Rantzilla on having a new President

Buckle up I have a rant for you, if you are interested. What a difference a few long months makes?

The National Coalition of Trolls (DNC et al) has kicked off their newest operation, fashioning itself as a Tea Party type movement. Hey, I’m not writing their script, only commenting about it.

Seven years after the popular Tea Party rise, Democrats are imitating the movement. Wait, they spent all that time mocking, attacking, ignoring, and calling them racists etc.; but now say they are following in their footsteps. Media spent 7 years attacking it, trying to marginalize and discredit them.

Whatever they say.

Wait, the Tea Party was set off by government intervention in healthcare, bailouts, stimulus, arrogance of power, and taxagedon to grow government and its control by dolling out goodies to people. Yet Liberals and Democrats say they are following Tea Party’s lead? The original call for Tea Parties was led by Rick Santelli on CNBC saying enough is enough, announcing the idea of Tea Party, hearkening back to the days of patriots dumping tea in Boston Harbor to protest taxes and the King’s control schemes. Everything about that is contrary to the modern Left, and any movement it started.

Tea Parties also had strong overtones about freedom of speech, religion, the Founders and the Constitution. Not necessarily what we see in today’s left. They do call themselves progressives but the new term, coined by others, is regressive. They are about shutting down speech of others or labeling different views hate speech. Still, they continue their imitation narrative.

Never mind that the left is also caught up in their civil disobedience and violence agenda. It is basically nothing like what conservatives or Republicans did. Tea Parties had a respect for law enforcement and kept the demonstrations neat — even though they were grassroots organized. Not the Left. Tea Parties were bottom up grass roots, even resisting the intervention of some Republicans who wanted to commandeer it. The Left is always organized top down, by those in power, or close to its power center. (George Soros et al) But it is staged to seem grassroots — Move On. It’s their business model.

Here is an interesting tangent to liberals.

I have a theory involving market forces and the Left’s willing gullibility to believe in all these things they do, so easily. I figure if you can find a way to target that segment of people, it would be a goldmine. How so? Just think about it. Obama ran on a faith-based message and they all bought it: lock, stock and barrel.

I mean if you have people who are that easy to sell anything you want, then you have a powerful market of buyers or consumers. They demonstrate a willingness to believe in things based on little proof. And once they do, believe in it, you can hardly even talk them out of it. That, my friends, is gold to any marketing agenda. That’s the utopia salesman have searched for. Think about that slogan, change you can believe in. Then think about Obamacare and all the lies. You couldn’t even tell them they were lies, even after Gruber came out admitting it. Even after it was proven to be lies, they still believed it.

So that is the secret, getting them to believe it. That isn’t hard, they are an easy pitch. But once they do, they remain loyal even if results are not what they expected. Now that is the kind of people any marketer wants to find.

Whether this quote is from James Carville or not, it is true from the standpoint of reality. And Obama constantly proved it.

The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd. — credited to James Carville.

So couple their mentality with the herd mindset and you have a powerful consumer base. You could sell them anything. And they create the demand all by themselves. What could be wrong with that? And then, once sold on it, you could not talk them out of it.

All you have to do is look at the last election. Bernie scored big with Dems, some say he could have won. He promised them free healthcare, free college and a 15 per/hr minimum wage. They believed and remained loyal. Just what they wanted to hear. You couldn’t talk them out of it. They sent in their five box tops and sat there waiting for it to arrive.

Wake up and smell the crazy.

Democrats discovered a new phenomena called Voter Rage. And it is catching on in the media. They like this movement, of course. Remember all the attacks at Tea Parties? Not so with the perpetual protestors, which are nothing more than re-branded Occupiers, who re-branded themselves Bernie’s base, who re-branded themselves as the Resistance.

Something happens they don’t like, take the rage to the streets. Mix it with anarcho-commies, it gets very colorful. They weaponize rage and hate as tools.

What we have with the Left is the biggest case of projection I have ever seen. They lost the election but now think they can project themselves right back into majority power, or at least a potent minority one. Their perception is supposed to become everyone’s reality.

Democrats have that other time-worn weapon. If they don’t get their way, they take to the streets and protest. That is a powerful force for them to get more stuff, or promises. See how this cycle works? Once they believe, they’ll do anything for that cause whether they understand it or not. It makes no difference. People wonder how so many people can be self-claimed socialist? My opinion is they aren’t all socialists — many are Me-ists. As long as they think it benefits ‘Me’ they’re fine with it. If it is not, then cue the rage.

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Dr. King speaks again

News reports that a new tape was found containing an interview with Dr King,years prior to his Dream speech. In it Dr. King imparted a critical part of his non-violent approach. It was this:

“I would … say that it is a method which seeks to secure a moral end through moral means,” he said. “And it grows out of the whole concept of love, because if one is truly nonviolent that person has a loving spirit, he refuses to inflict injury upon the opponent because he loves the opponent.”

You can contrast that with today’s leftists and see a message. The modern Left, in its evolution, has defined and perfected its own system of protest — unlike King’s philosophy. It may get some results; but not only do you have to question the results, but the motivation and means as well.

King said his was driven by love, as opposed to what we see today. Actually it is based mostly on hate, resentment, or some animosity toward their “enemy”. I mean their political enemy. See, politics is everything, with ideology, today. It trumps all. Their activism is not based on love, as in for one another, and it doesn’t contain a moral component. That part was replaced by the religion of politics. With love and morality out of the equation, what is left? A bitter political activism.

The left tries to project the same on the right, but its the left who has lost their moral compass. Class warfare is the stand-in. And you don’t have to look far for the proof; it’s all around. It is quite a contrast to the “moral means” toward “a moral end”.

Plus the Left today wants very much to inflict damage politically, spiritually and morally on its opponents, IMO. They see it as their purpose; its part of their view of social justice. No it isn’t amazing that we get those results considering what drives or motivates them and what they espouse, such as subjective truth, relative morality, ends justify the means. That is not the same as King had in mind. Winning is the only goal at any cost. If it doesn’t sound angry then it doesn’t sell to their masses. Sure it is sprinkled with words like fairness or justice but there is no mistaking that hurtful spite, open disdain, and blind bigotry aimed at whoever stands in their way — using whatever means, power and government they can toward their ends.

Then you have the economic battles of class warfare designed to deliver redistribution. So it is not the individual they celebrate, its the collective group or demographic that matters. They talk more about the group than the individual. When they talk about their central focus, elections, it’s the Hispanic vote, the black vote, or the fat cats on Wall Street.

I sort of chuckle how they got so irritated by a notion that businesses are people, or that pacs have a freedom of speech. (which they want to regulate as much as they can) They’re furious at the thought of wealthy people excersising their freedom of speech, or gasp that they combine in doing so. That’s a bad thing. But on the the left, they are all about the group and so is their politics. If you aren’t in a group you are invisible to them. It is not based on the individuals. Its the Hispanics or Latinos, the African-Americans, the LGBT’s, the government employees, the private sector unions, AFLCIO, Teamsters, Federation of Teachers, SEIU, the TSA employees, women like NARAl, planned parenthoods, single mothers, college students, and environmentalists, or the middle class, the 99%-ers and 1%-ers. Take a number after those.

And they pander to every group or demographic as such, replacing the individual concerns with that of the group. And they play politics the same way, using them to win and keep power. It’s funny when it comes to organized radical Islamists, they want to dismiss the importance of the group factor, and make every effort to paint them as individuals. If it is Christians, they lump them all into a group with labels to their liking. No label can be gentle enough or non-offensive enough for radical Islamists. They go to lengths to make them individuals. Save the harsh labels and group criticism for Christians. What would King think of their ultimate group dynamics?

Referenced article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/ap-exclusive-man-discovers-unheard-audio-of-martin-luther-king-jr-on-reel-in-fathers-attic/2012/08/21/f088ac72-ebc5-11e1-866f-60a00f604425_story.html

“Occupy” ignorance

Report: White House Told GSA to ‘Stand Down’ on Occupy Protesters

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2012 01:01 PM

By Patrick Hobin

Documents show that the Obama administration advised authorities to not enforce local laws on Occupy Wall Street protesters, Fox News reported.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained emails via a Freedom of Information Act request that show the General Services Administration telling federal law enforcement authorities to ease up on Occupy protestors camped out at the federally-owned Terry Schrunk Plaza in Portland, Ore., in 2011, according to Fox News. […]

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Oops, looks like direct connection to the White House.