Answer to Baltimore’s woes: Mo’-Money

Whenever there is a question about conditions in Baltimore, the answer is always more money. Maybe that isn’t completely fair.

Well, the first answer is what is being spent is just not being “spread evenly”.

Trouble in Baltimore

So if you just apply more ointment (money) to the wounds (conditions), it will bring everything right up to standards. Or something like that.

That’s the sales pitch anyway. See right before the riots, Mayor Chaos-Blake was in the process of doing just that, asking (Republicans) for mo’ money for schools. (and stuff)

And darn it, now she’ll probably have to go ask for even more because the people are destroying the city. Not to mention the very students in those schools developed a penchant for chucking rocks and bricks at police. But never mind that now.

Anyway, they are all only doing that because they don’t get or have enough money. If you will only give them more money, they will not be destroying their neighborhoods.(no proof but so what?) It’s so simple. Spend now, or spend more later…. or both. See video below.

Donna Edwards: Wealth needs to spread more in Baltimore.

Translation: Just spread that wealth like peanut butter and we’ll tell you when to stop. We can’t manage our city but we know when enough is enough, trust us.

11 comments on “Answer to Baltimore’s woes: Mo’-Money

  1. drrik says:

    In the studies that have been done, there is no amount of money, ie teaching or remedial care that will make up for the devestastion propagated on the average child by the negative impact of being raised in the average single mother/fatherless family.
    Their dirty little secret is that they would have you believe that money will be able to compensate for it. Every study shows clearly that it doesn’t.
    And the lib/progs keep doing it and maintaining the myth that they are the solution instead of the problem.


  2. the unit says:

    If Freddie, Trayvon and Eric hadn’t met with such untimely demise…they could have been stars in a new movie…’Cool Hand Lack.”

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  3. […] Answer to Baltimore’s woes: Mo’-Money […]


  4. peppermintfarm says:

    Mo money,mo money. The city is run by blacks so whose fault is it that things aren’t good in Baltimore? Progressive demorats (funny word) more like non-progressives who keep things bad for the blacks. Too bad the blacks don’t want to see who the real problem is.
    I heard some guy say to a Fox reporter, “we need whites to start caring about us.? Huh, their city is run by blacks, not whites. Dumber than dirt.


    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, so well said. So they need whites to start caring about it? Humph. Blacks obviously don’t care at all. Ferguson, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, how much proof do we need? What we don’t care that they’re destroying cities? It’s dumb alright. The word progressive is a hoot, isn’t it?


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Yeah the word progressive is a hoot. nothing progressive going on in these cities. Falling down everywhere. And whites are the cause? Excuse me, it’s blacks living in these areas.


    • Bullright says:

      Oh, Pepp, I think they did prove one thing. They don’t care who is in control, they are going to destroy it anyway.


      • peppermintfarm says:

        You are so right, it does prove it doesn’t matter who is in control. They’ll destroy it anyway. Yet whitey is the problem. LOL! If it was not so sad it would be almost laughable.


        • Bullright says:

          Pepp, how they get away with twisting it to about someone or something else is beyond me. If the Tea Party had one bad episode it would still be in the news. (note the statement by Mitch that a priority is to defeat Obama –still playing on a loop, with their interpretation) Oops I forgot, they are still attacking Tea Parties regardless. My bad.


  5. Bullright says:

    Baltimore’s anti-gentrification program, and its working.



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