Missing links in Obama’s war speech

This may turn into just a partial post after Obama’s speech on Syria. Rather than being the usual critique, I was struck by what I did not see, what seemed to be glaringly absent.

I watched it twice thinking I missed something but I didn’t. Of course, I don’t know what was on the cutting room floor. I didn’t see the usual level of partisan attacks. Now he always has them in there as standard fare, so I must assume they had to work to keep them out. (…why I’d love to see the cuts) He referred to the other side negatively but not as usual, there seemed to be a shortage of straw men from his usual rhetoric. That might have some strategic political reason for it.

But better or worse than that, he talked about the nasty effects of these weapons with his supposed outrage. Fine. Yet what he did not say was anything too critical, or personal about the man who supposedly used them. Now everyone knows Obama’s capability of personal attacks, how he can demonize his opponents, and surprisingly left it out.

If you have outrage against these chemical weapon, WMD, attacks then you must hold that and more venom for those who would use them. It was an opportunity. But I didn’t see it. Looking, I scratched my head. Obama never misses an opportunity for personal attacks of his opponents. He even made an off-handed slap at Putin just weeks ago on Leno. (hoping the press would run with that message, I’m sure.)

Noticeably missing. Does anyone stop short of calling Hitler evil for what he did? Or is this a man who has problems confronting obvious evil?

So he came out and took aim and swung against chemicals not the person who employed them. But the chemicals did not assemble themselves.

14 comments on “Missing links in Obama’s war speech

  1. Mrs. AL says:

    Great observation, Bullright! I recorded this so I will listen again with this in mind!!

    SNARKY ALERT: the only real ‘missing link” for me was the address being given by a President of the United States. Instead, the Resident was at the podium.


  2. tannngl says:

    He also hates guns that shoot people.


  3. clyde says:

    Typical moronic sophistry. Attack the means, the inanimate object, and NOTHING about the ACTUAL user of said inanimate objects. The BECS. Proving yet again he ain’t ready for ANY time, let alone prime time. The asshole. Good post, Bull.


  4. pepperhawk says:

    Bull, I was struck by the same thing besides his speech being schizophrenic to say the least. I wondered if he did not name Assad is because he really doesn’t know who used these chemical weapons. Germany’s intelligence says AQ used them. Who knows. I think perhaps they both have used them, Assad and AQ and al Nusra.

    I keep seeing the al Nusra attacking Christians in the north and the last time this so called SFA lead by Idris was with them. Idris also declared war on Israel.

    I see no good options for that country. We either have Assad or AQ, it’s affiliates and the Muslim Bro.


    • bullright says:

      Pepp, I agree. I am just assuming for a minute that there is something to the Assad using them. But he is a long way from even convincing many people. There is testimony that he didn’t though I can’t understand why they would lie that they used themt? I simply take him on what he says happened. We have long suspected that Hizzies and others might have gotten hold of chemicals. So there we are..

      But remember that asshat in chief called for Assad to step down, so where would the weapons go? . Its like Obama doesn’t even address a third of the problems. Now he acts like Russia is a partner. I don’t think we are supposed to follow all Obama’s curves. I agree, the al Nusra and al Qaeda contigents have been awfully busy, as has Assad’s soldiers.


      • pepperhawk says:

        Bull, no doubt Assad used them but how do we really know? The evidence the King presented last night was not convincing to me. Also I think he wants the Muzzie Bro to take over the country just like in Egypt. He said, “he’ll stand with the Muslims” in his book.

        He made a mess in Libya and now AQ runs that country and then there’s Egypt and what a huge mess he caused there. I can’t see taking out one evil man to replace him with something that could be worse.

        I just heard on Greta that Putin gave Obama a lecture. LOL! I told Ron tonight that Putin has basically cut Obama’s balls off and made him completely impotent and Putin knows what a weasel, wimp, and dope he is and was planning to cut Obama down to pieces.

        Obama comes away being the most ineffective leader and on one respects him all over the world. He has shown himself to be feckless and stupid.


        • bullright says:

          Oh yes, Putin has. If nothing else he stirred the whole situation up. So Obama had labeled him a schoolkid. It sort of makes me happy they don’t seem to get along. A mess follows this guy.

          It looks like a real possibility Assad used them now. But it seems possible others could too, if they have access. Al Qaeda types are fast learners. We have a bad situation now. If there is enough questions over who uses them, and inspectors don’t want to get into who used what, then that would empower him to try to use them again. What Obama said he could have said before….before he said he was going in unilaterally to strike Syria. I mean he has a great track record! Well, there is no doubt this is a proxy battle between all sides, Russia, Iran, terrorists al Qaeda et al, and us, if he does this. It helps if we face reality.

          Now it is out the CIA began sending the arms to rebels. (that worked so well in Libya)

          Obama just has that mindset to always stand with the wrong side or group. He’s a total ideologue that way. And where is Biden, who wanted to dissect Iraq — the foreign policy expert, Joe? .


          • pepperhawk says:

            Bull, it gives me a big chuckle that Putin has exposed him more or less as the idiot he is. One thing Putin doesn’t want is that country to be taken over by Muslim terrorists. He despises them. And yeah, it would be a proxy war with all the bad actors involved. If Obama wants to do the right thing he should bomb Iran before they start launching off nukes. But he won’t touch them, he too afraid. And it would save Israel which he hates.

            I heard several spec ops guys say that it is easy for the terrorists to use those weapons without the delivery system Assad has. I think Assad probably did use them and I also read some reporters on the ground say the “rebels” told him they would use those chemical weapons to draw us into that war. We’re being played every which way.

            From what I hear out of the congress critters they are concerned about AQ taking over or the MB. They are in there with the so called rebels and they are using them to take Assad down. It’s hard to believe who did what. With that I don’t want us going into another feckless and useless war where the enemy of the US uses us for money, arms and our troops to get killed and turn around and tell us how much they hate us. One thing we do know is they all hate us. They are all radical Muslims and I’m not so sure there is anything but radical ones.

            Yeah, right, Biden wanted to impeach Bush for going into Iraq. Now he stands there silent as it’s his boy going to war and for some reason this one is a good war. And those chemical weapons came from Iraq as truck after truck left in the dead of night (which we saw on satellite pics) over into Syria. I also heard a vet say there were chemical weapons in Iraq, he saw them.


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, it is a chuckle. I’m seeing the libs get their panties in a bunch that Putin is involved. THat is almost worth it too. Sort of like social justice. They got the fruit they planted.

              The AQ’s are in there for sure. And for anyone to tell me who we are supposed to be dealing with must be a Graham clone. We don’t have a clue. Moderates went extinct there with the MB. Now they are evolving to AQ’s right on schedule uh? Next bastid will tell us all is going according to plan. I want to laugh but it makes me sick. I guess we’ll have to wait for Super Bidy to come out to save the day….from this pos occupant in office.



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