Still Outraged After All These Years

One thing I could always count on through the years is that there was no shortage of things to be outraged over, or about. Off the cuff.

You could go back to the 80’s or the 90’s, even the 70’s, there has been plenty of reasons to be outraged. But I suppose the numero uno has always been government malfeasance or sheer abuse of power. Probably because it seems a consistent staple in the fabric in all the discontent we see playing out. The left and right both have their use for that blame.

By blame I am referring to the scapegoating of all problems to government’s door. There is a good case to be made for that blame.

However, what amazes me is the amount of fodder for outrage that can be found everywhere. I suppose I may be guilty for seeing and looking for it.

Any outrage meter I had was broken years ago.

But I refuse to give in and just laugh at it all in ignorance. No, there is a rightful place for humor and jokes on government, politics and agendas. Though there is something to be said for seriousness about it, too. One cannot and should not lose all seriousness at the price of a good laugh.

That has been another pet concern. Humor is great tool as well. But everything should not be seen only through that filter. Humor has limits.

So when you come down to the seriousness of all the problems, then outrage is the logical emotion to have about it. Not making a case for it, just that it has its benefits.

When people get outraged they do things like open a window and scream into the night that “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” What that exercise can spawn, beyond quick relief, is another matter.

Often problems are not seriously addressed until enough outrage has been generated by them. In other words, it serves a purpose.

Outrage can lead to finding solutions and doing things a different way. Moral outrage is an additional component. You’ve heard of righteous anger. These are added components which can justify those outrage emotions.

Sure outrage can lead to more outrageous acts too. So discipline is needed about how we channel it. We certainly don’t want to turn into reactionary victims of our own outrage. That would seem pointless.

So in the political sphere, it seems that outrage can be very useful. We tend to react to what offends us. There is nothing wrong with that. Though being offended can become a crutch. For instance, the left is offended by everything and then they justify an entire counter political agenda based on their superb ability to be offended — by anything.

But astonishingly, as bad as all that sounds, they manage to be fairly effective by being offended. And what they are offended by mostly is anything or anyone that disagrees with them. It becomes very easy then to turn those offenses into power. That begets addiction.

We should probably develop the same skill at turning our outrage into something useful. As long as that outrage is reasonable and justified that is. But in general, most of our outrage is justified where much of Leftists’ sense of being offended is not. Theirs is fabricated or exaggerated for the purpose of weaponinizing it in their political agenda. The rest of us just don’t think and operate the same way.

If I only saw my outrage as a means to some political ends, I’d be chasing my tail. It seems like circular logic; meaning you desire to be outraged to accomplish your political objectives. That can get very dicey. Though that is what the left does with their ability to be offended. They seek it, use it, extort it and benefit from it. Therefore, it becomes as desirable and useful to them as a fork to eat a salad. It also creates an ego the size of Manhattan.

If safe spaces were the solution to their being offended, then there could not be enough of them, or enough room for them, in the world. But they aren’t. Safe spaces become just another tool in their arsenal to agitate and outrage the rest of us, which in turn feeds their pompous ability to be offended, which in turn feeds their political agenda, which in turn feeds their lust for more power. But that outcome was always their destination and goal.

As much as I actually do not want to be outraged, I really resent my justified outrage being turned into a cudgel and tool used against me. I resent my outrage being weaponized against me. That offends me. Get it?

I would much rather find real useful ways to channel my outrage into useful purposes, like solutions. Not just a political agenda. Lord knows we have enough moral and righteous outrage out there to build a Tower of Babel. But that is not the goal of outrage. Nor should it become only a means.

Remember years ago when Bill Bennett coined the phrase “where’s the outrage?” He had a point. When we lose our ability or no longer become outraged, then something is wrong with us, and society. His point is that people were not outraged by what was happening. They were becoming desensitized to what they were seeing. And that cannot be good. We shouldn’t say “that’s just the times” and ignore it. (or just laugh at it) We cannot lose our outrage, yet we cannot misplace it either.

So remember first that we are justified to be outraged, and two that we should not dismiss or waste it. It is of value. When outrage is gone, all sorts of bad things can happen. But when we fail to properly acknowledge or place it, the same effects can follow.

Instead we should see our outrage as a teaching aid. It is telling us that things aren’t right and not what they should be. It is telling us that a course correction is needed. To dismiss or ignore our outrage is to become an accomplice to its source – wittingly or unwittingly.

And if the Left at large is offended by our outrage, so be it.

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The Apology Canard

That’s about the nicest thing I can call it. Demanding an apology today is the new answer to everything you take issue with. It rivals the suit epidemic.

Bill Clinton to BLM

Hillary calls for apology from Bernie.

Bernie calls for apology from Hillary

Donald Trump is called to apologize, to someone or for something, nearly every week.

Mitt Romney wanted Trump to apologize.

Cruz wants Trump to apologize.

The left and many on the right lined up to blame Trump for the protests in Chicago.

We are all owed an apology by Obama for wrecking the country.

Everyone wants an apology from Trump and yet no one demands one from Hillary

Obama did an apology tour in his first year. Apparently even that was not enough for greived countries in the Mid East.

I’m still waiting for an apology from Obama because he had no right to apologize for America on my behalf. That offends me. I’m sure one will not be forthcoming.

The left has taken this to an all time high. They pounce on any Republican who says something they don’t like. They call for an apology. Then they go to every other Republican to denounce the statement, or stand guilty by default for agreeing if they refuse to condemn him.

The knee-jerk reaction these days seems to be to call for an apology whenever you feel grieved or offended. It doesn’t guarantee you will get one. But it elevates your grievance to a public level. Just move the fad up a notch, some people are shopping for an apology from anyone who offends them. Some are grievance shopping too.

There are a lot of opportunities out there. And some people or groups are perpetually offended by virtue of their existence. They are always due an apology.

What an apology epidemic we have in the country.

Now after the media contrived controversy about Trump pointing out judge Curiel’s bias and conflict, again they call for an official “apology” from Trump.

However, Ryan calls Trump a textbook racist, and within hours WH Press Sec, Josh Earnest, calls Trump a racist — as evidenced by Paul-mealymouthed-Ryan.

Referring to Trumps remarks:

“I regret those comments he made,” Ryan said. “It’s absolutely unacceptable.”

Ryan, I regret the comments you made. Besides, I think Ryan still owes all of us a big apology for 2012. I’ll be waiting for the overdue apology, Ryan.

Susan Collins says Trump should apologize. I’m waiting for her apology calling for hearings on Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. That was a grievous offense.

But it’s okay to call Trump a racist, and no need to apologize for it. Actually, you get kudos for doing that. And just look what Romney said about Trump. Give me a break.

But the perpetual apology addicts won’t ever apologize.

I’m offended by Muslims

Yes, you read that right. It’s not politically correct, you say? No, but it is correct to say. (Sorry Hillary, Obama, et al)

News for Muslims: I’m offended we have to sacrifice and fight this battle of Islamic terrorism. What are you doing? What have you done about it? Do you plan on doing anything about it? But our men, women, civilians, and soldiers are killed and maimed by this ideology, which happens to align itself with Islam and Muslims’ faith.

War with Islamists is a 100 year war, but also a permanent one. No one wants to think this is a permanent state of the world. It’s a way of life. Yet our leaders are crying and whining about global warming being a permanent condition of this world. They want us to change our entire lifestyle to reflect that reality their scientists’ claim. No, they demand we do.

I’m offended by Muslims. They all offend me, since they haven’t been able to stop ISIS or any of the other 100 plus terrorist groups. Have Muslims at large ever prevented or intercepted a terrorist plot? Even if they did it would only be one plot, one act. Can they show me a mosque or network that they shut down? No. Do they want us to police it?

But when France was attacked, a Muslim group ran out to say they condemned this act on the strongest possible terms. What’s that mean and what is that worth? Are they just going to come out every time and condemn the act? Are they also condemning ISIS for their existence? Sorry, I’m having a hard time qualifying their condemnation.

Yet they, Muslims and Islamists, tell us that the real problem is people like me that suggest the whole religion might be to blame. That’s the problem they are concerned about and that’s the problem they want all of America (everyone) to actively work on. They want our government stepping in to prevent that injustice. Their biggest worry is that their religion is being slandered somehow by the victims and citizens of the world.

Some people say they are afraid to speak out or come forward to criticize ISIS or Islamist radicals. Yet they are not afraid to come out to criticize us for “hating” on Islam. Isn’t Islamic terrorism giving Muslims a bad name? Wouldn’t you think they would be concerned about that enough to take a stand and do something to stop it? We’ve been waiting over 12 years now. It hasn’t happened and doesn’t look like it is going to happen. It has declared war on us and civilization. It is left to the world to deal with and combat it. That is insulting and offensive.

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Here come the Muslim victims

Just a rant on some very old territory.

One little Muslim, two little Muslims, three… victims.

It has already begun on the heels of the Boston bombing, Muslims are out in defense of, well, just about anything relating to Islam. They do what they always do…attack any criticism of Islamisists’ radical ideology as “criticism of all Muslims”.

Yea, that might be a good rally point for Muslims (hello, are they connecting the dots? – likely just what radicals had in mind.) but it really serves no other purpose. We get it, not every Muslim is a terrorist. But the terrorists are predominately Islamists. Do they get it?

Who has time for all this crapola being hoisted on outraged Americans? Muslims were not the victims here and they certainly were not the intended targets. Yet here they are saying Muslims are being victimized putting everyone on notice not to “generalize”. Imagine that, someone indiscriminately bombs random innocent people, and they tell us not to generalize? Go figure.

**This sounds like Obama: his administration does something and we get the lecture.

Maybe instead of spending all their time in defense of their “peacefulness”, they should be facing off, marginalizing and criticizing the Islamists for doing what they are doing? Why doesn’t that occur to them? Why don’t we hear and see it? Are they afraid?

There is one ironic note in the saga, Muslims are distancing themselves from the funeral of the eldest bomber. Imams and mosques have been asked, in the greater Muslim community in Boston, about the funeral for him and they decline to say they will hold it or hold the prayers for him. That is a positive note. Though I wonder if it is just talk?

Now if Muslims were victims of stereotyping etc. — IF it is happening — then you’d think they would focus on the source of that characterization, Islamist radicals and radicalism in general. No, they would rather blame us and “broad brush” Americans for discriminating against them.

The problem is how many times and years have we been through this. Its old. If the caliphate is the chief goal among Islamist radicals, they are all beneficiaries to the same agenda. Do they stand up and protest that agenda? Hardly. But then why is it all the rest of us, outsiders, are the immediate problem when one of them detonates something? Who are they kidding?

Seems to me we played out this act before too, we tried the dialogue route. About all we get in return is “Americans are picking on, stereotyping, and discriminating against Muslims.” But that is not the case.

I’m sorry, when people are losing limbs, their livelihood, and their very lives, my first reaction is not “poor Muslims“. So if they are not happy, then its time they face the real problem not rally up another false flag.

It is much easier for them to point to Americans lack of sensitivity for Muslims. When do I, Christians, Jews, or Americans get to be “offended”?