Debbie’s DNC Freakshow

For people that have never seen one, this is what a freak-sideshow performance looks like. And its almost as believable.

The moonbat express is definitely on the road, destinations unknown. You never know where it will show up next.

What can you gather from that performance (besides rehearsed)? She, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was stunned? I bet it takes plenty to stun ol’ Debbie.

The IRS Investigation “has been resolved”. “It is a settled matter”.(that would be news)

“Politicize the issue”? IRS politicized it just fine. Isn’t that what caused the IRS mess?

“Bear hug? Shout out to Debbie for trying to be original. But they bear hugged dictators for years – radical Marxists can’t help themselves.

Obstructionism, please, from the pros. Too bad we didn’t obstruct their agenda.
Well, she tried.