People willing to sign full amnesty petition for illegals

Americans Sign Petition To Release All Illegal Aliens from Prison & Grant Free U.S. Citizenship

by Tim Brown – Freedom Outpost

Activist Mark Dice hits the streets of California again. This time he’s asking people to sign a petition to release all illegal aliens from prison, regardless of the crimes they’ve committed, and to top it off, grant them free U.S. citizenship. This is more evidence of the dumbing down of our society making us ripe for tyranny.


And sign they do.

6 comments on “People willing to sign full amnesty petition for illegals

  1. clyde says:

    Bull, have you ever seen any of Dice’s other “petitions” ? Last week, he did one about infanticide, and the SAME thing happens. The dupes in Fruitifornia fall for it. He had ONE challenger. He gets these assholes to sign these with usually ZERO challenge. And, from what I’ve seen him do, he’s hit a GOLD MINE of moronocy. Always good stuff, Bull.


  2. Davetherave says:

    Good post Bull. Mark Dice is a damn dipshit as Clyde pointed out so well. He comes up with the most stupid ass junk for petitions I’ve ever seen. And God knows CA is so full of idiots you can get plenty to sign any frigging thing.

    I’m still anxiously waiting for the San Andreas Fault to cut loose and for Vegas to be new beach front property!!!


    • bullright says:

      Dave, I haven’t seen much of his other “petitions’ but it sure doesn’t take much to reveal the stupidity of the left coast. (we have our problems in the east, but man!)

      Hey that scenario could solve a few problems for us. Funny how Vegas was the one they didn’t want to have much confidence in at first. ha ha. I’l take that over Friscolucia any day now. And San Diego is looking pretty sad. They didn’t know about Filner before they elected him? So I like Vegas odds a little better, it looks like a safer bet.


  3. pepperhawk says:

    I guess it shows us once again how some people are stupid as hell. What on earth would they want these people released from jail when many are in there because of murder, rape, and other horrible crimes. Oh, the morons!


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, LOL it was laughable wasn’t it? And I’m laughing at them not with them. People just went right along with it. I wonder now that you mention it, hey, why stop there and why not just empty all the jails? Maybe Obastid could do it in one big executive order — call it the pardon pandemic. Sounds like something he is capable of. How can he tell them to release people for one thing and not others? But it sounds like Obama all right.


      • pepperhawk says:


        Yeah, it was laughable. LOL! Yeah, why not empty all the jails and put all the criminals back on the streets to kill and rape us? It’s about as logical as what these people were signing and if they had a chance to sign that I think they would also. Stupid!

        LMAO! The pardon pandemic. I really think the King would love that. It’s another way to kill us off. He doesn’t even have to use Obamacide then to do the dirty work. And since he’s all for “social justice” then all of them should be released not just illegals.



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