Deepak Chopra calls for gun control

 The guru of healing called for gun control post shooting.

We have no need for guns in a civilized society, according to Deepak Chopra, he told Piers Morgan Monday,  in the wake of this shooting in a Sikh temple in Milwaukee.  
On the twitter he got  some feedback after calling for gun control for this tweet Sunday after the shooting, which touched off a flurry.

Temple shooting in Wisconsin once again highlights the madness of no gun control in the USA

12:20 pm / Aug 5
Deepak Chopra

Guns do not belong in a civil society

Aug 5


I’m sorry that my comment on guns not belonging in a civil society generated so much violent & uncivil language on my twitter feed.

Deepak Chopra


Those who lose their temper when debating gun control should not be allowed to have guns.

Deepak Chopra


Violence is the shadow energy of shame & impotence

7:44 pm/ Aug 5



The only use of a gun is to kill


People who respond to opinions on gun control with comments of racism, prejudice, bigotry, hatred,hostility & fear should not own guns.


 Later on Monday night he talked to Piers Morgan  (via twitter)

“These people are the very people who should not be owning guns,” says @DeepakChopra on those enraged by his @twitter feed.


“I think President offers hope, stability, and compassion, but he needs to take a stand on gun control!” @DeepakChopra