Face of Islam

Alton Nolen in Oklahoma is the latest face of Islam, for now but only until another comes out to take his place in a similar spurt of evil anti-humanity. It made the three bullets of a gun priceless.

What do we know? Well, he had a Facebook where he laid out his profession of evil. It makes me wonder: if Hitler was alive today, what might we see on his Facebook or Twitter feed? Among the graphic artwork he displayed were his rants laced with the religious jargon of a terrorist.

Compare it to his past that is reported like a mosaic, in and out of prison, attack on a cop prior to this. Then we have the gem of a rant on the social ills of AmeriKa. Ain’t it just like an ex-con?

So let me grapple with that dynamic. He lectures America (US) on the finer ethics of society, according to him anyway. The guy has a record half a mile long and he’s a self-anointed doctor diagnosing society? It sounds eerily similar to someone else who lives on Pennsylvania Ave. I guess this is another one of Obama’s kids. Runs in the family.

He apparently never got the memo from our dubious pretender that he was not Islamic, and what he was doing was not Islamic. So maybe there is some twisted point in what Obama says, maybe these people are not Islamic enough?

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Islamist strikes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma man beheaded female co-worker and stabbed another while reportedly shouting Islamic phrases

By RYAN GORMAN | Sep 26th 2014

A disgruntled former employee beheaded a woman and stabbed another before he was shot Thursday afternoon during a workplace dispute in suburban Oklahoma City, police said.

Alton Nolen, 30, killed Colleen Hufford, 54, at the Vaughan Foods processing plant before an off-duty reserve Oklahoma County Deputy that works for the company shot him, Moore police said during a Friday morning media briefing, according to KWTV.

He also stabbed Tracy Johnson, 43, authorities said. She is in critical condition but expected to recover from her injuries.

The deputy has been identified by the station as Mark Vaughan, the company’s chief operating officer. Vaughan shot him multiple times with a rifle, sources told KFOR.  […/]

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Obama, there is your religion of peace. A shiny new convert at that.  This won’t get special mention in national speeches, but  Ferguson does.