Which Way Is Up? Government Solutions To Government Problems

Someone on Fox reminded everyone that just years ago many Democrats were chanting to get the government out of the bedroom. He joked how now they are in the kitchen. I think it was Stephen Moore. Well, the times they are a changing.

Now I’d like to take that a few steps further. Yes, they have gotten into the kitchen. They have raided the entire house swat style. And they’re only getting started.

But I’d like to keep government out of the bedroom; out of the kitchen; out of the pantry; out of the laundry room; out of the bathroom; out of the garage and basement. And keep it the hell off that roof, too.

That is not to forget luv-gov getting into your phone lines, either from the pole or tower. They’re getting in it, keeping a record diary on you as personal as your DNA. But hell, they got that too anytime they feel an intimate need for it, let’s say.

You might say that in jest for a laugh but it is true.

They have designs on all of it, right into your home — you only thought was a sanctuary. But then government,  or its pimps, want to follow the kids to school and weasel its way into their sexuality or gender identification. Start children out on pronouns and next they’ll be on hormones, preparing to have genitalia and breasts removed. Plus, an alternative is always drag therapy.

If you happen to notice it, well, the joke is on you because you are the nutjob. You are the bigoted pervert and they are the knight in shinny armor saving the vulnerable, at risk children from fruit-loopy parents now classified as “domestic terrorists.”

But I’m sure that, like gas stoves, all this is cooked up by conspiracy loons and none of it is true. Right? I mean no way is gubmint this obsessed with us personally. Or that is what they’ll tell you when they haul off and arrest you for voicing any real concerns about it. But that is before marching you off to “terrorist reprogramming camp” at an undisclosed location; where they tell you those were not your kids, but are now under the safe protection of government affiliates — let’s call them.

When before all this you assumed you had rights, which were forfeited when you dissented with their socio-political agenda. So something they denied called the culture wars, which did not even exist, turned out to be very real means to pursue their sinister political ends.

To my horror, the excuse or reason on which they justify most of this incursion is science. A thing called science apparently tells them, over their shoulder, to do all this evil stuff.

Even Darwin could not have foreseen the birds and bees switching places; nor imagined species identity being chosen, not scientifically verified — with government officiating it.

So it is 2023 but you would think it was 1984.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

Banks R US

It has been bubbling around in my frontal globe since I first heard about the bailout of SVB — and it was a bailout. It brought up issues particularly reminiscent of 2008.

But then Janet Yellen testified about plans for future failing banks, where she said the administration, her and FDIC will decide to cover all deposits if [their regime] considers the situation presents a systemic risk. Never mind — and don’t you worry — if covering all the deposits would create a systemic risk by itself.

The administration doesn’t appear concerned about that. Just as long as this cabal can make a case that the particular bank or institution presents a systemic risk in the markets. I don’t know about you but that scares me in every way.

The administration will selectively decide if all deposits shall be covered? Well, translate that: if the bank, or institution, plays political football in the proper way carrying the left’s agenda; then they are good and worthy of full protections.

Because if they are not onboard the political train to the Left’s funny farm, then they can be fed to the wolves of the market. In other words, they must be punished fiercely unless they cooperate with the administration’s political ideals. That’s how Biden’s game works. Give us what we demand and want, or we will cut you to pieces and destroy you outright.

Why wouldn’t some of us, in a free country, be worried about exactly that scenario? Can anyone give me a good reason why it will not work that way?

I just do not want politics deciding if all bank deposits are covered — read insured — or not.  Why would any honest person want that? But that also means this political footsie game they are playing, as with most corporations, leads directly to nationalizing the banks. At least the big, good ones who cooperate with Biden’s political agenda. If not, “adios!”

An investor and turn around expert, “Mr Wonderful”– Kevin O’Leary, is making the rounds on Fox. While being rightly against bailouts, he claims the time for small, regional, or community banks is over. He makes the case against them. So he wants big banks to be the only ones left in the ocean, so says the Shark Tank investor.

This> guy  –  ….  [Video link]
“Those [other] countries have their entire economies run by four or five behemoth banks, highly regulated. We don’t need hundreds of thousands of tiny, little banks that don’t have a reason to exist anymore; because 99% of transactions today are done online. … It’s an old model that doesn’t work anymore.”

He unabashedly argues for a few large banks to do all our transactions.

He claims these regionals are all obsolete with the new ways of banking. I don’t agree.  Not that I stand for preserving dinosaurs, but I just don’t believe they are dinosaurs as a category. I don’t need to list all the things regional or community banks can do. Rather I don’t think that functionality can be replaced by a handful of big banks. I don’t see how that works? So we don’t just lose diversity; we lose functionality in the market.

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Role Of Education

Parents should have a role in their child’s education; not get rolled by their child’s education process. Is that controversial at all? No.

In my opinion, Trump did not use the biggest sledgehammer of 2020. One that could have made all the difference in the election. It was not really marginal or a political issue.

That issue was education or, more specifically, school choice for parents. That did not get the focus or attention it should have.  Joe Biden boasted about sleeping with teachers’ unions, and his close alliance — almost incestuous —  with unions in general.

Teacher’s unions were on the defensive. So education was there for the taking.

The huge opportunity to use school choice against Biden and Democrats was begging to be played. It was a perfect wedge issue to pry votes away from Joe: from suburbs, to women voters, to urban cities across the country. We knew it.

Trump was preoccupied, though he mentioned it as an agenda topic. But it should have been the center of attacks on the Left. Joe is completely in bed with unions and the system destroying education. Idiot Joe is totally on the wrong side. It was perfect.

Why else were Dems so worried and determined to brand parents as domestic terrorists? They knew it. But Trump let it slide through the political cracks. It was a winner.

We can’t do anything about 2020 now, but it must be front and center in the next election. Why don’t Republicans seize on great opportunities when they come?

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

Balloon Backfire: narrative rules supreme

After weeks since the Chinese spy balloon was shot down, Biden’s administration is twisting and turning in the wind over it. Not to clear the problem.

The idea was that they waited till it got clear across the continent to shoot it down. But now they want all the credit for having shot it down.

Unwrap this and all you find is politics. The political narrative is always more important than national security. That is just a fact with Biden.

Now we have Kamala commenting on it saying the balloon was not helpful. It needed to be shot down and we shot it down.

That last piece is probably more revealing than anything we heard from the administration. It needed to be shot down. Yep, that is what political expedience would have suggested. It needed to go bye-bye.

So why wait for a week across the country, that is if it needed to be shot down? The political narrative was driving the balloon from the beginning. And political narrative drove it to the beach in S. Carolina.

First it wasn’t necessary to do anything because we didn’t know.Then it was spotted and identified which was politically inconvenient. That would demand it be shot down. Plug that dynamic into it.

So why not shoot it at the boarder when it first arrived in Montana?

Just reverse the order. They only shot id down when it became the politically right thing to do for the narrative, when the first political narrative of denial failed. They tried telling us it was no threat.

See, when the people demanded an action, he could not just say no which would have been a dereliction of his duty. And no one believes Biden reflexively said “shoot” it down at the beginning. That would go against his character and his entire record.

That means between Montana and its detoured trip to South Carolina, they could not find one suitable place to shoot it down? No way. It was a plan to let it get to the ocean. And they managed that plan successfully.

But the narrative was supposed to remain that they did — albeit eventually — shoot it down, which was “the right thing to do.” But it only became the right thing when we found out, so the narrative had to change. Yet he locked in his stubbornness until it got there.

After that China balloon, the new narrative became: take immediate action and shoot anything down. Show them Top Gun Biden. That was to cover for their narrative being wrong in the first place.

When the narrative changes or they manage to change it, the politics changes with it. National security was never the first or even second priority. It was only narrative, narrative, narrative.

When the first narrative fails, plug in another narrative more suitable. But do not deny the objective in the first narrative. Even go back to the original one to spin and explain it away. Because sooner or later, you want to go back to the first narrative. See how it works?

Just like the battle over the cops. defund and work to limit the cops. Then deny doing so. But then go back to the original plan when it is convenient to do. By then people have accepted it and you can move on with your original plan. Only pretend to be shifting your position and narrative in the meantime. Lie lie lie.

The original plan was made clear and spelled out in Biden’s campaign to end drilling and fossil fuels . He denied it soon after he said it. But that is what he did anyway. Now he simply denies what his real objective is — because it never changed, only narrative changes.

This is why Biden makes an attractive traitor. He’s willing to tell us anything he needs to but nothing ever changes the traitorous plan. It is only a matter of narrative and getting that down. As if anyone could actually explain away treasonous acts. It’s all narrative all the time.

Narrative is just the political tool to get where they want to go. Well, because if they were honest people would oppose it. They know that.

Way back after Obama came to office, someone asked David Plouffe how they managed such a successful campaign? He told them it was all about controlling the narrative. They knew as long as they controlled the narrative, they would win. So, narrative is everything; it is their god.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

The Bitter Arts Show And Glow

The Bitter Arts were preforming their farts
For all the world to see.
With adoration to all the popping corn,
It was received in a fest of glee.

The most deviant parts of the arts
Were adorned with all their pomp,
And those without it felt naked throughout.
Fright night on the red velvet carpet.

It doesn’t end there, as it never does.
Most memories fade but deviant arts remain,
Cloistered in their robust attire,
Dazzlingly postured for future hire.

They are unforgettable events
With the utmost in fashion scents,
Made to allure the most naive.
So hats off to the ladies and gents,
Or of whatever x-gender you choose.

You will never loose at the Bitter Arts,
It has something to tickle every fetish.
Blow past all parameters and taboos,
It promises to be a remarkable affair.

So active deviants strike your pose
Because everyone knows,
You will attract the attention
Of all who are in the know.

Sit back and watch their crimson plot
Designed just for you if you dare
Or those who think like they.

Meet them and greet them
Oh but from a distance.
You shan’t shame or defame them.

Unshamable is the new theme
To this year’s hot scene;
Take it all in as you cringe and grin.
It is for you they perform,
and perform they must.


Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

‘Scientists’: record cold due to a warming earth

American Thinker  — February 28, 2023

‘Scientists’ announce record cold due to a warming earth

By Jack Hellner

Leftists are pushing an agenda to destroy industries that produce reasonably priced energy by claiming those industries cause an existential threat of warming, that is causing extreme changes to the climate, that is threatening our survival.

Record cold temperatures, along with record snow and rain are obviously causing skepticism, so the pushers of the theory decided it was necessary to put out a piece of pure propaganda: that record cold temperatures occur because the earth is warming. I call B.S. From David Knowles in an article published yesterday:

“California has been hit with an especially cold and wet winter, in which low temperature records have been set and the Sierra snowpack is poised to eclipse its all-time high.”

People claim they can control and predict temperatures 100 years out, yet they somehow failed to predict this wet and cold winter. Their dire predictions in the past have been completely wrong; why should we now enact tyrannical policies based on future predictions?

If everything that we have been told caused warming actually caused warming, we would not see record cold and snow. We would not have had a 35-year cooling period between 1940-1975.

Temperatures have always fluctuated and always will. California had extreme droughts over 1,000 years ago, and it was these droughts, not humans and crude oil production, that created the state’s expansive desert landscape we see today.

It is no wonder people, including journalists, want to dumb down children so they don’t ask questions and do their own research. The left doesn’t mind that American children can’t read or do math at grade level — unthinking masses capitulate to government control. Also from Knowles:

“But the whiplash from one extreme to another is consistent with climate change, experts say. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, California’s average temperatures have risen between 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the dramatic variability seen in recent years is a consequence of that fact.”

Here is an article that people most likely won’t see. A former Reuters reporter, who was a bonafide climate cultist, now sees the truth. Reported on over at NewsBusters with the headline, “Former Reuters Reporter: I Was Wrong to Blame CO2 for Rising Temperatures” the text read:

“My Reuters credentials meant that I had easy access to the world’s finest climate scientists. To my amazement, none of these would say categorically that the link between CO2 and global warming, now known as climate change, was a proven scientific fact. Some said human production of CO2 was a probable cause, others that it might make some contribution; some said CO2 had no role at all. Everybody agreed that the climate had warmed over the last 10,000 years as the ice age retreated, but most weren’t really sure why. The sun’s radiation, which changes over time, was a favoured [sic] culprit.”

Maybe someday an enterprising reporter will also admit that there is also no correlation between oil, coal, natural gas, methane, and all the other things we are told cause warming and temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity. When there is no correlation there can be no causation. That is actual science.



Original at American Thinker

Obvious COVID Source…. Oops Maybe

In this latest installment of The Turn Of The Worm, we find that a laboratory deep in the bowels of the US Government, at the dept of energy, admits a best plausible source of the COVID virus pandemic was a lab leak at the Wuhan Lab in China.

But even that it had to qualify as “low confidence.” Whatever that is supposed to mean, another weasel phrase — per their classified report. Confused?

So this admission takes only 3 years of a careful, organized, relentless cover up of that very fact. Now it is suddenly safe to state the obvious conclusion……. with low confidence.

Imagine a scenario where the world at large played a part in denying the simple truth about a pandemic, which killed 10’s of millions of people around the world? Where the US government played the dominant role in this denial? We don’t have to imagine. They did it. And they used  media bullhorns to echo their lies. Was it calculated, or just for kicks?

Is it even fair to anyone what they did — whether it’s a survivor or the millions who died, or to the science that espouses to hold the truth?

I’m not sure we need to know all the why, though it would be nice. Maybe on a footnote somewhere. Just that they did it speaks loudly to motive.

How many people have been duped by their own government about what happened? How many people were used as just pawns to lie to the public?

So long as no one pays a price or is held accountable for it. Just “my bad.”

This as they strut around telling us “the big lie” was Trump’s reelection bid.

Then what about all the people along the way who were penalized, threatened, punished, banned or blacklisted, and skewered in media daily for telling the truth? No empathy or sympathy for them though. I can’t think of a bigger, worse lie.


Detailed report from CBS and Catherine Heritage:

“While the report is classified, the sources told CBS News they believe it may be independent from an earlier analysis performed by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore Labs that pointed toward a potential accidental leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”


Moral: if you don’t admit it is a lab leak, how can you hypothesize it was accidental?

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

Robbing The Tip Jar

Now a word or two about government and tips. Those two words probably don’t belong in the same sentence.

After the latest news about the IRS plans to target tips, it got me thinking. How is it waiters and waitresses make over 400k? Or was that just another lie from Lying Biden?

So now they have finally resorted to going after the tip jar. Notice how many places put tip jars up by the counter. I thought maybe a little poll was in order, you know, as a conversation starter.

How about a sign on that jar: “Uncle Sam wants a cut of the tips, what do you think?”

But the government is not in the gratuity business either. They don’t understand the premise. Well, when you pay 600 dollars for a toilet seat, with our money, then you probably don’t need to bother with gratuities.

It is true that credit card receipts are already taxable. But what about that cash you prefer to give straight to those who serve the public? Now government wants its cut of that too.

If you are going to give a tip, you would have to add another 10 or 15% on top for the G-man. But no, because I really don’t want to tip the government. How come it needs to be involved in that transaction? What did it do?

But then maybe if government had to depend on tips things might be a little different.

Going after tips is a lot different than harassing the wealthy to pay their fair share. Government’s fair share of the tip jar should be zero.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

Ashes To Ash, Dust To Fossils, Towns to Brown Zones

There is a huge chemistry experiment taking place in Palestine, Ohio. You may have heard about it, well, if you were watching one particular news channel. But the lack of coverage didn’t mean it wasn’t happening.

So they decided to make guinea pigs out of a town of around 4500 people. First, large segments of the Government declared war on fossil fuels. Now they are trying to make fossils out of the humans — or certain ones.

Would it be paranoid to think maybe they really are out to get us? Or rephrase that: take out as many of us deplorables as they can? Yeah, they finally got around to it. Paranoid? I don’t think so.

To add insult, in the aftermath of the “controlled” — but heavily censored — burn, Gov Mike Dewine said the air and water are very safe. I’d like to hear his definition of very.

They’ve gone from gaslightighting us to just lighting up our environment around us. Well, that’s not far off. Yet you watch, they will start telling us they did it as a means of saving us. (from them?)

Don’t you love how government saves us these days, yeah creating catastrophes on top of catastrophes? Crisis to crisis.

Then you have Mayor Polyvinyl Pete who cannot get his head out of the racist trashcan long enough to respond to an actual train derailment and chemical spill. But he would like to top it off with a little acid rain. Just to cleanse our racist history in America. Save us.

So one day you see a giant mushroom cloud hovering over a town. The next days they tell us everything is fine and perfectly safe. But why create a panic when they really are out to get you? It is a fact over 71% of the people in the area voted for Trump. Looks like they had a nice opportunity to get their target audience.

The whole thing could be one giant metaphor — scorched earth anyone?

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

When Predictions Go Wrong

No, it’s not just the Super Bowl. However, let’s look at that for a minute. Every prognosticator on the stage was predicting the Eagles would win. Of course they had their reasons for that conclusion but the point was Eagles would win. We heard it all week.

If I had a nickle for every time in my life the predictors were wrong, I’d be very wealthy. But we have sort of a new dynamic now. For whatever reasons, people believe these huffy-puffy prognosticators. Or maybe they just want to.

Then whamo, when it doesn’t happen extreme disappointment sets in. It’s not pretty.

So this does not only apply to the Super Bowl or sports. It is dangerous in politics and even worse in warfare. If everyone has the notion how it ends, things get dicey just based on that preconception. At least good athletes and sportsmen understand that you cannot base all of your actions on expectations of winning.

We saw it in 2016 when Hillary didn’t win. How bad was that? But they were told and fed a line of garbage a mile long. They believed it. They saw prediction as a certainty. Then the demise when she lost. Some people never recovered from that. It turns to denial rather quickly and into dissent. Resistance was not just a moniker, it was a call to action.

Of course, Obama was a guru at creating and manipulating predictions to his favor. But really he was manipulating people. “Just keep believing,” he would say. It worked well for him but it was lousy for the country, We do not deserve to put that degree of faith into the predictions. And besides, we know who makes the predictions.

The Left and global elites have been predicting for years that climate doom is years away. We cannot do anything about it — except raise hoards of money in the meantime.

As to the Super Bowl, I was amazed to see every sportscaster on the panel call it early for Philadelphia. It was so bad that when it came to Terry Bradshaw, he felt guilty for also backing the Eagles and said so. The unanimity almost made him take the other side, but he didn’t. I even wondered if that might have raised the odds against Kansas City?

Oh but then we have the golden dunce in the Oval Office (part time anyway), who is fond of always saying “it’s never a good idea to bet against America.” Except that they do constantly, bet against America. That’s in vogue. They’ve been betting that way for years. They’ve been hedging every bet they make on a loosing America.

The Left acts on it too. They’ve already conceded to an open border. They openly reject a wall or any border defense. They’ve squandered our national potential and resources. They’ve caved into policies that cannot sustain America. They wished away our energy security and then depleted our reserves. Then act as if they are being reasonable about it. But it is not reasonable or intelligent. It’s mind-numbing belief and ignorance. Yet here they are hedging bets against America.

However, the worst part is when they do not get their way or their hair-brained predictions do not come true. When inconvenient facts emerge, there is popular revolt. Now they are building the same belief and expectations into entitlements for illegals or for reparations that, if ultimately rejected, will cause backlash and civil disorder if it does not materialize. Predictions and expectations can be dangerous.

Back at the Super Bowl, none of the broadcasters admitted their prediction errors later. Like it never happened. But KC’s Kelcee did mention it twice when they won. He told them “not one of you said Kansas City could win, not one.” No one answered his accusation. No response. Denial.

The punch line is simply: it starts with a Super Bowl game and then, before you know it, you are dealing with nuclear warfare.

Caution: welcome to the wacky, dangerous world of guaranteed predictions.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

What’s In A Song?

On the Border by the Eagles. “Don’t you tell me ’bout your law and order.”

A great tune. originally written by the Eagles as an anti-Dick Nixon song. But over the years, a lot has changed since ’74. Hey, “I thought this was a private line.”

Begging the question does politics make great songs; or do great songs make crazy politics?

Three Letters Of Conspiracy

Flashback alert. One popular thing among kids way back was theorizing about who was really running the country? The real question though was the President in control, running the country or not? A number of ideas would come up at any given time.

The common idea was, whoever the president, he probably could not be running it. Popular theory was either the military industrial complex (ref IKE) or any number of shadowy, unelected people who, behind the scenes, actually pulled the strings of control . It was only a guess but about as popular as sci-fi was in those days.

Now today we can say for certain from a body of public information that this president is definitely not running the show. Still, shadowy others lurch in the background who do run it. That can hardly be contested or debated anymore. It’s self-evident this president is not in control of his own faculties let alone a behemoth government, which got even bigger since the old days. (when you walked to and from school uphill both ways)

We have pretty good ideas on others who do have their hands on the levers, most of whom are in the executive branch anyway. People can and do speculate. However, a weird possibility pops up now, stranger than all the old conspiracies. It lies within one agency.

Back to the reasons it is important to have some trust in a president. We wouldn’t want a guy who is potentially compromised who could be blackmailed. But that is the exact situation we have. There’s no doubt Biden is compromised and open to blackmail.

But today, some of those who could potentially blackmail him are within this country. I don’t mean his unsavory contacts over the years, even those in his family. A blackmailer would have to know things or something so important it compromises the integrity of the office. Again, that would be a 3-letter agency right in our government apparatus.

How is that, you ask? Well, undoubtedly the FBI knows more about Joe Biden than anyone else, outside of Biden Inc. Think about the treasure trove of information they have or know about Joe — many years’ worth. They even have Hunter’s laptop sitting on a secret shelf. So is the FBI capable of blackmailing the president? Again, yes. What have they not been willing to do or exploit over recent years? Experience says yes.

Now let’s go back to who is actually in control of the White House, or the country. Someone would have to have the dirt on him in order to control the strings of power. Controlling those strings also means deciding if he should run for president. If they decided no, Joe may not even have a chance. They could destroy him or render him unfit. So who could destroy Joey and also knows all the dirt? You come up with one entity.

But who has also proved they have power to influence elections or control the political dialogue? Are we talking about the same shadowy people who are also in that 3-letter agency? I think so. Why else would they act as arrogant as they do. They made him and they can end his presidency, seems to be their deduction.

No longer do you have to worry about malicious foreign actors when you have a conniving cadre within government operating the same way. Bureaucrats move over, there’s a new sheriff in town. The “seven ways to Sunday” agency is very large and in charge, or so they believe. What we think of it becomes only an opinion. Just saying…

So Joey, how would you like a nice counter-intell investigation to go with your morning oatmeal and afternoon nap? Make us an offer we can’t refuse. You’re going to do what?


Wikipedia: “Variations of the deep state have existed as popular conspiracy theories in the United States since the 1950s.

“Although the term ‘deep state’ is thought to have originated in Turkey in the 1990s, belief in the concept of a deep state has been present in the United States since at least the 1950s. A 1955 article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, quotes Americans sharing their belief in the existence of a “dual state”: a hidden national security hierarchy and shadow government that monitors and controls elected politicians.”

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

A Squatters’ Paradise

One might have predicted it but all should have expected it. After months of record-breaking increases of illegals crossing the border, we now have the consequences. And aren’t they lovely?

We witnessed the massive infusion from open borders. We saw Governor Abbott busing off some of the hoards. And we witnessed the complaints about what he was doing.

Then we saw NYC Mayor Eric Adams complaining what a monumental expense it was to handle them — house, feed, clothe, medical expenses, educate and subsidize their every need. So he turned to blame the administration and ask for mo’ money to meet the needs. Well, Joey had already paid charities plenty of money to assist illegals, even in the record numbers. But Adams needs to pay for all the expenses.

They housed illegal immigrants in a luxury hotel in NYC, complete with all the amenities anyone would expect from a luxury hotel. They had ethnic meals and room service to cater to their every whim. For illegals, what is not to like? What is there to complain about? The food didn’t quite meet their desires.

But they had plenty of other benefits. And that is the problem, so they didn’t want to leave and go elsewhere when they already settled into their new digs. I mean the nerve of someone interrupting their entitled services for any reason.

Mayor Adams and others decided to move them to another location, but the illegals didn’t like that. Why should they have to give up a gravy train in any way? Who else but they deserves these all-star benefits at our expense? It’s worth the trip. All they had to do was cross the border and voila: a whole wonderful utopia awaits them with every amenity possible , just ready to be enjoyed. Fantasy Island, move on over. Why wouldn’t they want to come? “Go to America; they are giving everything away for free.” Except it isn’t free.

How many messages do you think were sent from that hotel back home or to others already on the way, complete with pictures? “Look what you get when you come here. The food needs a little seasoning, and and the shrimp is a little small but other than that…”

So when word came down that they were moving them to Brooklyn, it really angered them. “You cannot expect us to be happy with second-rate accommodations after this!” A spokesman for illegals said that there are enough over-funded departments like the police, which could be easily cut in order to have plenty of resources to give new arrivals.

Some people might even consider those sentiments ungrateful. But this is what our own government and public officials have done — squandered the taxpayers’ money on lavishing it on illegals.

As if all this were not bad enough, a teacher in a Rhode Island school sent out an email about a student who owed coyotes money for bringing them to the US. It suggested people chip in to help the child pay off the ransom. Now it doesn’t matter that days later the principal condemned the email. It was already done though. I’m sure they will find another way to put money in his hands and pay it off. And this could have only encouraged more of the same ‘just take it’ attitude.

One has to wonder if that is just what the US has turned into, a squatters’ paradise? It is now up to the rest of us to support them. Well, once it starts you know the rest.

Right Ring | Bullright | 2023

Hunter’s Dark Arts Dealer

Wait, before they turn Hunter Biden into some pseudo-messiah, consider the source.

So the guy is an expert in the dark arts of corruption, he knows talent when he sees it. Consequential… yeah that’s the word.


‘His art gives us hope’ Art dealer claims Hunter Biden ‘will become one of the most consequential artists in this century’

Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Bergès, has claimed that Biden will be among “the most consequential artists in this century,” according to Fox News Digital.

Some people have been suspicious that the art career of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter could facilitate a pay-for-play scheme.

But Bergès has high praise for Hunter Biden and his work.

“I represent Hunter Biden because I feel that not only his art merits my representation, but because his personal narrative, which gives birth to his art, is very much needed in the world,” Bergès said in a statement, according to Fox News Digital. “His is a story of perseverance; Hunter’s story reflects what I believe is the beauty of humanity, judged not by the fall, but by having the strength to rise up, by having the character required to change and the courage to do it. Hunter Biden’s art reflects all of that and more. His art gives us hope; it reminds us that tomorrow brings a new day, a new beginning, a new possibility.”

“Hunter Biden will become one of the most consequential artists in this century because the world needs his art now more than ever,” he claimed. “In a world that beats us down, we need art in our lives that reminds of the unrelenting divinity within each of us.”

In 2021, Artnet News quoted Bergès as opining that “all the prices that people are saying he’s worth right now, 10 years from now that’s going to be a cheap Hunter Biden painting.”

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability chair Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) has asked Bergès to turn over information pertaining to Hunter Biden’s artwork and participate in a transcribed interview with committee staff.

“The Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating President Joe Biden and his family’s foreign and domestic influence peddling schemes,” Comer noted in a January 25 letter to Bergès. “During the 117th Congress, Committee Republicans wrote to you requesting information regarding your gallery’s sale of artwork by the President’s son, Robert Hunter Biden. You did not respond to these requests, but you have since hosted another Hunter Biden art exhibit at your SoHo gallery. The Committee is reiterating its request for documents related to the Committee’s investigation of the Biden family and is requesting you appear for a transcribed interview.”


Dissing the Constitution in Davos

Here is Chris Wray in Davos bragging to global tyrants that we don’t have a Constitution in the US anymore. He laid that on the altar of the WEF.


“The sophistication of the private sector is improving… and particularly important, the level of collaboration between the private sector and the government, especially the FBI, has made significant strides.”

“Significant strides” = means tearing apart the US Constitution.

Then he condemns China for not following the rule of law.

Wray and the FBI are not protecting the US from global threats; they have become allied to the Globalist threat. Fighting and controlling the people is job one, not fighting crime.