Perception deception: Obama argues with the world

According to Buzz Feed reporting, Obama had those terse words about the world and it’s relativity to social media. If my critique sounds condescending that is not my fault. It is the only suitable way to respond to Obama’s inflammatory rhetoric.

Speaking at a private Democratic fundraiser in Purchase, N.Y., the president told donors, “if you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart … And I can see why a lot of folks are troubled.”

But, Obama lectured, “the truth of the matter is, is that the world has always been messy.”

“In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through,” the president told donors, who paid up to $32,400 a plate to attend the event. “The good news is that American leadership has never been more necessary, and there’s really no competition out there for the ideas and the values that can create the sort of order that we need in this world.”

Now that we see real “hardships that people are going through”… like having their heads chopped off for their faith. Yep, we missed all that gory stuff before. Just maybe it is because it’s so prevalent now that it is impossible to ignore – unless you are Obama.

Imagine how many brutal beheadings we missed all because social media hadn’t focused our attention on it until now. They’ve been lobbing off heads for decades, where in the hell have we been? Oh we didn’t know about those other genocides before now.

If it is explanation time with Obama, it must be lecture time. That’s how he rolls. Bush used the 9/11 term “let’s roll”. Under Obama, roll out deceptive lectures

(Hot Air)Americans are waiting, too. Instead of clarity, we get condescending lectures, like the one Obama gave rich supporters about a messy world and social media.

Obama widened his blame of social media and our consciousness of hardships, which apparently color our vision and thought process. Call it the social media – hardships worldview. He’s quite the psychologist at diagnosing us. We’ve never had an Oval Office therapist before.

Sure, we are not reading the PDB(briefings) but we do have some command on the condition of the world. Is Obama really reading those, or putting them in the classified hopper? We may never know, but if he was reading them, he is once again playing fast and furious with the facts. Or he knows and hopes we’re stupid.

No one can now say that we are a relatively safer world now than when he took office. One cannot say people feel we are. And confidence in or approval of his “leadership” is swirling in the toilet. I guess that is where social media rears its ugly head in this.

He is telling us the world is still the same but our perception is tainted by social media. We just think the world has gotten worse – nastier. It is a good thing when we are more aware as opposed to being passively ignorant. There can be no denying that the world is bad and his policies haven't helped. Blame media

Obama said “folks are getting a little further ahead of where we’re at than we currently are.”

That's one hell of a comforting thought. No strategy like a delayed strategy. Hopefully we are ahead of Obama, who relies on network reports for his information, as to what is going on. Right, there was that lecture about our cable news addiction – just turn it off.

As Obama contemplates using a 5 iron or 7, we’re suppposed to be confident in his decisions. After all, he didn't start playing golf till he was president either. No, the thing about Obama is he always requires a lot of faith or hope. He thinks as long as he has that 30% of hope-sters that pay no attention to his score, everything will be hunky dory. They'll keep on believing and he'll keep on deceiving.

It’s a good thing he referred to social media. He couldn’t have meant MSM. If we had to depend on them, they would continue their candy-coated coverage of the world Obama wishes it was, instead the world as it is. But “social media” is always butting up against his utopian narrative.

Then along came the perception problem

Remember when Janet Napalm Napolitano insisted there was no problem on the southern border. She said the real problem was a perception one. Even then it set off a firestorm of debate and outrage on, where else but, social media. She continued on her perception that the border was never more secure than ever, yada yada.

“There is a perception that the border is worse now than it ever has been. That is wrong. The border is better now than it ever has been,” she said.

We had similar denials and lectures about the state of the economy and effects of Obamacare. It’s just those critics beating away at Obamacare that made it appear bad. Similarly, it was critics and their perception who made Benghazi a “phony scandal”. IRS, spending, gun control, the border, and we’re just global warming deniers.

Now that we have freshened our memories, we don’t have to review every episode of his reign only to find the problem is always us. We have perceptionitis. And that is no doubt what is causing social media cancer to spread throughout our consciousness. Besides we are just suffering those ill-effects of an economy which was supposed to be in full-bloom recovery. Again, our perception.

So the jayvee team is out on the court ready — regardless what uniforms– and Obama’s A-team is on the bench still planning their game strategy. That is not just our perception.

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Gun control opinion unchanged

‘What’s a little gun control amongst friends? Now a word from our sponsor.’

Despite the knee-jerk reaction of the mainstream media to focus on gun control to swing public opinion for legislation, even liberal-leaning polls show ‘no change’ in public appetite for gun control. Of course, that never stopped them from trying before and it won’t now. So if they are trying that hard and the public is resistent to be moved, it should indicate how strongly the public feels about gun rights. I mean it is not for lack of trying… and trying, and trying.

It almost seems they relish each opportunity to push the issue. And it seems the more they want to politicize it, the more people refuse to play their game. In recent interviews with victims, media wasted no time pressing the issue. But no bites that I’m aware of. If they got one victim or family member to go along they would make him/her into a poster child for their gun control agenda. That is evidently what they are fishing for.(even they must be rare)

The result, as pointed out in this NBC article:

Shootings don’t shift views on gun control

“News events and disruptions in the media don’t do a lot to shift those opinions,” Shah told NBC News. “Those shifts tend to be more gradual.”

Other recent major shootings also had little effect on public opinion about gun laws. According to Pew surveys, there was no significant change in the balance of opinion about gun rights and gun control after the January 2011 shooting in Tucson, Ariz., in which U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was injured. Nor was there a spike in support for gun control following the shooting at Virginia Tech University in April 2007.

The article also goes on to say that

“Rather, 67 percent said that shootings like this are isolated acts perpetrated by troubled individuals.”

And that number is up, that’s right up, since Virginia Tech when it was 58%. That does not stop media from campaiging on the issue. It is obvious to everyone, as soon as news of a shooting breaks the media will turn it into a story about gun control, even over coverage of the events. It becomes their central theme. It’s no surprise. But the numbers show all that hasn’t worked to shift public opinion in favor of gun control.

Despite that, they reach out to a psychology expert to see why they are not successful. He goes through describing the issue and problem, and then suggests more discussion — aka a broader campaign — for gun control. But of course any lack of success they can blame on “powerful” gun organizations like NRA. So they also have their built in excuse or whipping post when they don’t succeed in shifting public opinion.

Just like Obamma thought about Obamacare, they believe they just aren’t pushing hard enough to change public perception. Hence, they see it as more of a “perception” problem. Never mind that people have heard it all before and still don’t like it. Can these people be serious? They will never accept that public opinion is against them. We usually hear them say something like they “want to change hearts and minds” when all they really care about is perception. My perception is they are morons; and they are doing nothing to change that. They believe public opinion and perception are a pile of clay to be molded and shaped however they want.


Pew Poll: (July 30, 2012)