Obama to complete Hillary’s short-circuited campaign

Look: its a bird, its a plane… it’s Obama in AF-1 to the sickbed of Hillary’s campaign—STAT. Deplorable Hillary needs help.

Damage Control: Obama Abandons the White House to Campaign for Bed Stricken Hillary

Justin Holcomb | Posted: Sep 13, 2016Town Hall

Barack Obama will leave the White House and appear solo at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia on Tuesday. His efforts to help revive a struggling Clinton come after many Democratic supporters say that the race has become uncomfortably close.

Clinton left a 9/11 ceremony in New York on Sunday and became unconscious while being forced into a private van. Her campaign said she was “overheated,” but later revealed that she had been diagnosed Friday with pneumonia.

“I think the president’s belief that she’d be an excellent president of the United States is something that you’ve heard him say many times. And I can tell you there’s nothing that happened yesterday that has changed that assessment at all,” Josh Earnest, Obama’s spokesman said.

When asked about Clinton’s use of the word ‘deplorables’ to describe Donald Trump supporters, Earnest said that there is a “disturbing tendency on the part of Republicans in Washington, D.C., to try to appeal to extremists for political support.”

And there’s a disturbing trend of Democrats to demonize citizens of this country for exercising their …rights — you know, that first amendment thing.

Now that Hillary set her campaign to “attack mode,” she hands off to Obama to pick up the “Basket of Deplorables” and run with it. No one can demonize people like Obama can.

Earnest:”nothing that happened yesterday has changed that assessment at all.” So that means she is still “the most qualified person in history” to mislead this country?

Original 911 call: “Hurry, Hillary has fallen ill… send in the clowns.”