ISIS decalares Islamic Caliphate State

BAGHDAD (AP) — The al-Qaida breakaway group that has seized much of northeastern Syria and huge tracts of neighboring Iraq formally declared the establishment of a new Islamic state on Sunday and demanded allegiance from Muslims worldwide.

With brutal efficiency, the Sunni extremist group has carved out a large chunk of territory that has effectively erased the border between Iraq and Syria and laid the foundations of its proto-state. But the declaration, made on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, could trigger a wave of infighting among the Sunni militant factions that formed a loose alliance in the blitz across Iraq and impact the broader international jihadist movement, especially the future of a-Qaida.


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4 comments on “ISIS decalares Islamic Caliphate State

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    I guess we all knew this was going to happen and it’s scary as hell. The Intelligence community told O when they were crossing the border into Syria and he could have hit them then. But as is his way, his Highness did nothing but sit on his thumbs. Now we are all in extreme danger. They will spread across the ME. I give his Highness the credit for this horrifying even since he let their leader out of Gitmo in 2009. It almost looks like he wanted this to happen.


    • Just Gene says:

      Since day one he wanted a Islamic Caliphate State, the complete ME, with Israel wiped out and he becomes the second coming of Mohammed.


    • bullright says:

      The writing was on the wall, like they say. Scary indeed. I’m thinking of Valerie Jarrett in his ear too, not wanting to do anything to oppose them. This is what they’ve been waiting for. He must accept the credit for something, this will be his legacy.

      Its looking that way. A few weeks ago the Mo-Bros in the administration were saying the return of a caliphate is inevitable. Chilling how prophetic and bold right from a Homeland Security official.If he didn’t know he’d have to be stupid.



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