Hillary takes another bite of her rotten apple

Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving. She offers another excuse — NO IT WAS NOT AN APOLOGY — for her latest deplorable statements.

After even Democrats objected to what she said, she dug in with an explanation for what she said. How could anyone call that an apology?

(What she originally said) –“[Democrats] do not do well with white men, and we don’t do well with married, white women,” she said. “And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should,”

Actually, even Dick Durbin was asked about her statement, saying it was “not helpful.” Then he quibbled with the amount of people. So it was the number he disputed?

Now she does a face-plant on Facebook:

“I understand how some of what I said upset people and can be misinterpreted. I meant no disrespect to any individual or group. And I want to look to the future as much as anybody.”

You understand why you offended so many people! Yet you persist in saying it. Misinterpreted? Meant no disrespect? It was all about disrespecting people who did not vote for you. In her cremation of facts on Facebook, she said:

“My first instinct was to defend Americans and explain how Donald Trump could have been elected. I said that places doing better economically typically lean Democratic, and places where there is less optimism about the future lean Republican.”

No, your instinct was not to defend Americans but your failed bid for president. The only way to do that is to slander the people who voted against you, including women.

“THAT doesn’t mean the coasts versus the heartland, it doesn’t even mean entire states. In fact, it more often captures the divisions between more dynamic urban areas and less prosperous small towns within states.”

Yes, you did mean the coastal regions versus the heartland. Forward looking places like California — who are in the midst of seceding from the union you ran to be president of!

“As I said throughout the campaign, Trump’s message was dark and backwards looking. I don’t need to list the reasons, but the foundation of his message, “Make America Great AGAIN” suggests that to be great we have to go back to something we are no longer. I never accepted that and never will.”

Darkness is creating jobs, bringing back the economy to forgotten people who aren’t in your leftist silo? Leveling the field of trade, reducing deficits is backward?

She closes with another face plant, like the one she narrowly avoided on the steps.

“So to those upset or offended by what I said last week, I hope this explanation helps to explain the point I was trying to make. And I hope now that we can get back to the real business before us: Protecting our democracy and building a future we can all share.”

Your point was as clear as the deplorable comment was. It does help, only to solidify your disdain for voters. You weren’t about “protecting democracy” but rigging it! A future that the rest of us cannot possibly share in, unless they are an elitist like you.

But one can never believe anything she says anyway.

Read my earlier (mind reading) translation of what she meant here.

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Clinton media and terrorism in #2 debate: the victims

To those who have dismissed the warnings or concerns about the Bush and Clinton dynasty threats as legend or myth, I have a few bridges you might like.

“We have explored the temple of royalty, and found that the idol we have bowed down to, has eyes which see not, ears that hear not our prayers, and a heart like the nether millstone.” – Samuel Adams

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s how ruling class elitists think.

Hillary told us what she thinks of people. She puts them all in baskets and buckets. There’s the Bucket of Losers, the Basket of Deplorables that are irredeemable. There are basement dwellers. Here’s what even Hillary supporter Eleanor Holmes Norton said:

Daily Caller reports at a Global Business Travelers Association, Hillary said:

“[Terrorism] is not a threat to us as a nation. It is not going to endanger our economy or our society, but it is a real threat. It is a danger to our citizens here at home, and as we tragically saw in Boston, and to those living, working, and traveling abroad.”

The little, regular people down there worry about such things, but they don’t threaten our nation. Any threat to the people in mass should qualify as a threat to the country. But Terrorism is not a threat or danger to our economy or society? Yet Hillary constantly boasts at being around NY at 9/11 attacks.

Hillary does count Trump’s 11 year old private statements as a threat to society. But her and her husband’s decade of destroying women is not a problem.

“Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton that?”

Media was outraged that Trump brought up Clintons’ victims. They especially were animated that he called for a special prosecutor for Clinton’s server gate ordeal. They said that is what third world dictators do going after their political enemies. Calling for justice is the stuff of third-world politics. That anyone is not above the law is now third-world.

However, the very person at the center of the scandals, Hillary Clinton, was in the White House that gave us Filegate. That was when up to 900 FBI files were pulled on their political opponents and enemies. The press has such a short memory, especially on Clintons. Now they lecture us about the danger of language.

Hillary Clinton now obsesses about locker rooms. Ever notice Hillary brags about being in the Situation Room but she never mentions their “War Room” for dealing with their inconvenient “bimbo eruptions.” Oh, to when Bimbo Eruptions take priority over terrorism threats.

“How absurd, then, is it to draw arguments from the nature of civil society for the annihilation of those very ends which society was intended to procure!” – Samuel Adams; “American Independence” speech.

Crossing paths with Clintons

Once one crosses paths with the Clintons, in an unflattering way, they don’t forget it.

WND — Jerome Corsi | 05/13/2016

“I would like to share with you and your friends in the MSM why this subject is important,” she continued. “This situation is NO longer about that. It’s not about the details of these multiple assaults and rapes involving numerous women who never knew one another, telling the same [or] similar stories.

“This is NOT about infidelities, indiscretions, adultery, girlfriends or consensual sex,” [Kathleen] Willey emphasized. “This is about Bill Clinton’s multiple sexual assaults and rapes for over 40 years and Hillary Clinton’s threatening, bullying, intimidating and terrorizing all of the women who have suffered at his hands. It’s as simple as that.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/bills-sex-assault-victim-lashes-out-over-hillarys-terrorizing/

Even the Washington media joined the bully party.

Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, the author of this piece, said on a Washington talk show that Jones was just `some sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks.’

More http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/pj-gladnick/2016/01/20/new-york-times-identifies-wrong-woman-carville-trailer-park-quote

It’s no longer, if it ever was, about the tawdry affairs, details or sex. It is about the abuse, or crime in Bill’s case, of women who crossed paths with the Clintonistas — the first crime family of American politics. There was even a White House war room with their inner circle to deal with what they termed the “bimbo eruptions”. As James Carville said, “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find.”

Oh, did Hillary ever stand up for any of those women? No, she was right there to attack them and call them incredible. In fact, she was all for not believing women then. She attacked them and then played the victim.

Now she says women should always be believed. Then she says believed until they are shown to be liars. But this is a woman who Called Mrs. Smith a liar because it didn’t fit her political ambitions or agenda. Hillary defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl, then laughed about getting him off. That’s an advocate for women.

But about the sex and infidelity? It really never was… or is.

Must watch this

Hillary, the “Champion for Women?” — Still think it is just about Bill’s sex scandals?

The real war on women

Another new Islamic treatment toward women exposed.

The Gateway Pundit has the story on a primitive looking device used on women who commit the crime of breastfeeding in public. They consider this punishment.

It calls to mind, with constant stories about their barbaric treatment of humans, how are we deemed the bad guys? So stack this up against those chants about America torturing people. Measure that against the detainment of combatants in Gitmo. Of course there is no comparison but that’s the point.

What won’t they bring back or think up to intentionally torture people? When it is this evil there really aren’t any limits.

See: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/05/isis-finds-savage-way-to-mutilate-women-caught-breast-feeding-in-public/

Abortion is just part of motherhood

Don’t think so? Then you must be an extremist, that’s always the meme of the Left.

Pro-Abortion Author Says Abortion is Normal & “Part of Being a Mother”

by Sarah Zagorski | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 10/30/14

Earlier this month, The Huffington Post published an excerpt of Katha Pollitt’s new book, “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.” The excerpt is titled “The Abortion Conversation We Need to Have” and starts with Pollitt”s statement that abortion “is a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives of women.”

Then Pollitt attempts to convince her readers that abortion can be moral. She writes: “We need to see abortion as an urgent practical decision that is just as moral as the decision to have a child — indeed, sometimes more moral.

Pro-choicers often say no one is “pro-abortion,” but what is so virtuous about adding another child to the ones you’re already overwhelmed by? Why do we make young women feel guilty for wanting to feel ready for motherhood before they have a baby? Isn’t it a good thing that women think carefully about what it means to bring a child into this world — what, for example, it means to the children she already has? We tend to think of abortion as anti-child and anti- motherhood.

In media iconography, it’s the fetus versus the coat hanger: that is, abortion kills an “unborn baby,” but banning it makes women injure themselves. Actually, abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children, because part of caring for children is knowing when it’s not a good idea to bring them into the world.” (Emphasis added)

More: LifeNews.com

“We need to talk about ending a pregnancy as a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives of women — and not just modern American women either,” Pollitt said.

It’s moral and virtuous. Obviously, her biggest problem is those of us who don’t accept the Planned Parenthood paradigm. You know, who think life is the principle to stand on.

As the article points out, she is not only at odds with pro-lifers but some pro-abortion intelligentsia as well.

“Fetuses aren’t selective like that. They don’t qualify as human life only if they’re intended to be born.” — Elizabeth Williams in Salon.

One can only hope that in 2014 so many of the Liberals’ specious arguments and talking points can be ostracized, like the candidate getting booed for “war on women” Imagine? Maybe this rhetoric will become worn out, too.

Apparently the pro-abortion rationale has not reached that point, yet. (they still use them) “Normal” should have a hard time selling. “Abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children.” Well, I hope we might have at least reached the saturation level.

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Hillary shills ready for 2016

I couldn’t help reacting to this slobberfest over Hillary – via “Ready4Hillary”. Let their cheer leading begin,”raw-raw sis boom bah”. This one is just ridiculous enough to be a poster child. My comments with added pictures for emphasis.

5 Things I learned from Hillary Clinton

[but did you learn the truth… that’s the thing?]
by Christine Horansky | Lipstick and Politics — Feb 5, 2014

As the world waits to see if she will take another run at the Presidency in 2016, many across America have already declared themselves “Ready for Hillary.” A modern-day Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton has inspired more than a few important lessons about life, the world we live in, and the promise of open possibilities.

A modern Eleanor Roosevelt? All depends how you define Eleanor. Declaring what exactly?

1. Women Can and Will Be President

What does a President look like? In the 21st century, our politics are evolving to match our realities. And the reality of this country is that women make up half of the American dream. A nation that can elect its first (two-term!) black President, can — and will — elect its first woman President soon.

Black man is out – white woman is in.

2. There’s No Such Thing as Losing

When it comes to female leaders, no one looks as Presidential as Hillary Clinton, who in a few short years went from running in a primary to running the world as Secretary of State. The only real losses in life are the gambles not made, the chances not taken. Hillary has made a career of being brave and fearless and is an inspiration to millions.

Right, no one looks as presidential as the heiress in waiting.

3. Some Days Are Scrunchy Days

Running the world can get a little rough and tumble sometimes. And when the going gets tough, the tough put their hair back, chin up, and get their game face on. Because when you are jet-setting to 112 nations or winning Olympic gold, who cares what your hair looks like Beauty radiates from strength and heart.

“Running the world”… Or ruining it?! What is proper attire? So many decisions, it doesn’t matter. “Game face”, is that what you call her Benghazi charade?

But when the tough get going, like terrorist tough, what to do? Simple, lie about some video and make excuses for them, just so you yourself do not look bad. Then hunker down and take full responsibility, while at the same time making excuses and refusing to take any. “What difference at this point does it make?” Strange characterization of it, “game face”.

Then step aside from that job to plan a run for the highest office….after assuming no responsibility for the brain farts under her leadership. “Strength and heart,” you call that? I’d label it something else. Beauty was not my descriptor. So who really cares what you look like, when your chief objective is to evade responsibility and accountability?

4. It’s OK to Be Completely, Unapologetically Awesome

Hillary gives you permission by embracing her own personal brand of awesomeness. She has given us a lot of reasons to love her, including her infamous “Hillary is not impressed” expression as she texted world leaders. She gained even more fans by responding to her own adoring Tumblr meme and signing off on it as “Hillz.”

I guess this is again, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Awesome? If by awesome you mean the ability to let four Americans get brutally attacked and killed under her watch, and then evade accountability for it.

Love her? Well, here we are gushing in Liberals’ emotionalism, which they must think substitutes for bravery and integrity in office after her beloved friend, ambassador Stevens, and 3 American heroes were murdered under her “not impressed” watchful eye.

Unapologetic is probably the first attribute I can agree with her on. “Hillary is not impressed” look – I must have missed that one, unless it was her face at the hearings; though a scathing look at those she resents does fit her. Yet I didn’t see any of it publicly at meetings with foreign leaders. In fact, her grin was obvious. And what was that reset button thingy all about anyway?

Her sign off meme as “Hillz”. Well, isn’t that just too cute of Hillary? And the author learned exactly what from that sign off meme? To project yourself as cool or cliquey? I don’t know.

5. Women and Girls Are Global Game-Changers

Hillary is not content with shaping the course of American history. As Secretary of State, she made uplifting women and girls around the globe her mission. She has spread the message that women and girls are powerful agents of change — and when women and girls are freer, we are all freer.

Women and girls are game-changers. So apropos. Nobody does change like a woman — or a woman scorned at that. (no offense to women intended) But I can think of a few “girls” with far more credibility, integrity, and change agent creds than Hillary — and they aren’t even superstar celebrities. Hillary gives Mother Teressa a run for her money, doesn’t she?

No, Hillary is not content with shaping American History, she’s intent on subverting and distorting it. She had opportunities all along to show her stellar side of womanhood (for lack of other word), and she took a big fat pass almost every time, except when it came to her personal self-promotion. Then it was all hands on deck to help Hillary.

In fact, I seemed to have reached just the opposite conclusion, not only are we not ready 4 Hillary“, but we should never be. And in fact, to accept all of this gushing, emotional praise for Clinton “requires the willing suspension of disbelief”, as does her record.

Ref: http://www.lipstickandpolitics.com/politics/5-things-i-learned-from-hillary-clinton
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Polls and estrogen

How much confidence should anyone put in either of them?


Obama’s poll numbers moving up. Its true. He’s enjoying mid-fifties in wrong track polls. When asked if the country is on the right track or wrong track, the Real Clear average is 39.6% say right direction, and 55% say wrong track. Rasmussen has it at 37% right and 58% wrong track.

With all this considered and he is running an anti-Mitt Romney campaign, while he has no plans much less a vision for a second term. All he keeps saying is fair share, fair shot, level playing field. Which are just as much vague euphemisms as “hope and change” was. Yes, he even managed to work them into the last foreign policy debate.

Apparently now people hope to change Barry and his administration of depression. And without plans of his own, Obama is not even on the playing field.

Yet he does have a fetish agenda of using women. I find it so incredible how he and the left talk to women as sex objects because they find themselves in a tough political race. The message they send: “Women, use all your estrogen to support me (us).” They turn women into, excuse the term, voting vaginas. Then to cover their tracks and record, they project the GOP as having a war on women.

But we know women also feel the economy, and the stress of the current state of affairs this administration is pursuing: from Obamacare and budget deficits to the cold economy, to the costs of food, goods and gas, as well as jobs.. But Dems never seem to mention any of that. All they mention about women has to do with reproductive organs. And they call their campaign “forward”?

Obama Rallies Abortion Vote

Obama has courted demographic group after special interest group. Now, sensing his vulnerability, he is turning on the juice toward one of his favorite blocs, the abortion vote.  So they are running attack ads against Romney in swing states. That’s right, make sure no one disturbs their so-called “right” to kill babies. Imagine what nasty person might want to do that?

So if there wasn’t enough white guilt left in the bank to help Obama, they will just have to double up on enthusiasm from elsewhere, such as the culture of death, abortion crowd. Now that is an issue they can really rally the base over. It’s an easy no-brainer for liberal Dems.

On the right, we get lectured by the left that the election should be about jobs and the economy… yada yada. Not those controversial personal issues. They claim the cultural/social issues are the last resort for the Right. (I was even told that days ago here) Well, we don’t have to bring it up, the left does. The Right gets criticized for even talking about abortion. Yea right, “shhhh, let the dead dogs lie.”

But the abortion lobby is one of Obama’s most loyal allies.  In a way, I guess he is depending on dead babies to pull him across the finish line. This is the left’s way of energizing and rallying women to his side in key states. They need baby killers onboard — or ‘all in’ as team O says.

So here come the threats from the so-called “choice” crowd that fundamental “rights” are at risk. However, not threats like ‘someone is going to kill babies or seek an agenda to kill babies’, but that someone might “oppose” it or, gasp, do anything at all to slow or stop it. Can’t let anyone do anything to prevent the free killing of babies. They must “protect” that at all cost. I hope you get my satire.(and sarcasm) Sometimes you have to wonder how upside down it all is?

It’s a shame dead babies can’t vote, though dead adults do regularly in many places. Let no one disenfranchise dead adults. (but that’s another issue)

Last month, Planned Parenthood launched a 1.4 million dollar ad campaign of its own against Mitt Romney in June, targeting Florida, Virginia, Washington, DC and Iowa.

One ref: http://www.bpnews.net/BPnews.asp?ID=38230

WASHINGTON (BP) — The economy has been the centerpiece of the 2012 presidential campaign, but President Obama’s re-election team apparently wants to make it also about abortion and has launched a 30-second TV ad drawing a distinction between Obama’s pro-choice position and Mitt Romney’s pro-life view.
The Post reported the ad will air in eight swing states: Virginia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.