Hypocritical flash from the past

“At times of economic scarcity: generally, the politicians in this country right now want to look for scape goats, want to organize around race as opposed to around principle and around values, and I think that’s a mistake. I think that can be countered but its going to require the kind of grass roots mobilization and the kinds of work at a local level that I think I talk about in those chapters about Chicago.” — interview with Obama 1995

Think about that now 20 years later. Who organizes around race, while ignoring principle and values? Unless, of course, your twisted political ideology is your principle and values. With Obama and his merry band of enablers, ideology substitutes for principle.

Jump on the perverted bandwagon, or else

Okay read it and don’t weep. They see this as the paramount issue that ruins the GOP and loses elections. If you can stand it, take a gander at this.

The 1 issue that will ‘kill’ the GOP

‘Big problem is so severe that it can’t be fixed’ — WND

The founder [Jimmy LaSalvia] of the most prominent organization seeking to tie conservatism to the homosexual agenda announced this week he is leaving the Republican Party because it embraces Big Government and continues to tolerate “bigotry” within the party toward homosexuals, the latter of which he says will prevent the GOP from ever winning another national election.

“Over the past several years, I have come to the conclusion that the Republican Party just doesn’t represent my principles and values. I’m a limited government conservative, and they’re big-government people. They like government as long as they’re in charge of it. And I don’t tolerate bigotry of any kind, and they do. It’s that cultural problem, that they seem to be out of touch with life in America today that’s led me to the conclusion that the Republican Party will never again win a national election,” he said.

LaSalvia said the reason the debate over homosexuality will permanently scar the GOP is because the attitude of Republicans is off-putting to countless families, who will then tune out the party on other issues.

GOProud made news in November when co-founder Chris Barron publicly announced he was voting for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race because he found GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli, a traditional social conservative, too extreme.

“The fact that Ken Cuccinelli was an acceptable candidate for Republicans astonished me. Let me be clear, it’s not about positions on issues. … It’s about what Ken Cuccinelli thinks about people who aren’t like him that made him an unacceptable candidate to me. And that’s why, ultimately, the voters in Virginia chose a crook for governor rather than someone like Ken Cuccinelli. And honestly, that’s why Barack Obama, a failed president, was re-elected in 2012 instead of a Republican.”

Problem is he wants people to vote just based on their sexuality. Endorsing a crook for governor in Virginia because Cuccinelli wasn’t tolerable to them says it all. They will endorse Marxists, Maoists or corrupt politicos because of their sexual ideology. Okay, good luck with that.

It gets worse. You must endorse their lockstep agenda, or you’re a bigot. He also has to do an attack on Cuccinelli, for being who he is.

I’ve about had it with this crap. For years I listened to them tell us we have to keep cultural issues off the table, and anyone who mentions them is a bigot — from life to social issues, to homo-marriage, any of that “social” stuff. This while the left runs on those issues — bringing them front and center. Be silent, they scolded us. That came from those in the GOP too, as well as the Left lecturing us all the time — especially on the Internet.

Now they tell us if you do not “proudly” wear some rainbow bandetta, and support their agenda, you are a bigot. Now they tell us they cannot tolerate us if we support traditional values. They tell us that their “values” – or lack thereof — are the only ones you can espouse, else you are a bigot. That we must proudly champion their perverted sexual agenda. And only that, in their view, is the ticket to winning elections.

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