Obamaholics drink up as bar tab grows

Lamestream media makes no bones they are supporting and campaigning for “The One” whenever they have the opportunity. While they talk as if Obama is pulling way out front the truth is biting them in the rear.

ABC poll has Romney gaining women support, but you wouldn’t know it listening to Mad Dog Media.

All Romney’s gains have come among women – up by 13 percentage points in personal popularity from last month, while Obama’s lost 7 points among women. (Views among men have been more stable.)

Consumer confidence index just dropped 4 points this month, but you wouldn’t know it. (it was expect to gain a couple points) Obama’s campaign uses fuzzy math about spending, but you wouldn’t know it. Obama pays lip service to the troops for Memorial day after hijacking the credit for getting bin Laden. But you wouldn’t know it listening to his media darlings. You probably will hear about a phony scheme to “steal this election”, that covert plan Republicans have using voter ID. But you will not hear about the voter fraud in 08 election.

Mad Dog Media has all kinds of labels for Obama. He’s the first ___,you fill in the blank. All this seems more like their need to define him and keep him relevant. Like last week he was the Twittering President. He tried to stir up some attention by saying he would answer some questions on Twitter. Another great first for “historic” Obama.

 That platform seems odd for a guy that bloviates as much as Obama. When answering questions typically he drags them out so he only can answer about two. Twitter has their 140 character limit. Still he did until he got them on small business. His only real answer before running off was to tell people to get behind his “to-do list” for congress.

Last year he had the same answers about the debt-ceiling debacle. His message then, same as now, was to “nag your representatives”. Then, it caused a negative reaction he didn’t expect when he lost 40,000 Twitter followers in a day. Another earth-shattering precedent for Obama. I guess there was something about the circumstances and a lobbyer-in-chief that people didn’t like. Now he returns to the seen of the damage to take “questions”.

While people can “ask” him any question they want, but the only real answer he gives is “nag your reps” about his to-do list, while he’s off to campaign.

Ref: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/05/romney-rebounds-among-women-while-obamas-favorability-slips/

Can’t draw a crowd, Mr President?

Dateline: May 11, 2012

Place: Reno, Nevada

Obama makes speech in couple’s GARAGE… and even they say they might not vote for him

 By Nina Golgowski

In what could be a disastrous photo opportunity for the President’s campaign, Mr Obama spoke to a handful of people in the crucial swing state.

The president’s 15 minute address outside the home of Paul and Val Keller on Friday afternoon, drew a small audience of neighbours and supporters – though even his hosts said they were not sure if they would vote for him in the coming election.

‘So, I need all of you, and everybody who’s watching, to push Congress on their to-do list. Nag ’em until they actually get it done. We need to keep moving this country forward,’ he said.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2143321/Obama-makes-speech-couples-GARAGE–hosts-vote-him.html#ixzz1vLxRmsw2