Dems and the Disgruntled Black Vote

Whoomp there it is! Tavis Smiley made this stunningly honest revelation on Democrats and their coveted black vote, on ABC while sitting next to Bill Kristol.

Let me call this one “the burnout of the turnout.”

Real Clear Politics

There’s a front-page story, George, as you know, in “The New York Times” today. They talk about the black vote is what the Democratic Party is relying upon now to save the Senate. News flash: if you’re relying on the black vote, in a midterm election — and I’m not suggesting that black voters don’t care about this — but if you’re relying on that vote, then I think it’s uninspired because we have double- and triple-digit unemployment in the African American community.

SMILEY: But if you’re black or brown, let’s be frank about this. If you’re black or brown, other than helping to save the Democrats’ hide, give me three good reasons [that] you turn out the vote this time.

Now I’ll catch hell for saying that…

See w/ video

So you smell what he’s cooking? It’s too much truth for prime time news or NYT though.

He was responding to a NYT piece: (discussing Clinton’s ad appealing to blacks)
Urging Blacks to Vote for Clinton for Obama’s Sake, and Their Own

THE AD The actor Morgan Freeman’s unmistakable voice poses a simple question: “What does showing up when it’s time to vote actually mean?” Images of President Obama — at his 2008 election-night rally, and leading thousands of people commemorating the 50th anniversary of the march in Selma — answer the question. “You care about protecting his legacy, and our progress.”

Get that handoff? You only “care” if you go support Hillary Clinton. So if you don’t vote, you don’t care and you are not preserving Obama’s legacy. The question is, or should be, why should blacks be interested in preserving the legacy of someone who didn’t care about them, and did nothing really for them?

You got that right… to protect Obama’s legacy not theirs. Then trust and hand off that support — and legacy — to Hillary. There are a lot of specious connections there.

The message: black voters need to propel Hillary to victory. But why?

For one thing, Hillary and her gal pal, AFT union president, Randi Weingartner, will do nothing for schools and education choice. And Clinton will do nothing for jobs or the economy either since the only one Hillary is concerned about is the pay to play, Washington-beltway economy.

But then does Obama — or blacks for that matter — actually believe Hillary is all that concerned with preserving and protecting his legacy? Believing a Clinton?

Hurricane Matthew not bad enough for GW gurus


Government Slaves Info

[10/26/16] J.D.HEYES– Only the sickest, most warped and ideologically polluted minds would secretly hope for greater death and destruction to their own people and country, but such is the case with “climate change” zealots.

As pointed out by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), it was former President Obama crony and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who once infamously remarked that political leaders should never let serious crises “go to waste,” because they can use them to advance a political agenda where they could not do so before.

As for the recent Hurricane Matthew, it appears as though a number of political operatives and true believers in the global warming religion likely wanted it to be worse than it actually was (which, to many people, was bad enough).

See more:

And they had such high hopes and plans for massive catastrophe. Never let a crisis go to waste, you know.

Obama’s lease expired

Obama fashioned a new stump speech to campaign for Hillary in which he talks about himself. But he’s campaigning for Hillary, on his questionable approval ratings.

As the mantra goes, his “lease is up” and he is leaving the White house. Boo-hoo. Then he tells people that he is looking around to make sure he didn’t break anything so the Obama’s can get back their deposit.

Well, it is a little hard to compare the White House to the typical lease agreement many people have. But that is what he does. The terms cause the outrage.

It is not the deposit part that got me, it is the idea of him looking around to make sure he didn’t break something. What a metaphor to work with. Rich, “Break something?”

Let’s see what Obama broke. How about the Justice Department for starters? Then the IRS targeted political opponents. He politicized every department in government, even politicized the military. Politics is always in the air in DC, but he took it to new lows.

Nothing was beyond politicization to Obama. In fact, he acted as if that was the cure for everything, just what it needed. Sure, he complained about the politics. Yet he politicized the EPA, the borders, immigration. He expanded the Executive Order and process. He even politicized national security. He made “Global Warming” his ideological agenda. He substituted politics for dialogue. He lied to us about a terrorist attack.

He announced to our enemies what he will not do and downplayed their strategy and threats. He broke our government. Then he ran up the tab and stuck us with the bill. That’s what he did. Now he is making darn sure he didn’t break anything?

How about breaking our healthcare system? But he is not done, just out of time.

So Obama wants his deposit back. Well, we want our place back. But after what he has done, it’s hard to even recognize the place. It has depreciated rather than increased in value. Like Hillary, he used the office for his own personal benefit.

Now he is looking for his security but what about ours? He also broke the public trust and divided the country more than it’s been in modern times. The people want a change election and he is opposing that. We choose our tenant and leaders not him. He wants to get his deposit back and tell us who to lease to. Obama is only worried about his security.

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ISIS and Democrats: apples to apples

Of all the comparisons I have, the one I come back to time and again is comparing Democrats to ISIS, or more directly to Islamic radical terrorists. It works. Some people would say that is a bit extreme. But I think it applies and not in a forced way.

Why? First of all, because radicalism is big part of their strategy. And because terrorizing to influence people is, by nature, their goal. Political objectives of both may be murky at times but it drives their strategy.

Radicalism is the central connection. When I think about the Democrats, and party in particular, the term that always comes up is radicals. Obama confirmed that. After the last 8 years, it is hard to deny Democrats are radical. It’s their M/O and in their DNA.

Now that leaked emails about the inner workings of the DNC and Hillary’s campaign came out, it only confirms what we knew by their own words. Democrats’ talk amongst themselves exposes their mindset.

This could be a very long post…but it’s not. Or as Rep. Ted Poe from Texas says:
… “and that’s just the way it is.

MSNBC on Rigged Elections

From the oddest source on the topic, in MSM, even Morning Joe attacks phony media hype about Trump’s reference to rigged elections. What a collection of truth.

Well, and they didn’t even mention the Al Franken race that went on for how long? (I think he gets some kind of record)

MSNBC for one said it. They decided right away they didn’t want to die on that lie.

H/T to Conservative Tribune

The Central Factor is Time

Looking across the spectrum of all these problems today, the one common denominator and leading factor in all of our issues or problems seems to be time.

How many songs have been written about time? It’s the one known factor and one thing we have no control over. And time is pressing.

Plug time into anything and it gives you the known variables. How much time do we have? How much time does it take to fix it? How much time is necessary to get the desired results? How much time is being wasted by ignoring the problems? How much time is wasted for all sorts of reasons? In the end, does the clock have enough time available to turn the situation(s) around?

So many people may be looking for a new clock by now. Some may be resigned that it is not even possible anymore. Some are just complacent that it even matters — with so many other concerns upon them. But then, time alone will not fix things either. It can only make the problems a little older.

Just a few general thoughts about the general factor in all our issues, time. We don’t have much left in this election.

Yet there is one other thing that I noticed, politically. Democrats have this habit of overreaching. Of course that is only a byproduct of their politics. They are constantly trying to push the outer limits on everything — whatever it is — as far as they can go. So the natural extension of that is to overreach.

The problem is that it does not seem to bite them more often, if at all. They are now floating the idea of not just beating Trump and getting the White House, but that this could even be a wave election for them in Congress. See what I mean about overreaching? It never ends with Libs, progressives, socialists, whatever they call themselves.

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Hillary, apology wanted in isle #1

Ahead of Al Smith Dinner, Cardinal Dolan says Hillary owes Catholics an apology

Lisa Bourne | Life Site News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, October 19, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan called for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to disassociate herself from anti-Catholic statements made by her campaign chairman and said the remarks were “extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics.”

Asked about the anti-Catholic comments after speaking at The Bishop’s Respect Life Dinner on Monday night for the Diocese of Colorado Springs, Cardinal Dolan suggested that had other faith traditions been the target of the prejudiced remarks, there would have been a swift apology and absolute disavowal of them.

But as far as an apology from Clinton for the remarks demeaning Catholics, “Hasn’t happened yet,” Cardinal Dolan said.

Emails released last week by WikiLeaks showed Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri, both Catholics, in conversations with activists from two left-wing organizations. In the emails, Catholics were debased, with their beliefs being called “severely backwards.” Conservative Catholics also were accused of “an amazing bastardization of the faith,” and Rupert Murdoch was mocked for baptizing his children as Catholics in the River Jordan.

The U.S. Church’s bishops were slammed in the emails as well, referred to as “a middle ages dictatorship.”

Palmieri said in one of the emails she thought conservatives that had come to Catholicism did so because “they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion,” and that “their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”

Podesta admitted to helping launch a “progressive” infiltration of the Church in another email, and he took an active role in attempting to incite a liberal Catholic revolt against the U.S. bishops.

“We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this,” Podesta wrote. “But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up.”

The “Catholic Spring” Podesta referred to had been broached in the email by Center for Progress President Sandy Newman, who had pondered, how one would “plant the seeds of the revolution,” or “who would plant them.”

Newman wrote Podesta:

Hi John. This whole controversy with the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage even though 98% of Catholic women (and their conjugal partners) have used contraception has me thinking … There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church.

The statements “are just extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics,” Cardinal Dolan told ABC affiliate News Channel 13 on Monday.

“If it had been said about the Jewish community, if it had been said about the Islamic community, within 10 minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distancing from those remarks,” he continued.

“Hasn’t happened yet,” he stated.

The cardinal, who is chair of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, then said he’d like to see the Democratic candidate disassociate herself from the offending comments.

“I’m hoping that she’s going to distance herself from these very insulting remarks by her chief of staff,” Cardinal Dolan said.

He also told the news station that he trusts people to be guided by their moral convictions, and he expects people to be “acquainted with the issues.”

The Clinton campaign has not acknowledged the anti-Catholic emails, though they have been played down by at least one Democratic operative and Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, also a Catholic.

Catholics, some of who have also called for Podesta’s firing, have roundly criticized the email comments.

Original article

Ordinarily, these should be defining comments of controversy. But the media yawns, even at the talk of organizing and supporting a revolution within the RCC. Those remarks should send tidal waves through both the Catholic Church and political circles.

Think it matters to people? It certainly doesn’t seem to matter one bit to Lamestream media. For Camp Hillary, it is just one more thing to deny and ignore. But people should be outraged at this by a presidential campaign.

Another controversial issue arose at the debate, where Trump mentioned the brutal late-term abortion process. Well, media and pundits were abhorred at that language and how Trump talked about it. Oh, one needs to be careful with language but careless with life? These are the times. Hillary’s rebuttal was as bad. But there is no defense for the indefensible…. and that is the problem.

No apology even for their comments endorsing a RCC revolution. Yet they call us out for how we describe partial-birth or late-term abortion that Hillary supports in lockstep with Planned Parenthood.

Hillary’s response to Trump was:

Well, that is not what happens in these cases and using that kind of scare rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate.

“Scare rhetoric?” — Or as Leftists often call abortion “reproductive autonomy,” and a “health care decision”. Most of us call it killing babies and the business thereof. But credit Trump with broaching the subject at the debate.

A preface to a larger post

This is a preface to a piece I had in my drawer for months, and the product of months of thoughts on this election. It is a little nostalgia and a little rant, written over time.

Lengthy but I hope you could take time to read it. It is as finished and before the Clinton DOJ deal went down. I didn’t bother to update it. Everyone knows what happened. Things have only got worse since.

A lot has been said about this election, yet there is much that has not. This is just one individual take during the ongoing process. One other caveat is that I have never seen the amount of bias and outright campaigning from MSM. They cast their vote everyday. We get but one chance to vote. Theirs, in media, is ongoing right up to election day.


A rendezvous with “we the people”


 Friends, conservatives, and Republicans:

We are in trying times today. As Thomas Paine put it before the Revolution, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” And such times demand our resolve to face problems as well as the duties to our country. In doing so, we’ve been presented with few options: on one hand is socialism du jour, as evidenced in the Democratic Party and unanimously confirmed in their first debate. On the other, we see it in lesser doses in the establishment Republican Party.

The people have spoken loudly in our season of discontent. Every political power is now deemed either suspect or incredible — seen only as gatekeepers to tired, recycled ideas from over 50 yrs of experiments concluding with one failure after another. We’ve seen, felt, tasted and digested what these tired ideas mean and what they offer.

Are we now reduced to accepting these ideas as mainstream for the greatest bastion of freedom the world has offered? Are we now to cede defeat and crawl into a corner forced to fight our way out of one failure after another? Or are we going to choose the high point and seize this moment of sober reality to finally stand on time-tested principles that built this great country from a European annex? Do we salvage Constitutional limits and validate time-honored principles; or do we stand with all the nations that succumbed to the socialistic, euphoric mirage?

As Reagan spoke of in ’64, this is a time of choosing.

We have two separate choices, in as much as politicians and the establishment will say we have a limited choice. Our choices are not ascribed for us by some political elites — hard as they try — but are reserved for us a once free people. Should we preserve that freedom and choice; or cast it off to those who presume to “know better” on our behalf? Who gave them the power to write our future? Look at the record of entrenched establishment.

Two elections ago, the Democrats said ‘hope and change’ was a choice. We found that hope in their change was no choice at all and offered no hope; but an authoritarian dictate from on high in Washington. While we fret and mourn over what has become of our system of government, they’ve insisted all along that we have less and less choice with every election. Until we have none. They’ve seen to it this far, with their preferred candidates on both sides, that we have little to no choice.

On the left, they strive for the most Marxist leaders they can find, be they from ivory towers or the ranks of political radicalism that’s run amok for years. On the right, we are sautéed in mediocrity, while conservatives are branded extreme and instructed to tone down our choices — especially on candidates — to acceptable ones. But acceptable to whom?

While some would say we have already made our choice and now must live with it, I disagree. Do they tell slaves of despotic regimes that they have no choice? Do they tell them to just get used to the status quo then find some scraps to benefit from? No. But in this country, they scold us that such prescriptions are wise to accept. If we have the resolve to do anything of value, for posterity and ourselves, it must be to break these self-imposed chains of slavery we struggled under for years.

That resolve is the only hope we have for the change we desperately need. Their hope and change in 2008 was more of the Washington-run, top-down despotism we’ve suffered under for decades. It showed its face soon after Reagan, and built upon their federal approach on everything from growing crops to what kind of healthcare we should have. Now it has gun control in its sights, sees Climate Change as our greatest threat, and immigration as a doorway to perpetual political power — one-way political power.

And these no-choice politics have come with a heavy cost and an even greater political one. Go along to get along is the strategy, make no waves, compromise is the bomb. Mediocrity is the king, queen and stalemate. We now face the enemy and as Pogo says, “and the enemy is us.”
We have a rendezvous with “we the people.”

The descent to this point has taken years, but the fastest decline has been over the last 8 years. Change has come over us like a sinister fog. During this time, they made every attempt to reach as far into the future as possible to saddle us with the irreversible tyranny of one man, holding our future hostage to all the negative effects.

We saw it in Obamacare, in the Keystone pipeline, in environmental policy, in the IRS targeting, in EPA regulations. Even in foreign engagements and the Iran deal that put our future security on the line for an evasive treaty no one liked, and details we weren’t privy to.

The question now facing us is can we find an ally in ourselves to repel this spiral, to lay claim to the tried and true that made this nation great? Can we find enough satisfaction in doing so to drown out their whining criticism we’ve grown accustomed to? Can we project ourselves forward on the will to right the wrongs and record?

This is the mission …should we accept it.

We passed the fork in the road way back. Do we blaze a new trail to the main road or continue on this highway to ruin? We have a mandate: to save ourselves and posterity from impending doom. The odds have been slanted against us.

The current administration has done its level best to commit future administrations to their schemes and dreams of now. Or their “urgency of now”. They’ve reached far past their own political terms to chain our future to their agenda. We’ve seen the arrogance of power. And it’s ugly.

But this onslaught assault has not come just from the Left. We’ve had many in this Party that would rather settle for an ever-evolving progressive agenda than stand the ground.

In ’64, Ronald Reagan asked a provocative question: “But seriously, what are we doing to those we seek to help?” Sometimes I too wonder. Democrats have continually said we need to help this or that group; that the rich need to pay their fair share(yet to be determined), that we are compassionless, that social justice needs to correct the errors of our system and our past.

Note, they don’t mind saying their new system has errors, just as long as they get to apply their gratuitous “solutions.” Democrats don’t offer solutions only more problems. Then we’ll have to fix their solutions. A hamster on a treadmill has a more rational purpose.

We were told the Affordable Care Act would save people money. They also said it would save our budget money. According to the GAO’s report, it found:

“For 10 fictitious applicants, GAO tested application and enrollment controls for obtaining subsidized health plans available through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace) (for New Jersey and North Dakota) and two selected state marketplaces (California and Kentucky).

Although 8 of the 10 fictitious applications failed the initial identity-checking process, all 10 were subsequently approved by the federal Marketplace or the selected state marketplaces. Four applications used Social Security numbers that, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), have never been issued, such as numbers starting with “000” Other applicants had duplicate enrollment or claimed their employer did not provide insurance that meets the minimum essential coverage.” GAO

Their report concluded:

“Our undercover testing for the 2015 coverage year found that the health-care marketplace eligibility determination and enrollment process remains vulnerable to fraud.”

So they admit it is failing and open to fraud. Surely, a fix is in the works. Not only is eligibility and enrollment plagued with failure, what about cost? Well, we’ve now had a 13% jump in healthcare spending since 2014.

They said in promoting ObamaCare: “ObamaCare decreases the deficit and debt with cost controlling provisions and taxes, but subsidies, protections, and healthcare spending may result in more debt over the long term if no further changes are made.”

We made their “changes” and now the Government spent 936 billion on healthcare programs while spending 882 billion on Social Security, by comparison.

The lesson here is things often don’t work as government plans or says it will. How’s all that savings working out for you?

So the CBO said in 2015: “The federal government spent more on health care than on Social Security for the first time ever.”

Another thing they constantly repeated is that people would like it once enacted. Well, the enrollment expectation for 2016 is down by 7 million from expected enrollments.

The CBO now estimates 13 million people will buy insurance in 2016 under Obamacare. That’s down from the previous estimate of 20 million.

Then, their talk shifts. They say Obamacare would cost more to repeal it than to keep it. Would it? They keep telling us to look at the long term. What good is the long term if the short term bankrupts us?

According to The Hill:

“Though it predicts fewer customers, the budget office says the number of people receiving subsidies will be higher than expected. About 11 million people are expected to receive subsidies this year, compared to 8 million people in 2015.”

And while healthcare spending has grown more slowly in the last several years, the CBO is projecting that per-person spending on healthcare programs “will grow more rapidly than it has in recent years.” The cost of subsidies alone is expected to increase by $18 billion in 2016, reaching a total of $56 billion, and doubling that within a decade.

So that long term is not looking so good. But it was never built to be proven on results. All the lies we were fed to pass it would validate that. Remember, if you like your plan you can keep it? Now if you don’t like Obamacare we have to keep it anyway. If it was problematic to enact it, they wanted to make sure it is as problematic to repeal – despite its cost.

Pattern of deception

They made their “Iran deal” on a similar premise. It is far more costly and dangerous than they told us it was. And we saw the negative consequences almost immediately, which cannot be undone so quickly. They said that sanctions could be slapped right back on, but again not so quickly or easily as they promised. Still it was a treaty they pushed through under executive authority.

Then there was the executive immigration action. Obama claimed he didn’t have the authority, and then turned around and did it anyway. He claimed to be something of a Constitutional expert who taught the Constitution. Then he was slapped down in case after case for unconstitutional actions.

The justice department was held in contempt by Congress. The IRS played executive-branch politics. Remember the “not a smidgen of corruption” and the deleted hard drives? The administration defied the American people. EPA was writing law. On the eve of reelection, we had a terrorism attack evading all accountability, at all levels — a video snafu we were told.

Now, this year, we had the first self-admitted socialist running for office on the Democrat side. He claims that raising your taxes will save you money in his ideal system.

You see, the conventional wisdom is lowering taxes will spur economic growth. But raising taxes is the means to the Left. They want to raise taxes in order to grow government. Of course once having grown the government, those new taxes still won’t be enough to support it. So then they’ll promise more government growth in order to raise your taxes more. Remember the hamster and treadmill?

Why should that surprise us when even the Vice President informed us in 2009 that we have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt? Get it? Biden said:

“You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt? The answer is yes, that’s what I’m telling you.”

So we find bankruptcy is actually a spending deficit.

Now in this same time of vote harvesting on the Left, the other candidate declared that, despite jeopardizing our national security, she did “nothing illegal.” Well, if she did nothing illegal or wrong, then something is really wrong. The same Democrat frontrunner equivocated her 11 hours of Congressional testimony to the 13 hours of self-sacrifice trying to save lives and our interests from being abandoned by the administration, engulfed in election politics — which resulted in 4 dead Americans, including our Ambassador.

The same frontrunner, when questioned if she still believes in a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, asked a reporter “don’t you?” She said they (VRC) are even better funded now, and apparently more accomplished. Well, if such a group were even more committed, then wouldn’t it have the indictment of Hillary as a feather in its hat by now? Never mind that conspiracy she herself has been engaged in for 25 years to worm her way into the White House, under whatever pretensions it takes.

Congress is still investigating her actions from her tenure as Sec of State. No, not because of the VRC but because of her evasive cover up for years. At this time, the FBI is still grinding its way through Hillary’s server vs. national security investigation. But she told us that no, they are not investigating her and reiterated that she did nothing wrong; that her predecessors had set the precedent for her private server arrangement. So you, too, can work at the highest level in government and install your own private server. Ridiculous. If it is nothing illegal, then maybe it ought to be?

Hillary announced she was an experienced progressive. I think we know that. But then she laid claim to a term some fellow travelers have given her, a “moderate.” She says she will gladly take that label. Which is it: is she a moderate or a real progressive? Well, now progressives are moderates.

Then we had the revelation from Kerry in the State department that he expects some of the Iran-deal money to be used to fund terrorism. So now we are funders of terrorism. Are we seeing a pattern here? He also implied that the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo was justified by some logic that escapes me right now. Am I hearing right? Of course it’s my ears, or our ears, that are the problem. So their security agreement with Iran is a giant windfall for Iran. Who knew? We did. Yet it gave Iran what they hadn’t had before, the right to enrich. And enrich they will, in more than one way. They’re also giving Iran lots of money. Check and check.

Folks, the list could go on and on, with one void of reason and logic after another. Maybe it is a black hole they are constructing that soon in the future will swallow us up?

Vote harvesting it is. But let’s not lose sight of the consequences of this “hope and change.” It’s a moving target. Their faith-based campaign has produced fruit. When Obama said he would fundamentally transform our system, he also wanted to fundamentally transform the way we look at politics. I often wonder how Democrats can even believe in all this “change you can believe in?”

Much has been made about this thing called “mainstream” for over a decade. Apparently socialism is mainstream now. In the Iowa primaries we discovered in a poll that 43% of Democrats polled describe themselves as socialists, and 38% capitalists. Mainstreaming complete.

You see, on the left they’re expected to elect the most progressive candidate they can. But on the right, we are told we must heed the moderate voices. Well great, now that they’ve defined what “moderate” is – progressive light. Yet the one word they have not revised and extended is conservative. So far it has not been corrupted.

Taxes and raising them is important to Democrats, as Bernie reminded us. He wants to tax Wall Street and big banks. He wants to raise taxes on middle class to save them money. Obama wants to enact a 10-dollar tax on each barrel of oil. Then Democrats and some Republicans have advocated for a gas(fuel) tax for years now between .25 and .65 per gallon. Gives new meaning to flex-fuels. (ha)

They think this is the perfect time to raise taxes with prices dropping. Roads and infrastructure is always the excuse. A lower price is always an opportunity for a tax.

Is there anything they haven’t found to tax? So its climate change all right, and taxagedon is in the works. Scorched earth. How long can this go on?

And when asked about their spending plans they say, “sure we pay for it.” But we all pay, and pay, every single day. They don’t have elections on the left…. they have spendathons. And people line up at their feeding troughs.

These sunshine patriots tax in the good times and tax in the bad times. They’re ‘fair weather offenders.’So this is the environment that we have.

The question is how do you break up the syndicate? It’s not enough to rename it: Marxism, communism, socialism, progressive, Democratic socialism. Names are not its objective, results are. And while we’ve seen the results time after time, they insist we must do more of it not less.

Let’s turn the page to what Americans really believe in, to the values that got us through some of the worst times. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness were not slogans. But we became a slogan nation with empty “hope and change.” We replaced words with soliloquy, clichés and sound bites. Oh “it’s the economy, stupid”… and we would be stupid for thinking it really is the economy.

When ideas don’t pan out the way they promised, they tell us it is just a communication problem and we don’t understand correctly. But people do understand and they don’t like it. They know we cannot continue this false “hope and change,” as Hillary says we must.

The problems are not only synonymous with Democrats. In election after election we are told this election will address our very real problems. So we sent them to Washington only to be told, again, the next election will be critical. They are elected to campaign for the next election. And nothing is done. Remember the hamster and treadmill?

Others in Washington say they will co-opt them when they get there. So if they are not complicit in the anti-constitutional malaise, they are complacent to the point of going along to get along. “We can’t” is their chief response.

Now here we are faced with another decision.

But this time it is not to be just another faux deciding point. This time the people have decided it is going to matter or there will be a price to pay. Our survival and posterity is at stake. We were told to remain perpetually patient while nothing was done. Politics as usual has been the exclusive item on the menu. People were not satisfied. The powers that be have not been great at picking our candidates or our leaders. We can’t afford their choice.

It’s time for an ultimatum from “We the People”. It’s time to put commonsense back in politics and our election process. But can we?

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Comey guarded, then flushed the toilet

FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider

The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General’s office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.

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The FBI investigators all thought, unanimously, that her security clearance should have been yanked. Thanks, Comey — the ballyhooed ambassador of integrity — you torched FBI’s cred too.

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve… America lost. Snake eyes.
Take your parlor game with you.

All radicals all the time — Clintonistas

Welcome to the truth inside the Hillary campaign. (video)

What about the protest at the Chicago Trump rally? Well, surprise. (which is no surprise)

It doesn’t matter about legal… or ethics, we need to win this M-Fer.

We knew they were behind all this radicalism, but it is what they do.

Ever heard of Democracy Partners? Oh, the dark Hillary campaign that no media dares report on. Alive and thriving via Hillary’s campaign.

Sometimes the crazies bite…. sometimes they don’t. Portraying people as psychotic…. all sinister dark creatures of Hillary’s campaign.

“We want it coming from the people, not the Party.”

“We’re starting anarchy here.”

No-cred Morrell hallucinates in interview on Benghazi

What a stooge, Mike Morrell. Or as Red State so eloquently put it:

Why Morrell chose to set his credibility on fire and masturbate while dancing around it over this [Benghazi video] issue is a mystery that I’ll leave to psychiatrists to sort out.


Well, that about sums up Mike-the super CIA director-Morrell in his supporting role for Hillary Clinton. Morrell is just a shill for Hillary, seems to be a lot of that going around.


H/T to Red State

War on Christians is real… coming to your neighborhood

Hillary Clinton is a threat to religious liberty

By Marc A. Thiessen — Washington Post

Speaking to the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Clinton declared that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Religious beliefs have to be changed? This is perhaps the most radical statement against religious liberty ever uttered by someone seeking the presidency. It is also deeply revealing. Clinton believes that, as president, it is her job not to respect the views of religious conservatives but to force them to change their beliefs and bend to her radical agenda favoring taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

This is the context in which we must read a recently released trove of emails — which, according to WikiLeaks, come from the accounts of Clinton staff — showing the rampant anti-Catholic bigotry that permeates Clinton World.

In a 2012 email that WikiLeaks says was sent to John Podesta, now chairman of the Clinton campaign, Voices for Progress president Sandy Newman writes that “there needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic church” and proposed that the Clinton team “plant the seeds of the revolution” to change Catholic teaching. Podesta replies, “We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this . . . Likewise Catholics United.” He adds, “I’ll discuss with Tara. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the other person to consult.”

So members of the Clinton’s inner circle created front groups to foment a “Catholic Spring” — because, as their dear leader had announced, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” […/]

Yes, folks, the war on Christians and there faith is on but hardly new. Podesta seemed to validate that, they are working within the RCC to change their views.

Of course we knew that. So ending up with Pople Francis, then the press touting his liberal views, is right on schedule. We’re well aware of that. When have the press and media been absolutely giddy about a Pope?

It’s Just what the doctor ordered, if you are in the Posesta or Hillary camp.

Couple that with a past statement of Chuck Schumer during a confirmation hearing about people with “deeply held beliefs” — i.e. religious beliefs. (can you say dog whistle?)

Catholic League — in 2003

At the hearing on his nomination held by the Senate Judiciary Committee in June, [nominee William Pryor] was sharply questioned, notably by New York Democratic Senator Charles E. Schumer, about whether his “deeply held beliefs” would not prevent him from impartially upholding the laws. The word “Catholic” was never mentioned, just his “deeply held beliefs.” But the implication in all this questioning was strong and clear that any Catholic who took seriously the teachings of the Catholic Church would necessarily have to be pro-life, against so-called “gay marriage,” and so on; and thus in the opinion of these hostile senators would be unable to uphold the law as they expect to see it upheld, i.e., by affirming such court-imposed jurisprudence as legalized abortion.

And that was despite Pryor giving a defense for his positions based on the law.

Yet it is those recent bold admissions that should light your hair on fire about where the front is in the war on Christians. The boldness that Hillary declares it is just as insulting. reports

Last week, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that pro-life pregnancy centers are required to promote abortion, meaning, that if a pregnant woman comes to them not knowing what to do about her pregnancy, along with counseling her about adoption or keeping her own baby, they must also refer her to a local abortion clinic. /…

What an absolute outrage, and what an infringement on religious liberties, since these pro-life centers, which are invariably run by conservative Christians, are being forced to violate their sacredly held beliefs.

Hillary Clinton supports legislation like this, and she would absolutely appoint Supreme Court justices who would support this as well.

While not new, it is the culmination of years of work. But of course the thought of any such war on Christians, and their beliefs, is roundly ridiculed from their secularist silos.

Poo-pooed as ‘crazy talk’ and we’re crazy.

That is nothing but just another baseless denial. … coming to a ‘spring’ near you.

Simple messages

We now see Wiki Leaks has more credibility than our media, press. Yet Democrats want to question the validity or motivation of damning emails.

It’s proven that Wiki Leaks is more believable than Hillary, who “requires the willing suspension of disbelief.”

Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri refused to accept her own email that attacked Catholics as true. They called for a Catholic Spring revolution. Denial. But the next day she jumped to highlight NYT’s story about Trump as damning. Her head pivots like The Exorcist.

So Hillary just wants to discuss her policies — lie 10,001. But which policy does she want to talk about, the one she tells Wall Street bankers and special interests, or the one she tells the public in her campaign speech? Which person of Sybil is she? Legacy of lies.

John Podesta assured the Left that he was already hard at work on a revolution in the Catholic Church. Wait, Bernie Sanders, who was running on “revolution” within the Democrat Party, was smeared and put down. Progressives aren’t revolutionists, they are strict authoritarians. Power is their means which is why they want it so bad.

But progressive agnostics have disdain for Christians, Catholics and the Catholic Church, and its positions on morality and life. As Secretary of State, Hillary and the administration was in bed with Muslim Brotherhood fomenting the coup in Egypt.(Egyptians hold them responsible for much of the damage) So they have a great track record on revolutions.

Libya turned into a failed state. They interfered in elections, even in Israel. They armed terrorists. They should be tried for treason, and now they want to foment a “Catholic Spring” revolution. They are calling for a revolution, well, everywhere except in their Establishment Party control — because that’s who they are.

One of the central points Mike Pence has made is how this movement of people in the country is fed up and wants change. But — to follow the media narrative — if all these fed up people in the country are not a majority, then America has a big problem.

So, again, the Wiki Leaks have more credibility than the media and Hillary Clinton. But we the people are the ones who need a revolution to reform our establishment masters. If the progressives are engaged in revolution against anything, it is against we the people. Their total political control is being challenged and they can’t have that.

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The shaping of the political landscape

We are being told, for whatever their reasons, that the race is really over. Get used to the idea that Hillary has won — at least that is their message. They push their perception from all corners and media. What’s wrong with that… besides everything?

Problem number one is that there are some things not lost on the Left, at least the greater Left not enthralled with Hillary. They only wish they could successfully take on their party establishment in an effective way to usher in change. (certainly the Left doesn’t agree with the right) Though they would love and tried to stage a coup against their establishment status quo. And Wall Street connections are not popular with them.

So that creates the secret sauce. There is bound to be a lot of resentment within the Left having failed to take over and buck the entrenched elite estabos. They now immortalize Bernie the same way they did the Gore election, but to what end?

When the Left sees what the Republicans have done the one thing they cannot deny is that we effectively took on the party establishment. Sure there are fights and skirmishes now, which only proves the case. Even with the contempt of the anti-Trumpers and their establishment allies doing everything in their power to resist and fend off a takeover, they were not been able to put down the movement. They could not co-opt it either.

Now this has to be on the minds of some of the Left. They gave it a shot with Bernie, and it merged right back into business as usual. It was not even a real attempt that had a chance. It was fixed from the beginning. Leaked emails show it. They even had a blowup on the eve of their convention forcing DW Schultz to resign. Democrats and media stamped it all down easily, while they played up the dissatisfaction on the right. (they still are)

Republicans have to capitalize on that, as bad as it may seem to be on the right. We still achieved something the Left could not: we got a candidate nominated, through all those hurtles and protests thrown at us. Rub it in that the Establishment Party controls the Left. And having suffered through this coup attempt this year, Democrats will make sure it does not come that close to success again. There has to be some jealousy for what Republicans have accomplished. It must be extorted for all it is worth.

An Open letter to Spkr Ryan: Jeff Lord

An Open Letter to Speaker Paul Ryan: It’s time to leave.

by Jeffrey Lord
October 11, 2016, 6:44 pm

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I like you.

We both admired and worked for Jack Kemp at different stages of his career. I agree with much of your Kemp-style agenda. So it gives me no pleasure to say what is now abundantly obvious.

It is time for you to do the honorable thing and resign as Speaker of the House.

Your views on Donald Trump — and for that matter anything else — are between you and your constituents in Wisconsin. But most certainly what you do as Speaker of the House — which is to say as the leader of the Republican Party in the House and a senior leader in the national Republican Party — is to support the Republican presidential nominee elected by the voters. Amazingly you have dragged your feet repeatedly on one of your central responsibilities as a party leader. Now, with your latest statement refusing to defend Donald Trump — the Republican nominee and the elected leader the Republican Party — you have refused outright to perform your job as a senior party leader.

With that in mind, it is time to do the right thing — and the honorable thing: Resign the Speakership immediately.

To my dismay, you have chosen to disregard the long ago wisdom of Ronald Reagan that “a political party is not a fraternal order.” Instead, you have essentially joined forces with those who view the Republican Party as just that: a club. A combination fraternity/sorority and country club whose members — self-selected Congressmen and Senators, wealthy donors, consultants, and lobbyists — see themselves in high school terms as the “in crowd” and all the rest of their fellow Republicans — not to mention conservative Democrats and Independents — not as allies and supporters but as outsiders. Outsiders for whom the “insiders” have a fundamental contempt — a view that is strikingly similar to the view of Americans held by Hillary Clinton and the American Left at large.

Indeed, it is this “fraternal order” psychology that produced first the Reagan Revolution and has now produced Donald Trump. In both instances the base of the party was fed up with Republican elites whose view of America was centered on not principle but their own careers. It is precisely this mindset that — long before Donald Trump appeared on the scene — has given millions of Republican voters the belief that the Republican elites in Washington and elsewhere are, to borrow from Sean Hannity, feckless, weak and interested not in the country but only the preservation of their own careers. As Reagan well knew this kind of belief can be fatal to a political party. […/]

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Clinton media and terrorism in #2 debate: the victims

To those who have dismissed the warnings or concerns about the Bush and Clinton dynasty threats as legend or myth, I have a few bridges you might like.

“We have explored the temple of royalty, and found that the idol we have bowed down to, has eyes which see not, ears that hear not our prayers, and a heart like the nether millstone.” – Samuel Adams

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s how ruling class elitists think.

Hillary told us what she thinks of people. She puts them all in baskets and buckets. There’s the Bucket of Losers, the Basket of Deplorables that are irredeemable. There are basement dwellers. Here’s what even Hillary supporter Eleanor Holmes Norton said:

Daily Caller reports at a Global Business Travelers Association, Hillary said:

“[Terrorism] is not a threat to us as a nation. It is not going to endanger our economy or our society, but it is a real threat. It is a danger to our citizens here at home, and as we tragically saw in Boston, and to those living, working, and traveling abroad.”

The little, regular people down there worry about such things, but they don’t threaten our nation. Any threat to the people in mass should qualify as a threat to the country. But Terrorism is not a threat or danger to our economy or society? Yet Hillary constantly boasts at being around NY at 9/11 attacks.

Hillary does count Trump’s 11 year old private statements as a threat to society. But her and her husband’s decade of destroying women is not a problem.

“Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton that?”

Media was outraged that Trump brought up Clintons’ victims. They especially were animated that he called for a special prosecutor for Clinton’s server gate ordeal. They said that is what third world dictators do going after their political enemies. Calling for justice is the stuff of third-world politics. That anyone is not above the law is now third-world.

However, the very person at the center of the scandals, Hillary Clinton, was in the White House that gave us Filegate. That was when up to 900 FBI files were pulled on their political opponents and enemies. The press has such a short memory, especially on Clintons. Now they lecture us about the danger of language.

Hillary Clinton now obsesses about locker rooms. Ever notice Hillary brags about being in the Situation Room but she never mentions their “War Room” for dealing with their inconvenient “bimbo eruptions.” Oh, to when Bimbo Eruptions take priority over terrorism threats.

“How absurd, then, is it to draw arguments from the nature of civil society for the annihilation of those very ends which society was intended to procure!” – Samuel Adams; “American Independence” speech.

Asking the wrong candidate for apology

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt ‘f***ing ree-tards’ and referred to Jews as ‘stupid k***s’ while Bill called Jesse Jackson a ‘damned n****r,’ claims Bill’s former lover

Daily Mail UK | Caroline Howe — June 17 2016

  • Bill Clinton’s former lover Dolly Kyle claims the Clinton couple regularly used racial epithets in her new book, Hillary: The Other Woman
  • She writes that Hillary was caught on record blurting out the terms ‘stupid k**e’ and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d’
  • She says Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a ‘Goddamned n****r’
  • But rumors of Bill’s trysts with black women were rampant in Little Rock
  • One prominent black female newscaster bragged openly about her relationship with the governor, although ‘only’ indulged in oral sex
  • Bill Clinton’s ‘three strikes’ rule incarcerated 2.5 million people, including poor people of color who couldn’t afford lawyers during their trials
  • When Hillary moved to Arkansas, she looked down her nose at what she viewed as ‘ignorant hillbillies’

[and she’s been looking down at people since.]

Read more:

When will they start demanding apologies from Hillary for all her abuses? Like victimizing a 12 yr old rape victim and accusing her of not being a virgin who liked older men. She got the rapist off that destroyed her reproductive organs and brutally beat her.

Then she went on to her recent corruption of Benghazi, servergate, pay to play, six figure speeches, Clinton Foundation, Wall St ties scandals.

That’s an Advocate for women and children!

The News Blues

What happened to when news was news instead of a campaign narrative or talking points? No more, those days are gone. Treated to a constant stream of “news” bias, it’s hard to have any confidence in their news at all, on anything. Sliced and diced in their political filters, they dispense it like candy. Public confidence in it takes a hit.

What else is gone is any hint of objectivity. Wiki Leaks purged emails on Friday and within an hour a hot and ‘salacious’ tape appeared about Trump. It was private statements from a decade ago. A Hurricane running up the East Coast and the news shifted to “breaking news” of the Trump tape. So much for real, hard news. But the hurricane coverage does take precedence over Hillary’s Wiki Leaks story. I see what they did there.

Immediately an interjection came from John Podesta saying that Russia, likely behind the hacks, could have altered the emails. But how likely is that? So Podesta has a huge problem, it appears Wiki Leaks has so much more credibility than his own candidate.

It was your candidate who scrubbed and deleted 30 thousand emails, and had the State Department altering classification codes to suit their purpose. I’d go with Wiki hands down over a forgery claim. Funny thing about credibility, when it’s gone it’s gone.

Let’s not forget the Clintons’ Decade of Decadence and Hillary’s decade of destroying women. We learned a lot in the 90’s, didn’t we? The philosophy of “is” was critical to our intellectual acumen. We learned that impeachment was an ideal but highly unlikely. Now that we know that, we don’t even much question that route for Obama. It’s so like nineties, and we’ve “Moved On”. Sometimes news is no news.

The news that comes out now is time released like a pharmaceutical. It’s waiting to go off at the right political moment. News becomes ammunition to create the right ambience when needed. Collect it like baseball cards and trade it. Like everything else that has been politicized by the Left: government, national security, medical coverage, media, and even sports followed suit. News must fit their agenda.

There was a train wreck in Hoboken last week. The train came in at about twice the speed limit and showed no sign of breaking. Well, it wasn’t pretty. Black boxes will tell the story, they hope. One apparently was not functioning. But investigators will get to the bottom of it, surely, sometime. It just shouldn’t have happened, yet it did.

Our election is shaping up a lot like that train wreck. Trump came in too fast and didn’t apply the breaks as they suggested. They weren’t prepared for the fallout. It’s not pretty, but politics and train wrecks rarely are. They are both studied for the same reason, to try to avoid future damage.

Trump is no student of politics nor of standard operating procedures. He plotted his own route. But his plan was not the usual one. It was meant to interrupt the system, and it did. It was meant to derail the establishment control. We decided that, at some point, having all the estabishement running on time, per plan, was not the most efficient system. Corruption just breeds more corruption, and corruption breeds contempt.The wreck was inevitable.

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Hillary: actress and planted questions, surprise

What else would you expect from scripted Clinton, or Madam Secretary?

Bombshell: Hillary Caught Using Child Actor at Staged Town Hall

Girl who asked ‘body image’ question is daughter of dem State Senator
Steve Watson | – October 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall style question and answer exchange, this time with a child actor who was planted to ask Hillary a question about ‘body image’ and the way Donald Trump talks about women, which was repeated ad nauseum on mainstream media broadcasts.

The town hall event took place in Haverford, Pennsylvania Wednesday, with Clinton taking questions from people ‘chosen at random’.

When a 15-year-old girl popped up to ask Clinton about Trump’s past comments on women, it all seemed a little too scripted.

Sure enough, when YouTuber Spanglevision did some further investigating, it was revealed that this “random” girl in the crowd is a child actor named Brennan Leach.

What’s more, the girl’s father, just coincidentally is Pennsylvania democratic State Senator Daylin Leach, a staunch supporter of Hillary’s campaig


How about the image of corruption? How about the image of the past? How about the image of lying and countless hearings that could not pry the truth out of a so-called public servant? How about the image of being served by the public for decades, with no major accomplishments? How about the image of foreign policy failures?

Well, we get the scripted answers to questions she wants asked. Trust her, she knows about scripting questions and interviews. We get institutionalized deception.

(Wa Free Beacon) Talk show host Steve Harvey provided Hillary Clinton’s campaign with the exact questions he would ask of Clinton during a February interview, according to an internal campaign memo sent a week before the interview and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

We get a candidate of the establishment ruling class. We get called names, laughed at and mocked. We get an Heiress in waiting of the Nanny class. We get dynasty derby, that’s what we get. Examples? Don’t make me puke.

America, you want image and example? Don’t make the same Stooopid mistake again!

Want script? Then go read her book…. just don’t vote for her.