The survey says: media bias running wild

The big bash: 86 percent of Romney coverage negative

By Jennifer Harper – The Washington Times

Media bias has gone from bad to ridiculous.

During Mitt Romney’s overseas visit earlier this week, 86 percent of the coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC “emphasized Romney’s perceived gaffes,” according to a content analysis of 21 major news stories by the Media Research Center, which also compared Mr. Romney’s trip to a similar excursion made by President Obama in 2008.

The results: The broadcast networks committed 53 minutes of almost entirely negative coverage to Mr. Romney, and 92 minutes of “gushing” to Mr. Obama.

“The near unanimous negativity of their coverage is as outrageous as it is transparent,” observes the center’s founder Brent Bozell. “It’s impossible to look at the fawning coverage of Obama’s trip in 2008 compared to the sliming Romney has taken in 2012 and not see a clear agenda on the part of the liberal media.”


There’s a surprise!

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Mitt’s on track

Mitt might be back in the USA now, but the soundtrack from the trip will not be forgotten quickly. It was not meant to be. Stainstream had all these descriptions of gaffes and controversy all through their media coverage. Pictures of reporters shouting at him as he walks away.

What, no effigies burning yet? I’m dissapointed; they’re slipping. I guess it was short notice. One would think it was a disaster. So the Brits were pretty hard on him, just like the US press. I wish they had half this much criticism for Obama when he was running. No, that was a love fest. A glory tour. Even as Obama made mistakes and insulted people here at the same time, they still fawned over him. Maybe they don’t like Romney too well, you think?

You know what that did? It made me like Romney even more. If they don’t care for him, that’s an asset not a problem. So stick another feather in Romney’s hat, they are not fond of him. Boo-hoo. Great, I don’t want anyone in the WH that Brits are in love with. I don’t want romance. That just confirmed the problem with Obama. I remembered another reason I can’t stand Obama.