Against: part II

I thought I was but apparently I wasn’t done with my rant on the right-wing establishment. You know how sometimes you are sitting on the toilet and think you’re finished and then all of a sudden you realize you aren’t?

Who anointed these guys and NRO kingmakers and the patriarchs of politics? No one I know of. In case they missed the season lesson, their “thou knowest better” elitism is exactly what people detest right now. It has been building for a long time.

Many of them would be content to support Jeb. They supported Romney. They supported McCain. Now they tell us to check our credentials at the door if we don’t line up in their corner. And they browbeat us about being patient. Patience wore thin some time ago.

Sorry Ted, but that is no way to win an election, or even win over conservatives. What of all those grassroots which was the impetus for any real success recently? Easy come easy go, according to right-wing estabos. Who has really succumbed to the left?

Who preaches the doctrine of tolerance? It reminds me of the lectures to us as “agents of intolerance” from McCain in 2000. Now it’s coming from stale, upper crust conservatives. We’ll tell you who to support. Ask no questions.

Since their formula and picks have been working out so well, why change? You know the saying “if you keep doing what you always did you get what you always got.” Maybe it is time for something different? Maybe something that is not Kosher or conventional thinking is needed to break the chain of loss? Somewhere, a record of winning calls out.

I’ve had more on this in the works for months but maybe this is the time to drop it?

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19 comments on “Against: part II

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    NRO is full of faux conservatives who have done nothing but attack Trump from the very beginning. All of their predictions that he’d be a flash in the pan who would flame out by the fall were wrong.

    They said this was a summer romance and ppl would come to their senses in the Fall. Didn’t happen, Now that he’s on the threshold of possibly running away with the nomination they are desperate, thus their last ditch effort to bring him down right before the Iowa caucus.

    Oh, why don’t we let Bush be the nominee so we can lose the election again is their way of thinking,

    They have one more attempt during the Fox debate since Fox was in on this NRO bash. All I can say is good luck. They are just creating more votes for Trump.

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    • Bullright says:

      Right, many of them would probably put in Bush in a heartbeat and have no problems with it.

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      • peppermintfarm says:

        Oh yeah Jeb was going to be their King as Hillary is the other side’s queen. They must be crushed that the “people” don’t want him. That’s why they think we’re so dumb.

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        • Bullright says:

          Yep we’re stupid and don’t understand.

          So Barbara Bushmaster had to cut an ad for Jebby. Ah family time, cuddle.

          Referring to Jeb, she said “when push comes to shove” …. yeah and it probably will !!!

          These people say the dangdest things, don’t they? Guess you really can’t hide arrogance.

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          • peppermintfarm says:

            Ha ha, yeah he’ll get a push all right, out of the election. I think people are sick of his bashing ads at every one. He has the most negative ads going. It’s abouit all I see except for Rubio’s ads trying to make himself the savior of us.

            No I don’t think you can hide arrogance. You’d think Barbara Bush would be sick of her family getting beat up being presidents


  2. peppermintfarm says:

    Rove is on now talking about how Trump won’t make it. Old Rove still beating the carpet for his favorite candidates, mostly Rubio because Jeb is toast.

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