opinion that we need to purge the Congress a year from now to the extent allowable under law and then finish the job in 2016.

There is a certain group of US Senators and Congresspersons who should, every single one, be targets of campaigns to replace them in Congress. See, It was DEMOCRATS WHO BROUGHT AMERICA OBAMACARE. Remember, not a single Republican cast a vote in favor of Obamacare in either house of the Congress. No Republican voted in favor of Obamacare — not one.

The Democratic Party is running sacred today, in a deep panic, as they understand the chickens are about to come home to roost. They brought this upon themselves, they deserve what they are about to receive at the polls.

Over the next year we will experience every kind of witch’s brew the alchemy of the Democrats can formulate to save their collective behinds. And, unfortunately, some of it will work.

If we want America to survive, if we want America to come back in all her greatness, we will work tirelessly to thwart the machinations of Obama and his minions to fulfill his promise to “fundamentally change” America.

Obamacare is but a taste, a bad taste, of the socialist America Obama and his cohort of socialists, Marxists, progressives, and 21st century liberals will create here in what was once this “goodly land.”

J. D. Longstreet
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Pelosi sends out signal flares, “Stay Tuned”

Fox: At a White House forum on Thursday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi suggested that President Obama will offer a proposal today on what the administration will do to accommodate Americans whose existing policies have been impacted by the Affordable Care Act. (Fox News)

Stay tuned … and just see what — it could be an administrative fix, it could be a legislative fix. I would rather it be done administratively because that can be done much more quickly without any accompanying agendas,” she said.

Naturally, Nancy prefers an “administrative fix”. She loves that executive power. Funny how during the ballyhooed “shutdown” they saw no need for changes, delays, or fixes of any sort. They were full speed ahead, icebergs be damned.

Actually, a delay would have been the biggest life preserver to Obama and his cohorts. Never mind that. Now Nan has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for some sort of “fix”.

Did someone inform her that the word fix is used when something is broken? “Stay tuned for the fix”… but I thought the fix was already in. I guess this is what happens when they have to pass something before we know what’s in it.

But the law is doing just what it was supposed to do, according to design and intent. So what she’s looking for is a political fix. (and you Demonoids thought it was about healthcare…yea, right)

Obama lie or memorex ?

    I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

They should have known I was lying. Where have they been for last five or six years?

Those people will be better off for it. If they knew! Dumb people to actually believe what I said. Now I can’t be responsible for the stupid ignorance of American people.

His loyal base doesn’t care one bit that millions of people are losing their medical coverage. They just don’t care! They care about destroying the coal industry, the Koch brothers, or statements in Rand Paul’s book, but not this.

What Obama hoped is that this would be like any of his campaign promises he broke. Actually, that is expected. Everyone knows he doesn’t keep promises. He’s been clear.

He assumed it would be treated as another broken promise rather than the calculated big, fat lie it always was. He thought it would get lumped in with that pile of other broken promises. So not only do those people have crappy plans, but they have crappy sense to let themselves believe something he says.

Holiday on ObamaCare

What the Obama disciples will be doing on the holidays: don’t be surprised if you find yourself inundated at Thanksgiving by leftist turkeys. Stay away from the giblet gravy.

Here are some bullet point questions and tips for Obamaholics on ObamaCare. (ie… probe family members early and often) Here are the tips for talking to family members or friends, from the OFA website:

Start by asking: “Have you thought about signing up for health insurance on the new marketplace?” Offer to walk them through it: “Would you like to take some time with me to sign up right now?” Ask them to make a plan, and commit to it: “When do you plan on signing up?” Don’t forget to follow up: “Have you signed up yet?” What’s Important to Communicate:

· Being covered helps you stay healthy and protects you in an emergency. · You can find a plan that fits your budget—financial assistance is available for those who qualify. · You get to choose the plan that’s right for you. · All the health insurance plans on the new marketplace provide free preventive care—including routine checkups, vaccinations and screenings. · You can’t be denied insurance because of a preexisting condition, and lifetime limits are now banned, so your insurance will be there when you need it. · For your coverage to start January 1, you’ll need to sign up by December 15. · Open enrollment for plans in the marketplace is now through March, but getting started sooner is better.

Web page features holiday theme decorations. Referrences to using special family time and downtime. I’m guessing after turkey dinner would be appropriate, if not during.


Make it personal: Be honest about your feelings and why this is important to you.

Be persistent, but keep it positive: Tell them you care about their health, and focus on the benefits that come from knowing that you have health insurance.

Are your family members traveling home for the holidays? There are a few things they’ll need to sign up for health coverage. Make sure they bring the following items with them before they head home.

[followed by a checklist of documents and info]

Great, a holiday on healthcare, just what people want to be doing. Does tacky even cover it? Imagine the fun catching up on old times and news while waiting to try to get on the website. Plan on spending the night, or two. Yea, really looking forward to the holidays. Now don’t forget to bring all your “feelings” with.

“You can find a plan that fits your budget” – Oh really?

“You get to choose the plan that’s right for you.” – No you don’t.

 “but getting started sooner is better.” – Hurry, the broken website is waiting.

The irony here is we need is a Holiday from ObamaCare – a long one.
It seems there’s no shame in using and politicizing the holidays.

Yep, that put me right in the holiday mood!

President Broke-Back is sorry he got burned on bungled roll out

Well, no, it is not exactly what he said….but it’s what he meant. We’re always told after what he really meant instead of what he said. So I just cut to the chase.

All along we’ve been told that what he said is not exactly what he meant, like when millions lose their medical coverage, and his minions run out to say what the president actually meant.

He did say “I was burned” on the website. He had to correct himself to say we all got burned. But the Freudian slip popped out that everything is always about him. Like the phony fainters at the rallies always happens to him.

And now comes Obama’s apology to all those people losing their healthcare coverage, which is just as meaningful as everything else he has said – including his five-year-old promise. Of course, it’s as close to an apology as President Broke-Back will ever come. It is not his fault it must fall short. He cannot possibly take full responsibility, really, and apologize. That cannot happen. The faux apology:

    “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,” he told NBC News in an exclusive interview at the White House.

    “We’ve got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this.”

You are sorry people are “finding themselves” screwed based on something you said? But no, it did not happen to them just based on what you said, it happened based on your plan. Since you are not changing that, the disingenuous apology is worthless because the offense still stands – doing what it has done. Convince people that you hear them?

In fact, we all said there would be these problems all along. But you stepped up your campaign to punctuate the lie that if people liked their plan they could keep their plan. You had your comrades repeat that lie promise across the country and guarantee people would not lose a plan they wanted to keep. It was a propaganda campaign.

When questions were raised about your plan and consequences, the media cut criticism short by repeating your promise that if people liked their plan they would not lose their plan. Questioning that would be calling you a liar. Joe Wilson proved that is taboo.

You made everyone complicit in your lie, even media. It was a great system. Arguments could be shot down with a single line, saving your administration the trouble of repeating the lies. Just repeat: “Obama said “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”” It was guaranteed — insuring not that promise but the sale of your plan. People took the bait to the bank and the ballot box.


If anyone wondered how incompetent and backwards Obama is, exhibit A:

Mr. Obama promised at a fundraiser on Monday that the site “would get fixed,” but then there needs to be a discussion “about federal procurement when it comes to IT.”

Shouldn’t that procurement discussion have happened before not after this? Not in Obama’s world. The record of the CGI can not even be called spotty, but it matches Obama’s record. Hey, maybe “procurement” problems caused the site problems?
Wa Times reported:

Whatever the reason for giving CGI this contract, it was not based on a successful record of maintaining sensitive personal information for a government.

Even worse than the financial loss for Canadians, the computer system has had repeated privacy breaches.

So maybe the contractor and their record are consistent with Obama, and just what Dr O ordered? Another thing he can claim he was out of the loop on, and be fully responsible for but not in this lifetime. If anyone could make this company look stellar in comparison, it’s Obama. But how about that apology? It all depends on the definition of apology.

Now sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Obama Lied and People Cried

It is now clear as daylight that Obama lied — if there ever was any doubt. It was the fundamental crux of his plan. Even more important, it was the important key selling point to ObamaCare, the holy grail. So he sold it on a big fat lie, not just on a false premise.

 He said if you like it “you can keep it, no matter what.” This is a guy who not only has a penchant for lying, he gleefully does it. They knew it was not true but the political aides  won out. Obama used it a couple dozen times as the central selling point of his plan.



 Now comes the cries from all the people who lost. It hardly matters whether they bought into ObamaCare or didn’t, they lost. Of course, they try to revise his remarks but he said it over and over, succinctly and deliberately, so everyone would hear and understand it.

 “Period”  He even punctuated his remarks. It was Bill Clinton pointing the finger a thousand times over. But the blue dress is in broad daylight.

 The anti-choice president now says he meant something else. They blame insurance companies. They set out to make other plans illegal using the mandate. So not only do you not have choice, but you are taxed for it, since that is what Obamacare actually is.

Now he even has the gall to lie while trying to explain and excuse his first lie. He claims if it wasn’t changed after the ObamaCare passed, you could keep it. Lie.

 But wait, it always gets worse with Obama. In the last speech he delivered to try to hedge his declining approval, he transformed the word mandate into the word rights. Then he said they can’t ever take your rights away. Another specious sales tactic. This is akin to declaring anything people don’t want “a right” that cannot be taken away from you.

Over the big lie, we were sold a plan and they even lied about that. They called the tax a penalty. Then they called the mandate a patient’s right. It’s all based on lies. So they believe they are justified to tell unlimited numbers of lies to explain it. These justified lies are probably the worst. Remember Nixon, Watergate, and the cover up? Hard to say which is worse, though you can trace which came first. (read  my above description again, this is his latest pitch…trying to gloss over his lies and the truth in one swoop)

A woman described her typical situation in WSJ. She is a cancer patient.

“What happened to the president’s promise, “You can keep your health plan”? Or to the promise that “You can keep your doctor”? Thanks to the law, I have been forced to give up a world-class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world-class physician.

“For a cancer patient, medical coverage is a matter of life and death. Take away people’s ability to control their medical-coverage choices and they may die. I guess that’s a highly effective way to control medical costs. Perhaps that’s the point.”

Ms. Sundby lives in California.

Obama lies busted: no, you can’t keep your plan or doctor.

Then there are the effects of ObamaCare. Remember up till lately, deny, distort and defer any suggestions of economic effects. A simple search reveals the top 5 or 6 claiming it is bogus to suggest ObamaCare had no effect. Remember, it reduced the level of part time to 30 hours.

They claimed there is no evidence of ObamaCare affecting jobs and business. Even during the shutdown they were quick to condemn any economic effects while denying ObamaCare effects. I postulated that they intended to blame the shutdown for X-care’s effects.

ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs

ObamaCare’s impact on jobs is hotly debated by politicians and economists. Critics say the Affordable Care Act, with its employer mandate to provide health insurance, gives businesses an incentive to cut workers’ hours. This year, report after report has rolled in about employers restricting work hours to fewer than 30 per week — the point where the mandate kicks in. Data also point to a record low workweek in low-wage industries.

In the interest of an informed debate, we’ve compiled a list of job actions with strong proof that ObamaCare’s employer mandate is behind cuts to work hours or staffing levels. As of Oct. 17, our ObamaCare scorecard included 351 employers. Here’s our latest analysis, highlighting the consequences of cuts to work hours at more than 100 school districts due to ObamaCare’s employer mandate. Recently, we examined Indiana’s 10th Amendment challenge to the employer mandate. IBD also explained why the employer mandate will undercut the goals of ObamaCare — affordable, reliable coverage — even in cases when employers don’t cut work hours. The ObamaCare list methodology is explained further in our initial coverage; click on the employer names in the list below for links to supporting records, mostly news accounts or official documents.

We’ll continue to update the list, which we encourage you to share and download into a spreadsheet to sort and analyze. If you know of an employer that should be on the list and can provide supporting evidence, please contact IBD at jed.graham@investors.com or @IBD_JGraham.

More on the list

Here are a few examples of the lengthy list.


Indiana state gov’t


Cut hours for part-time and temp employees from a maximum of 37.5 hours per week to fewer than 30



SeaWorld Entertainment


Cut hours for part-time workers from a maximum of 32 to 28 per week


Utah Alpine School District Public Cut part-time hours to a maximum of 27.5 per week, avoiding $4.2 million cost. Jobs effected 800 May-13


Mexican American Opportunity Foundation


Cut hours of employees working up to 39 hours a week to less than 30


New Jersey

NEMF trucking company


Cut hours for dock workers and customer service reps from 33 per week to a maximum of 29.

Number of jobs 400


This  has been done over time. Look at the exhaustive list. Many of them public schools and universities, and local governments. Commonly reducing hours to fewer than 30 and limiting new hires to part time. As they say, “it’s all the rage”

Anyone who said there was little evidence of effects either isn’t looking or doesn’t want to find it. Fear not, more incontrovertible proof.

The Foundry reported:

Proof That Obamacare Is Hurting the Economy

James Sherk | October 22, 2013

Today’s jobs report shows the labor market recovery remains weak—and businesses are telling the Federal Reserve one of the main reasons is Obamacare.

Last week’s Federal Reserve Beige Book includes direct references to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) causing employers not to hire workers. The Beige Book “summarizes comments [the Fed] received from business and other contacts” in each of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts. The October 16 Beige Book mentions the Affordable Care Act and its regulations 10 times—and each time, the districts report it has hurt employers, increased costs, and/or depressed hiring. Look at what businesses are reporting about the Affordable Care Act:

Summary. “Several Districts reported that contacts were cautious to expand payrolls, citing uncertainty surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and fiscal policy more generally.”

Atlanta Fed. “Employers continued to report hiring hesitancy related to changes in healthcare regulation and fiscal policy uncertainty.”

Philadelphia Fed. “In regard to hiring and capital expenditure plans, firms continued to expand cautiously, as they face ongoing uncertainty from the federal government shutdown and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

Richmond Fed. “Many contacts also commented on reluctance to expand due to uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act; some employers cut hours or employees.”

Philadelphia Fed. “Overall, most bankers remained optimistic, although they expressed uncertainty on behalf of their business customers and for themselves over the implications of both the Affordable Care Act and a prolonged government shutdown.”

Cleveland Fed. “Most of our contacts are cautiously optimistic and expect little change in demand, although many were uneasy about fiscal issues and implications of the Affordable Care Act on their businesses.”

Cleveland Fed. “There is anxiety about rising health insurance premiums [among manufacturers], which was attributed to the Affordable Care Act.”

Cleveland Fed. “Many of our contacts are concerned about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the effect it will have on their total labor cost.”

Chicago Fed. “Wage pressures remained mild, while non-wage labor costs increased. A number of contacts voiced concern about the uncertainty surrounding future employer and employee healthcare costs. In addition, several reported changing their health insurance enrollment periods this year in order to match the deadlines of the Affordable Care Act.”

Dallas Fed. “One contact saw a few signed contracts designed to circumvent the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by utilizing a temporary employee full time, then hiring that person on a permanent but part-time basis when the ACA goes into effect.”

Many analysts have speculated about how Obamacare will affect the economy. The answer is very specific and real: It is costing people jobs.

One couple stated changes in their medical benefits for employees of their small business from ACA. Their premiums for covering their employees went from 355 per month to 733 per month, per employee. That’s more than double. That is not an effect? Are these deniers for real?

H/T to Dave for ideas

Daily Kos : Just Another Misinforming Right Wing Web Site

This is endemic to the cultish blind followers of “change you can believe in” “hope and change”. Nothing shall knock their faith-based leader or his policies — even if they don’t know or understand the effects.

Once again, it shows they were never about the “evidence-based” truth. Their loyalty “requires the willing suspension of disbelief”.

Real Science

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Disturbing statements

A couple statements bugging me from the latest news loop.

Artful Carney pledges, they are working to “improve the consumer experience.” And again, Obama lectures about “changing the way business is done in Washington”.

Now that first slaps me in the face – “consumer”. Obama’s been hypocritically saying the second but ObamaCare puts it in different light. That’s like another kick in the groin.

“Consumer experience” in the context of government is a scary thought. We are in an absurd reality. I wonder if his changing the way “business is done” in Washington includes the scandal in the IRS?

“What’s yours?” (pun intended)

Obama’s shutdown letter to government

Obama sent this letter to government employees. In it he says

“You do all this in a political climate that, too often in recent years, has treated you like a punching bag. You have endured three years of a federal pay freeze, harmful sequester cuts, and now, a shutdown of our government. …None of this is fair to you.

This shutdown was completely preventable. It should not have happened. And the House of Representatives can end it as soon as it follows the Senate’s lead, and funds your work in the United States Government without trying to attach highly controversial and partisan measures in the process.

So while the budget fights in Washington are too often partisan, your service to the country should never be.[There’s a whopper]

…And I will do everything in my power to get the House of Representative to allow our government to reopen as quickly as possible, and receive the pay that you have earned. “

Can you count the lies in just the last statement? Could he politicize this government any more than he has? – something he should never do.

He told CNBC, on the debt ceiling:

“this time I think Wall Street should be concerned,” Obama said….”When you have a situation in which a faction is willing to default on U.S. obligations, then we are in trouble,” Obama said.

He claims he bent over backwards in his presidency to work with Republicans and kept his rhetoric low, deliberately. Then he added that Republicans are threatening to “burn the house down”. He cannot go a paragraph without contradicting himself as the hypocrite in chief.

We were “in trouble” the minute America elected a radical to the highest office, and have been stuck there ever since.

Obama’s bad analogies

We’ve seen about every strategy Obama can use, Constitutional or not, to preserve his namesake program and its governmental force. Yesterday he gave a speech to draw a comparison of Apple’s I-Phone to his program. One with the force of government to buy it, and the other can never meet demand — one makes money the other continually spends or loses it.

Whoopee, Obama makes another nonsensical comparison. What else is new? He likes making comparisons, like going to a dinner with Republicans who walk out on the bill. That one was as corrupted as his policies. He likes to compare Republicans or their plans to anything.

Remember the car in the ditch? Yeah, he proceeded to take the car, stick the gas to the floor and head straight off the fiscal cliff. He blamed Republicans for not stopping him. Then he complains about the damage to the car and the consequences. Not to forget all his terrorism comparisons, hostage taking … from a guy who never wanted to use the word terrorism, even for Benghazi.

It’s funny he is so creative. How come he never compares anything to golf, since that is where he spends so much time? He avoids golf analogies. Meanwhile, he sure has been given enough “mulligans”. But he hasn’t managed any “hole in ones”.

Even to a possibly staged photo.

Obama hates Tea Parties but loves him some “Tee time”.

Three birds of a feather…as most dictators are

I’ve watched some of the pre-Sunday talk blitz. The word from Obama’s media comrades is this shutdown is more likely than ever. Then they talk about what the resident is doing about the situation.

Now he says he will not discuss anything with the Republicans under the threat of Government shutdown. Even though he is the one threatening to shut it down. And he says he would be happy to talk about items and changes to Obamacare with Republicans. He claims he is more than willing to negotiate and meet them halfway on changes they want. But that he will not do it under the threat of force, or in other words, negotiate only if they drop the shutdown threat.

Flash back a month when he was talking about making an agreement with Syria. He heralded the threat of force for bringing about the discussion. (even if the discussion is a walking failure — never mind that) It was only due to his threat of force he said.

In an interview with Chris Wallace this past Sunday: Mr Wallace mentioned there has been an interesting development. Today, the Russians say they’re going to push Syria to put chemical weapons under international control. The Syrian foreign minister says he welcomes that. Will you delay a strike to see how that plays out?

OBAMA: I think it’s fair to say that we would not be at this point without a credible threat of a military strike

Now he condemns Republicans strategy, which is the only way they could get him to address the problem-plagued Obamacare.

And now he talks to the new Iranian president, sending the message loud and clear that while they are on the cusp of talking, it means no one including US would take action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. But that is the whole strategy of Iran to delay possible opposition actions, with rhetoric, so they can become a nuclear power. Enter Obama, giving them almost exactly what they were looking for: time and delay to get to their objective.

At home, Obama has big problems with talking. He wants it all his way or the highway. Wait a minute, aren’t the Syrian president, the Iranian president and Obama doing exactly the same thing? Using the same strategy? Or, as my friend Gene says, isn’t that the manual of tyrants? They “promise” to talk in exchange for dropping the threat of force, to get what they want. (marginalize their opposition) Never mind that their promises are an illusion, just like Obama’s other promises.

Obama said referring to the current loggerheads:

“No Congress before this one has ever, ever, in history been irresponsible enough to threaten default, to threaten an economic shutdown, to suggest America not pay its bills, just to try to blackmail a president into giving them some concessions on issues that have nothing to do with a budget.”

Let alone that he called it an “economic shutdown”, what the hell is he referring to?

Angela Wiltz | September 21, 2013

“…… during the Carter administration the government shut down each year he was in office for about 11 days at a time. “During President Reagan’s two terms, there were six shutdowns, typically just one or two days apiece. Deals got cut. Everybody moved on.

In 1995-96, however, shutdowns morphed into political warfare, to the dismay of Republicans who thought they could use them to drag Clinton to the negotiating table on a balanced budget plan.”


For the most part, they were done under a Democrat-controlled House in Congress. They were called “funding gaps” and did not involve shutting down the entire government operations. There were 17 shutdowns.

PS: he didn’t mind shutting down offshore-drilling, fracking, or threats to bulldoze the coal industry, but don’t jeopardize his beloved tool.

Right speech wrong words

There is hardly anyone reading this that doesn’t see the sickness in Obama. But it is not just him. How about his speech writers? I can’t imagine how they can write anything they want while it contrasts with reality. Even the lies are scripted so there is a bigger problem. People actually write his speeches, and he delivers them, and they stand truth on its head. But they don’t care because they are writing whatever Obama wants, which does not align with the truth. It is completely disconnected from reality. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Now he says “what I have said” is he will not negotiate over “the good faith and credit of the US”. But what he actually said before is that he would not negotiate with Congress. That’s what he said and everyone heard him, numerous times. Now he tries to revise it or move the goal post. Even Carney said Obama would not negotiate with Congress over the debt ceiling. But our ears must be faulty.

He goes out and personalzes one self-defense shooting in speeches and then ignores gang shootings and violence. He talks about proposing laws, yet gangs by their nature operate outside the law. (sort of like his administration operates above the law.)

Obama was back in Missouri once again, after his speech in July blocked campus Republicans from attending. Then the rodeo clown was barred at the State Fair for poking fun at Obama.

Obama tells them that Republicans just threaten to “blow things up” if they cannot defund Obamacare . Its just not true. That doesn’t stop Obama from making the charge. In fact, it is he who is threatening to shut down government, just like he did before. It is he who wants it completely his way. Yet the purse belongs to Congress. He really has a problem with the Constitution he has sworn to defend and uphold to the best of his ability.

“Be the guy who’s doing your job. No obstruction. No games. No holding the economy hostage if you don’t get 100 percent of what you want,” he said.

Holding America hostage to his agenda is his agenda. And he always demands 100% of it, and refuses to negotiate. He insisted Republicans are just “trying to mess with him”.

He went on to say that Congress should do a budget on time and said he would work with the Senate toward a budget. Is he so disconnected from reality? He doesn’t care. He just continues to say whatever he wants, ignoring the truth. His speech writers do exactly the same thing. So he stands there accusing others of doing exactly what he is engaged in. “Just do your job,” he lectured Congress and Republicans.

“This is not a deadbeat nation. We don’t run out on our tab,” said Obama, vowing he would not negotiate over the “full faith and credit of the United States.”

But the tab belongs to Obama not congressional Republicans. It was his spendathon.

But it is this process of going out there to say anything he wants, with no regard for reality, that gets me. And wahtever Congress says he doesn’t address. He simply changes what they said to suit his purposes, then proceeds to argue against it. He walks out, speaks and stands reality on its head. But someone is actually writing this stuff.

What he could have said, but never would, is to begin with saying: by the way, I’m sorry that there were apparently some college Republicans that were blocked from my speech out here in July. And I regret that a rodeo clown, doing his job and poking fun at me at the State Fair, was fired and banned. That was over the top. Please accept my apologies for that Missouri, on behalf of others.

But no, that wouldn’t happen. In fact, the rhetoric from the Left has even escalated, if that’s possible. Schumer talks about holding a gun to America’s head. Pelosi talks about “legislative arson”. Obama talks about “holding the economy hostage”. I’m starting to think of how much Libs have in common with the gangs like the Bloods and Crypts. The language and threats are on the same level.

Then he labeled his big-government schemes a “better bargain for the middle class.” The ones who he’s been stepping on and killing with his war on energy. Holding the economy hostage? Don’t make me laugh. This is the gang-banger Obama, Chicago style. Welcome to the ‘hood.

Ref: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/20/us-usa-fiscal-obama-idUSBRE98J0C520130920

The official Obama “care” policy = Don’t.

Obama’ economic recipe for disaster

Living in a communist economy

July 21, 2013
By Alan Caruba

In the former Soviet Union, the joke was “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” It took over four decades of the Cold War to finally put an end to the lie that Communism as an economic system works. After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the Soviet Union came to an end on December 25, 1991. By then Communism worldwide had killed hundreds of millions of people.

Now, it is true that America is not a Communist nation, but by doggedly pursuing the theories put forth by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, as well as the historically failed theories of Keynes, a British economist who believed that the government must pump money into the economy to keep it afloat, Obama has been trying to turn our Capitalist economy into a Communist one.

Calling our economy “Communist” may seem unduly harsh, but under Obama and his predecessors, the government is in charge of the banking sector, the health and insurance industries, General Motors was nationalized, the government is deeply involved in mortgage lending and now controls student loans. Now stand back and ask if the government – the State – is not now more Communist than Capitalist?

Wedded to failed economic theories, Obama has utterly failed to turn around the economy after the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing recession.

Writing in the August 2012 edition of Forbes magazine, Louis Woodhill said, “If mismanaging an economic recovery were an Olympic event, President Obama would be standing on the middle platform right now, accepting the gold medal. Deep recessions are supposed to be followed by strong recoveries, but, under Obama, the worst recession since the 1930s has been followed by the slowest economic recovery in the history of the republic. In a very real sense, there has been no recovery at all – things are still getting worse.”

Obama still has three and a half years to make things ever more worse than they are. A Marxist in every sense of the word, Obama is so wedded to his belief in “redistribution” of wealth, that he spent the first term blaming his failed economic policies in George W. Bush and blathering endlessly about “millionaires and billionaires.” If the government confiscated all their wealth, it would barely pay for its operation for a month, if that.


Read more: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/caruba/130721


It is as if you are seeing the opening scenes of a play, one that gives plenty of hints of all that is to come. The only thing left out are the exact details but you know it is destined for doom. All you can do is sit and watch the sinister plot unfold.

What you do know, after the opening scene, is that its design leaves no way to reverse the course of events. The “fair” that is loosely tossed around has been completely stripped of meaning. All that seems to matter is the agenda.

Union Blues – ObamaCare code blue

Union Letter: Obamacare Will ‘Destroy The Very Health and Wellbeing’ of Workers

By Tom Gara – WSJ

The roll out of President Obama’s health care reform package was always going to be tricky, with vehement opposition from his political opponents and pushback from employers large and small. But after announcing last week that penalties for companies failing to comply with the law will be delayed by a year, the Affordable Care Act has a new, high profile set of dissenters: Unions.

The leaders of three major U.S. unions, including the highly influential Teamsters, have sent a scathing letter to Democratic leaders in Congress, warning that unless changes are made, President Obama’s health care reform plan will “destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

If that’s not bad enough, the Affordable Care Act, if not modified, will “destroy the very health and well being of our members along with millions of other hardworking Americans,” the letter says.

Anyone who wants to read the entire letter, you can look for yourself. I just want to highlight a few things. I have to mention I was in the Teamsters at one time. (sadly little has changed with their national organization, its gotten worse.) I’m a card carrying American, not a union puppet.

How many times do you have to read the same script to know how the play goes? They complain that they were lied to and were told they could keep their plans if they liked them. Well welcome to the club. But we know the drill.

Unfortunately, unions’ only problem is they just want a fix, for them and their buds. Gee, why shouldn’t they? They believe it is ‘legislation by special interest’ just like the command economy. So that if you apply the proper political force, to the desired wheel, it turns in your favor. It worked before and I have no reason to believe it won’t again.

But they are no different than a lot of individual voters, though on a larger scale. What they believe is all that is important. They believe in what they want, damn the truth. Like the “I got mine” mentality, “screw everyone else — those are just the breaks.” Do we need to hear their leftist lecture, “this is the political process, and how it works”? Yea, that’s the problem, it is how it works. But as long as key constituencies are satisfied, all is well.

Did unions think it was a la carte when they supported Obama? They apparently didn’t realize these problems were part of the package. Did they think he could/would keep all those campaign promises, to all those people? You idiots, the unions lie too and you keep believing them, so why not keep believing in president Unicorn?

I’ve mentioned it before that this is a fundamental flaw in the left, everything hinges on “belief”. As long as you keep believing there is no problem, regardless what reality is. Can you believe Obama had the audacity to use exactly that belief– hope and change, “change you can believe in” — as the foundation of his campaign? And they ate it up. The biggest threat to the left is if you stop believing, or act on your own.

Now here is a priceless quote in the letter:

Like millions of other Americans, our members are front-line workers in the American economy. We have been strong supporters of the notion that all Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care. We have also been strong supporters of you. In campaign after campaign we have put boots on the ground, gone door-to-door to get out the vote, run phone banks and raised money to secure this vision.

Now this vision has come back to haunt us.

“Vision” = “change you can believe in”… that does not compute.

How about that admission and outrage? Speaking of haunting, I won’t even go there, except they are still digging for Hoffa. As the saying goes, special strokes [of the pen] for special folks. And that is unabashedly what this is about. Though someone is starting to figure out that it adds up to fewer jobs.

Since the ACA was enacted, we have been bringing our deep concerns to the Administration, seeking reasonable regulatory interpretations to the statute that would help prevent the destruction of non-profit health plans. As you both know first-hand, our persuasive arguments have been disregarded and met with a stone wall by the White House and the pertinent agencies.

This is especially stinging because other stakeholders have repeatedly received successful interpretations for their respective grievances. Most disconcerting of course is last week’s huge accommodation for the employer community—extending the statutorily mandated “December 31, 2013” deadline for the employer mandate and penalties.

They want theirs and they want it now. All the other friends of Obama – friends of Democrats – have gotten theirs while they got stiffed. Oh but they are part of Obama’s civilian army, he couldn’t do this to them. Beam me up, Scotty!

Now we get to the genesis for the grievance, Big employers got their exemption. They do have a point: Selective interpretation and enforcement of the law …. but that is exactly what they are arguing for. So the only problem is Obama didn’t take care of his Homies.

‘Keep the crooked law and stick it to others, just give us special favors and we’ll be good to go.’ — (I wonder how those bi-weekly phone calls to the WH are going.)

Read more at Wall Street Journal

So Obama comes in to try to calm the anger, again – like trying to calm rising seas.

Seeing is believing

AP reported

Another year, another round of exaggeration from President Barack Obama and his administration about health insurance rebates. /…

The poll, released Wednesday, finds that 58 percent of voters favor repealing all (39 percent) or some (19 percent) of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement.

Nearly three times as many voters say the health care law makes them feel more worried (66 percent) rather than reassured (23 percent). And the anxiety is rising — the number feeling worried is up 15 percentage points since July 2012, soon after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional last year.

Read more

About the only thing Obama has not tried, to excuse all those problems with ObamaCare, is injecting the UK’s royal baby into the fray. (still time) Well, the baby is a popular topic with people and he would really like to tap into that.

But it probably is not a good time to remind Americans that “you didn’t build that” – which in this instance would be technically correct .

Profiler- in-Chief is against profiling

So all the hooplah over profiling is just great, if you are a minority, or fit one of the key demographics, or you’re just looking for a cause celeb to hang your hat on. But we know they’ve been profiling right along. And some of the biggest offenders are the very people who are against profiling.

4. A biographical essay presenting the subject’s most noteworthy characteristics and achievements.
5. A formal summary or analysis of data, often in the form of a graph or table, representing distinctive features or characteristics

Profiling has been very good for politics.

Obama sees everything through the eyes of race, ethnicity, union label, income status, etc. etc. And worse yet, he talks to people the same way, by stereotyping them by demographic and group. Look at his campaigns where he had a drop-down menu on his campaign site, Latinos or Hispanics, African Americans, immigrants and on and on. You name it. It was amazing. That is his way of organizing, which is largely credited with taking him to the White House.

So yes, if you are a profiler, you can make people swoon you into office. Just don’t call it profiling, call it…ah, “organizing”. Call it campaigning, even pandering – not “pofiling”.

In his book, he made no bones about seeking out Marxist professors — radicals as I call them. Now we have an administration chock full of radicals. Obama the profiler? You bet. How did Eric Holder, Chu, or Van Jones get their jobs? Profiler-in-Chief.

Even when Congress holds Holder in contempt, they call it racism and stage a walk out. They make a science of it.

Beyond that they even profile what laws to enforce and which not to. And don’t be surprised when it’s in ObamaCare too. He cuts breaks for his union buddies but throws Catholic institutions to the wolves. Notice he holds rallies and makes his speeches on college campuses. Or he goes to speak at Planned Parenthood’s convention. No profiling there.

His allies in the Democrat party are profilers. They literally make a living at it, it’s their bread and butter. It is what they do. Now they are offended by the idea of profiling. Profiling has been very good for them. How else can one pander so effectively? It’s a way of life for career politicians.

The very same people who have problems with voter ID laws are habitual profiling panderers.

In the illinois senate, Obama pushed a bill to profile. He actually claimed that profiling was the answer. Theirs has not been a “profile in courage”. Today, our profiling comes straight from the top. ‘Shhh, we don’t want anyone to profile.’

As far as I’m concerned, we could do a little more profiling of Congress. Maybe if we the people did a little better job profiling in elections, we wouldn’t be in the state we are in? So don’t be surprised any solutions they propose to profiling involve profiling.

The King has spoken

GOP Reinvigorated After Obama Admin Delays Key Healthcare Provision

July 3, 2013

The Obama administration’s decision to delay implementation of a key part of the Affordable Care Act has the law’s Republican opponents positively giddy.
“GOP ad makers are busy at work cutting new Obamacare ads,” noted Rick Wiley, former political director at the Republican National Committee.
The Obama administration announced yesterday that it would delay for one year the part of the health care law that requires employers with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance or pay a penalty.
The administration cited a desire to respond to the concerns of small business and give them more time to comply. But the provision has been the subject of complaints by business owners and threats that employers would either cut their full-time workforce to avoid the mandate or increase the number of part-time employees who won’t be guaranteed insurance under the new law.
On the one hand, the administration avoids a series of politically painful stories about negative, unintended consequences of the provision, which they admit is not quite ready for primetime.
Republicans believe, however, that even by pushing the issue into 2015, the Obama administration makes implementation of this part of the law a problem for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016.
“All the president has done here is, he’s now guaranteed that it’s going to be a huge issue in the 2016 race,” said Matt Mackiowiak, a Republican strategist with Potomac Strategy Group. “I’m not sure it’ll be a gift to Hillary or Biden or whoever the nominee is.”
“There’s going to be a huge amount of turbulence as that provision kicks in and it’s going to create a lot of problems for Dems,” he added.
Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/anti-healthcare-ads-obamacare-delay/story?id=19569465#.UdTB7qwfJ8c

Evidently, the king has spoken. So it will be done. It seems everything is much easier when done by the emperor’s order.(note sarcasm) It makes it much simpler.

Up to this point, all we heard was “its the law” — the law of the land. Now it sounds more like the king’s edict. It can exempt those it wants, it can issue a decree to delay it.

We still don’t know what all is in it. At the same time Dems keep telling us “we are a nation of laws”, even as they scheme to create amnesty.

And is he throwing it back into Hillary’s lap to defend it? (must have more time to get our story straight)

Big–Bro just got a whole lot smarter

News articles are surfacing that Google, in partnership with NASA, has acquired a new super computer from D-Wave, a Canadian based company.

Its called a quantum computer with specs only a geek might understand. But I think anyone with brain cells should be able to understand the significance of it.

*Google is the front end to the NSA spying network. (and also involved with Obama’s campaign efforts) Why would a publicly held company Google team up with a government agency (NASA) and buy a quantum computer? Quantum computers have self-learning potential and become smarter using quantum algorithms, which run faster than any possible probabilistic classical algorithm. The end result is humans will no longer be needed to capture data OR analyze it. Quantum computers can do all this on their own.

Maybe its a marriage of fate? Artificial intelligence is the goal and destination.

*This can eliminate the pesky problem government faces with whistle blowers (I.E. Edward Snowden et al, those before him). The government now has a much more efficient way of keeping their massive data collection hidden from the general public and also the organizations whose job is to ensure the government does not break any constitutional laws.

First is a video that was posted by Natural News, a chilling radio discussion.
(also see their other report) Google purchased it.

Second, a piece from CNN talking about D-Wave NASA connection

Even CNN reported on it. Of course,they lightly touch on the many concerns about privacy and pretty much ignore the cozy relationship with NSA. This is CNN interviewing an expert about the quantum purchase related to the Google/NASA partnership.

It wasn’t until the end when they finally considered privacy concerns, as  sort of an afterthought, that the analyst described the use and was compelled to say “hopefully, Google will use it as a force for good”. Ah, now that’s a relief. And if not?… Remind me to check back with these bright analysts.

By the way, these pictures of rocks on Mars may be really neat, but there is plenty more they can do with quantum capabilities than space travel and taking pictures.
birdshaped rock Rock photo 2

The type of computing it does especially pertains to the security area of data collecting and breaking communications. The ultimate goal of simulated or artificial intelligence. Of course, the analyst hopes they use its capabilities for good. But maybe we have to reexamine the term “good” too, like everything else they do. As I read the information to date, it will be growing exponentially in capacity over the next few years.


So where is this tin foil-plagued administration?

Last year Obama rolled out a big data initiative. With the enormous collection of data they now do, analysis of that data is a challenge. Enter the need for super computers and storage to feed their insatiable appetite to know as much as they can in real-time about Americans. (now that the genie is out of the bottle)

The Daily Caller had an interview with former NSA analyst William Binney, who has been sounding the alarm for over a decade, where he described their vacuum operation of pretty much everything communication-wise, and of an estimated 80% of what goes up on the web. Hence the need for analysis.

Binney: That’s my point. When you ask how much damage these leaks have done to our capability, they’ve actually done absolutely nothing. The terrorists were monitoring all of this information anyway, so they had a pretty good idea of what was being collected. So, who are we keeping this from? It’s not the terrorists. We are really keeping it from the American public. Because that’s who they’re collecting data about. And that’s who they’re keeping it secret from. The terrorists already knew all this stuff.

The President’s Data Initiatives last year is data mining on steroids, or quantum style.
Obama’s initiative is chuck full of a wish list catering to those needs:

“Accelerating and expanding efforts to make government information resources more publicly accessible in “computer-readable” form and spurring the use of those data by entrepreneurs as fuel for the creation of new products, services, and jobs.”

Note the spin on terms of use being for entrepreneurs and jobs. All of it is built around data mining. Yea and the educational goals and jobs, but the real focus is on the information of Americans. Like a kid in a toy store or candy shop, he suggests all the different possible ventures. All of it interdependent on this information. Prism is only part of the collection resources: with ObamaCare, medical, the IRS, phone and data communications, just as all the helpful “sign up” programs were instrumental to Obama’s data mining operation since his first campaign.

Government sets itself up as the keeper of all information, especially all the personal information it can get its greedy hands on. (they probably know about that birthmark) Wow, what it can do with that information – for your benefit of course. As if we cannot wait to be tracked in every move. Then its sharing capacity for all the new uses it can find for that information. Privacy be damned.

They believe in privacy for killing a baby in the womb, but for everything else, you get the probing “public eye”. How’s that colonoscopy working out for you? Eat more broccoli.

Listen to the words of Obama’s sales pitch about the vast “Initiatives” program:

The Open Data Initiatives project is “liberating” government data and voluntarily-contributed corporate data to fuel entrepreneurship, create jobs, and improve the lives of Americans in tangible ways. As a model, decades ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration began making weather data available for free electronic download by anyone. Entrepreneurs used these data to create weather newscasts, websites, mobile applications, insurance, and much more. Similarly, the government’s decision to make the Global Positioning System (GPS) freely available has fueled a vast array of private-sector innovations ranging from navigation systems to precision crop farming, creating massive public benefit and contributing significantly to economic growth. More recently, the Health Data Initiative, launched by the Institute of Medicine and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2010, has opened growing amounts of health-related knowledge and information in computer-readable form from the vaults of the government and publicized the availability of these data to entrepreneurs and innovators. Hundreds of companies and nonprofits have used these data to develop new products and services that are helping millions of Americans and creating jobs of the future in the process. Working closely with the US Chief Technology Officer, the US Chief Information Officer, and an array of agencies, the Open Data Initiatives team has launched and is continuing to scale open data efforts in Health, Energy, Education, Finance, Public Safety, and Global Development. These efforts involve government releasing general data resources in computer-readable form and in accordance with policies that rigorously protect privacy. The goal is to stimulate a rising tide of private-sector entrepreneurship that leverages these data to create tools that help Americans find the right health care provider for them, identify the college that provides the best value for their money, save money on their electricity bills through smarter shopping for the right rate plan, keep their families safe by knowing which products have been recalled, and much more – a rising tide of innovation that also contributes to economic growth and creates jobs.

Oh yes, it’s all to help you. Pay no mind to all the information sharing capability and big-brother collection resources that make all that possible. Welcome to ‘Big Brother 3.0, quantum scale. It’s what his initiative is really all about, big government.

But he is not done:

For Round 2, we are looking for Presidential Innovation Fellows to work on the existing Open Data Initiatives in Health, Energy, Education, Finance, Public Safety, and Global Development, as well as the following new data innovation efforts: [building virtual learning etc etc]

They have quite the appetite, don’t they? I’m sure it is educational learning they are concerned with.

Yes, Jane, you can kill your baby in the warm auspices of “privacy rights” under the federal government’s fiat law, just don’t try to opt out of the governmental data (abuse) system….it won’t be their hard drive that fails. But Obama vows to “fight” for your abortion right and free contraceptives.

Note how they always refer to it as “government data”. Government is the hub for it, I’ll grant them that. It all becomes government data. Funny how it transforms itself from private personal data into government data to market and extort. And then the pitch: ‘look how helpful all this will be to you.’ Sorry, it makes me want to hurl listening to their rosy vision of an America under super-surveillance, and how beneficial that all is to us serfs.

*Big-Brother just got so much smarter that little brother isn’t even needed anymore. Anyone ever seen the movie “Terminator”?

Some people are already calling it Skynet. Maybe the Skynet is befalling you, and that isn’t Chicken Little?

* with added collaboration from Dave- h/t

Resources: Natural News, Obama’s open data initiatives, William Binney/Daily Caller
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