PPhood runs amok in body parts agenda

During the release of the video showing Planned Parenthood discussing selling body parts from babies, the left claimed to be offended. Not by what was going on but what was reported and the way it was reported/exposed. Then they played their old “context” card with the “they edited it” excuse. How much editing did it need? Well, it was a 2 hour and 42 minute meeting, so there has to be some editing. Though they did release the whole length thing if you care to watch it. And it was just as damning if not worse. But who cares about that when they can just claim, “but it was edited”. Whoopee. So what?

It helps to remember what things Leftists despise and have no patience for. They attack people buying or wearing fur coats made from animal fur. Oh, they turned that into a damnable sin. However, now when it comes to body parts of fetuses they put all their compassion behind ‘but its for research.’ Even the media is spinning the outrage to being its for research. The video made no attempt to avoid the research angle. That was not denied or hidden. In fact, “research” is what makes it appalling. But research does not mitigate PP’s agenda. MSM seems to think it does. And they don’t like fat cat salaries of figurehead CEO’s in wasteful industries.

But now the left blows up in righteous outrage over the exposure of the story but not the process or policies of abortion taking place in Planned Parenthood. So the PP 400k president, Cecile Richards came out to apologize…but only for the way the staff person spoke about the process. She went on to praise and thank tissue donors. Babies would probably be tickled that they are being labeled a “donation” and shipped off to medical research.

“Our top priority is the compassionate care that we provide. In the video one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect that compassion, this is unacceptable and I personally apologize for the staff member’s tone and statements.” — Cecile Richards in her apology (soon to become a Democrat fundraiser #StandWithPP; Cemetery of Choice).

Maybe the person did not show enough compassion in speaking about it? No, that is not really possible because abortion requires a lack of compassion for babies in the first place across the industry. Desensitization. Adding more compassion for babies would incriminate themselves and procedures. So it was not for lack of empathy which PP took issue with the staffer. By the way, it was not just a staffer, but it was the head of the national operation. And not a staffer but a doctor. So the CEO was wrong on both counts.

One of the lateral issues discussed at length was the waste issue, tagging and protocol. They talked about incineration and cost. If you mention biological tissue disposal of anything else, you’d get ethical red flags and possible outrage over it. Here we’re dealing with literal human tissue as a waste byproduct of the industry. Try to find a parallel to compare it to.

Since a major point is how callously she talked about graphic details of life and extraction procedures, with similar ease she navigated the national map of which areas are more promising for tissue mining. One she was very confident about was the St. Louis area. Go figure. While California already seems ahead in the tissue game.

This all fits Planned Parenthood’s propaganda campaign. It provides another area they can probe the patient about, donating tissue. So if they can offer them a feel-good purpose to say “the tissue is donated to help people,” it becomes an abortion selling point to assuage those ethical dilemmas and worries of “patients”. They’ve merely spun it into another positive benefit of abortion. I assume the tissue parts most in demand would be later developed, creating an incentive for later abortions. We know that. They are always looking for more selling points.

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20 comments on “PPhood runs amok in body parts agenda

  1. Bullright says:

    Li’l miss popularity strikes again…

    [H/T pic]
    Right…consider the source.


  2. Davetherave says:

    One disgusting ass organization Bull. They lied about offering mammograms at all their murder centers, so one does not have to stretch their imagination to believe they’re lying here as well. This butcher shop and its supporters have no moral compass, so again one does not have to stretch…etc, etc.

    All the atrocities we’ve known they commit and more keep coming to the surface. It scares the hell out of me what has yet to be uncovered. If only the mothers of all those that work at and support this God-less organization would have had abortions. I realize that flies in the face of me being Pro-Life, but they piss me off badly and I just wish they’d all frigging disappear forever…

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    • Bullright says:

      Well, Dave, I’m guessing you aren’t on their donor list. I really agree if it is one outfit that can piss off most of the people in the country, this is it. I laughed when you said “and it’s supporters have no moral compass.” Well, I guess that is most of the country since they get our money. Ha ha. We’re all being bled into this cult of evil.

      Yet they have a pac and we see how they support candidates and even have a profit.(shhhshh) but they still play this game. It’s just amazing how they got away with it all these years, even without screwing it up themselves. (mammograms and birth control yada yada) Guess I’m not on their list either. I don’t fault you for being that way, unfortunately they escaped Jonestown so that failed but I wouldn’t argue with something quick, its a bigger disease than ISIS.

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  3. drrik says:

    Phood is okay with whatever they do. Wonder if PETA would object to babyskin cowboy boots?

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  4. peppermintfarm says:

    I can now refer to the PP as the Planned Perdition. This is sickening beyond words.

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  5. Hardnox says:

    This whole abortion thing pisses me off to no end. The Left is rife with hypocrisy. Every topic they champion always has the “for the children” meme attached to it yet they support the slaughter of innocents. I’ll stop now before I go into a rant. The bastards are simply sick.

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