Crisis Extortion

In all these crises I’m noticing a pattern that deserves outlining.

To begin with, most of these crises are self-inflicted or caused by the policies of the regime. Ignorance and denial is actually the preferred method of reaction to mega-problems.

But aside from that, eventually someone steps in to make problems even worse. Then Democrats (in all their various forms, from activists to media, to the government) go to work figuring out how to use any crisis for the most political benefits.

Solving the problem is not the objective, finding ways to extort every problem for every political opportunity is the only objective. Why throw away a crisis until you have milked it for all its political value? Even then, there are all kinds of ways to blame others or use it against their opponent to fertilize division and hate.

Let’s add that everything Joe Biden touches becomes a crisis. He has a flare for it.

Also, this week an new poll by Rasmussen came out: Hope for America fades.”  It said that only a third of people are hopeful about America’s future. A terrible number, meaning two-thirds of people do not think America’s best days are ahead. No wonder why?

But that sentiment seems fine to the administration and Democrats. Decline is job one.

America is reaping what they’re sowing.

Biden always says “it is never a good idea to bet against America.” So why are they?

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California Dreaming

I am not a California resident and don’t play one on the Internet, but who would like to see the arrogant Gavin Newsom tossed out on his elitist ass? Maybe a whole lot of people

But it is like fools gold to me because I don’t think he gets evicted. What a pity. How do you go through the recall process and, in the end, not throw the bum out after all that?

So I expect no miracles and only fear that after not being tossed it actually only makes him stronger. Knock yourselves out people, I wish them all the luck in the world. Enjoy it while you can. But realists don’t see it happening.

It is September, after all, when California dreaming was always a popular pastime in many parts of the country. But even that notion has been ruined.

The real perception of it all is that California itself just can’t get there. It does not take a lot of predicting. Catching a big wave is a ruse. It gives people something to talk about.

Newsom is running against himself and his own record. Instead, he acts like he is running against Trump. Don’t take it so personally, Gavin, they don’t want to recall you, only your failed legacy. But we will soon see who is a bigger failure than Newsom.

Fair elections is also something we used to idealize about. Silly kids.

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Open Letter To National Enemies

Please allow me to take a moment to speak directly to an often-neglected audience. There may still be some goat-herding enthusiasts or some freedom-seething population out there, or just America haters listening, otherwise plotting the demise of the US.

If one of the goals you are waiting for is an apology by an American, about and for America; then be forewarned you will not be receiving it from me, or others like me. You may get one from someone but it will not necessarily be from any real American at heart.

That is because it is not something real Americans typically do, to appease devious miscreants and thugs in that part of the world. The rosy day when American types look up to Cuba, China and Venezuela as the models in governance is not going to happen.

Now then, you can continue waiting and waiting in perpetuity but it will not be coming anytime. And likewise, nor will we be conceding to, or reconciling ourselves with, your form of whatever it is you people do in reality gone wild.

But that applies just the same whether you happen to live in Beijing, Baghdad, Tehran, Havana, Afghanistan, or gasp even right here in America.

So I do caution you that if you think and believe you are hearing apologies from some in America, you better think again about who that source is. Imposters are out there.

That would include this 46th resident of the Oval Office. Do not be fooled by the title, office or status, they are not speaking for genuine America or Americans at large.

That also goes for, say, those who even sport a false moniker of “no apologies” publicly while adopting popular appeasement lingo. You should not be deceived by that because real Americans are not fooled in the slightest by any of that radical posturing.

Thanks for listening.

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Defining Times And Terms

It is never just the words Democrats (aka Leftists) use that are the real problem, but the definitions they apply to them that do the damage. So when you follow the Left’s definitions, strange things happen like the world turning inside out and upside down at the same time. Crazy stuff materializes out of the blue.

But in politics, there is a rule that you define your opponent before he/she can. It is all about defining your enemy. That was always the rule. Now something even better has happened. The Left has defined itself, all by itself, and it is not a good brand. So why shouldn’t we run on their own definitions of terms?

For example, all this mess everywhere – sorry I won’t list all the details – is their definition of great leadership. The other day I was reading where they called their evacuation plans in Afghanistan historical and making great progress. That is progress? Do you see what their definitions of terms look like? It is appalling.

“America is back.” There is a keeper. Then you look at what that means. OPEC is back in control, with the US back to relying on foreign energy sources. Open borders. They call a bill the For The People Act that only protects incumbent Democrats. It enshrines Democrats’ power, and then they can call destroying democracy “saving democracy.”

More definitions? Just look around, there are plenty because they love to define things. They defined failure as achievement. They say they are “making progress” on the border. Immigration is a declaration of citizenship — not a Constitutional process.

They have made justice for all into a two-tier justice system – one for them and one for others. But then they want praise for having brought “integrity” back into the system. I know these are grand terms and ideas but they are their own definitions of them.

A new green deal –  socialist spending, corruption and lies – is supposed to save the planet. Who knew you would save the world with fascist corruption? And without it, the world will die a speedy death in 7 or so years, as best they can figure. Give us lies to save the day and all of humanity. More lies, more salvation. Ideology is now science.

Abolishing police is the answer to crime. So then defunding police should also go a long way to cutting crime, significantly. That will cause the attrition of cops necessary to the real goal of abolishing police. Police are the problem not the solution. Anarchy is the solution.

Social workers can be the best law enforcement and just what America needs. The new police are the social workers. Put them in the center of domestic disputes and, guaranteed, only good things can happen from that. No need to be armed.

Get rid of ICE because if we don’t believe in borders then we don’t need any customs enforcement or immigration enforcement. Give that budget money to immigrants.

So don’t charge the criminals and then watch those crime rates go down. It’s magic I tell you. It is all in their definitions. If we can control climate, we can control crime rates.

The best one is the way they define reform. So reforming justice means less justice for people. And it will help those troubling statistics too. It’s all good.


How about redefining the word good by anything bad? How about calling failure success? How about calling corruption reform? How about defining everything you are opposed to as racism? How about making discrimination the law of the land? Call opposing it Jim Crow.

So when they say “law of the land” they mean discrimination and abortion. See, they have done a lot with their definitions of things. Now it is up to us just to show their definitions. Let’s call killing a baby “reproductive choice.” Shall we call it a right not a crime?

Lets subsidize institutions that promote reproductive choice (abortion) with tax dollars. And let’s put that right over and above religious liberty or speech. Let’s call freedom of speech “hate speech.” Let’s call government’s wasteful spending “investment.”

Let’s call concealing government information “transparency.”

How about screw all the white papers and campaign plans and platforms, just run on the Left’s definitions — against them. Run on their definition of leadership. Run on what their “success” means – losing and surrender. Run on what their definition of racism is. Run on their definition of prosperity. There is a lot to run on.

One of the basics in contract–making and negotiation (deal making) is defining the terms. But fortunately, Democrats have defined the terms already so we all know what they are talking about. They simplified the matter for us. Now all we have to do is use their terms as they defined. Run on their terms.

Joe offered another good one. He says America is back. So this is what America looked like? No it never did. He said from the onset of his campaign that he was fighting to restore the soul of the country. But he is not, he is replacing it with something foreign. This was never the heart and soul of the country. Just look at their definitions. Listen to him. It’s gold.

Incidentally, build back better is another defined term. It means backwards. It means undo progress, independence and prosperity. It means serfdom, birth to death.

Barrack Obama used to talk a lot about fair share. But now we know what their idea of fair share is. It is confiscating as much as they want from you until the point you can’t take it anymore, you’re broke, or they stop. (which of those is going to happen?)

We now know their definition of private and public partnership. It means private sector companies working for them, and doing what government itself is not allowed to do.

We often blame the Left for being vague, and they intentionally are, but we can take them at their definitions of their own terms. They’ve been extremely busy defining them.

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Bad News Cycle: feed and repeat

I don’t think anyone wants to be a bad news Johnny but since Trump left office there seems to be a shortage of any good news to talk about. That doesn’t help national morale.

Take for instance this attack on the Kabul Airport. For years into the future, provided US remains in tact, there will still be articles and discussion about what took place there.

But central facts of it will never change. They are that it was under Joe Biden, and due to a forced withdrawal, which set the sequence of events in motion. It is undeniable now and it will be then. We will always know it could have been prevented and that the damage could have been limited, at the least. We will all know it. It did not have to be this way.

No doubt, too, that it will affect our future policies and plans, especially regarding that part of the world. The event will live on in our minds the way Benghazi and others have.

Joe Biden was right about one thing, Americans don’t forget.

And the families that will be forever affected will be changed along with our history. The only hope is that lessons were learned by it, as hard and destructive as those are.

Yet in the present, even before all the analysis or spin is carried out, there needs to be an immediate accounting for what happened. It cannot escape into the shadows like those who carried out the attack. Just the way Benghazi moved into old news.

The man and creature that is Joe Biden left a determinative stain on our country, in many ways, from his very first months in office. Allowing him to continue can only increase the tragedy. But I expect he will stumble on in defiance to all the damage he is causing.

Ironically, Biden always said every new president is tested by our enemies. Though the real testing here is to America. Can she limit the amount of damage this president and his henchmen can inflict on her? Can brighter days be salvaged from this wreck of toxic leadership? Can she survive the failures of accountability?

What a difference a year makes. Exactly a year ago I was hearing from liberals I know that we have to get this “leadership” thing straightened out. And I heard it over and over again, almost exactly. (as if that was the poll-tested talking point for the year. It was the issue.)

A year later we look at what they meant by leadership and it is criminal. But I think it is important to remember that was the sound bite du jour. This is the leadership they meant.

The picture of Biden shuffling off from one cascading crisis to the next is the scariest one imaginable, as our country is being tested to its core — if it can survive the continual onslaught. One year ago they lectured us on leadership. It sickens me.

The other day Biden told us that his government had planned for every contingency. So what we are witnessing is the result of a plan? I thought it was chaos and failed leadership but he assures us this, in fact, is the plan.

He told us it was always going to be chaotic. So this was part of the plan, this was factored in? It is acceptable to be attacked? What is worse, what the man says or what we see with our own eyes? And if this is their best planning, then I’m not sure I want to see anymore of it. Yes, this is their idea of superior leadership. This is it!

If you take them at their own words, it becomes even worse than it looks.

They tell us all these factors were inevitable. Yet they did not do anything to prevent them in their master planning? They tell us they foresaw this but there wasn’t anything they could do about it. It was inevitable. It was always going to be this way. So we were always going to have 13 fatalities and hundreds of critically injured in this grand planning of theirs? But they tell us they planned for every contingency, including this.

Was Joe Biden’s Oval Office occupancy inevitable? I don’t think so.

Then they have the audacity to tell you what a huge, historical success it all is. If this is what success looks like, I don’t want to see their idea of failure. But if you remember, they painted all the successes under Trump, in the last few years, as failure. Then they promised real leadership. This is their idea of great leadership: scuffling from one crisis to the next, causing another one ahead of the last one. And extorting them one by one. So that is leadership? Destruction follows it all, which is their leadership.

Joe Biden creates a crisis and then calls it a great success. Sorry, the brochure did not look anything like this. It is all a lie. And now he claims to be leaning on intelligence that he has ignored for 2 months. He made decisions, ignoring intelligence, then said those were the recommendations from his military commanders.

What a sham of a fictional leader in desperate denial.

He tells us he accepts responsibility, that the buck stops with him, and then blames everyone else — while we haven’t seen any accountability for the 8 years he was in charge before. Superior experience? It all defies any definition of true leadership. The lie goes on.

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Picture it: America 2021

Just as you thought the US had enough real, serious and pressing problems to deal with, along comes Joe Biden to litter the stage with endless crises (created at the drop of a hat) Then, after every one, he shuffles off in denial at what he’s done.

As if every box in the closet marked “super-crisis,” Joe has to drag out into the room and open up to stimulate his own curiosities and the zombified adherents. The shocked look on his face only adds to the absurd plot line and effects.

Then, after exploding our outrage, he shuffles off for a respite. The spoiler alert should have been Obama saying, “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” But no.

OBidenistas thought he was exactly the front man for this role. And it should have been named, like some novel, “Crazy Meets Crazier: the great fall of common sense.”

I could go on but why bother? It has the feel of chasing a garbage truck, when you can’t wait to get to the shower. But someone stole it. The question is how much intention is in the  plot line? Or is it a haphazard mixture to keep the outrage meter pegged?


But don’t take my word for it. The empire imploding is a theme.

Chris Evans,
EDITOR — The Telegraph

The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has prompted fundamental questions about the future of Western foreign policy, with America stepping back from its usual role on the world stage. For Allister Heath, the crisis confirms that the era of US dominance is over. Racked with self-doubt, US elites have lost their faith in once-formative values like capitalism, democracy and even the American dream itself.


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Decline Of America

First, I know that is a horrible headline except what else can you call it?

So let me go through a bunch of current events and see what we come up with in the end.

Baseball got NASCARed in Colorado.

At a Rockies game, a fan yelling the name of the mascot was turned into the racial slur known as the N-word. They all ran with the story immediately. Damn the person. No checking to see if it was true or not. But then there was no apology afterward.

A year ago a rope with a noose was discovered in a NASCAR garage, or so they claimed. They were used to pull down the garage doors.

See people have been conditioned to want or choose to believe these stories, even as far fetched as they might be. Seems like since Michael Brown stories are allowed to float and even if they are not true, in the end, people still refer to the story as if it were verified.

It used to be that mayors and DA’s would preen themselves by cracking down on crime, particularly in election years, to make their records look better. It was so common even the  criminals knew it. If it were an election year, criminals beware.

Now the reverse is true. The same public officials encourage crime especially prior to elections. No prosecutions, no bail, defund the police are popular campaign themes to the left. Some try to deny it and some repeat the slogans, but it is their position. Apparently that is what the Left wants because they never condemn the pro-criminal platform.

Afghanistan has turned into another debacle. They are shredding documents in the embassy and scrambling for a last ditch exit. We said it all along but Joe said America would not see another Saigon episode. Our equipment and hardware are now in the hands of the Taliban. Don’t pay attention to your lying eyes. Memo to Democrats: that is what an insurgency and coup looks like. But Joe is doing the same thing to America. Poof!

Schools used to be the basis of the Democrat platform, or that was their mantra. They were protecting public education. Now schools are unsafe.

Now the left is single-handedly destroying public education in front of our faces — rather than behind our backs. Suddenly schools are too dangerous for our kids and teachers. They are now pushing a home-school hybrid. And truly the only thing Democrats care to protect are teachers’ unions. Truth confirmed: screw kids and schools, unions rule.

Democrats always wanted to force people to live in large metropolitan cities. Now they are doing everything to drive people out of them.(the ones who can afford to leave) People feel they have no choice to save themselves and their family. What metropolitan dream? Thugs, gangs and criminals are in control, whether it is on the streets or in political offices.

Raising taxes used to be the forbidden taboo of campaigns or election politics. Now it is all they want to talk about. The more the better, the higher the better. Now they sock to everyone while saying only rich people’s taxes will be going up. We all pay dearly.

The left used to deny they supported socialism. But now a recent Fox poll says a solid majority of Democrats prefer socialism. (59%) Remember in Iowa in 2016, the nation was shocked to find that 40+% of Democrats said they were socialists. So they have been working on it for years and now it is a full-blown majority. They are proud socialists too.

Democrats first tried to tell us there was no inflation happening. Then when it was proven, they switched to tell us it was only temporary. They said Republicans defunded police.

It used to be you could not just spend endless amounts of money and create largess just to keep yourself in office. No, that is now the only way. But remember when increasing the national debt was a bad thing? Now it is the duty of government to spend as much as quickly as they can. Damn the debt. They turned endless spending into a moral principle.

Big-spending is now an asset not a liability. And if you don’t agree then you are wrong. They even started a new slogan: deficits don’t matter.

You always thought national security was a real issue. Not anymore. Turns out that the less security you have the better off you are. So that is why we don’t need borders. Uncontrolled, open borders is now considered security, even in a pandemic.

If all this sounds crazy, as I have said many times, it really is not when they are serious about it. Crazy would mean they were unaware of the consequences.

But that is another thing that has changed, Democrats now declared that there are no consequences for their actions. The minute consequences rear their ugly heads, just pretend they don’t really exist. Then run around reframing them as a good thing. Pouring more lies on top of the heap is the easy part. But as a rule, consequences don’t matter.

See it makes it easier when you can just do what you really want and ignore consequences, which don’t exist. Then you can do anything and no explaining it in the first place.

Then it comes back to the country. We all used to think and agree that America was worth saving. But we all do not agree on that anymore. A sad state of the state.

I guess the whole point and conclusion you can draw from all this is that we are the only ones who still care. It is hard to persuade people of the right position when they don’t care. They don’t care about America or the consequences for what they are determined to do. I suppose it did take a while to get to this level but, like the Taliban in Afghanistan, they are moving at breakneck speed now. Damn all consequences.

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Lies, Lies And More Lies

Let’s start with the biggest lie. Joe Biden ran under the pretext of normal and suddenly he is a combination of Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro, with an assist from Che Guevera.

For that matter, how in any reality did Joe Biden get 80 million votes? That is the lie of the century. Baghdad Bob could not have managed his campaign any better.

He thinks he has a mandate to socialize the US and create all kinds of new entitlement programs. He never said a word about that. He also never said anything about the court. But now he has a mandate for all this stuff. Lie. He writes himself new mandates daily.

Second, let’s go to the court. A [Newsweek] story came out that Alito, and Thomas are saying, with Gorsuch, that Barret and Kavanaugh are not conservative Justices. They do not defend the Constitution and have pure mush for backbone, and worried about optics.

But both of them forced us to fight for their nominations and defend their character to get them confirmed, and now this. Turns out they aren’t even Constitutionalists after all? All Democrats’ fearmongering about a conservative court is a lie. It’s a 3-3-3 court, with Roberts officiating over a full-fledged Constitutional surrender.

Scrambled brains Scranton Joe is pushing a 4 trillion dollar plan but the real number, according the CBO analysis, is it will be up to 5 ½ trillion. Shocked, he lies? Joey says spending all that money and adding to the debt will lower inflation, and help the economy..


Now Democrats are into the whopper about the Jan 6th insurrection, that it was destroying our democracy. And these people are not terrorists. That’s two lies.

On the other hand, we had actual terrorists last year riot and destroy city after city causing about 2 billion in damage. But no one should be arrested or held accountable for all that. They said they are not prosecuting the BLM and Antifa rioters.

The Democrats are rolling the voters and American people. According to a new Rasmussen poll, over two thirds of the voters want Congress to investigate the 2020 riots. But that doesn’t interest Democrats at all.

Oh, then there is Merrick Garland, who was sold as an honest, by the law guy with integrity and above reproach.. He’s nothing of the sort. Another partisan hack fully politicizing the DOJ. We dodged a bullet keeping him off the Supreme Court.

Another whopper: the Democrats claimed the Republicans were the ones who wanted to defund the police since last year. The people are going to believe that one. Remember Joe said “absolutely” on defunding police.


Then they tried to tell us the border was closed. It was all under control. Nothing to worry about. Over 1 million invaders later, they can’t even say it is a crisis because that incriminates them. They are panicking for solutions but the irreversible damage is done. Now they claim they made great progress on the border — redefining progress and reality.

AOC called the crime wave just a bunch of hysteria. Democrats jumped onboard that lie by telling us that, in fact, there was no surge and crime was going down. Lori Lightfoot said crime has gone down in Chicago.

Not to leave out their top tier lie they keep on repeating on a loop: the greatest domestic threat in America is white supremacy. How long do you think they plan on keeping that whopper going? Okay, so everyone knows it’s a big lie but they keep repeating it.

Oh, you know how they are not teaching Critical Race Theory in schools? Well, they fight awfully hard to keep something in that supposedly wasn’t in there. But they said it was only a subject in colleges and universities. Yet now leftists are going to the mat to make sure it is the keystone in all schools. That one should be worth a dozen or so sub-lies.

Actually, everything Biden and Democrats are doing is a lie. They had no mandate for any of it. They had no referendum to change our economic system, or justice system. They had no mandate to increase the debt the way they are. The only thing they are doing is spending money. And there’s no mandate for one-party rule.

Remember when Joe said you cannot do everything by executive order? Well, here is Biden doing everything by executive order. The Congress vetted the Keystone XL Pipeline. It was a long process but fully approved. Joe just yanked it and stopped it with no authority. Executive order fiat on the first day.

Congress passes a COVID Rescue plan. Joey takes money from that to subsidize the illegal invasion on the border. Unilateral Joe is batting a 1000. If you love lies you’ll love Biden.


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Lying Biden Talks America, Where’s Joe Been?

Biden always says, “It’s never been a good idea to bet against America.” . Then why has he? Well, Joe is betting heavy against America, he has been for years. Pipelines for Russia, shutting down pipelines in America. He’s been betting heavy on China for years. Maybe that is why Xi Jinping has him believing that China will be taking over the world.

He could not call China a threat. He laughed that they are eating our lunch.

In the campaign, Joe said he was in a fight for the soul of the country. But someone tell Joe that we never were the Socialist States of America. Soulless socialism is not the soul of the country. We were not a Marxist nation. But Biden wants to turn us into a Marxist Autocracy. Why is he in a fight to transform the US? More like soulless Biden.

And now Joe is talking about buying American products but he was behind the big exodus of American technology. Now he wants to fix the problems. Where was he for 47 years he was in government, 8 of them as VP. He had a hand in creating the problems. Why didn’t he and Obama fix any of these things in 8 years? There is a simple answer.

Traitor Joe now claims to be Mr America, for the little guy. A little late to the party, and if it were only true. He’s been selling out America for decades and lining his pockets by fleecing America. What has he brought us?

Traitorous Joe, in bed with China, Russia, and any others he could extract money from, sold America out long ago. Biden Inc did great and now he wants to manage our decline.

What kind of pro-America crap is that? Kill pipelines, kill fossil fuels, kill our education system, change our economic system, change our electoral system, partnerships with cartels,  increase crime. Change the Supreme Court. Where is the mandate for any of it?

He claims to care about numbers when it comes to COVID. But he doesn’t care about real numbers of over a million people flooding across the border, bringing COVID with them. He cares about numbers? He is facilitating an invasion.

We are supposed to believe Joe when he says its never a good idea to bet against America. Then why has he bet against America for years? He bet on some Globalism cabal. That is not America. Foreign entanglements were not the basis of America. Now, when freedom is at stake, where is Joe? He is attacking freedom, and spending us out of our country.

If Joe wanted to be a union organizer, he could have been one. He could have done fine. But that is not the job of the president to be union organizer in chief. Who made him mob boss of America? None of that is what the people voted for.

That is not his mandate. Lying Biden is winding down America, not saving it.

Yeah, sure, Americans can do anything; except when our corrupt and treasonous leaders cut us off at the pass — frustrate our every positive move — only to seal our fate to doom.

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The Yellow Brick Train Wreck

I fear, with all my better senses, that we are in a very strange place and it is starting to remind me a lot of another time in the past.

Before I get to that, does it seem to anyone else like the powers that be — in all their forms – are desperately trying to erase the last president from digital memory? Which conveniently leads us back to a default time before 2016 happened.

However, this strange place is like a bad movie that is half religion and half radical ideology. Make it radical religion. It is a plot everyone knows as I do. Follow along, it goes like this.

A guy comes into the presidency with no experience at anything, even in the private sector. He has no leadership skill, having never led anything except the line at an ice cream stand. Anyway, it goes that he came in sounding like some righteous scribe that could do no wrong. Pompous arrogance was dripping from every move. His only resume provided was his campaign, as checkered and questionable as that was.

So he actually gets the gig, against the odds and advice of our better angels. One of his repeated points all through his long-winded campaign was that he was bringing welcome change, boasting a list of demographics that would choke an elephant. He was going to help each and every identity group.

You only had to find where you fit in on the list, but surely you were on it. He had a drop down list from A-Z on his campaign website called change you can believe in. Plug yourself into the mainframe and enjoy the ride. All he required at every turn was to keep believing in the change he was promising. And apologize for all our past allegiances because loyalty to him now was the only thing that mattered. It was a faith-based formula.

He even ran his second campaign for reelection on simply “keep believing.” (it had worked so well the first time around) But believing in exactly what was never clear, except the transformational change he promised. The stars and planets were aligned, the tides would turn and sea levels would cease to rise. It was so cool how all you had to do was believe, period, and this whole transformation would mysteriously take place. Then it would operate on a momentum of its own. Nothing could stop it.


If you clicked your heels three times and believed, you were going to the grand ball and, in fact, everyday would be another ball. This time the chariot did not have to whisk you home by midnight. There was no chariot and no curfew. The enchantment would not end once started. You did not have to ever worry about returning to reality because that was the point: changing reality forever more. Speak it into existence and it is, and so it shall be.

This pied piper, then, would create an elaborate fantasy in front of us where the whole world would cooperate because it was such an enchanting theme. It would cast a spell of goodwill everywhere you turned.

So this was the fantasy; who could refuse it as billed? It was perfect as fantasies go. No one would say it couldn’t work; in fact, everyone was committed to the itinerary. They all desired to believe. It was like stepping into a time machine and setting the destination knob to ecstasy, to satisfy your deepest desires. That is how they sold it.

Only this time there would be no naysayers, or dissenters and no one saying it could not be done. Actually, even media went along with the ride, touting their own guarantees of utopia. Everything would be beautiful just as the brochure described. What could go wrong? Nothing, because a magical positive energy was with us all.

But, as the story continued along, there was only one small condition that would surely not threaten all the great expectations. It was simply that we all had to keep on believing whatever storms arose. To not believe would be dangerous, fashionably unthinkable.


No matter what might roll out in front of you, that belief was the anecdote or to any problems that dare stand in our way. The other beauty of this whole plan was it did not matter what policies were enacted, or even whatever faults occurred, the magic belief was more than enough to cancel out potential defeat from any formidable foes before they gained a foothold. Reality was no challenge for this magical belief either. It would be seduced into submission with the plan. All in sync by belief.

A faith-based campaign, election and presidency. 2 terms of change you can believe in.

As fairy tales go, we know, there is always some glitch no matter how good they are. You didn’t need Edgar Allan Poe or Alfred Hitchcock to write one for this. Robert Frost may have written about two roads diverging, but in this story there was only one path and no options. There was a yellow wood but only one mystical path that may as well have been named impossibility.

As the story unfolded, all did not go according to plan because it could not deliver on everything. Many expectations collided, even with one another. There still was only one path and we were on it. At any sign of problems, the merry band of expedition organizers would lecture people to believe a little harder, and just a little longer. Just apply faith in the face of gaslighting. Sing some praises to assuage the rosy path.

It did work pretty well, judging by what press and media wrote about things. They were determined to make this excellent adventure a success. Not for lack of trying, as they say.


Unfortunately, we never skipped to the solution part because no one would admit the problem in the first place, early enough. A country should not be tormented that way, for that long and force-fed the garbage that we were. Now we are back to that script.

So if you do not see parallels, yet, that is okay because I see enough for both of us. We are still, or back, under the illusion of “keep believing” despite what you see happening. Only now the minions are better trained, more experienced. Their lob is keep believing.

They surrendered their will long ago. But they had to retain the will to believe. Once they made up their mind to that, almost nothing would affect their dreamy perception. They want to believe as strongly as they did for 8 years. You can see it everywhere. They eagerly will themselves to believe – in what doesn’t matter.

When Jen Psaki speaks from the pressroom, media are pre-committed to want to believe. They are predisposed to accept anything she says. They want to believe Joe Biden is all right, competent to lead the country and military. They assumed that default. Their will to believe invokes their faith. It makes Jen’s job of lying so much easier. Heck, the press might volunteer good answers to their own questions. But they are committed now.


It is one thing if we have a sickness in the country, namely with misguided belief in Marxism or socialism or communism, but when the sickness is exuding from every office and orifice in the administration, we don’t have a problem we are the problem. As in that administration, he had people so compromised they could not change course even  if they wanted to. They wanted it all to be so badly. That Nigerian email really was real!

They would go down with the ship if need be.(could never happen) That is exactly the type of loyal commitment he and the administration sought, needed and so depended on.

Lucky for them that base commitment, willingness to believe, never faltered. Now the same required commitment is back, transferred upon another. A continuation of where they left off, to seal the deal and make it irreversible. What could go wrong? Incestuous will to believe remains high. Denial and cognitive dissonance are making epic strides.

Of course self-awareness is MIA, or at least sitting in the backseat sucking on a pacifier.


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My Apologies

Well, it didn’t take me long after that last post to see the egregious error I made. No, it was not intentional but it doesn’t matter. It does happen.

I mean I said stupidity. Certainly these wacko, rabid, radicals are not stupid. I didn’t really mean that. In fact they are very slimy and smart. They have been doing it long enough. Sinister liars, communists etc are intelligent.

And I didn’t mean to say their excuse is they are stupid. So my apologies for being wrong at least in implication. Of course we could say the stuff they do is stupid or that is the end result, in our perception of it. Even that is really an error. It is malicious, even evil.

They intend to inflict the harm they do. It is part of the plan: managed decline, destruction.

Sorry for selling it all as stupidity. That doesn’t mean that the Leftist base are all scholars. They follow the Marxist line. But those who organize and at the top of this administration are not stupid. The intelligent factor makes what they do and plot all the worse.

The way that piece comes off is the left are dumb and stupid. For that I’m sorry. My misstated error was insulting. So my apologies to stupid. Sorry for the confusion.

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How Stupid Are They?

Is anyone still in doubt about how stupid Democrats and the Left really are?

Remember when you were a kid a great tagline was “how stupid can you get?” It was a good accusation or slam against any absurdity and stupidity. That meant something, it made a point. Wasn’t it great when things were obvious, no explanation necessary?


But today we are actually finding out how stupid you really can get. Democrats are determined to win any competition over it. I’m not even sure they take themselves seriously. I’m sorry; they do and that is the problem.

For Leftists, the root cause in everything always involves blaming America first. It is where they start and where they end. The issue doesn’t matter,  the problem is America. Anything that happens around the world becomes a result of something the US did.

So Democrats and Leftists, who already despise America, are looking for any way they can blame America for the world’s biggest problems. They claim everything is the result of some US policy while they create the worst policy, foreign and domestic, in history.

Then they have the audacity to blame everything on America’s policies. Actually they are incapable of making a good policy. Former Sec of Defense Robert Gates in his memoir said virtually every foreign policy decision or position Joe Biden ever made was wrong.

I know, let’s put him in charge and make Joe president then. Bright move!

I don’t think kids have to ask anymore how stupid can you get because they already know. They see it on school policy firsthand. Now the Left wants to double down on stupid school policy, if they have not done enough damage over 60 years already. If they weren’t trying to destroy education they could have fooled me.


How can you claim everything is the fault of US policy when you are creating the worst policy possible – against every warning given? Sound smart or like Team Dumb?

These people cannot stand putting America first, for whatever reason they hate it. But the default result of not putting America first is actively putting China and Russia first. They are willing to do it anyway making it even worse. That becomes their true-north position.

The stupidity part is how they got here, and yet stupidity is their ace-in-the-hole solution to fixing it all. Great strategy. So you ask how stupid can you get? They’re demonstrating it everyday. The big challenge is how to treat stupidity seriously as the problem it is?

Their answer is to keep going woke till it’s all broke.

The big hypocrisy and irony for Obama was having a doctrine of “don’t do stupid shit!”


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Confession Of A Conservative

The problem coming to light is that for years conservatives went on talking about the Left, in a dialogue way, condemning them. But finding out the Left is even worse than you gave them credit for might be a tough pill to swallow. Indeed, some people may feel like confessing they were not hard enough on Democrats, the Left, or progressive cabal.

Not to totally blame naïve conservatives for this misidentification, the Left was also more cagey and closeted about their real ideology. But suddenly it is all out in the open and so are they. Loud and proud Marxists, if not full-blown communists. It is sickening and should leave many confessing.

No, it is not a segment of the left you must reduce to the least common denominator. The infected is not just “the problem.” It is the whole shebang that has a Marxist bent. Yeah, some of them might not know it but that is another problem, on them.

So the conservative is now tasked to admit that they were off a little on the diagnosis. We’ve even been too kind. We underestimated how carefully the quilt was woven into the culture and society — and not by mistake. Some thought we were going a little hard on Leftists calling them socialists, or overusing the socialist term..

But there was a time when the Left would also take issue with the socialist term. They even claimed the starry-eyed socialist ideal was dead. No, it was secretly hibernating for the time and moment to unveil its bad self. They were the sleeper cells perpetually waiting out their moment.

What do you know, they finally found the moment? Here they are; but without much of a defense for their nefarious ideology. It just is. And it is up to us to deal with it accordingly. However, no more underestimation.

Many conservatives previously thought it was only a partisan debate. I myself accused many of their misguided strategies. Though now I think strategy was the wrong term. All those “strategies” were only tactics of this toxic Marxist stew.

Ever wonder why Democrats are so unwilling to condemn the acts of fellow radicals? It is because they know the source, and to condemn them is to condemn the radical Marxism behind it. After all, this ideology is now the Party’s as well. So it is all interconnected.

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Drivin’ Steady

Looking for a little pick me up, this is it. Eddie Rabbit “Drivin’ My Life Away”


Well, it might also work if you’re on the front-nine trying to make some time when you ought to be on the back-nine. But the pro never said anything about that. Just saying….


Blame And Shame Game

An agenda crystallized among Democrats to blame problems on their opposition, and also shame people over America’s history and founding.

The simple strategy is blame Republicans for everything. Or actually to create as much damage or problems as they can as long as they blame Republicans. Defunding cops, crime, voting and elections, schools, budgets, even COVID responses. Whatever radical policy, blame it on Republicans however you can – especially when it turns out most people disagree with what Democrats are doing.

Well, Democrats think messaging is everything and blame is the only solution.

At the same time, they attempt to undermine all America’s history to make people ashamed of the country. This is really important if one’s real goal is destroying the country to replace it with something else under a different system.

So people should love and thank Dems for it? That’s the plan.

This agenda allows them to create as much chaos and destruction as they desire, while blaming the mountain of problems they create on their opponents, then serves to divide and undermine the country. 1)Create a mountain of problems; 2)blame them on opposition; 3)claim opponents own that mountain.

The audacity of it all is thinking they can get away with it. But so far so good.

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Monologues On Marxism

From Rahm Emanuel to Lori Lightfoot:

Office time, office time, office time! Candace Owens dispels the Chicago myths.


Let’s go to Kudlow Report for after Euro-action assessment

“Virtually everything Mr. Biden did in this long, strange trip ran counter to what our founders tried to teach us.”

What do we see from Joe Biden’s big overseas adventure?

In all the glamour of the prebate coverage of the Summit between Biden and Putin, what is it we expect ? We know one thing that Joe is a dumbass. And beyond that I expect Putin to come out ahead, whether on rhetoric after or on material gain. I think it is a given.

Or if you were Vladimir what is not to like? Biden has already given him numerous gains from the beginning (or Start)? Not that Putin even cares. We don’t even have to go back to the Obama years. In fact, on any of Joe’s foreign policy disasters, what do we get? What have we ever gotten from old Joe? Goose egg.

Then what do we get, once again?

If you thought Biden was bad on domestic policy, we learned how bad he is on foreign policy. But domestically he gets the booby prize, which makes his foreign policy worse.

He’s even an ass with no class. All he seems to care about is some mythical coalition, which in reality is a glorified fan club that means nothing — much like his fan base at home.

Well, I know a little bit about how Russia and Putin operate. Now I know how Biden operates. Unfortunately, the whole world now knows how Biden operates, too. Our expectations were met; he is a disaster. All Putin had to do was show up.

Remember, the meeting was Joe’s idea!  Screwing the US was job one. But then when you have lost Garry Kasparov, you know you lost any real debate about it. A waste of jet fuel.

And “everybody’s a winner”…..except US.

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