Stuff A Sock In It Media

One basic rule for Trump should be: if a question is on a matter pending further investigation, then NO comment or answer should be given. When in Rome….

Don’t like that? Then take it up with Obama. No comment was the widely accepted and understood gold standard for the last 8 yrs. Why change policy now?

Since they have most of Trump’s first three weeks and campaign under investigation, well, suck an egg media. You want investigations? Fine, then you cannot have both.

While we are on the subject, Supreme Court nominees do not have to answer a question on something that may come before the High Court in the future. It’s the standard, stupid.

So all those questions about Russia and Russophobia, take a hike media. Besides the narrative is getting a little old. And questions relating to Trump’s campaign? That was the campaign, we’ve all moved on. We’re past the campaign now, do try to keep up.

I actually heard a CNN anchor say that Trump should never reply to something with “I won the election.” Wasn’t that Obama’s popular tag line? They didn’t complain then. Let’s face it, they don’t want Trump to have any answers to questions because they will fill in all the blanks just fine by themselves. They already do anyway.

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Questions and stupid suggestions

Someone tell media that Trump is running as a candidate for President, not for commissioner of the speech police.

He gets a question about Muslims and, right on cue, media attacks Trump for “not correcting” the questioner. It sounds pretty suspicious to me.

The indictment is his “failure to correct a questioner“.  Another ludicrous thing to thank McCain for setting some stupid standard on. It is not their job to correct every person who may or not make a statement.

We aren’t in the silly season, we are in the desperate season. Everyone is appalled. I wish they were publicly appalled at the terrorism plots and hateful rhetoric from Islamists.– or at statements from Obama which he never apologizes for.

Media gets an “F- F” for being useful idiots.

(Fox and much of media is now on the Carly Fiorina bandwagon)

Debate: Shake and Bait Questions

Seems nothing new came in the debate. All recycled information we already new. (far as I’m concerned)

The gotcha didn’t get-cha squat for media head hunters.

But one issue I really take issue with. There are many but one suffices since they used it on multiple candidates. They quoted one person to ask another person to respond. Yes, I understand the objective to create back and forth. However, everyone missed the perfect opportunity to say from the start that “those are another persons words, not mine. If you want me to respond to their words, why not ask me about my own words. Ask them about their words.”

Okay another one was asking certain questions to certain candidates. I think it was “micro” session or something. (micro BS) A bit unfair to make it so personal with so many candidates, some of whom would like to respond to it.

The explosive back and forth between Christie and Paul. Well, inside baseball, really. There was bad blood between them from way back. It was largely due to Christie’s persistent penchant for attacking conservatives rather than Democrat progressives.

Of course, it is only my opinion and 2 cents.

Lucy, someone has some ‘splaining to do on Obnoxious-care

GOP Refer Constituents’ Obamacare Queries Back to Administration

Sunday, 16 Jun 2013

By Audrey Hudson

The Obama administration has failed to let Republicans in Congress know how Obamacare will affect their constituents, forcing lawmakers to essentially push the call-forward button on questioning phone calls flooding their offices.
While congressional offices in Washington focus on passing laws, it’s up to the thousands of district offices all over the country to help voters navigate Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs.
Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah says he already has dedicated staff members to deal with the new healthcare law but will have to use the Obama administration to handle the overflow of phone calls.
“I’m sure there will be an uptick in that, but all we can do is pass them back to the Obama administration. The ball’s in their court. They’re responsible for it,” Chaffetz told The Hill.
A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows a majority of Americans and two-thirds of those uninsured still aren’t sure how Obamacare will affect them.
“Given that we come from Kansas, it’s much easier to say, ‘Call your former governor,’” said Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp, referring to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the former governor now overseeing the Obamacare implementation.
Some Republicans are prepared to go the extra mile for their constituents, despite their disdain for the new law that takes effect in January.
Republican Rep. David Schweikert of Arizona says he plans to hold town meetings to help small businesses and individuals prepare for all of the new regulations.
“We’re going to play them absolutely straight,” Schweikert said. “We’re going to invite some experts, and they’re going to explain what is going to help and what is going to hurt.”

In essence, Obama and Democrats now expect Republicans to be sales agents for OabamaCare, walk constituents through it, and explain it. It’s absurd.

They could not get one vote for ObamaCare from Republicans and yet push off responsibility to explain(read sell) it to their constituents. That’s like forcing the critic of snake oil to get on stage and show people how it works.

Anyway, all those questions are going to tax the congressmen’s offices to the limit.

While they should refer questions to the administration, don’t expect results.  The administration will not answer them either, they’ll push it off on others. It’s what big-government elitists and bureaucrats do. Kick the can is their game.

And we know because neither Obama nor Democrats have been able to explain or defend OhamaCare thus far — as the costs continue to soar. Their response now is “its the law of the land“. All they wanted was to force it down people’s throats so they had no choice, and to say “its the law”. Once you buy the car, the salesman is not interested in hearing about the problems with it.(he’s working on his next sale)