Spies like them

Ex-CBS reporter: Government agency bugged my computer

By Kyle Smith and Bruce Golding | NY Post

October 27, 2014

A former CBS News reporter who quit the network over claims it kills stories that put President Obama in a bad light says she was spied on by a “government-related entity” that planted classified documents on her computer.

In her new memoir, Sharyl Attkisson says a source who arranged to have her laptop checked for spyware in 2013 was “shocked” and “flabbergasted” at what the analysis revealed.

“This is outrageous. Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,” Attkisson quotes the source saying.

She speculates that the motive was to lay the groundwork for possible charges against her or her sources.

Attkisson says the source, who’s “connected to government three-letter agencies,” told her the computer was hacked into by “a sophisticated entity that used commercial, nonattributable spyware that’s proprietary to a government agency: either the CIA, FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency or the National Security Agency.” […/]

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For someone they wanted to fire, she seemed to be very popular.

PS: I repeat my line, at least Nixon resigned.

Hamas sets spy policy

Hamas began a policy of dealing with those it labels spies in Gaza. They began executing 18 of them on Friday after midday prayers. They lined them up behind the mosque and shot them.

A spokesperson of Hamas said this is how they are going to deal with suspected spies rather than in courts. He said the policy would be a strong deterrent to others.

As AP reported it was the “beginning of a new crackdown, under the rallying cry of “choking the necks of the collaborators.””

The actions followed an Israeli strike killing 3 senior Hamas military leaders.

So they are setting a deterrent now, are they? When the civilized — read humane — world now deals with terrorists, they should summarily establish stiff deterrents “in the field” as Hamas put it. They seem to believe in the idea of deterrents.

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