Year of Multitasking

Time for a little confession, followed by a little revision.

Earlier this year, I made a prediction. I said “after 6 months into the year that 2020 could go down as the year of double standards and hypocrisy”. How could I miss on that one?

Well, as I look back over years, hypocrisy has been a pretty active topic. So could this year be any worse? Maybe not much more than the usual. It is their forte, after all.

Now I would like to revise and extend my prediction. There is something else. It is the year of multitasking by our president. No, not by choice but he has proved suited.

Just think, by the end of January and beginning of February he was multitasking at the maximum level. Now you tell me what other president could deal with an impeachment and pending pandemic at the same time? That would be simultaneous jujitsu by any standards. Nancy Pelosi worked it up to a crescendo.

While the Senate and country were sequestered in an impeachment trial, with obsessed MSM in ecstasy, he was actively working on both impeachment and a looming pandemic. Maybe if Dems weren’t inflicting constitutional chaos on us, some things would be different. But it was only 8 months ago and we remember it well.

Pelosi had delayed her swan song impeachment trial so she could try to get the most bang from her unconstitutional bucks. Finally, when she could hold back no more, amid cries to start the inevitable show, she rolled out her clown-car impeachment circus to prevent the Senate from doing anything else.

She thought she was being smart and deliberative using Lawrence Tribe’s formula. It was to be a five-star event, attended by everyone that mattered, at least to her and the Schiff-Nadler cast of characters. They would not be deterred by anything. She actually tried to usurp the power of the Senate but McConnell was not going to let that happen.

Her other motivation for timing was the State of the Union Speech, which she tried holding hostage. She had run the circus side-show up as close to the speech as she could to interfere with any public attention it would draw, as she controlled its delivery date.

Meanwhile, the virus and pandemic from hell was knocking at the door and staging for Trump’s attention on another channel. He was setting up a task force, while shutting down travel from China, and as he was likely drafting the State of the Union Speech. All that as a battle raged vying for an endless impeachment trial. (remember their witness wishlist)

Mitch eventually limited the scope of that fiasco while the trial went on to fruition. Were any of our 535 members of Congress concerned about the pandemic? Was media on the virus story, too? Of course not. Mainstream press mocked the pandemic as a problem. Their biggest problem was trying to get Trump removed from Office by a successful impeachment. Media was more concerned with jockeying the Senate impeachment count than a seeding virus on both coasts. And a China travel ban pissed off the entire left.

But it has not stopped. He has been multitasking even as the pandemic hit. From hospitals to ventilators and Defense Production Acts to fighting a stampede against drugs to shutting down the economy. Yet politically he was in the positition Dems wanted him in, working hard while they constructed a narrative around everything he did. As if they were trying to revise reality in real time just to hang anything they could find on Trump.

After first attacking him for the travel bans, they then shifted to saying they were not real bans or didn’t go far enough. They demanded he do a mandate, then railed against him for overstepping his bounds by pressing the states to help themselves and their people. Cuomo even accused him of inciting a Civil War. Trump supplied ships and hospitals to them and Cuomo turned to attack Trump after.

Democrats went from impeachment to blaming Trump for the virus calling it the Trump virus. He reworked the supply chains and reformed the testing process. Even when it was discovered Obama-Biden had set the country up for disaster, they tried to blame that on Trump. He also got after supply chain glitches that popped up midway. To any thinking, rational person that would look like leadership. Not to Dems feigning failure everywhere.

Then comes the summer of hell’s disciples, causing riots and violence wreaking chaos across the country. Trump boldly took on that challenge too while dealing with the economic effects of the shutdown.

Protestors appeared immune to any guidelines and rules everyone else was following but the left didn’t care about that. They didn’t want it curbed but increased so as to blame Trump. After 3 times intervening with guard in cities, the summer of chaos merged into blaming Trump for schools, which he was trying to push along with the economy, to ready for opening. Dems fought all that lockstep.

Finally, with parts of the economy opening, the economic forecast improved. Bad news from Dems perspective. Blue states demanded bailouts., That should be an ongoing war Democrats could drag out.

Democrats, worried about keeping things shutdown, decide on mail-in elections to get another battle going. They could take that one right up to the election. Then came the news of another Supreme Court vacancy. Great, another fight was the response from the left.

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2 comments on “Year of Multitasking

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  2. […] happen, it was simply based on the trajectory of politics at the time. You could read those posts here and […]



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