Mini-Mike and Hillary

Well, since Bloomberg seems to be sucking up all the oxygen, mostly because media have been giving it to him, there is now a new idea floated out there.

How about Bloomberg picking Hillary as a running mate VP?
You can read about it here. Matt Drudge was pushing it as an exclusive.

How is it the Daily Mail always gets the scoop on this stuff?

Romney to make VP announcment

So Romney will make his announcement at 8:45 am Saturday. All indications are it is Paul Ryan. If not there will be disappointment.

Clearly Mitt moved it up to hopefully impact the race. Sure, after all reports say the polls have dropped. He wants to boost the polls. Well, they will say it will fire up the base and Tea Partiers.

But, hello, the base is fired up and they’re mad as hell. Its Romney’s campaign that looks like it needs a match to be fired up. And maybe we can put an end to idiotic remarks coming from his chief talking heads. Its not Republicans or that base that are the problem.