Gangs of Muslim Pakistanis infected Britain

And they sexually exploited, groomed and raped children repeatedly. But Oxford authorities turned a blind eye for years under political correctness.

Loving parents. An utterly respectable home. So how did Rachel, 11, fall prey to the Oxford sex gang?

By Sue Reid
17 May 2013

Of course, the vast majority of people from Muslim communities are decent, hard-working citizens, and people of all races and creeds are capable of evil. But there is no doubt that a disproportionate number of Muslim males are involved in sex-grooming gangs in Britain.
And the fear of being branded racist or anti-Muslim in politically correct modern Britain has meant that the authorities have ignored the cries of parents such as Rachel’s mother.

In her tidy, three-bedroom home with its lovely, well-tended garden, Georgina wonders if she could have done more.

One of the myths perpetuated by police and social services is that the girls are the wild progeny of feckless parents or sexually precocious youngsters in the care system.


Georgina contacted Oxford social services hundreds of times to ask for help with her out-of-control daughter and says they did not return her calls.

She stormed down to their offices in Oxford and says she was ignored.

She phoned the police, who to their credit often went out searching for Rachel, but officers (and social services) failed to tell Georgina that a gang of men, predominantly British-born Pakistanis, was operating a sex-grooming ring in the city and any white girl was at risk from them.
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Included in the article is a ‘way too late’ apology video-statement from authorities.
Are people in the US paying any attention?