Pet Peeve on cause and effect

Time for a pet peeve. I admit it might be a small one. Here it is: I have a problem with politicians coming along to legitimize our fears, concerns, frustrations or anger.

It goes something like this. People are outraged about something like government abuse, keeping phone records, IRS targeting citizens, border enforcement or stupid actions. Then come politicians who tell us, “listen, you have a right to be angry or upset.”

But we see time and time again that they not only don’t do anything to stop the problems but sometimes are directly causing the problems. Then they tell us that we have a right to be angry. Do we need them to legitimize our anger, or grant us the right to be angry?

Obama coined a term today, speaking to people in Flint Michigan about the water crisis, calling it a “Pipeline of Neglect.” Wow, there is an understatement but a useful phrase. I think I’ll steal that one. Though it goes much further than neglect.

Then we’re told time and again that we have to get a handle on our anger. Yet the very people contributing to our anger tell us you have a right to be angry about it.

Another offensive statement to me usually comes up in response to that above one. Pols will not admit their culpability, or their part in the cause. They say, “we can do better.” What does that mean, better than failure? It’s a relative term. That’s a way of appearing to admit some guilt without assuming any responsibility. We get a whole lot of “we can do better” these days. Or maybe the language is my pet peeve? I’m not sure.

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Leadership failures…and that giant sucking sound

Not what you might think, but the disconnect of leaders 1)to listen 2) to be held accountable to the people 3) their lack of respect for the people.

I showed the leadership disconnect in churches, among clergy and leaders, now its time to connect the dots. The same condition is rotting politics from inside out in the cesspool we call Washington. The similarities are amazing.

Time and again the leaders(for lack of other term) have been out on these margins like space aliens. They make decisions or take positions contrary to the people. We saw it with ObamaCare, we saw it with Benghazi or trade and release of detainees. We see it with border failures and Obama’s executive pen on immigration.

Then we’re told that the “people will like it when they see it”. We still don’t like ObamaCare and don’t like the amnesty they’re cooking up. People didn’t like the porkufest deals to ram ObamaCare through or the whole process they used, or that big-spending spinathon attached to it. And people didn’t like the results any better.

What Americans actually do care about is not on politicians radar. They have operated like Obama playing golf in a crisis, oblivious to the people. When we say rein in spending, Washington says expand spending. Remember Biden said, “we have to spend more to keep from going bankrupt”.

So they are elected and then take a vow to their self-interest and self-preservation. Buying votes trumps listening to voters. But you sort of come to expect as much in Washington. Now that it is business as usual, people just accept it. Aside from all the scandals the administration is engrossed in.

Then they believe they will force their agenda on the people. See the similarities? It’s the same thing in many churches. We’ll tell you what your opinion on this or that ought to be. And if you still don’t agree, too bad, we’ll do it anyway. Pols also have the power of the media in their favor, so you will just get inundated. It’s their way or the highway.

They kindly point out that we are just a divided society now, and that’s where the problem is. The real division is between the people and the politicians. Dream Act anyone? Amnesty? Pipelines or EPA regulations? If you don’t like what they do, they say they will fix the problems — the same ones who created the mess and the same ill will they used doing it.

Leftist politicians are fond of claiming to speak for Americans, things like: “what Americans want” or “what American’s care about”. The same dynamic applies in churches: bishops or de facto leaders claiming to speak for the whole, in name, when it does not align with the people’s priorities.

It all speaks loudly about a giant problem, ignoring the will of people, by an elite “we know better” government and leaders. Both parties participate. We’ve come to expect their business as usual, even as we condemn their “business as usual” model.

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