A government of know nothings

I always knew it would finally come to this. Having a Leviathan so large and massive that really no one knows anything. No one even knows what they are doing, or why.

As for President Know Nothing, how could he know even most of what this behemoth government is doing? Does he even care? Sure he has people for that, but they do not know anything either.

So when we have an investigation, just ask the people, and they will tell you no one outside the department influenced their policy or actions. And they don’t know how or why it happened. (sounds like an old Laugh-In bit) Nope, then it is clear, there was no outside [political] influence on the IRS – so you can take that to the bank. (sorry bad pun)

The investigators can say there was no influence, but if no one knows anything, how can employees state with any certainty that there was no outside influence? Then how are we to believe that when we don’t know for sure? And how can the IG state with any surety there was no outside influence. He surely does not know either. No one does.

And that is the great thing about this huge out of control government. At least there is one thing they can all agree on: that no one could possibly know because of its size. Even David Axelrod states with surety that the government is so breathtakingly huge that Obama could not know what is going on. That’s a far cry from transparency and the accountable government we were sold.

“Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast”, Axelrod said. (see video)

So if you want an excuse for no accountability from government, there it is.

Government “of, by and for the people” is now of, by and for Government. And when it is wrong or errors, don’t worry it will investigate itself. You can trust its integrity. It’s always good for its tab too. (another bad analogy, I know)

Steven Miller

Sarah Ingram

Barack Obama

Eric Holder

Douglas Shulman

Lois Lerner

Hillary Clinton

Just to name a few of the prominent Know Nothings

Lists? What lists?

Besides, if it does come to a hearing where they are accused of keeping information from Congress, they can do like Eric Holder and criticize the messenger.

“No, that’s what you typically do…. That is inappropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress. It’s unacceptable and it’s shameful.” — Holder told Issa.

He can always revert back to the primary “I don’t know” answer that always works. And when he gets accused of hiding information or lying, he can always play the racism card. (that one never gets old)