First big victory in 2016… Party on

The first major victory in 2016 is complete: Jeb is out of the running.

Congratulations people for a hard fought race. It wasn’t easy. There was the presumptuous front-runner status. There was the endless fundraising campaign and the “Right to Rise” Pac — who could go wrong with that name?

Then there was the endless spending campaign for Jeb started right after his inevitable announcement. There were the celebrity endorsements, complete with family patriarchs with more pomp than a season of Dynasty.

I mean what could go wrong? Oh, you mean that little thing like no one wanted him? Like that ever mattered. It’s about the spending, stupid! That is to say the Citizens United case that made it all this possible. So we were told.

Turned out Citizens United was not the be all end all. Well, seems all that Right to Rise spending could not join Jeb with the White House. Wedding plans fell apart and invitations were rescinded. All the money in the world couldn’t put Jeb’s house back together again.

So what of the famous Right to Rise pac? Its illustrious leader was stymied. Mike Murphy may still be counting(or denying) his salary but the mission was a bust. Jeb suspended his campaign the night of the South Carolina defeat.

Scorched earth politics is an expensive proposition, and so is losing. Murphy denied leaked reports on his lucrative compensation package. Whatever it was, it did not pay off.

I suppose it depends on the definition of “our corner”.
Right to Rise to the gutter rose to the challenge.
Party on!

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Charleston dynamics and race agenda

As a reference, I made a list of inter-related issues after the Charleston shooting.
A little lengthy and in no specific order.

· Freedom of Religion
· Freedom of Speech
· 1st amendment
· Gun control – agenda and otherwise
· 2nd Amendment
· Location location location – Charleston
· Southern hospitality or Southern racism
· Racism issues
· Hate speech
· Hate crimes
· Legislation and hate legislation
· Flags and symbols
· Pride
· History
· Revisionism
· Civil Rights
· Civil war
· North South tensions
· Political Correctness
· States Rights (or 10th amendment issues)
· Crime culture
· Morality and values in community
· Politics – like it or not injected especially presidential campaigns.
· Christianity
· Terrorism
· Presidential pronouncements, actions, responses
· Dep of Justice
· Monuments and cultural heritage
· Media – biases and coverage.
· Protests
· Death penalty
· Constitution
· Bill of rights
· Legal processes
· Christian persecution throughout the world.
· Tenants of Christianity – i.e. forgiveness etc.
· Security of Churches or religious buildings.
· Social Justice – as in the current Leftist dialogue and definition.
· Moral relativism
· Hypocrisy
· Love and understanding
· Evil
· Mental illness, mental heath problems
· Structural racism — as in the lefts’ new buzzword and definition
· White Supremacy
· Black racism or prejudice
· Race-baiting — Al Sharpton, activists
· Academia and advocacy groups, southern poverty law center

I’ll skip commentary, except the shootings were disturbing. Having all this around the killing of 9 people seems an awful lot to have on the plate at one time.

Not to get the intended reaction is a little divine justice. But we have come to a surreal point where not to riot is a surprise, where rioting and civil unrest is the norm.

Look where they’ve taken it, from shootings to a flag and creeping racism. Those who use racism now have more in common with the shooter’s motives than with victims.

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