Obama Rallies Abortion Vote

Obama has courted demographic group after special interest group. Now, sensing his vulnerability, he is turning on the juice toward one of his favorite blocs, the abortion vote.  So they are running attack ads against Romney in swing states. That’s right, make sure no one disturbs their so-called “right” to kill babies. Imagine what nasty person might want to do that?

So if there wasn’t enough white guilt left in the bank to help Obama, they will just have to double up on enthusiasm from elsewhere, such as the culture of death, abortion crowd. Now that is an issue they can really rally the base over. It’s an easy no-brainer for liberal Dems.

On the right, we get lectured by the left that the election should be about jobs and the economy… yada yada. Not those controversial personal issues. They claim the cultural/social issues are the last resort for the Right. (I was even told that days ago here) Well, we don’t have to bring it up, the left does. The Right gets criticized for even talking about abortion. Yea right, “shhhh, let the dead dogs lie.”

But the abortion lobby is one of Obama’s most loyal allies.  In a way, I guess he is depending on dead babies to pull him across the finish line. This is the left’s way of energizing and rallying women to his side in key states. They need baby killers onboard — or ‘all in’ as team O says.

So here come the threats from the so-called “choice” crowd that fundamental “rights” are at risk. However, not threats like ‘someone is going to kill babies or seek an agenda to kill babies’, but that someone might “oppose” it or, gasp, do anything at all to slow or stop it. Can’t let anyone do anything to prevent the free killing of babies. They must “protect” that at all cost. I hope you get my satire.(and sarcasm) Sometimes you have to wonder how upside down it all is?

It’s a shame dead babies can’t vote, though dead adults do regularly in many places. Let no one disenfranchise dead adults. (but that’s another issue)

Last month, Planned Parenthood launched a 1.4 million dollar ad campaign of its own against Mitt Romney in June, targeting Florida, Virginia, Washington, DC and Iowa.

One ref: http://www.bpnews.net/BPnews.asp?ID=38230

WASHINGTON (BP) — The economy has been the centerpiece of the 2012 presidential campaign, but President Obama’s re-election team apparently wants to make it also about abortion and has launched a 30-second TV ad drawing a distinction between Obama’s pro-choice position and Mitt Romney’s pro-life view.
The Post reported the ad will air in eight swing states: Virginia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.