Holiday on ObamaCare

What the Obama disciples will be doing on the holidays: don’t be surprised if you find yourself inundated at Thanksgiving by leftist turkeys. Stay away from the giblet gravy.

Here are some bullet point questions and tips for Obamaholics on ObamaCare. (ie… probe family members early and often) Here are the tips for talking to family members or friends, from the OFA website:

Start by asking: “Have you thought about signing up for health insurance on the new marketplace?” Offer to walk them through it: “Would you like to take some time with me to sign up right now?” Ask them to make a plan, and commit to it: “When do you plan on signing up?” Don’t forget to follow up: “Have you signed up yet?” What’s Important to Communicate:

· Being covered helps you stay healthy and protects you in an emergency. · You can find a plan that fits your budget—financial assistance is available for those who qualify. · You get to choose the plan that’s right for you. · All the health insurance plans on the new marketplace provide free preventive care—including routine checkups, vaccinations and screenings. · You can’t be denied insurance because of a preexisting condition, and lifetime limits are now banned, so your insurance will be there when you need it. · For your coverage to start January 1, you’ll need to sign up by December 15. · Open enrollment for plans in the marketplace is now through March, but getting started sooner is better.

Web page features holiday theme decorations. Referrences to using special family time and downtime. I’m guessing after turkey dinner would be appropriate, if not during.


Make it personal: Be honest about your feelings and why this is important to you.

Be persistent, but keep it positive: Tell them you care about their health, and focus on the benefits that come from knowing that you have health insurance.

Are your family members traveling home for the holidays? There are a few things they’ll need to sign up for health coverage. Make sure they bring the following items with them before they head home.

[followed by a checklist of documents and info]

Great, a holiday on healthcare, just what people want to be doing. Does tacky even cover it? Imagine the fun catching up on old times and news while waiting to try to get on the website. Plan on spending the night, or two. Yea, really looking forward to the holidays. Now don’t forget to bring all your “feelings” with.

“You can find a plan that fits your budget” – Oh really?

“You get to choose the plan that’s right for you.” – No you don’t.

 “but getting started sooner is better.” – Hurry, the broken website is waiting.

The irony here is we need is a Holiday from ObamaCare – a long one.
It seems there’s no shame in using and politicizing the holidays.

Yep, that put me right in the holiday mood!