Left evolution is not complete

There may be another rare mutation taking place on the Left. Wow, someone dares to call out the dogmatic Left for its behavior. And it is coming from within the Left.

The Campus Left Begins to Implode

Mar 26, 2015 • By JONATHAN V. LAST | Weekly Standard

Teaser alert:

“High on their own supply, activists in these organizing circles end up developing a crusader mentality: an extreme self-righteousness based on the conviction that they are doing the secular equivalent of God’s work.”

Then, one of the Leftish academia faculty issued a similar decree, chastizing the radical Left as if it were intolerant and out of control. (well, because it is after all)

“The same cannot be said of liberal students. All it takes is one slip-not even an outright challenging of their beliefs, but even momentarily exposing them to any uncomfortable thought or imagery-and that’s it, your classroom is triggering, you are insensitive, kids are bringing mattresses to your office hours and there’s a twitter petition out demanding you chop off your hand in repentance. . . .”

Read at: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/campus-left-begins-implode_899318.html

Whoa someone is spouting the truth about the Ivy Liberal Tower. I suppose the Left will be outraged by these revelations. There are lots more examples in this critique. It may lose a little in the translation, from Liberals on liberals, but nevertheless is criticism.

It appears it is not enough to be a card-carrying Leftisit, but one has to be a radioactive Leftisit radical or be treated like an otherkin. So someone has just kicked the snake nest. Oh, this could ignite. One shall not challenge the sacred tenants of the Left. It is heresy, find those heretics!

But hey, you knew it was only a matter of time until the left evolved to this point of ultimate bigotry in Leftdom that some would inevitably find intolerable. (it just isn’t something any Leftist should discuss, publicly anyway) So if you don’t stand, I mean march, with us you might as well be against us. The defrocking will begin.

Allow me to fan those flames a little, especially because it is happening on campuses — those incubators for liberaldom. First, are these merely disagreements on tactics or strategies? No, they are more foundational criticisms going to the ideology.

Second, say what you will about the Right, we frequently have disagreements and air them publicly. On the Left, that is forbidden fruit. The first rule of the Left is you don’t criticize other Leftists or the sacred ideas of the Left. And every rule thereafter would refer back to that one. So this is a unique situation here.

2 faces of Islam narrative

(Follow up from Our Muslim Tolerance Problem)

As the narrative goes: The 2 faces of Islam: peaceful vs. Islamic radical terrorism, jihad, suicide bombers, a caliphate, violent intolerance, Sharia Law enforcing.

We the public have a tolerance deficit? Obviously, they have two incompatible faces then within Islam. So someone is tolerating someone else at their own peril — guess which one? It could be that tolerance is the problem. Still, they lecture us that we just aren’t tolerant enough, which isn’t working out too well for Muslims right now. Have moderate-Muslims proved to us that tolerance is the solution?

peace sign photo: Peace Peace10.png

Let’s understand that “the West” is almost the only ones standing between these caliphate-crazed radical terrorists and the kinder more “moderate Muslims”. The radicals, whether a minority or not, stand to cannibalize the entire religion. So while the entire free world is on their hit list, Islam as a whole is on their menu just the same. You just have to know what a caliphate is.

But here is the problem: moderates, or whatever you call yourselves, there is no special pecking order. You will all be absorbed just like the Germans under the Third Reich. The truth is the West is about the only one fighting this battle. Actually, You owe us. Your religion is experiencing a coup d’état, according to the narrative. but the only ones doing anything about it are Western-allied countries. (and some of them aren’t doing too much)

You want to preach to us about Islamophobia and tolerance? Sure you see the Islamo-fascism or Islamoterrorism and either deny it or choose to ignore it. We don’t have that luxury. You spout the rhetoric that not all Muslims are terrorists. Big deal, what are your doing about it? We also take the brunt of blame from Jihadis. They aren’t forcing their 10th century barbarism on you personally, yet. But wait, it’s in the works. It can’t be soon enough for radical Imams pushing it. And since 1800 they’ve been waging war within Islam, too. Meanwhile good, peaceful Muslims just happen to mysteriously transform into head choppers and suicide bombers. Why is that?

But maybe some people have been looking at this all wrong? You know the mantra that Islamic terrorists are corrupting an otherwise beautiful, peaceful religion. Well, for over twelve years now that is the preferred verbiage. What if it is the other way around?

Is it possible the radicalized jihadis are right and the so-called moderates are the real dupes. That would mean that the accurate face of Islam is the radical, violent side. That would make “moderates” the imposters in Islam. What if that’s the case and we’ve been looking at it in reverse? Maybe the real face of Islam is that of radicals and terrorists? But no one ever mentions that possibility.

But even if they prefer to be called moderates, what they do has empowered Islamic radicals. If they won’t step up and condemn the Islamists, it is hard to really call them “moderates” then, isn’t it?

The question is where does the tolerance for radical Islamic terrorists end? That intolerance would be a good thing. Yet Muslims tell us our intolerance is the big problem. Now Obama has no aversion to the “death cult” term but stubbornly avoids the underlined source, Islamism.

However, there is a simpler and clearer way to see it.

Wild Olive website has a good description of Islam nuance. It summarizes:

In Islam there are only two states of existence, Dar es Salaam (House of Peace – under Islam) and Dar el Harb (House of War – not yet under Islam)

But let’s not talk about that face.

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