Same old it’s the millenials, stupid

In search of a defense, the case for millenials. Generational gaps and stereotypes.

Just when you think you’ve seen just about everything, well, I read an apologetic on millenials. Okay, someone took the initiative being a millenial herself. Her column can be found here at Slate — like where else?

At least she tried to bury some of the stereotypes about them. But the crux of the piece is that we shouldn’t hate millenials (read make fun of and pick on them) because in reality we hate technology. So we are actually technology-haters that take out our frustrations on/at millenials. Sound logical? Yea sort of, for millenials that is.

Maybe there is a tad of rationality to the grievance with technology charge. But if anything, many of us might be jealous of millenials for catching on to it all so quickly. Possibly, just saying…like whatever!

She marginalizes the complaint that millenials are not so politically savvy or knowledgeable. (read slackers in various areas) That is one stereotype I’ve yet to see a good rebuttal to. Their networking capabilities take precedent over the bore of politics, though their skills can be cross-applied to politics.

Yet there were some good insights in the piece, if there is hope, that they are extremely individualistic. So take that John Birchers and Tea Partiers. But at what cost or price, isn’t that always the question?

We’ve all been there, seeing politics as the ugly sausage making process it is — at least periodically. Come on, most of us have idealized about what would make the system better? We usually come to our senses figuring the process is resigned to the nature it ‘is’. (to use a 90’s term) If anyone proved it, or should have even to milllenials, it was Obama.

The realists knew there was not a chance in Hell he was going to change the ambiance of the DC cesspool, though he set out to change…whatever else he wanted, subject to his definition. In reality, he ushered in loud voices to compensate for others’ lack of participation. It worked, sort of, to give him much of what he wanted to change. Sure it turned some people off. In the end, it was the chief dupes, those millenials that really personified the hope and change abstract that could be redesigned on the fly, who fell for his dribbling tripe. Not just fell for it, they gushed and continually fall for it.

So it was interesting in the last election when there were indicators he was losing ground with this generation. Say it isn’t so. It began to separate perpetual believers from the more rational realists who tired of seeing the same plays and tactics over and over… along with change for the worse. It must have started looking like a professional con job. Well, even the baby boomer generation figures out the Nigerian email scam, at some point.

USA Today

WASHINGTON — Millennials have provided invaluable political support to President Obama over the course of his presidency, voting for him by a roughly 2-to-1 margin in his two successful campaigns against Mitt Romney and John McCain.

But as Obama tries to climb out of a 2-month-long malaise that saw his popularity sink with the fumbled rollout of the federal health care exchange, the president appears to have nearly as much work to do with young people as he does with older Americans.

Experience though is still a great teacher; there seems to be no technology equivalent for it. Experience causes the dynamic where non-millenials get suspicious of new fads and “if it feels good” approaches. We have been around the block a few times and most of us are wise to knowing all that is promised on a campaign trail is not written in stone once in office. But we are accused of being too judgmental about millenials. Yet those same millenials seem to have their prejudices about baby boomers and others. Fair is fair, maybe we all have our biases.

Now, even on Obama’s signature policy, millenials can only muster 41% approval. A majority were Grubered. That’s bad for the supposed chief beneficiaries of AFA.

It is astounding to hear from one millenial what captures the mindset of most others. I guess, as “individual” extremists often do, she takes the liberty to speak for the masses. Get the irony of that. But then much of what is wrong with politics today is the identity politics. Being fierce advocates of individualism, it seems, should help not hurt that. That is if it is true individualism, not just selfish ambition. (some have reservations)

As for me, I won’t blame everything on the millenials as she posits. I admit they can make a good whipping post at times. What with all their technological plugins that they haven’t yet been able to achieve world peace. Sorry. Though they were central advocates for the whiner-in-chief. I guess the sausage didn’t taste any better after it was made — and won’t.

Rather than individualism, aren’t they more about self-gratification? We often wonder, and seeing the narcissistic tenancies in some seems to confirm suspicions. How childish it must seem now to have run around repeating Obama’s ‘hope and change’ chants, only to find that no you can’t, and “oh no he didn’t?” They’re due for a dose of “I told you so.”

She reminded me they’re called millenials, I was calling them “Yes we can”-O-bots.
But now if only I could do something about my “technology hating”.

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“I’ll See you in New York”

This photo, apparently taken in front of the White House, was posted to Twitter with the caption, “#AmessagefromISIStoUS — We are in your state We are in your Cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere.” @Sunna_rev/Twitter

Not to worry, Obama’s Secret Service is checking it out.

“We have an intelligence division whose mission is to assess information that we receive every day for dangerousness or potential threat level,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told ABC News. “We are aware of the image and will take the necessary and appropriate follow up steps.” (my emphasis)

Another photo displayed a note handwritten in Arabic. It read, “Soldiers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria will pass from here soon,” followed by a Koran verse that read, “and Allah is perfecting His Light even though the disbelievers hate (that).”

Accented nicely with a verse from the Koran. How thoughtful, but more on that later.

Talk about mission creep in Iraq, but what I’m worried about is goalpost creep. Seems those darn goalposts just won’t stay where they are planted. For weeks Obama and his henchmen repeatedly called for Maliki to step down or go. Now that he is gone and replaced, goalposts are moving. Now the objective seems to be active political reform in the Iraq government and on forming a new coalition government. What do you know?

We knew Obama had no stomach for any action in Iraq. Yes, current events are twisting his arm but a reluctant, obtuse Obama stubbornly resists taking actions in Iraq. He continues to broadcast what he will not do — or be suckered into — but refuses to say what he would do to alleviate the ISIS problem? (Probably because he doesn’t intend to) At every corner or crossroads he digs in. Even Roosevelt saw the light eventually after swearing off entering WWII. But Obama is stuck on his “Happy days are here again” message.

Obama has his feet and evidently his head buried in the Caliphate sand. He defies any action, especially boots kind, in Iraq, now emphasizing those evolving political goals. I don’t see what one really has to do with the other? Political goals, while sounding lofty and diplomatic, will not abolish the ISIS threat upon them. I can just see ISIS sitting there planning strategy: “Now if Baghdad politics are reformed, we are in big trouble.” No doubt ISIS has an exit plan mapped out just in case.

It is a ridiculous notion that politics has sway over ISIS. Only in Obama’s mind. So all this talk about the politics of Baghdad is just talk, and a diversion. We all know the very real threat that ISIS poses in the Middle East and around the globe. So let’s talk about politics instead. Maybe Obama never met a problem he could not play politically. (remember never let a crisis go to waste)

Even in they sense something amiss with Obama’s invisible ISIS strategy in Iraq. Mission Creep is a bad thing, but Muslim Creep, caliphate style, is tolerable? Maybe “boots on the ground” is not necessary but what about bombing the living hell out of this caliphate from hell? No to mission creep, yes to caliphate creep. What nonsense. Then treat only a few collateral symptoms of the evil disease.

Obama, it seems, is much more concerned about playing Constitutional Armageddon than abolishing Satan’s army on the rise. He sees utility to the former and the latter as counterproductive. He claims he will not be snookered back into a war in Iraq. Meanwhile, another no fly zone was issued over Syria as the threat increases.

But while all this consternation about what to do is taking place, many on the left are rushing to say that ISIS is afraid of badass Obama. The badass who said politics was the solution for Baghdad and Iraq. Yea, there goes that badass politician, he even sounds bad.

As commander in chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq,” the President said.

“We do whatever is necessary to protect our people,” Obama said, adding, “We support our allies when they’re in danger.”

(AUg 7)”I know that many of you are rightly concerned about any American military action in Iraq, even limited strikes like these. I understand that. I ran for this office in part to end our war in Iraq and welcome our troops home, and that’s what we’ve done. As Commander-in-Chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq. And so even as we support Iraqis as they take the fight to these terrorists, American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq, because there’s no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq. The only lasting solution is reconciliation among Iraqi communities and stronger Iraqi security forces.”

As I write, there is a new update Obama has come out to issue another decree. Here are Obama’s own comments. Now it’s crunch time as a well-respected journalist was beheaded by ISIS (more defining and description)

“Let’s be clear about ISIL,” the president opened. “They have rampaged across cities and villages, killing innocent unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. They abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery. They have murdered Muslims, both Sunni and Shi’a, by the thousands. They target Christians and religious minorities, driving them from their homes, murdering them when they can, for no other reason than they practice another religion. They declare their ambition to commit genocide against an ancient people.”

“So, ISIL speaks for no religion … No faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day.”

“The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless,” said President Obama. “When people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.”

“Let’s be clear” about what, descriptions? There has been nothing clear from Obama, whether it’s terrorism, his beloved Obamacare, or the border. It’s never clear.

He states the threat to conversion, then declares religion has nothing to do with it. Say what? You cannot deny the fact that they are Muslims of a declared caliphate. (I don’t think that’s a Lutheran thing) Remember when he stated that Americans in Pennsylvania “bitterly clinging to guns and religion?” Now he has a hard time pointing to the source of this Islamic evil.

We could really do without the Islam apologetic. Please! And he is completely wrong. What these people are doing is being done in the the name of this religion, Islam. In fact, Muslims should be informed “do you realize these heinous acts are done in the name of your religion?” That needs to come from members of Congress, too.

Second, Obama, spare us the explanations of the problem. We are well aware of it. But you come out and define the problem – as if that is to treat it. No, we don’t need definitions, we understand the very real evil. It doesn’t need explaining, they are doing that quite well.(and not from a golf course) It is you and your cauldron of Mo-Bro allies who refuse to acknowledge it as such. Don’t describe the problem.

Then he mentions justice. Lets get something else straight. They are beyond the justice scope. It’s mass genocide. This evil operates as justice of its own. Eric Holder came out to make similar pronouncements about criminal justice. We can only bring them destruction and extermination. That is justice.

One more thing. You authorized humanitarian aid but you have not authorized actions to significantly destroy ISIS, especially given numerous opportunities to do so. That is a big problem. “Humanitarian aid” is to kill and eliminate this evil scum from the earth. Killing it is both humane and justice. Call it humanitarian justice. You have no problem supporting abortion without limits, but you talk humanitarian concerns? Where is the justice in that?

Last but not least, what he is doing in his ‘as little as possible’ strategy, is de facto turning over the problem to Iraqi’s to deal with it. That is designating Iraq to be responsible for dealing with this international evil itself and eliminate it?

Now Holder declares he has an active criminal investigation, and that we have very long memories and reach. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I can’t even interpret that. Here’s another reminder, we still have the Blind Sheik in custody, plus these idiots just released a bunch of detainees. This is not a criminal act, this is pure evil. Justice? We can’t even get justice for the Benghazi four, or countless victims of the IRS or the crimes committed on people at the border. ISIS, al Qaeda and the bastion of the evil caliphate hope we have long memories, that is what terrorism is about.

They’re here ISIS tells us.

We now have a CIA chief who dismisses the reality and actually called the idea of a caliphate fictional, that its never going to happen.

Mohamed Elibiary on twitter posted a picture, a selfie, of himself on a motorcycle to mention his Republican roots in Texas. The bandana he wore was a symbolic American flag. So he wanted to show that he was just like everyone else. Maybe the scary part is that he can hold these views while trying to blend in as “normal” occupying one of the highest offices in DHS. That picture was after he caused so much stir for welcoming the rise of the caliphate. Maybe he and Brennan should get together. Oh heck, here it is in all its glory.

Politics = it’s the politics of good vs evil

Humanitarian crisis = humanitarian aid is exterminating the evil

Criminal investigation = the only justice is eliminating this evil

If Eric Holder was in circa 1944, I could see him talking about an active “criminal investigation”. Imagine they said back then that “we’re going to allow concentration camps to operate but we’ll pursue criminals with our long memories, and may offer humanitarian aid to those lucky enough escape it.” Yea that’s the ticket.

“I’ll see you in NY”- ISIS

“And we’ll be waiting….if we don’t bring you, first” — Team Obama.

No word yet from the esteemed Southern Poverty Law Center as to exactly what this threat– in your state, cities, and streets — could mean, since SPLC is now the authority on all domestic threats.

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