W. H. initiative rollout on ObamaCare

We’re mocked for talking about a government takeover of healthcare and medicine. We’re called conspiracy nuts. In fact, the only problem here is that we just don’t understand the issue and the complexities of it. Remember, that’s whack.

Thus they rush to put the positive face on their socialism schemes, but we are to ignore that and are called names for mentioning it. Call to mind the 42%^ of people who don’t know its the law, then the super majority who do not like it and want it repealed.

So they rollout their newest campaign and unveil their new website to explain it to all you dummies.

The new website is “Healthcare.gov“. — Yep, that should do it.

obamacare photo: obamacare obamacare.jpg
But you people who keep criticizing government-run healthcare are just…..well, crazy and probably racist, Obama-hating bigots too.