The right comparison

Obama is such a big basketball fan and “player”. And he always talks up his game.

So when would he ever suggest taking his options off the table or court? When would he say: “I’ll take the fake off the table, only my fouls will count”? That ain’t going to happen.

Yet he consistently wants to do that on war with our enemies. He wants to broadcast every move. Doesn’t that question whether his head ever was in the game?

He asks Congress for an authorization to use force against ISIS, but acts more like he really wants authorization for what we won’t do.

Then Obama puts up these straw men that his opponents want hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground — as opposed to none. He can’t even call it Islamic terrorism. Is he only willing to deal with reality on the basketball court?

Islamic State ups their ante

Report: Islamic State Claims ‘Radioactive Device’ Now in Europe

Freelance jihadist weapons maker makes claim on Twitter
BY: Adam Kredo | Free Beacon
December 8, 2014 4:35 pm

An alleged weapons maker for the Islamic State (IS) claimed that a “radioactive device” has been smuggled into an undisclosed location in Europe, according to an intelligence brief released Monday by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“A Radioactive Device has entered somewhere in Europe,” according Twitter user Muslim-Al-Britani, who claims to be a freelance jihadist weapons maker now working alongside IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS), according to tweets captured and disseminated by SITE.

BREAKING NEWS# WARNING A Radioactive Device has entered somewhere in Europe.

— Muslim-Al-Britani (@TNTmuslim) December 6, 2014

The claim by Al-Britani comes just days after reports emerged that IS could have in its possession a dirty bomb, the elements of which were obtained via earlier IS raids on a university research facility in Mosul that contained uranium. Al-Britani is also responsible for the flurry of reports on the dirty bomb.

Al-Britani, who has disseminated on his Twitter feed “weapon instructions and manuals,” claimed on Nov. 23 that the “Islamic State does have a dirty bomb. We found some radioactive material from Mosul university,” according to the tweets reproduced by SITE. [more]

At the G-20 Summit, Obama suggested using troops “would require rather extreme turn of events” (11/16/14):

“There are always circumstances, in which the United States might need to deploy ground troops,” Obama said. “If we discovered that ISIL had gotten possession of a nuclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then yes, you can anticipate that not only would Chairman Dempsey recommend me sending U.S. ground troops to get that weapon out of their hands, but I would order it.”

World according to WH Baghdad Josh

According to Josh Earnest:

People can be confident of the tenacity of government’s response to be able to deal with evolving situations, on the Ebola crisis.

Asked about a Ebola or disease czar, Earnest said that they are continually monitoring the situation and, if needed. they would “not hesitate” to install one.

Here’s a simple analogy of our current Ebola situation
Suppose you have a ship and it somehow gets a hole in the midsection. The captain immediately puts an alert to keep an eye out for any new cracks or holes in the bow. Then the captain says we are not going to repair that hole because we don’t think that is productive to dealing with the problem… in the water where it originated.

Also for perspective from a nurse about Ebola, see here.

Now apply either of the above talking points to the Islamic State, or ISIS’ black-flag death cult. Does Obama say “we are monitoring the situation and tenacious on responding to it…and if troops or more response is needed we will “not hesitate” to provide it”? No, of course not. But on the contrary, Obama absolutely rules it out. I’m sure that if more troops or something is needed for Africa, he will “not hesitate” to act accordingly.

However, when it comes to closing the border and travel from the infected areas, well, he refuses to do that. In fact, he declares it the wrong thing to do. (notice the pattern) Since when did Obama “NOT HESITATE” about any crisis? Worse, Obama’s first line of defense to a crisis is not even to hesitate, but actually ignore or deny it.

Now if, according to the talking points on Ebola so far, the chief “symptom” of someone causing them to be contagious is a fever, then you could say they’re acting by checking temps of passengers in selected airports. But that “symptom” check only suggests whether the person is contagious at that moment. (going by what they told us). That means that truly the only people they are protecting are supposedly other passengers and airline staff. So a person can show up somewhere like Thomas Duncan did, or travel to a destination in the middle of America, and become contagious.

The only thing it does is help insure he isn’t infectious in travel or at airport. That’s like a suicide bomber making it all the way through the checkpoints without being detected only to blow himself up later at some destination. And if we should have such an incident, we will not hesitate to respond in our tenacious government.

Make sense? I thought so. Thanks, Obama, or maybe that is the strategy to allow someone to pass through undetected. Why would you not place travel restrictions, especially after the exact scenario already happened? Now we have the fallout from the initial patient. The irony now is treating the symptoms and not the disease.

More toxic fallout — or symotoms:

State attorney general wants to stop ashes of Ebola victim’s belongings from being brought to Louisiana

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said late Sunday that he will seek a temporary restraining order to stop the incinerated belongings of Dallas Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan from being brought to a Louisiana landfill.

However, there is no evidence that this would spread the dreaded disease.

Another unforeseen problem. Surprise!

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Obama Appreciation Day

Obama did a surprise visit to Afghanistan but it was more like a sketch from SNL, “Live from Afghanistan… It’s Obama”.

    “We are aware of the sacrifices so many have made,” Obama said after a briefing by Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, the top American commander in Afghanistan. “We’ll probably be announcing some decisions fairly shortly.”

He told them this is the best-led military in history. Hmmm, he couldn’t help that one. He’s just full of self-appreciation. And just years ago he was all about questioning the leadership of the military under Bush. But last Saturday on Armed Forces Day, he was tweeting to the LGBTQ community celebrating anti-Homophobe Day. Yea, that’s important. Not even a tweet for Armed forces Day.

Speaking to the troops he pledged that it’s a sacred duty to take care of the Vets. I can’t help wondering how many moral duties Captain Zero really has? While he’s living large in the White House, vets are rendered to secret lists, which Obama says “if the allegations are true” and hiding, once again, behind an “investigation”. No, the reports are out, you cannot put the secrets back in the box.

Excuse me while I get sick and Obama pats himself on the back. With Obama politics are never far behind, scratch that….his politics are always front and center.

“So our combat mission here will come to an end. But our obligations to you and your families have only just begun. The al Qaeda leadership may be on the ropes, but in other regions of the world al Qaeda affiliates are evolving and pose a serious threat. We’re going to have to stay strong and we’re going to have to stay vigilant. And fortunately, we’ve got the best-led, best-trained, best-equipped military in human history. (Applause.) And as Commander-in Chief, I’m going to keep it that way. (Applause.)

We’re going to stay strong by taking care of our wounded warriors and our veterans. (Applause.) Because helping our wounded warriors and veterans heal isn’t just a promise, it’s a sacred obligation. As you come home, some of you will return to civilian life, and we want to make sure you can enjoy the American Dream that you helped to defend. So with the transition assistance to help you begin the next chapter of your life — that’s going to keep America strong. The credentials and licenses to help you find a job worthy of your incredible skills — that will keep America strong. Making sure the Post-9/11 GI Bill is in place and delivering for you the kind of education that you have earned — that will keep America strong. “(Applause.)

Now he is warning us about al Qaeda et al? Where was he 9/11/12? Well, if you cannot keep Vets healthcare up to snuff, then you can at least promise them a job, right?

“I’ve made it clear that we’re prepared to continue cooperating with our Afghan partners on two security missions — training and equipping Afghan forces and targeting — counterterrorism targets against al Qaeda. … And we’re going to make sure that Afghanistan can never again, ever, be used again to launch an attack against our country.”

The al Qaeda that he telegraphed was albeit dead in his campaign. Suddenly, they are back as an existential threat — in all their incarnations? Sounds very confident for someone who cannot deliver for the Vets who made it possible.

If I hear one more word about the pains Obama took to secret his trip to visit troops in Afghanistan, or how they disguised a motorcade transporting him, I’m going to puke. For Obama, the allusions to 911 are just specious means to pat his own back. Remember the “bumper sticker” for the campaign was “bin Laden is dead and GM is alive”. That was code for al Qaeda is dead… and Obama is alive. It was never about one man, whether it was bin Laden or the blind Sheik. However, it is all about one man in the White House.

It doesn’t matter if he is standing at the podium in the Rose Garden or in Bagram Afghanistan, the same politics are center stage. Doing the troops a favor by paying them a visit was really doing himself a favor. A selfie gift. Memorial Day being another holiday to remember Obama. That message always comes through clear, because it is meant to.

At a time when the VA scandal is shredding his leadership credentials, not that he ever had any to begin with, he chooses the time once again to highlight himself. Any mention of the troops and their mission is purely academic to the main point, his political survival. He’s been politicizing the military since before he got into office, so what would we expect now?

He told them he was “in the neighborhood”. Obama was never in their neighborhood.

May God bless the memory of all the fallen, and America.
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No troops to Syria

White House announces it will not send troops into Syria, deploys them to the border

UPDATE (June 14, 10:54 PM): Three hundred U.S. troops now stand on the northern Jordan border adjacent to Syria, The Times of London reports. The deployment will reportedly remain there for months under the guise of a training exercise.

The White House said Friday it does not plan to send U.S. troops into Syria, despite offering aid to rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

“Nobody has asked us to [go into Syria]. The Syrian opposition does not think that it’s a good idea,” Ben Rhodes, current Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communication, said during a White House press conference Thursday evening. ”We certainly don’t think it’s in our national interest to send U.S. troops.”

“Our stated national policy is for Bashar Al-Assad leave power,” Rhodes said. “It is our preference that this be done politically, but we are going to continue supporting those in Syria who are working for a post-Assad future.”

“It is unclear what national security interests we have in the civil war in Syria,” Kentucky Republicans Sen. Rand Paul wrote in a piece warning against American intervention in the Middle East. “It is very clear that any attempt to aid the Syrian rebels would be complicated and dangerous, precisely because we don’t know who these people are.”

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