Bigger than Hillary and her server

The objective of Hillary Clinton setting up her own server — a word to be forever tied to Hillary — was obviously to protect herself from what can be speculated on, with well-deserved suspicion. Was it also the advice of Bill Clinton? He certainly knew of it. In fact, who all knew would be a cadre of people in and out of government. Plus how many people were leery of Hillary’s intentions from the beginning based on seeing that email address, knowing it was not an official State Department or government one?

But that is only one part of the story. I really have been mystified for many months over another matter, the number of hack attacks and loss of personal information through government databases. It’s been troubling, or more like a catastrophic loss the amount of info being pilfered. It’s been our Veterans and their families, active military people, IRS, and finally the big OPM super loss of virtually everyone employed by government or who has worked for government and their families. It’s far into the tens of millions.

The troubling thing is they reported on them, I know I heard it. Not in any detail and we don’t know how it happened yet. But this is a gigantic issue. Then I haven’t heard any of the candidates talking about it. I’ve seen a few IT pundits talk about the ramifications etc on news, but that is about it. Too bad, so sad. What I’d like to see is an outcry from politicians or leaders that we will not sweep this under the rug. I’d expect candidates to talk about it and have ideas and plans on how to handle it. I want to know that they do and that it is on their radar, because up until now I see little sign of it.

Brainstorming the possibilities

But then with Hillary’s server, we don’t know how much she damaged our national security. Just some basic speculation here. If her server was compromised and we should assume it was from the beginning, then what else was compromised or stolen because of it? We know hackers only need a doorway to exploit government systems. Hillary gave them a huge gateway. So far I have not heard anyone make the case that it did not.

Now with all of the recent hacking, we must wonder what did Hillary and her server have to do with any of that? Is it possible they got into her server then migrated from there, using information and intelligence, into the government system with that information? Experts have said Clinton’s server could create a backdoor into the entire system.

Then another step down this path is, if Hillary’s server was in any way connected to the other hacks, how much damage has Hillary then caused to our entire government and systems? Will we ever know how much damage Hillary caused us, all by herself? But there are times when you have to assume the worst until evidence shows otherwise.

So then go back to Hillary and her original sin, or reason to setup that server in the first place. She was obviously trying to protect herself. What she did, in the process, was to jeopardize our entire nation’s security and potentially all of us. We are way beyond Democrats usual Clinton defense: nothing shows she broke the law or did anything wrong.

The term servergate is fitting because she quite probably opened a gate-wide door into the government system. Whether intended to or not, she should have known she jeopardized the entire federal systems. Then, according to her spokesperson, her best excuse is she “didn’t really think it through” and that she would do things differently, given the chance. Oh well…she would? Think of the time, money and energy she put into setting this thing up. She didn’t do it by accident, not realizing what she was doing. Maybe her next excuse will be: she accidentally and inadvertently set up a private server? She never planned or intended to do that, it just happened. All those subsequent hacks and losses of  information just happened, too.

She did it to protect herself, by putting the nation at risk. Was it worth it?

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