United’s quest for customer satisfaction

Remember the United Airlines passenger dragged out? Well, seems there is a change of management plans at United.

Oscar Munoz takes a hit. Although, heck, he made over 18 million in 2016. I guess his golden parachute is now out in the wind.

United Airlines to tie executive pay to customer satisfaction


Two weeks after a passenger was violently dragged from one its planes, United Airlines says it is to link pay more closely to customer satisfaction.

The US company has also revealed its chief executive, Oscar Munoz, will now not become chairman, as anticipated.

The airline has been under heavy scrutiny since video of the incident was shared worldwide.

The executive pay decision features in a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission financial watchdog.

“United’s management and the Board take recent events extremely seriously, and are in the process of developing targeted compensation program design adjustments to ensure that employees’ incentive opportunities for 2017 are directly and meaningfully tied to progress in improving the customer experience,” the filing said.


So customer satisfaction is not getting dragged out of the plane. Who knew?

In new news, an Air Canada passenger was bumped from her flight causing her to miss her cruise departure. (booked 2 months in advance) That’ll mess up your day.

Israel And Obama’s Political War

Naturally, the Obama administration normalized the abnormal. But when you put all these latest revelations about his WH, with the close collaboration of Mainstream Media Mule BFF’s, this weaponized intelligence agenda goes to the the ultimate, unprecedented levels.

And this is a reminder that it was not their first application of their weaponized program. Note how leftinistas labeled Trump “unprecedented” even before he won the election? Really…

PA Pundits - International

By Caroline Glick ~

Eli Lake from Bloomberg set off a firestorm in the US this week with his revelation on Monday that in the last six months of the Obama administration, Susan Rice, former president Barack Obama’s national security adviser, requested that the US intelligence community enable her to use foreign intelligence collection as a means of gathering information about Donald Trump’s advisers.

According to Lake’s story, during the course of the US presidential campaign, and with steadily rising intensity after President Donald Trump won the November 2016 election, Rice used her access to intercepted communications of foreign intelligence targets to gather information on Trump’s advisers. Some of those reports were then leaked, injuriously, to the media in violation of US criminal statute.

Whereas in the normal course of events, the identities of American citizens whose conversations with foreigners are intercepted by the US intelligence community are shielded, in…

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Having a spat of the royal blue variety

If Trump critics have been referring to Bannon for some time as president Bannon, then maybe it is time to start calling Jared Kushner “Prince Jared”? Just saying.

Media has zeroed in on tensions between Jared and Bannon. But with trappings of Kushner’s family ties with the president, those tensions are all the more critical.

Of course media has been discussing the possible exit of Bannon — whether wishful thinking or not on their part.

Then it is reported Trump asked them to bury the hatchet or disagreement. The problem of course is which one wins out in these constant, ongoing battles.

But Jared should start to realize he is not royalty, we didn’t elect him. It’s known Kushner is a long-time Democrat. So his degree of influence is not exactly reassuring to me.

Prince Jared Takes Charge

Ed Klein
Ed Klein
Posted: Apr 04, 2017

Shortly after Donald Trump entered the White House, his chief strategist Steve Bannon told a friend that he had a premonition of impending disaster: “I expect to be out of here in six months,” he reportedly said, “and it’ll be Jared who runs me out.”

He was, of course, referring to Jared Kushner, the president’s 36-year-old son-in-law, who despite his youth and lack of government experience, has amassed more power than anyone else in the White House, including Bannon, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Vice President Mike Pence.

It is Kushner who arranged this week’s summit meeting at Mar-a-Lago between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping—a meeting Kushner set up with the aim of improving relations between the two countries rather than confronting Beijing, as Bannon would have preferred.

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/edklein/2017/04/04/prince-jared-takes-charge-n2308588

Chuck Schumer unhinged….and unapologetic

Schumer makes news for verbally attacking a woman, who voted for Trump. Rush had the details.

Sen. Chuck Schumer creates a scene at a restaurant berating a woman who voted for Trump. But not just any woman and not jut any restaurant. He kept telling her Trump is a liar, how could you vote for him?

Remember when you were a kid your parents told you “now don’t make a scene”? Well, Chuck missed that lesson. Politics, you know.

Like Rush said, these people are not right. There is something very wrong.

Nice going, Schmucko!
Somewhere there is a mirror laughing its ass off, with Schumer’s face stained into it.

I guess Schumer has Uncivil Rights.

Did the Government Spy on Trump? Of Course. It Spies on All of Us! by Ron Paul


It’s disturbing if the government spied on Trump. It’s far more disturbing that the government spies on the rest of us. From Ron Paul at ronpaulinstitute.com:

There was high drama last week when Rep. Devin Nunes announced at the White House that he had seen evidence that the communications of the Donald Trump campaign people, and perhaps even Trump himself, had been “incidentally collected” by the US government.

If true, this means that someone authorized the monitoring of Trump campaign communications using Section 702 of the FISA Act. Could it have been then-President Obama? We don’t know. Could it have been other political enemies looking for something to harm the Trump campaign or presidency? It is possible.

There is much we do not yet know about what happened and there is probably quite a bit we will never know. But we do know several very important things about the government…

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Shadow Soros Dollars

Soros’s Smear Scripts
Welcome to the vast, mega-financed leftist astroturf campaign against President Trump.

March 2, 2017 — Matthew Vadum | FrontPage Mag

A radical group linked to rogue billionaire George Soros has been providing scripts containing anti-Trump talking points for constituents to read aloud during congressional town hall meetings.

One of the scripts distributed by the Revolutionary Love Project encourages town hall participants meeting with their member of Congress to accuse the Trump administration of – wait for it – “xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia.” Constituents are urged to use those precise words to “forcefully condemn” President Trump’s immigration and border security initiatives, Aaron Klein reports at Breitbart News.

Information about the scripts came as leaked audio from anti-Trump activists associated with the group Indivisible surfaced. Their target was a town hall hosted by Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.). They planned to deploy an “inside team” to occupy as many seats as possible and an “outside team” to “give [the media] the coverage they want.” Activists were urged to “dress like conservatives” and avoid “any signifier that you’re a liberal” so they could dominate the meeting.

“Game plan number one is to fill as many seats as we can, right? If it’s all of us in there and the poor people of Breaux Bridge are sitting behind us, well then tough luck for them,” James Proctor of Indivisible reportedly said….[read more]


How much longer can America put up with Soros and his collaborative web of commie influence over this government?

Threats foreign and domestic

Taking stock and identifying all threats, foreign and domestic. WIP – work in progress.

Take it from a retired Former Commander in Chief of U.S. Pacific Fleet, James A. Lyons.


Published on Feb 19, 2017

As responsible Americans we must identify all threats foreign and domestic AND protect our fellow citizenry by raising awareness.

Obama made good on his anti-Israel threats

Back in March this year, escaping much attention in the heat of the election, Dennis McDonough described the White House’s change in policy toward Israel. That was also after the Dems boycotted Netanyahu’s joint session address to Congress. So the radical Left is finishing off the year the way they started it, opposing Israel.

Today they followed through on their threats by refusing to veto the UN resolution on Israeli settlements.

Approved by 14-0, with US abstaining, text seeks action ‘to reverse the negative trends on the ground that are imperiling the two-state solution’

In March McDonough spoke to the Left-leaning J-Street lobby:(I wrote about it)

Huffington Post — 3/24

“We cannot simply pretend that those comments were never made, or that they don’t raise questions about the prime minister’s commitment to achieving peace through direct negotiations,” McDonough added, saying that the Obama administration plans to reevaluate its policy toward Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Though McDonough did not elaborate on what a revamped policy would look like, the White House has suggested that its opposition to Palestinian attempts to secure statehood at the United Nations may soften. On Thursday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters, “Steps that the United States has taken at the United Nations have been predicated on this idea that the two-state solution is the best outcome. Now our ally in these talks has said that they are no longer committed to that solution. That means that we need to reevaluate our position in this matter, and that is what we will do moving forward,” referring to past down-votes by the U.S. on Palestinian statehood initiatives. ( more)

So he waited till December just before leaving office to stick it to Israel. Well, it cannot hurt Hillary. They did what they wanted to do — make good on their threat.

But this was clear in Israel’s last election. Obama operatives ran a campaign to interfere and oppose Netanyahu. Then they were ticked off at his reelection. Now it is payback, revenge time. Of course this goes over well with their anti-Israel base. It’s a political win. They can grandstand on opposing Israel and Netanyahu.

It is not about settlements either, it is about ’67 borders that are indefensible. Now the Obama administration is going out on their high note: opposing Israel. Then they can try to blame Israel for their actions. Mission accomplished before Obummer leaves office.
(if they only had more time)

CA puts on a secession rush, eh?

Okay, one more ridiculous ‘wish it was fake but not’ story. For now….

Canada, do you have any idea what you are asking for?


After the West Coast overwhelming supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for president, Canadians are taking to social media to invite Washington, Oregon, and California to join Canada.

Whoop, there it is. Why should Hollywood weirdos have to move if Canada comes to them?

Romney: yea or nay?

Well, it is turning into the most controversial nomination. Romnation?

We all know the history, I’ve written about it. Now Romney is on the platter served like a Thanksgiving turkey. Is it?


In a brief statement to the media, Romney called their discussion “far-reaching” in regard “to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the United States of real significance.”

“We discussed those areas, and exchanged our views on those topics — a very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had,” he said. “And I appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and I look forward to the coming administration and the things that it’s going to be doing.”

Seems to be getting as much push back from Repubs as it is endorsements.

Hmmmm…. Is it a turkey?

Unexpectedly, In Wake of Hillary’s Defeat, Donations to Clinton Foundation Dry Up

pundit from another planet


Who could have seen this coming?

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted amid Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run, it has been revealed. The non-profit organization’s latest tax filings show contributions fell 37 per cent to $108million – down from $172million in 2014, according to the New York Post.(read more)


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Dutch fed up with creeping Islam

Geert Wilders For Breitbart: Let’s Lock The Door To Islam

by Geert Wilders |28 Sep 2016

Yesterday, I visited Maassluis. It is town near Rotterdam, where the indigenous Dutch inhabitants have become the victims of immigrant youths of Moroccan descent.

Cars have been demolished, houses vandalized, people threatened. The Dutch no longer feel free and safe in their own city. When the local radio station interviewed some of the victims and referred to the perpetrators as Moroccans, it received an anonymous letter: “You are racists! Your time will come! I won’t take care of it because I am too old. But our boys are the new soldiers.”

More http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/09/28/geert-wilders-breitbart-lets-lock-door-islam/

Why here are they talking about importing 500% more refugees? When is enough enough?

An indictment on Global Elites’ feel-good policies

So how many ways can you say wrong? We’re continually scolded for our dissent, about those noble intentions of some of the worst policy failures of our time. We are not supposed to concentrate on the failures, but on intentions of do-gooder libs that supported it.

Case in point Peggy Noonan’s indictment on Angela Merkel’s refugee crisis.
Note: Intentions do not cancel out results.

USA Today

Global elites, Peggy Noonan notes, no longer seem to care about their countrymen. They’ve cashed out into a separate world, where consequences don’t apply to them, and where loyalty to other members of the global elite outweighs such petty concerns as patriotism or loyalty to one’s fellow-citizens.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Noonan notes the case of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Without consulting the populace, Merkel opened up Germany to 800,000 refugees from the Middle East. More than a million wound up coming, and the tide hasn’t ebbed yet. …/

Germany is, alas, just one such example. In the United States, Noonan notes, Syrian refugees are being placed in the poorest communities — not the rich suburbs in northern Virginia or Maryland where the powerful people who run the government live, but in communities already facing problems that they’re barely dealing with.

Read more http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/08/15/elite-populist-uprising-populist-trump-brexit-merkel-immigrants-glenn-reynolds/88718374/

But as the results roll in, time after time, week after week, just remember the good intentions of the feel-good policies of the elite. And don’t question their ability… or those intentions. Pay no attention to the opposite results. Do we want to see this happen here, we need more examples in order to resist it? Shame on us.

It was interesting to see Jeb Bush highlighting this article and says yes, “she [Noonan] gets this right.” Really? It’s an indictment on his feel good politics and his elitism. Never mind, do you think he got that? Nah.

Turncoats, losers, useful idiots are played

As far as I’m concerned, the Hillary campaign might as well be recruiting for the KGB if they are flipping people for Clinton.

From NYT “Hillary’s Summer of Love”

” Dozens of prominent Republicans have come out and said that they’ll vote for her or consider it, including, just last week, the Silicon Valley titan Meg Whitman, the Jeb Bush confidante Sally Bradshaw, and Maria Comella, a former spokeswoman for two of Trump’s most pugnacious promoters, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

You can expect that list to grow. The Clinton campaign clearly does. As Bloomberg Politics and The Washington Post reported last week, Clinton’s aides have gone so far as to set up something of a special operation — a defection watch — to monitor news accounts and any other public hints that a Republican leader is thinking of renouncing Trump, so that someone on Team Clinton can reach out and ask him or her to take the next step. The Times’s Jonathan Martin revealed that Clinton herself called Whitman a month ago. “

The breadth of G.O.P. affection for Clinton shouldn’t be overstated.” — More>

Sorry, but I think you just did overstate it and that is your whole point.

First of all, always beware of the hype especially when the left has a political objective. They paint a popular picture. We’ve all seen the video using statements of well-known Republicans through the primaries. I hope all those Republicans are proud to be used in this, her campaign.

With the Supreme Court at stake, national security, a swiss cheese border with sanctuary cities, establishment corruption woes and a 20 trillion dollar debt bomb at stake, they make it sound like “what’s the big deal?” That’s some powerful deception. So Hillary disinformation pros can talk them through the process. (brainwashing) What’s not to like? How can a rational person support that candidate from hell?

“She’s gone from Republican voodoo doll to Post-Partisan Barbie.” — Ouch

Really, PPB? I got a better Hillary doll in mind, right here.

How Cruz marginalized my support

In fairness, I had an open mind to Cruz. I hoped he would do well and live the talk.

I was disappointed. But before I continue, I remind people how evangelicals in droves helped put Jimmy Carter in the White House. Now I’m not saying Cruz is a Jimmy Carter, though it shows Christians and evangelicals have not had clean hands. And today, I can look around and see remnants of that Jimmy Carter type philosophy in evangelicals.

When he was with Bush, Cruz was involved with the North American Union. Under Bush, Cruz was Director of Policy Planning in the Federal Trade Commission. We know he worked on the selection of Roberts, who doesn’t appear the stellar nominee he seemed.

His wife has extensive ties with big-banking agenda, Goldman, JP Morgan, Merill Lynch, and is tied to the CFR(until 2011). Heidi Cruz worked on the North American union. She was the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere in the Bush administration.

Now he comes out as the purist conservative. He challenged Trump on 20 year-old reports when he was not even in politics. He tried to characterize Trump’s positions as current, typical smear political tactics. Cruz then criticized Trump’s values. How about his values?

What values are in the North American Union, or in Robert’s nomination? I’m not sure how he was on Bush’s Harriet Miers crony nomination. Then what about the outsider, insurgent conservative Cruz claims to be? Hardly. He’s also represented some of the worst of insider politics. Yet I have not seen or heard Cruz explain or address these things.

Has he managed to work with many other conservatives? Jury is still out. But he has alienated a few. He and his wife are very much insiders. The facade fails.

Is this what some evangelicals are now seeing? I don’t know but I’m not a buyer.
**Oil slick alert.

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Caution signs, slippery pavement ahead

Everyone has seen those signs ‘slippery when wet’. They serve as a warning on roads or public places. It’ sort of like “beware.” But now I can see another use for that signage. Caution of slippery politicians.

When a politician comes off looking slick or slippery look out — and he/she probably is. That sign may need to be applied at elections. Remember the infamous 5 o’clock shadow on Nixon, who was branded tricky Dick? It’s a visual that can turn people off.

A label as slickster can be hazardous to Republicans yet a ticket for success to Democrats. It’s attractive to Democrats. The minute someone appears as a slickster on the right, to a lot of people, it causes red flags and exodus. Dems can win with slippery like slick Willie, and hold them in high regard…. for as long as they can hold on to them.

So on a scale, who are the slicksters in this election? Without question, it would have to be Hillary on the Dem side. There could be a few on the Republican side. Christie seemed slick. Bush tries to be too slick. Some of it can be a character trait in politicians. Rubio can seem slick and even Cruz, to me, has an appearance of slick. Carly had a slick factor. Finally, there looks like some slickiness coming from Trump.

slippery-signWhen faced with an attack or criticism, how slippery do they get? I think I’ll develop my own sliding slick scale. If we rate everything else about them, like honesty and credibility, then maybe we should rate that. A “caution: slippery zone” sign is warranted sometimes.

How about a hotline, should you encounter or spot one:

Dial 1- too-slik-4-me.

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A Hard Self-Therapy in a Word

This is a difficult yet therapeutic post to write that has been a long time coming. I’ll start with a simple word that frames up my sentiments at the moment, goodbye.

I’ve felt and lived through the difficulties of saying goodbye at the bedside of dying friends and loved ones. It’s one of the hardest things to face. But this is not that kind of goodbye. There is another type that has a brighter hope and opportunity attached promising new adventures ahead. It’s more that type I’m referring to.

It’s been a strange few years with many disappointments, pains, and the agony of defeat. Sure, there were a few short-lived successes here and there. Just enough to create temporary optimism about what lays ahead.

Okay, before misleading any readers to what this is about, what I am talking about is the country’s current situation — through my eyes at least — in the 2016 election. We have had a few good times in recent years but they soon turned back to a dark cloud.

What on earth am I rambling about? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s just possible that there are some things we might finally bid farewell to. (at the time of this writing anyway) They are things that have been with us for a while, etched into our minds and factored into any serious political discussion.

Picture an episode of Twilight Zone where Rod Sterling says,
“Imagine, if you will, a country without these…..”

Politics as usual: It’s probably the biggest one. Politics as usual may finally be changing. Too early to say if it will stick or not. But it feels pretty good in the short term that politics as usual could be grinding to an end. It outlived its utility and is now called into question. Could there really be something else? There may, in fact, be some life outside it after all.

Race hustling: This one may still be in effect but it seems to be losing traction fast. It might have worn out its welcome. Since things like traffic and road closures, detours, and mall demonstrations inconveniencing millions of Americans, this one may be in search of a new cause which was inevitable. Likely a migration into other areas like plain political activism.

The Democrat plantation: May be heading off into the wild blue yonder. It seems the old blue identity plantation may have outlived its fertilizer supply. This one goes with politics as usual. The primaries are revealing some serious fractures in the same old, such as taking voter groups for granted.

The establishment: Well, this one is not so much what it is but the incessant influence it has. Now its influence could be challenged. It remains one of the biggest factors in our politics today and may lose its control on our system. This one will not go quietly.

Race card: Just as race hustling is called into question, the time has come when the narrative finally got so old and predictable, and less believable than ever. It suffered from overuse and abuse. Imagine a place where it is frowned on to play the race card at every opportunity?

Woman card: This one was a little surprise, but again it suffers from overuse and abuse, especially where abortion is concerned.If the objective was fairness, we may have come full circle with the latest idea to mandate that women also register for the draft.

Interesting, too, in the first Iowa caucus that women went for Sanders. In New Hampshire the 18 to 34 yr old women overwhelmingly went for Sanders over Clinton. 87% for Sanders and 9% for Clinton… says something about choice.

Political correctness: This one is still hanging on by the skin of its teeth but has suffered some serious blows in this election cycle. We’ll have to see if it goes on life support but it is in intensive care. Some wonder now if it is really worth saving.

“It’s my turn now” — This old standard may finally be going the way of the Edsel. It never was very flattering anyway. It looks like it has been challenged from every side and found wanting. How the “rightful” heirs will feel about its absence has yet to be determined. Will they cry and demand it? Will even they be too ashamed to pursue it all the way? Time will tell. But patriarchal families are considering the dire consequences. It could be a bit too much for them to accept all at once.

Note: this claim may seem a little premature. However, chances are good for some of them, better every day in this political climate. It would require vigilance to enforce their absence. Well, that is what this formality is all about — with optimistic hope — bidding them farewell and goodbye. Can’t say I’ll miss them, dibs on the epitaphs though.

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