Hillary’s long, tortured road to Benghazi

You might not have thought this would be necessary in DC, but I think its time for action. In NFL and Nascar they now have strict guidelines and testing for concussionions before being allowed to return. Sports authorities call them common sense safety measures.

Date: 11/27/2012 Description: Secretary Clinton delivers remarks at the Millennium Challenge Corporation and takes questions from staff, in Washington, DC.  - State Dept Image

So here’s what I think about Hillary Clinton and her dubious concussion excuse. While those tests might not help, I suggest at the very least she should be given a sanity test. It should be mandatory because after all we’ve seen about Hillary’s and Obama’s reaction to Benghazi, I think the only explanation or excuse is an insanity defense — which leaves the only other option of willful negligence.

The very general she ridiculed in his testimony who she said “requires the willing suspension of disbelief” was forced to resign over a tryst with his publicist. Now it’s Hillary’s turn in the meat grinder. Who would have ever thought she should have to be accountable to anyone, for anything? Isn’t there some law against that?

So I say start from scratch and demand she pass a sanity test first. Surely that is no problem for the Diva of Politics. Just common sense safety measures.  If her “competency” is in question, then nothing she says really matters anyway.

In her case it might be a little late, but that’s why its important to start now.

Sex, Lies, Media and cover ups

Sex scandal cover-ups matter…terrorist attacks not so much.

Conservative pundits may have miscalculated the election but those like Krauthammer were spot on about the Petraeus sex scandal. Leftmedia are covering that hot and heavy, every detail matters.

Apparently it has to be sex related before they care what a government official says and when he said it. But if it was a scandal about four dead Americans in a terrorist attack it becomes back-page news, if they cover it. And if the sex scandal is tied to the terrorism, then divert to the sex.

Poor Petraeus, one has to be the prez before sexual trysts are dismissed as private, consensual affairs – and not the public’s business. Gee, with all the interest, it could spark a new sit com or soap opera. “CIA director does the dirty” or “General gets his communication lines crossed”, “new rules for engagement”, “hot and heavy friendly fire”, or “Top Spy On the Sly”.

Obama made a movie about killing bin Laden, but we don’t even get a photo in the situation room when four Americans and an ambassador got killed. What’s wrong with that picture?

But they are always ready to cover a juicy sex scandal.(even better with pictures or Power Point) And the administration can even keep it quiet until after the election. Lesson learned, rules about sex scandals: never upstage the commander-in-chief – especially during an election.

And besides, in this case when they dug into one scandal they got a twofer bonus scandal. This should gve them something to talk about instead of boring hearings about a terrorist attack killing an ambassador and three other Americans.

I suppose when the comander in chief makes his campaign about women’s reproductive organs and a “war on women”, they could make certain accomodations.