Cuomo’s gun snitch program under fire

Upstate NY lawmaker: Cuomo’s gun snitch program like the East German Stasi

By: Raquel Okyay – Human Events
3/31/2013 09:27 PM

An upstate New York lawmaker comdemned Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s new program to reward informers helping him enforce the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 his landmark restriction of gun rights.

“What was initially designed to be a tip line for citizens to call in suspected criminals in hot pursuit in six urban areas that showed a spike in crime has morphed into an old German Stasi – snitch line,” said Assemblyman William R. Nojay (R – Pittsford).

The freshman said the governor sent out a letter addressed to the chiefs of police calling for a program that rewards and encourages citizens to report so-called illegal firearm possession, he said. “This type of network targets ordinary citizens not engaged in violent crimes without protection from unreasonable search and seizure by agents of government.”

He said that the governor has taken the concept of a tip line to an absurd extreme.

“I envision SWAT teams descending upon innocent people,” he said.

“Rat out your neighbor, rat out your co-worker, rat out the parents at your child’s school and receive a $500 cash payment for any call leading to an arrest or conviction,” said Nojay, an attorney and radio talk show host.

The original informant initiative was never used or promoted,” he said.

“The governor is now using that executive action, which is a year old, as an enforcement mechanism because the S.A.F.E. act is unenforceable,” he said.


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