What Is Wrong With America?

I already know this is going to be a rant, so you are forewarned.

What is wrong with America? It would be simpler and easier to list what is right about America. But the Left never does that. The only thing they care to say is what in their view is wrong with America.

Hence, statures are removed, books are tossed out or banned, history is rewritten to show only negative views of America. Listening to the Left would be a Pravda goldmine or the old KGB’s best resource. (and probably is)

Now with all this negativity, there can’t be much room for any of the good about America. Something else is going on in the Left’s linguistic fantasies. They presume that if everyone is like them, in thought and belief, the world would be safe. (from what we don’t know) But if they could eliminate all people who don’t think like them, everything would be hunky dory. They can’t but it is a goal. They don’t care how it could be accomplished as long as they could get rid of us, like Hitler tried to do to the Jews.

The Bible tells us “the poor will always be with/among you.” So too the Left will always be among us. We accept this because what are the options anyway? The Left doesn’t think that way. It wants and demands complete unanimity. Their whole thought experiment is based on the concept of uniformity. Ideological purity is the goal.

The means to it is the only problem. But don’t think they aren’t working on it, theorizing and strategizing to that end. All they would have to do then is keep everyone thinking the same way, just like them. I didn’t say it was easy. That is certainly their mission. And they control a fair amount of institutional power to at least strategically attempt that.

The right, or conservative, traditional side has not barreled down that road at 100 miles per hour. We just haven’t because it is not realistic. This sort of puts us on the defense. We constantly have to make the case for why what they are doing is not a good idea. It doesn’t work but we have no other choice. We also warn them about the consequences of their schemes, to no avail. It is this constant defensive posture we seem locked into.

The Left has shown its cards, nothing short of unanimity is acceptable. We accept their plan is not possible and understand they will be with us, in some form, forever. We’ve seen nothing changes their rose-colored minds.

However, in the mean time, they are pretty horrible and miserable people to live with. You wouldn’t want them on a desert island with you.

But it really comes down to all this negativity they carry around, all the dislikes about America – or the west for that matter – sucking up all their oxygen. They know no way can they say anything good about America. Their perfection is the enemy of morality.

Now we have example after example of how this pans out with Covid. No one is right except them. So they are to the point where they are willing to make these absurd dictum. Vaccines offered us an insight into their collective mindset.

For instance, many Leftists have said that there should be rules for hospitals against treating non-vaccinated people. They already have rules for restaurants and businesses. Oh, and it doesn’t matter that the Supremes knocked down the mandate, they simply still tell businesses to enact requirements on employees.

Many more believe in a medical treatment litmus test but are not saying it. They think it. They want to make healthcare all but impossible if you are not vaccinated. This is part of what the mandates were all about. You will not be able to get services if you refuse the jab. You must be penalized and banned if you do not comply. That was only the setup.


Stepping into this fray are well-known people explicitly saying unvaxed people should be treated like lepers, who cannot be allowed around the rest of society. Rulemakers are the good people and non-conformists are the bad people. It sets the stage for a multitude of issues. Imagine the scenarios. This is only the current one but there will be others.

Their utopian view of society does not include diversity of opinion. It cannot. We all must think and feel the same way, or it all doesn’t work.

These elitist rule-makers would happily deny you any medical or emergency treatment if you are non-vaccinated. And they see no problems with that. This illustrates the problem we described in healthcare for years.

We told them healthcare could be rationed. We told them government control was not good over the entire industry. That it would take advantage of that control. We warned how government would use/abuse that power. They called that nonsense saying it would only ensure everyone is treated correctly. They called us conspiracists.

Well, we have exactly what we warned. Government gets to decide who gets care, how they get it, and how much they get based on its own rules. There could be an appeals process but who has time and resources for that?

The big problem I have is the amount of people who think this is a good idea – and just what the doctor ordered.

You can be denied virtually any life-saving treatment simply because you are not vaxed. That’s what they want. And if you think it requires legislation to happen, you are wrong. They just do it. They can have thousands of medical providers do it because of the investment from government, and its unilateral control.

Before we know it, we have an effective de facto policy banning those not vaccinated. But if they do it for vaccinations, what else can they do it with? Anything is the answer, anything they can describe as a danger to the greater whole or good.

Yes, that means politically too. You see how they maligned anyone who supported or voted for Trump. Now you don’t get life-saving treatment. Too bad so sad, consequences.


The hypocrisy is that leftists constantly rail about Jim Crow or apartheid. This is exactly what they are pushing. The black man can’t get a seat at the lunch counter; you cannot get a meal unless you prove you are vaccinated. You cannot get a flight, much less a job.

But the left doesn’t have cops around enforcing this; they have the private sector do it. They make them the watchdogs responsible or else they get fined. You start to see how the whole thing takes shape. The same way they enact new socialism, necessary compliance.

Instead of prohibiting discrimination they encourage it in all places. Codify discrimination.

We will have a complete new stasi state. Everyone complying with rules or policies of the state or unelected bureaucrats. Non-conformance is not an option, ban resistors.

But we warned them of the direction rationalized healthcare would go. We warned them about nationalizing elections. We warned them about banning and cancel culture. It didn’t matter, this is what they want. They demand ideological unanimity and will not stop until they achieve it – or a close facsimile of it.

Now to ask what is wrong with America, the answer depends on whom you ask. To Leftists, everything is wrong and can only be fixed with complete, total agreement to their irrational plans.

We can oppose or resist it but this stasi system keeps unfolding in front of our faces. The Left believes they hold one crucial card: either everything will be fixed by total unanimity (conformance) or nothing at all shall be fixed. That is supposedly our choice, which is no choice at all.

Welcome to the newer, improved radicalism – sibling of terrorism – where no one can have peace or anything else, just like healthcare, until radicals get what they want. “No justice no peace” means our utopia or bust. Total appeasement is the only solution. Are you ready for that?

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As The Rotten Egg Goes

I’ve been noticing how often everything that is supposed to happen does not and what is not supposed to happen does. It seems to be a force of nature.

On New Year’s Even the ball dropped in New York to signify the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one. It should have smashed to the ground into a million pieces. That is what should have happened.

For the second year a poll says Americans rate 2021 one of the worst years ever. I wonder if 2020 curved the scale down? Do people want to argue?  Well, of course it was one of the worst. It’s not that we needed a poll, some things you just know.

Take Joe Biden, for example, you just know he is one of the worst presidents ever before his first year in office ends.  You know he could do little for America since he obviously doesn’t care about the country. Over the weekend Joe showed us what he cares about, his new German Shepard pup named Commander. So they showed Joe and Jill frolicking around with their new photogenic pup on the beach.

But what Americans really care about are the furthermost things from Biden’s mind. He couldn’t care less about inflation or the hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring across his open border. He’s been facilitating drug cartels and smugglers bringing people and drugs across the border. So what, not that he cares. You cannot force someone to care.

Nor does he give a shit that inflation is spiking through the roof. But they will blame it on the “big greedy meat” industry or big oil running up the prices, or an elite problem.. It doesn’t matter whether Joe believes his own explanations. He doesn’t care anyway.

So we saw the end to an era where he would come out of his basement bunker like a cuckoo clock declaring he was “going to shutdown the virus” that he had a plan. His only plan really was to use it to try to get elected, then gaslight us. But did he care? Hell no.

Does Joe Biden care that once again your kids are being told that they need to go into remote learning again. Does he care? Does he care about open schools, or the unions?

Once agian, we saw that Joe declined to increase COVID tests when he was told back in October. Now where are the tests? But he is now busy trying to slow or stop the flow of therapeutics which are effective. Joe didn’t say he would shutdown Covid treatments.

Months ago he took the unprecedented step of having hospital workers fired for refusing to get vaccinated. But now he is telling us it is going to be a dark winter. Hello, it is always going to be a dark winter with Biden. He is a dark winter.

But finally, does he care about the Constitution? You know, that thing he swore to defend. He’s working hard to shred it. But he is exploring ways to shutdown Gitmo and bring our enemies to America. But ask him if he cares about our Constitutional rights? Fat chance.

In any other time, impeachment would be underway. No, it cannot happen. But then it never happened under Obama either, even when he said what he did was impeachable.

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Raising Bad

I have been working on writing a novel. It’s about a power-hungry local politician who has always been obsessed with running for office. After nearly 50 years, and almost as many attempts, he settled on being a running mate as VP.

After that unremarkable event, he still had the main obsession. So he had his personal political records sealed in a local university for safekeeping and then ran without even campaigning for the job he was obsessed with getting.

But early on he made a deal with media not to pry into his record and support him. For their own reasons, they complied with everything even providing a top historian to write speeches for him. He held few events limited to dozens of people for 15-minute rambling screeds that he could be a better president. Then he would disappear.

By all markers, he was losing even his own primary but didn’t seem to care. He was assured the powers that be would send him to the nomination.

Unexpectedly to some, he succeeded in winning nomination but retained the same unconventional, non-campaign strategy he had all along. Months went by with the same detracted, disconjointed candidate and… son of a bitch, he won. At least that is what they declared about the polls at the election. Media applauded him the new president.

Now there is one analogy here to a person who came into something very easy: if he/she would value it as much as if they worked for it? As the analogy fit to a tee, he didn’t. After all, what had it really cost him? Very little. It had always been his obsession, so he felt more than entitled to it. It was his for the taking – no matter what was done to take it.

Of course it all went to his swollen head, which had already experienced 2 past aneurysms. The theme suggests he actually wished himself into the office. But the job was never the point of it all to start with; it was the status, stature and influence of the job that mattered. He cared little about anything else, except for a flaunting legacy..

To him, it was a golden key to what he hadn’t already grifted along his half-century path en route. That is all it was, a scheme. Corrupt, but one that apparently worked. Cha-ching.


After decades in “the business,” he had a slew of people in tow to install the forbidden entrappings to the office. Then sell access he knew was in demand. He held the cards and bagmen to make it work, by greedy operators in their own right. They had established a system and contacts over the years. He basically had to do nothing and it would all come to him — all to support the lavish lifestyle that the humble-styled politician had become accustomed to. The best part about it was all he had to do was as little as possible. The stage was already set for the agenda, which was a distant second to his self-interests.

After a ton of pre-written executive orders, he settled in for a term of doing nothing himself while the apparatus of power revolved around him. It worked just as he expected.

There were no badgering press and stories to worry about. Any potentially threatening issues that did arise were swiftly blasted by mainstream media, often before getting rooted, or eventually by his AG gun for hire.

Then all the numbers of how well he and the country were doing were spun into a fantastic pack of lies. Truth be told — and it never ever was — this was as good of a lying apparatus as anyone had ever constructed. They did most of it for him. He had to do nothing. The less the better, which gave him lots of personal time to spend on his real priorities.

All the henchmen he picked voluntarily did their part in keeping anything from threatening his unilateral power. And he used that power and authority to go after his political enemies, openly. It worked so well that he didn’t have to ask subordinates. They attacked his enemies for him without flinching.

That alone would seem phenomenal in itself. But actually in the years before, they collectively used much the same powers to attack and undermine the previous president. So they already had treason and sedition in their resume. That gave them all a vested interest in keeping the train of abuses going to hide and cover that era. This objective gave each of them all the motive to operate a unified front to guard their own exposure.

Once in, they were committed to see it through. Naturally, all would cover up the truth or go down trying. But that coup of the recent past would fade into the background next to their latest schemes. That was the plan. It must go on or else.


To avoid a spoiler to the future book, I cannot divulge much more. Ah oh, I’ve given it away, haven’t I? I picture Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter as the image for the guy, though that is probably not fair to Dunham or Walter. Wow, the book just writes itself.


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The Street Performer

There was an old song decades ago called Mr. Bojangles. It was the lyrics that were interesting. Whatever style it was touched the soul.

Actually these lyrics were always a little metaphoric, in my opinion. They seemed sort of melodramatic. A man who danced for a means but was entertaining to people. A street performer.

Mr. Bojangles — by Jerry Jeff Walker, 1968

I knew a man
“Bojangles” and
He’d dance for you
In worn out shoes
Silver hair
A ragged shirt
And baggy pants
The old Soft Shoe

[Refrain 1]
He jumped so high
He jumped so high
He’d lightly touch down

So Mr. Bojangles was only “a fake identity used by a jailed street performer” and was “based on a true story.” That street performer gained notoriety  in this song covered by a number of artists since 1968. Now it is a classic.

But for me, it was always more of a metaphor. Looks are deceiving and he lightly touched down, all in the right timing. As the story goes, he drank a bit spending a lot of time in a cell as a result. Yet his gig was to dance and entertain. A humble man with a little pride. A true story to boot. You can sure feel it. But I think we all know a Bojangles. Dance.

Throwback: Bob Hope Special ’67

Reminds me the US does not need a revolution, but a restoration.


Look back: “Bob Hope Christmas Special (1967)”

National Archives and Records Administration

“Today I bring you great news from the land of liberty. It’s still there. You may have to cross a picket line to see it but it’s there. But don’t worry about those riots you hear about in the states, you’ll be sent to survival school before they send you back there.”


December 2021:

With monstrous indecency, media outlets shrug at Richard Blumenthal’s Communist Party event

“In 1980s College Republican lingo, a “Commie Symp” was someone suspected of sympathizing with Marxists. Events of the past week might make observers think establishment media outlets consist of Commie Symps.

That suspicion, only partially hyperbolic, arises because of the complete establishment-media blackout of the news that Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut spoke at a Dec. 11 awards ceremony for the Connecticut affiliate of Communist Party USA. As recorded by the Yankee Institute, a free market state think tank, Blumenthal pronounced himself “really excited and honored to be with you today” while presenting the group’s chosen award winners with special certificates of recognition from the Senate.

Blumenthal knew exactly the nature of the group with whom he felt so “honored” to join. Throughout the event, including in the introduction of Blumenthal himself just 60 seconds before the senator took the microphone, the two co-hosts repeatedly celebrated their Communist Party affiliation and urged listeners to join the Communist Party.

In any rational, morally decent media world, this would be a big scandal. There is nothing remotely acceptable about speaking to a group that openly celebrates 102 years of the Communist Party USA. This is not some warm-and-fuzzy, well-intentioned (even if slightly impractical) affiliation. The Communist Party USA repeatedly tried to subvert constitutional democracy and spy on the U.S. government while deliberately and regularly colluding with the Soviet Union. And it could not even claim to be on some supposedly less inhumane side of communism: It openly opposed Mikhail Gorbachev’s semi-salutary reforms known as glasnost and perestroika, instead preferring the old, hard-line Soviet style that sent many millions into gulags………/”



Exhibit B:

Salvation Army withdraws guide that asks white supporters to apologize for their race

The group has withdrawn controversial guide amid backlash from donors.

Just the News

The Salvation Army has withdrawn its controversial “Let’s Talk About … Racism” guide following criticism and donor backlash over the text that asked white supporters of the charity group to deliver “sincere” apologies for their race and the past sins of the Church.

The statement, in part, also reads: “The Salvation Army occasionally publishes internal study guides on various complex topics to help foster positive conversations and grace-filled reflection among Salvationists. By openly discussing these issues, we always hope to encourage the development of a more thoughtful organization that is better positioned to support those in need. But no one is being told how to think. Period.”

“Consequently, for both reasons, the International Social Justice Commission has now withdrawn the guide for appropriate review.”


They need to stick to salvation because the US doesn’t need revolution but a restoration.


And then there is Dinesh D’Souza who summed up the larger Pontiff problem nicely.

The problem with #PopeFrancis is that he’s too obsessed with secular left-wing causes from gay rights to climate change to illegal immigration. So instead of being the church’s missionary to the world, he has become the world’s missionary to the church. Not my favorite Pope!

See a theme in there?

Just In: breaking fake news

From the people’s source for real fake news:

New York Restaurant Adds Voting Booth So They Can Allow People In Without ID

Babylon Bee

NEW YORK, NY—In an effort to circumvent the city’s vaccine passport regulations, a midtown eatery has installed a voting booth and designated itself as a polling place so it can allow in anyone without any ID at all.



Dr. Fauci Uninvited From Board Game Night As He Keeps Changing The Rules As He Goes

Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Dr. Fauci was uninvited from his typical weekly board game night after his gaming buddies simply couldn’t stand it anymore as he kept making up the rules every time he played a game. According to other members of the hardcore tabletop game group, Fauci changed the rules in the middle over and over again and kept claiming he was just “following the rulebook.”


White Swampy Christmas on PA Ave.

Joe Biden doesn’t get coal this year in his stocking. He’s getting a solar flare. Well, the meteorite had some supply chain disruptions.

For appetizers, the White House is going with Chop Suey Joey and a Hot Psaki chaser. A real Lying Biden smorgasbord.

I wonder if China gives Beijing Biden anything for Christmas?

Jen Psaki was asked whether Biden would be taking questions at his press conference? She said “depends on what you ask,” trained seal press corps.

In the only daily tracking poll left. Rasmussen chronicles the daily collapse of Joe Biden. Now the number is holding steady at only 20% of people strongly approving of his performance. He has a (minus) -29 approval index.

Who is supporting this guy? So don’t pay much attention to that number of 41% approval they use. 57% disapprove, 49% strongly disapprove.


“Holiday decorations unveiled Monday for Joe and Jill Biden’s first White House Christmas honor frontline workers who persevered during the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Local WETA Eyewitness News.

Then frontline nurses choir, along with celebrity guests entertained the White House, in a Christmas show on Tuesday evening. Part of what PBS dubbed “In Performance at the White House series.”

How many medical workers lost their jobs on Joe’s vaccination mandate?


Santa, I want Fauci-free zone for Christmas. Not to be confused with that cheap Fauci voodoo doll; I got one last year. Can we fire Fauci already?

Should have gone with Dark Swampy Christmas but I stuck to the traditional color palette.

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Irony To Hypocrisy To Decline

I’m seeing irony and hypocrisy, which is probably what I think and write about most. Not sure why since conservatives are the only ones who care about either. The left has no conscience, individually or collectively.

So Manchin is a “no” on Joe’s Build Backwards Bitter plan.

That ignited the left in ways we knew it would. Enter all the lectures about democracy when this is democracy in action. Most of the country does not agree with these nutty ideas. Who could?

It is actually Bernie’s Bill we are talking about, he wrote it. And is he ever mad at Joe Manchin now? Bernie demands a vote anyway so Joe  can vote “no” in public for the record. It turns out that Socialist Bernie, after being an independent for years, hates Manchin for being independent of the radical plantation. Just the idea Bernie Sanders could run a socialist scheme up the flagpole for everyone to salute is repulsive. Democrats like to call that democracy? There was nothing democratic or legit about any of it.

How low can the US go because I want to know?

On another level, Tucker Carlson has turned into a rock star, at least on Fox News. There was a conservative event over the weekend. Tucker was giving an interview from there and said that we are at the low point so things can’t get any worse, but they can only get better.

Will Cain on Fox was quick to disagree with that statement. He thinks we can only improve if we hit bottom, and he does not believe we have hit that point yet. He sees no real signs of it. Of course people would like to think Tucker is right that everything gets better from here. But I am all in the Cain camp and see nothing indicating we are poised for turn around – or a return to normalcy, which is no picnic either. I don’t think it is a matter of simply being optimistic or pessimistic, but a realist. What have we learned?

And while democrats still hold the reins of power, who can expect they will reverse themselves? After all, we have seen the damage they do even when in the minority. But one thing does become obvious that we are not in the incremental stages of anything. We seem to be in a precipitous decline, which goes faster than anything we have seen yet. That’s why I say, how low can we go because I really do want to know? How far, America?


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What is 200,000 Anyway?

No, not in lottery terms. So what is a couple hundred thousand people anyway? That is the question worth asking, particularly when considering Biden’s Build Backwards Better plan. But 200k people may think they hit the lottery.

We have a running steady 200,000 plus illegal aliens coning across the border every month. They aren’t vacationing or traveling tourists. They are here for something as permanent as amnesty and as immediate as jobs, including all the social perks that come with illegal status before they even get amnesty. In fact, maybe getting amnesty would be a downgrade from what illegals are already getting? But what is the cost of free stuff? Plenty to the American people, someone pays.

If this continues as it has since Biden was elected, at over 200k illegals a month, then it could mean about 9.6 million over four years. Remember that old number of 12 million they have been using for years? A number so ridiculous only leftists believe it. (because they are stupid) We know the real number is closer to 30 million, and probably over.

So if you add to that bare number another 9.6 million, you get over close to 40 million. Is 40 million people a voter base? If you wanted to invade or take over the country, it is a pretty good start. Well that is enough to vote themselves almost anything they want. (in the Democrat rule book) And remember the real number would be more than 40 million.

And who says they could not vote as a bloc since they came in large blocs? Certainly there would be no stopping the amnesty train then. So we just welcome the whole world and make them all citizens maybe? The math is just as amazing as is the cost of the Build Back Better socialism numbers. In six short years, what could they do with 45 million people — 50 if you are being serious?

Seriously haven’t we all had enough of this exponential growth in illegal immigration? Well it is getting so bad so fast that even Democrats are putting up their hands. A new survey from Rasmussen (and here) has all the gritty numbers from a few states that show even blacks have a higher opposition than whites in some states. So it is not a white thing. Even Hispanics are opposing it.

Now if you also put the opposition of Biden’s social plan in there, it is a tough opposition from all sides. Between those two issues, borders and Biden’s plan, it is a growing opposition. Why not concentrate on just those two things?

Then you energy on top. Voters are disgusted with that. The woes of inflation are catching up fast. But then you factor in the real social cost for illegals coming in: schools, healthcare, community perks and crime. What do you have? A place our grandchildren might no t like but will be stuck paying for.

How often does anyone read or write something only to remind themselves they are not making it up? It’s amazing how that reminder keeps flashing past the brain cells as if it was a flashing red alert.”System failure, this does not compute.”

Then just as you think you have seen everything, a new statement or issue rolls out like it was kicked out of some trashcan somewhere. And they expect you to believe it…because they say it? Or they just hope you accept it on its value. Today we are in the mission phase of deception, where everything is meant either to deceive or prevent you from seeing the truth. If it works or not is not the point. If only some of the people buy into it that is enough to keep their mission rolling along.

The bar is so low now that the litmus test for anything must be ‘tell me why this not a lie.” The heck with fact-checkers who are just glorified liars and spin artists themselves. We live in a world where the credibility level of anything or anyone is zero. Start from there.

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2021 Heading Into The Rear View

The first week of December 2021 opened with one of my favorites, Tammy Bruce, taking the chair on Fox News Prime Time. That’s where the party started. Leave it to Tammy to break the china and overturn the table.

In one of the best monologues ever, she drew the comparison of smash and grab looting and crime to what Democrats are doing in Washington, running a smash and grab campaign on the American people.

But this is also a perfect analogy for what is going on in the rest of the world. Smash and Grab campaigns are running wild. Tell me why China, Russia, Iran are not exactly the same as these organized thugs?

The Senate is still openly debating, or should I say digesting, the humongous 5-Trillion (CBO) Build Backwards Better plan. Joe Manchin is the longest running star of the series, with no competition in sight. I’m no Manchin fan but he has been effective at slow walking what appears an inevitable plan to socialize America. Many of us have little confidence in him following through but so far he is holding. West Virginia then is up for best supporting role in the way he is using them to defend his position.

I always hate seeing a deliberative body come down to one or two persons. In this case, it is all we have standing between us and this evil bill. Mitch McConnell doesn’t seem to be much help either. So Let’s Go Brandon and let’s go Manchin. He’s a cuss but all we have left. Except he knows it, too.

The Supreme Court took on an abortion case that threatens to unravel Roe from its twisted roots. Could it happen? Who knows if the robed ones have the gonads to do the right thing in the face of a cancel culture that has no respect for life?

In fact, it all comes down to that central theme today. Does anyone have the guts, other than common Americans, to do the right thing whatever the consequences? The jury is still out, like it is on the abortion issue. Parents are game but now are being targeted for it.

One of the liberal justices asked the Solicitor General in the abortion case why his position was based on anything but a [bigoted] religious platform? Straight for a dual attack on religion. Never mind that the left’s hatred for Christianity/religion has sidelined this country to the margins of moral decay. But they have the high ground?

Ending the year has been no better than the way it started. But Demozealots are still stuck in the first week of 2021. They haven’t been able to see anything else past January 6th and the ability to weaponize it. For them, it all boils down to one day in early January.

Pay no attention to smash and grab looting or the federal heist taking place at the Capitol. Democrats had DC under national guard for 6 months, but now they are just robbing it blind. Never let an opportunity go to waste. Crime, the border, energy, the economy or morality and schools are the last things they care about. January met Groundhog Day.


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Long Train Coming

Sixty years ago – that’s ’61 if you’re counting – would anyone have thought that we could have an administration backed by a political party, supported by socialists and communism, go all out to declare an open border; a war on energy; try to establish a foreign economic system; undermine our military, security and sell out America?

Then do it without being coerced into it, while hailing it all an historic success?

They would have chuckled first and told you the people would not stand for that, for long. Back then they would have been right. But oh how times have changed?

They would have also thought it unworkable meaning it could be stopped or reversed. How could the American experiment go so wrong? What would cause such a calamity, a war or intervention from foreign power? Lastly, how or why could we have allowed it to happen?

Along the same lines, how could our own government get so corrupted to participate in such an agenda? How would we have so many in Congress be either corrupted or buy into such an anti-America scheme? There would be just too many questions. But could it really happen? Orwell could not have put it better. That can happen elsewhere, not here.

Now one could try using words like incompetent or misguided to describe it but those would imply it was a regrettable mistake. But we see clear intent. It all points back to the will of the people. So what if will of the people were deemed irrelevant? Is this only the next phase in the Great American experiment? How does it save itself from this?

There are a number of things happening in the world today which to the naked eye do not appear to make any sense. Marvel comics could have a field day. Satirists are outgunned by reality. Orwell was prophetic. McCarthy and Pogo were correct.

The entire landscape is fertile for opportunists and power-hungry dictators to extort. And they will take advantage wherever they can – not against our will but because of it.

But then government, and its enforcement arms, now use your personal copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as prima facie evidence against you.

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Biden Goes To Absurd Limits Again

Joe Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain spent his weekend complaining the press was too negative on Biden. His ally in complaints, Dana Milbank of WaPo, said that his colleagues were assisting in the murder of democracy. NY Post reports.

Milbank said: “We need a skeptical, independent press. But how about being partisans for democracy? The country is in an existential struggle between self-governance and an authoritarian alternative,”… “My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy,” he said.

Self-governance or an authoritarian alternative? The alternative won already.

What is it with these self-inflated vermin of power? Fauci is calling any criticism toward him an attack on science because ‘I am science.’ Then WaPo ups the ante equating any criticism of Biden as a “murder of democracy.” They love names, don’t they?

But Klain insisted Biden was receiving worse coverage than Trump got. Lies!

Partisans for democracy, now there is a new one for you.


Building Back Unpopularity

According to a new poll from Rasmussen on November 22-23, a growing 51% majority of Americans oppose Biden’s Build Back Better bill.

And 40% of those strongly oppose it; while 42% support BBB and only 27% strongly support it. So it looks dicey, sort of like the Spruce Goose.



Save America, kill the bill.

Here Lies Biden’s Legacy


Poor old tired Joe Biden

Mostly hidin’ and always lyin’,

Said he had 80 million votes

But not even close.


He was an ass with no class

Who suffered a bad case of gas.

Left the Duchess in stitches

At Joe’s flatulent britches.


Came to the White House in a fog

But left it a rotten smog.

There ends the story

Of Joe’s raunchy journey.


Biden will be running for the door before 2024.

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Russia Hoax’s Fatal Encounter With Reality

Welcome back to reality, people, or those who are hearing about it due to its vast censorship from major media. But in the event you do, it is like reality has finally made a comeback —  successful or not. — from planet Treason.

But that hopeful end goal may require some divine assistance.

Anyway, here is Australia’s Sky News solo coverage of it, which itself may yet be deleted by self-anointed cyber-police seeking to defeat reality.

Well, sit back and enjoy the homage while it lasts, courtesy of foreign coverage.

The damning “story of the century,” which in reality was only a fictional tale.

Or as we are fond of saying in the US:

Let’s Go Brandon!

Another Pipeline Going

These people have weaponized oil and energy, against us.  The Biden administration has another pipeline firmly in its sights for possible closure. This time in Michigan on Line 5.

Maybe someone would say: with all that is going on —  and what has gone wrong since stopping Kesystone XL — surely they would not jeopardize more existing lines at this critical time. Nonsense. All the better timing. They have targeted another pipeline.

Now it is hanging by a thread still, but you know what they will do. It’s like Lay’s chips.

Biden admin considering shutting down another pipeline, drawing criticism and dire warnings as winter nears

Fox News 11/07/21

The Biden administration is reportedly weighing the potential market consequences of shutting down an oil pipeline in Michigan, drawing criticism from opponents. Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy secretary, predicted Sunday that heating prices will rise this winter regardless of the Biden administration’s decision on the pipeline. “Yeah, this is going to happen. It will be more expensive this year than last year,” Granholm told CNN.

The administration has yet to decide on what to do with Line 5 and officials were gathering information only to present a clear picture of the situation, according to sources who spoke to Politico.

Line 5 is part of a network that moves crude oil and other petroleum products from western Canada, transporting about 540,000 barrels per day. Petroleum is taken from the pipeline in Escanaba, Michigan.

Jason Hayes, the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, blasted the Biden administration for its energy policies, telling Fox News that their work on Line 5 is “just one more example of being divorced from reality.” …/

See more: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-admin-considering-shutting-down-michigan-pipeline

How far will these deranged people go? I think we already know.

Cease The Lies – just stop it

If I had only one wish for the New Year, it would have to be to cease the lies. That unfortunately will not happen soon. I guess the Democrats are addicted.

I know, we could get into the “both sides do it” debate but we all know who is doing the lying on an industrial scale here.

“We pay for every red cent in this bill.” The 5 trillion dollar bill “will cost zero.” This bill will reduce inflation and create jobs. All the people agree with it, they say.

So all the negatives we counter about it, Democrats come right back with their heads on a swivel (picture exorcist) to say it will fix the problem we say it creates.

There are far too many lies to ty to list even the biggest ones. However, a few are just so disturbing you want to pull out your hair. They get away with it because they have a license, enforced by major media and the Democrats.

We tell them we don’t like CRT taught in our schools. They tell us that CRT does not exist, and thus certainly is not used in schools. There is no CRT agenda.

We tell them their spending is not on infrastructure. They tell us how everything is infrastructure: feeding and changing the baby is infrastructure. They balk when we say it is a socialist agenda from radical commies hell-bent on destroying our country, even as they tell us they are socialists. They say we are over reacting and delving in conspiracy theories. No, they are the conspirators.

We tell them the Russian hoax was cooked up by Hillary, back-fed into our government intelligence apartus to use against a candidate/president. They say we are making it up.

Peter Strzok weaponized political campaign dirt – from foreign sources they colluded with – against our election and government. Now it is proven they were fully aware of where the information(shit) came from but they used it even to gain FISA warrants to investigate a candidate, president and his organization. No, we are trying to destroy democracy.

Democrats said we were blowing smoke and it was all justified. Now as the scant Special Counsel investigation details come out to validate their sources and methods, they simply ignore it in MSM and can’t be bothered to report it. Wouldn’t you think if they really believed the initial Hoax that they might be surprised by the facts and truth – facts left out of the Mueller Report? But no — they don’t seem very shocked.

Now we find out this administration is on a mission to pay illegal immigrants for being “separated” from their children, during the Trump administration, to the tune of over 400 grand per person. First they claimed that was not true.

But the real number for the victims was 2 million and that DOJ is engaged in a settlement with their friends in the ACLU. (That should almost be a conflict of interest right there)

But then Biden justified it and the administration is now saying it is being done to save taxpayers and the government money. Say what? “Don’t you want to save money?”

So whenever they spend money they are saving us money. How come all the people who suffered under their absurd lockdowns were not entitled to damages, inflicted by the government? Damages to people, actual citizens, are not covered but payouts are made to illegal aliens for some spurious claims of damnage.

These people are sick. Apparently the idea is to drive anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical agenda crazy, or as clinically insane as they are. A least when they get their way, they are happy sickos.

It’s the same principle as radical Islamist terrorists of Taqiyya, where adherents are encouraged to lie and deceive to accomplish radical objectives, to defend themselves.

It looks like the same thig, only these people do it with abandon without any regard for you knowing they are lying. The onus is always shifted to their opposition to prove they are lying. Once you do they say it doesn’t matter.

If you said the sky is blue and that abortion kills children; they would say “no it’s not blue and those are not children by any definition.” You say they are babies, they say they are not. You say they are offspring fetuses to which they deny it. Get it? You say life begins at conception and they say it begins when they say it does, or it doesn’t, depending what they choose. You say it is murder, they call it an act of mercy.(see mercy killings in Islamism)

They tell us the problem is that we need to lower our expectations, by a lot. When they push spending programs they say we need to raise our expectations — it should be limitless. We point out the problems at the open border. They tell us the real problem is our perception of a problem. What crisis?

That takes us up to Jennifer Granholm. She went on Bloomberg and was asked what she and the administration is doing to bring down the price of gas and energy. She laughed in his face calling it hilarious. Granholm complained about OPEC controls while chaining us more to it. She said we have to think of the long term. But there is no attempt, in the short term, to stop us from slitting our own throats. She denied they have any restrictions on fossil energy — just as they are eying up a new pipeline in Michigan for possible closure. But they admit their plan is to end the use of fossil fuels. No restricting going on here.

They tell us they don’t want to abolish cops. Their whole agenda began under the banner of abolishing the police. Then they called it “defunding” – which if you do the math means the same thing. But they deny what they are doing, even when people scream to stop defunding police. The statistics show they are eliminating cops. It was the objective, after all. But they deny that too. Not them!

They even tell us we will be safer if we eliminate the police. What nonsense. You name the problem, they say they are doing the opposite and are really fixing it.

You say they are ruining  us and destroying our country from the foundations up, and out. They tell us they are expanding the Constitution.

The point is,  I used to talk about all the wacky arguments because they needed to be brought into daylight when it was coming from margins on the left.  Now they are doing it in broad daylight echoed by the mainstream. We all see it, They deny what we see/hear.

So what the hell is it with the denial about it? You would think that there cannot be any disagreement on what they are doing in our faces. But no, they laugh at you, then they mock you, then say “no, you are wrong.” They would not ever wittingly do anything to harm the country…. except that they deliberately are.


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A letter from a Jan. 6 political prisoner

Cry and Howl

I found this at The Last Refuge and I have to post it in it’s entirety. The following letter is written by one of the political prisoners caught up in the “sweep” of the protesters of Jan 6, 2021. Personally I can’t wrap my head around this, mostly how no one in the Congress can do anything about it!!??? I’m sitting here trying to think of something to say, but I’m actually at a loss for words. I guess I’m just letting this sink it. Anyway, here you go … (again, many thanks to Sundance over at The Last Refuge)

Dear fellow Americans:

I never thought I’d write a letter like this, but we’re living in very different times. This is my cry for help.

My name isNathan DeGrave, and as a non violent participant at the Jan 6th rally, I’ve spent the last 9 months detained…

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