A new book

A new book just released is called “Heaven Sent: The Heather Miller Story”.

It is the story of a child diagnosed with cancer and her family. It’s a tribute to this child, who may have been beyond her years; and through it how her story touched many others. Authored by a Pittsburg sports writer and her mother, Wendy. Almost certain to touch you in one way or another.

Heaven Sent

I don’t believe it’s available in stores.
Here is the link to publisher: http://www.milsonpublishing.com/

*** Proceeds go to children and their families battling cancer. ***

Warren, have mouth will travel

Elizabeth Warren is smoking some wild and crazy stuff, and she apparently thinks everyone else can see her hallucinations too. The ‘madder than a hatter’ has just said she thinks her election proved people want bipartisanship in the Senate.

Sometimes there are people you cannot reach with rational reasoning. She’s exhibit A. How the voters of Mass elected this psychotic princess is beyond any rational excuse. But to hear her big mouth define and describe what Americans said or wanted in this election is absurd. This senator–elect is more egocentric than the current Occupier was in his US Senate race — I didn’t think that was possible. And just as bombastic.

What kind of toxic cocktail has Massachusetts cooked up for America now? She seems to be following the Obama model though.

Warren: Those Darn Senate Republicans Won’t Stop Filibustering, and I’m Going to Washington to Stop Them

“I learned something important in my race against Senator Brown: voters want political leaders who are willing to break the partisan gridlock. They want fewer closed-door roadblocks and more public votes on legislation that could improve their lives.”

Maybe someone can get her fitted with a straight jacket before she really hurts someone. (she’s already a ward of the State) Does she even know what Party she is in? Her version of spread the wealth does not include intelligence. Actually, what it proved is the voters of Mass are just as dilusional as she is.