The Bottom Of The Empty Barrel

There is a point you will never here on lamestream media. It’s actually profound but I am not going to give it away in a few words. Please read the whole context rationale for it. Pity a thousand words were necessary but could easily have been three.

We know the George Floyd case and I don’t need to repeat all the details. Yes, again, horrible and shouldn’t have happened. I’m outraged.

And that supposedly set the latest sequence of events in motion. You know the arguments, police brutality, structural and systemic racism. They’ve assembled endless marches. It would be interesting to know who is doing all the organizing and funding. But never mind that. We have a bigger issue at hand.

Now we are told that practically everything we do is racist, or race-based. They say we have to deal with that; so they get people apologizing for something they didn’t even do to try to appease race hustlers. However, I hate to tell the kneeling do-gooders, it isn’t going to help you or them. That will not solve anything in the end, if they don’t want it solved.

It is just placating them.

Here is example one: if someone who is white has a child today, no matter how you raise him/her, in 18 years or so they will be considered privileged and blamed for being part of the systemic white racism prevalent in this country from its inception.

How’s that for a charge? And nothing you can do will change what he/she is: a white, privileged part of the long problem. I mean how do you explain or prove you are not? That’s the point, it doesn’t matter. And you can be branded as racist even if you do nothing racist. Okay, put that aside now. Though it’s probably an inevitability on this course.

Now we look at reforms they claim are needed. There is naturally police reforms since that seems to be their biggest priority. Blame cops and change all these procedures. You know those, I am not going to list them here. They are not crucial to the point.

The Left and the protestors already told us the problem is systemic racism, so pervasive that it is oozing out of every institution or economic sector in this country – everywhere. And a police reform is going to fix all that? No. But then they will tell you all the other changes we need to make to correct it, starting with us getting on our knees to apologize.

I get a little upset how all the onus and phony questions are always aimed at us. It’s a gotcha game that, even if you participate, you are designed to lose every time. If you play it their way by their rules, that is. They don’t tell you that even if you make all these changes and reforms that guess what? It will still be called systemic racism and you will still be a witting or unwitting participant in it. Because that is the only possible outcome.

Maybe that is a little bit hard and they may give you credit for all these changes while you made them. But it will not be enough in the end because the game doesn’t stop there. Nice try but we will have more work to do. (not that we aren’t now making strides) That’s why kids born today or tomorrow will be blamed in 20 years for being accomplices to all past and present problems and grievances. Yes, there will be another generation of leftists around to make sure that generation are held responsible for it, too. It is perpetual.

Leftists’ love for country is inherently contingent on them getting what they want.

Notice all along it is they who run the show and narrative on all this? No coincidence. You cannot have anything to say because there is nothing you can say. The whole thing continues on and never goes away. I don’t have to explain that. And they will be sure to keep it all alive. But the why is important though.

Example number 2: suppose I buy a house that needs a lot of repairs. The question is why would I go to all the trouble of making extensive plans for it, if I already decided I am gong to level it and build something else in its place? I wouldn’t, it would seem pointless if that were my real plan and I already decided.

What I am saying is that these people, predominately the leftists and Democrats with the go-along dupes, have already decided what they want. These reforms or changes aren’t it. They really want a brand new system, new country and Constitution. The old one is not in the cards, in fact, it isn’t in the game at all.

So we are only appeasing them on the highway to utopia, in their minds, while privately debating over a new foundation layout. But they will never be happy because they want a whole new system. Actually, they want this one to be so flawed they have to change it. That is at the heart of most problems. They tell us.

The other thing they want, in the meantime, is to use the perceived flaws and problems for political gain to increase power. Election fodder. Crises are “opportunities,” they all tell us. Pelosi boasted that she only sees all these crises as opportunities. So that is what all this is about in the end – political power.

Now that we established those basics, there is just one thing left. No wonder they aren’t happy and will not be satisfied? Since they are always posing gotcha questions to us, I have a very important one to ask the Democrat Left. It is the holy grail of questions.

What will it take for them to be proud of America? Would there be any reforms possible to make them proud of America? Oh sure, they are capable of some short-term pride when they are in the White House or control everything. Even that is temporal and condition based. The Left only have pride in an agenda.

Actually the only thing they have pride in are politics. That political pride remains. Quite literally it puts politics above the country. They aren’t capable of being proud of the country – systemic racism or not. They have no attachment, emotional or otherwise, to it. They dropped that long ago. Their agenda is a new country, a new society. The whole idea is not to have any pride in this one.

So there is the bottom line question to it all: Will they ever be proud of America…. and what would that take, if even possible? No reforms can spawn that.

This is the question for the Democrats, socialist left and all the rest. I’m sticking to it.

As much as they’ll always pledge to get to the bottom of it, we must never and can never get to the bottom of an empty barrel.

You’ve probably heard that pride usually comes before the fall. But in this case, it is a lack of pride that spells the cause for the country’s fall.

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I’m addicted to power

Hello, my name is Barack Obama (I think) and I’m addicted to power.

I came to this meeting to admit my addiction is uncontrollable and I need help. Actually, some tell me that the ones who really need help are those under my power and authority. Well, I have no reason to believe that or any reason to relinquish any power I have over them. See I can’t help it. It is really not my narcissistic personality that is at fault.

It must be the people’s fault. First they elected me, then as I exercised more and more executive power, they continually asked me for more. Why even the Congress applauded my plans to make them irrelevant if I did not get my way. They cheered and people told me they want to see more executive abuse. I tried to inform them that it really wasn’t my style, but they convinced me to take every opportunity I’m given to usurp more power, control, and abuse my authority.

So I am not to blame. It was my genuine desire to take my foot off the throats of the people, and off the neck of America. But it is so enjoyable that I must have more and more. Since that is the wish of the people as well, I admit it is an offer I cannot refuse.

I know they want me to be the permanent King of Amerika, too. I cannot let them down. I just want everyone to know this was not my idea, they made me do it.

Since Power Anonymous is such a small exclusive club, I will continue to come here to keep you abreast of my feelings. It’s what others call accountability. Well, some stragglers see my hunger for power as a problem, for some reason, but I don’t know why? So I am assuaging them by continuing to come to these “therapy sessions”.

Thank you.

Contradictions in politics

Shocked at that.

This a follow up to the last post. I made a comment I wanted to clarify that may seem contradictory:

How far the Left has come. (the brown-shirts are coming …)
They have turned into what they once claimed to decry about dirty politics, entrenched power and corruption. They now own the store. And “Mr. Establishment”-man ain’t the guy they see from afar anymore, it’s the man in the mirror. What the left once stood against is everything they represent today.

I thought I’d flush out what I meant. ‘Its the claim, stupid’.

Some people might be a little confused and say, “it appears contradictory. Aren’t you always saying Democrats and their powerful interest are the power-hungry, big-government ones? Now you say they were opposed to that?” Well, it makes sense though to Dems and their liberal colleagues. It’s true, the progressives have always craved and depended on power. Its their thing, or in mafia lingo, the Cosa Nostra (“our thing”). Yes. But their brochure doesn’t line up.

I know, many have documented progressives for a century. They had control of congress for decades. They built big government ‘with a little help from their friends’. But that’s where the lie comes in. They promote themselves as the party of the little guy, the working class, the downtrodden, even the anti-establishment, and even the freedom lovers. And most of those claims still survive. (hard to believe how, but they do) It’s their gimmick. It is how they attract folks, students, and youth. But it’s a bait and switch.

Sure, the real truth is they have always been exactly what we see acting out right in front of us, unapologetically. But the sales pitch was the righteous “we are for everyone” mantra – against the powerful . It is how they get people and keep them active. The other is by demonizing to the point that they believe Republicans are coming to take them in that wheelchair to the nearest cliff, just for a few laughs.

Who would want to say: “come join us, the Party of the big, bad, federal government at its worst. We stand for the power and by the power. And we take our politics seriously because it is all about power — not you, our power. Power that we need and power is all what we’re about”? No, that would not sound too attractive to some people. (some might be drawn to the message) So they don’t want to admit what they are about.

Hence, the lie that “we are for the little guy not the rich bastards. We are for the working guy…blah blah” All you have to do is listen to them talk. But it’s the big lie. In reality the groups and people they use are only ammunition, the cogs in the wheel, the fodder, and just the fuel needed to make their machine run. A.k.a the blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, illegal, unions, public employees unions, immigrants, gays, environmentalists… You name it, or the leftist cause, and they have a bumper sticker slogan for them. They are only fuel, to be expended and extorted as such.

Well, the sales pitch is “bring ‘em all to the ranch.” But the ranch just leads back to the big federal government. It’s the progressive ranch. Causes are only fodder to keep up their “little guy” ranch illusion and keep them in power. They say its diverse but not in ideology. It stands for one thing, big-government and more of it.

Now for the new twist.

What is new about the modern left is that the illusion is disappearing. They are giving up the ghost. They say the same things as usual. But now they call out the goons and minions, Brown-Shirts et al, to defend their entrenched power by whatever means necessary. Their real “cause” IS the entrenched power. They are not fighting ‘the man’, they are fighting for ‘the man’.