Obama 2.1X to the scene

In Sesame Street kid’s programming there is a character called Super Grover 2.0. It’s a funny but educational bit. He’s a sort of super hero. This is not about Sesame Street. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. If not, you can look him up.

Well, he notoriously encounters a problem and then uses a few lines to unleash various “super” powers, which aren’t so super. Upon discovering a problem, he says, “I will unleash the powers of observation” to examine it. Then he makes several misguided attempts to solve the problem, until he eventually finds the one – usually by accident. Kind of makes kids want to tell him what he is doing wrong to correct it. It is entertaining,

Parts of the routine remind me of Obama, especially where he seems to get real serious and applies his super power of observation. Well, it reminds me Grover could find or stumble on the solution before Obama could. After all, there is a naivete and seriousness with Grover recognizing a problem in the first place. So there are many differences.

Obama merely ignores that there is a problem when convenient, and denies it is up to him. In fact, he’d probably be happy enough to create another problem to divert attention from the one at hand. Other times he can point out other problems. Its more of a shell game. Grover hadn’t thought of that.

But Grover comes to the scene to unleash his power of observation, where Obama observes there is an inconvenient problem, and his instinct is to hide or frame it in a favorable way to himself. Solving it is not his real objective. How everyone else sees it is focus of his motivation. Enter the strategy to never let a crisis go to waste. Unlike Grover, he does not stumble on the right fix after trying everything else; he seeks a political benefit the way a suicide bomber stalks his target.

Where Grover is clumsy with good intentions, Obama is polished in rhetoric driven by political motivation — or an ideologue of the first and worst order. Where kids are generally rooting for Grover to correct himself, people just blindly root for Obama as if whatever he does is correct, every time. (and it isn’t funny) Grover has a healthy dose of innocence to give him the benefit of the doubt. While Obama counts on dodgy, ideological posturing to give him the benefit of any doubt.

Obama is on a mission though. But the size of the mission grows, and grows…

Obama “must unleash the power of obfuscation”.