Fiscal Cliffhanger

Geithner is making the rounds again, and a lot of noise.

So Turbo Tim is the administration’s point man on the fiscal cliff negotiations. After all, someone has to do it. All Obama can find time for is campaigning, and come up with zingers he can call the Republicans. Now they are Scrooges for resisting tax hikes.

Actually what Republicans are looking for is Obama to address the other side of the negotiations, which he hasn’t. But leave it to Timmy the tax cheat to place all the blame on Republicans. That is while the prez goes to his echo chamber to rally his base. Rally them for what? To lobby the government. Someone forgot to tell the idiot master in charge that he is prez, and that his base is supposed to be America not uber left socialists.

So tax-challenged Tim takes to the air:

[Reuters]”The only thing standing in the way of [a deal] would be a refusal by Republicans to accept that rates are going to have to go up on the wealthiest Americans. And I don’t really see them doing that,” Geithner, who is leading the Obama administration’s fiscal cliff negotiations, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Too bad he’s about 10 lightyears from reality. But their campaign of projection never ends. I have a better idea. Why doesn’t Obama resign and sign a contract with a reality show? He should be able to stretch out a nice run there since he proves he can string out anything like nobody else. He can do at least one episode on how to strain a gnat. And “how to win election and do nothing, while blaming everyone else” would be another one. Oops we’ve already seen that one.

No, Timmy, the only “thing” standing in the way is the current White House, the campaigner in chief. See if you take all his issues away, what will he campaign on to demonize Republicans with? And this genius suggests giving Obama a blank check over our debt ceiling while he can’t deal with the debt he already ran up, much less admit it without invoking George Bush.

For a guy supposedly negotiating, he spends more time talking about what he won’t do.

And he continued on a roll:

The administration has said it is willing to find savings in the Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs for the elderly and poor, but Geithner reiterated in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” that it would only be open to looking at changes in the Social Security retirement program outside of the context of a fiscal cliff deal.

If Obama cannot address spending in the context of a fiscal cliff, what makes any sane person believe he would do so outside the cliff hanger debacle? Obama is the grinch who stole sanity. As for Tim, there is always voice-over work for the next Disney film.

Apparently campaign 2012 has not ended and will continue right through 2016.