Government… we have a problem

CMS Administrator Told Subordinates to ‘Please Delete’ White House Email

CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner told two subordinates to “please delete” a forwarded email conversation between Tavenner and a group of White House advisers which took place days after the disastrous launch of
by John Sexton 15 Aug 2014 | Breitbart

The House Energy and Commerce Committee published the October 5, 2013 email today. It contains a discussion Tavenner had with White House health care policy adviser Jeanne Lambrew and several other White House advisers including White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Park. Tavenner forwarded the email chain to the CMS spokersperson and another subordinate saying “Please delete this email-but please see if we can work on call script.” Another short sentence that followed this has been redacted.

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Now it’s an epidemic. Hold on, I have the solution: Ban the “Delete” button.

Oh, does that seem absurd? Sorry, that’s what they want to do for guns.

I’ll be more practical. Remove the delete button on all gov’t equipment and software.

If Kathleen knew then….

Just a quote from the article

Sebelius Says She Would Have Delayed Obamacare Rollout

President Barack Obama’s top healthcare lieutenant told Congress Wednesday morning that she would have delayed the rollout of Obamacare if she had the information she has now. — Free Beacon

Translation: If I knew what a real failure it would be, sure I would have delayed it. Like Duh, people!

Now if voters had the information they have now, then Obama would not be in the WH and ObamaCare would be an urban legend….like they said death panels were.

Bans verses Abortion on demand

The “nanny staters” want bans and regulation for trans fats, salt, smoking, and large sugary drinks, or anything they deem harmful; but they want no limits on a mother’s so-called “fundamental right” to kill babies – abortion. Oh, that would be taboo. They believe in “choice” to kill babies, but not in what you eat or drink, or any other things.

Since they also say we need sin taxes on behavior they wish to discourage, then how about a 250,000 dollar tax on abortion? That could discourage it. Oh that’s right, they can’t do that. It might actually discourage or keep someone from getting an abortion. Don’t want to do that. See how consistent they are, not? Its like three Musketeers, all for one and all for abortions.

Come to think of it, about the only thing other than limits in office that they do not want to control is abortion. And they want government to endorse and subsidize that.

They don’t believe in self-regulation for an industry, except when it comes to abortion. In that case, no government oversight is needed. However, we do need to subsidize the organization that does most abortions in this country. Yet they want to ban trans fats, salt and excessive soda drinking for “obvious health concerns” they raise.

They want warnings on everything that can potentially harm human beings except abortions. No warning labels or disclosures needed for that. Killing and harmful side-effects are the main objectives. Malpractice could be having a baby survive.

Nanny Bloomberg has no problem; he would support scissors to the back of the head for babies while banning 32oz beverages. He calls the latter “a crisis” that “requires action”. Killing babies? Not so much. Don’t be ridiculous.

Of course, no one has an active plan to ban big government, or limit our exposure to it and its harmful effects. They would probably call that unconstitutional.

They can’t allow someone to willfully buy a big gulp and endanger one’s life. That’s a national health threat. But you can have abortion on demand, any time. In fact, have a few. We don’t need a limitation on killing babies — that would be taboo!

Trans-fats — very bad, they could kill you! Government must act to “save lives.”
Abortion — very good, protect it as a fundamental right.

How many times have you heard liberals claim “if we save one life by what we are doing, then it was worth it”? But 50 million is a matter of fundamental “privacy” to them.

No choice for those nasty, harmful things. But the choice for killing babies must be a “protected fundamental right” at any and all costs. Can’t have civilized society without abortion on demand.