Kerry shirks anti-Israel criticism

Kerry shrugs off Israeli criticism

By MATTHEW LEE — July 29, 2014


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday widespread criticism of his efforts to win a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas don’t worry him and said he will continue to work toward that goal because Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked him to.

“I have taken hits before in politics, I am not worried about it,” he told reporters at the State Department. “This is not about me.”

Kerry said he is convinced that a humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza followed by negotiations to resolve the underlying causes of the conflict is “more appropriate” than continuing to wage war.

“I am not going to worry about personal attacks,” he said, adding that he and President Barack Obama are convinced “it is more appropriate to try to resolve the underlying issues at a negotiating table than to continue a tit-for-tat of violence that will invite more violence and perhaps a greater downward spiral which would be much more difficult to recover from.”

Kerry has come under harsh criticism in Israel and among its supporters for pushing a cease-fire last week that critics believe will hurt the security of the Jewish state and give legitimacy to the militant Hamas movement that controls Gaza. On Monday, several senior Obama administration officials hit back at the criticism and defended Kerry’s efforts as those of a true friend to Israel.

Though he said he wasn’t “worried” by the criticism, Kerry showed flashes of pique in his comments, noting at one point that he had a 100-percent pro-Israel voting record in thortuae Senate and would not “take a second seat to anybody” in his devotion to Israel’s security.

Kerry also said he wouldn’t be pushing for a ceasefire if Netanyahu hadn’t asked him to.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu himself said to me, ‘Can you try to get a humanitarian cease-fire for this period of time?’ And if it weren’t for his commitment to it, obviously the president of the United States and I would not be trying to make this effort,” Kerry said.

“Now either I take his commitment at face value or someone is playing a different game here, and I hope that’s not the fact,” he said.

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He’s right on one thing, this is not about him. Kerry attempts to interpret it all as personal criticism. Sorry, Kerry, it really is about much more than you.

Buried within is the statement Netanyahu asked him to. Does that tell us something?(wonder what Hamas says?) One side is interested in the endgame. Unfortunately, the war is the means and endgame to Arabs. It is a p/r campaign and a fundraiser to Hamas. It just won them 47 million USD.(plus their other aid)

He goes on to say he has taken personal political hits before. Is that what this is to him, a personal hit? He was a presidential candidate remember, votes away from the oval office. How would he have handled that criticism?

On the other hand, he doles out enough criticism like calling Israel apartheid and his criticism about a “pinpoint operation” of Israel. When did Hamas pin-point their attacks or rockets? They started out by kidnapping and murdering 3 random students.

Thanks, Dr. Kerry, for your pinpoint criticism of Israel. But personal? Only if it is personal with you, which it could be as with other anti-Israel zealots. If he could only remember when he speaks as Sec. of State that he is speaking for the US, not himself. So we have plenty of right to be critical of his words.

10 comments on “Kerry shirks anti-Israel criticism

  1. peppermintfarm says:


    You know what? This man makes me so livid I have blood shooting out of my eyeballs. How is he helping Israel is one thing I’d like to know. All he seems to do is criticize them and make believe Hamas is guilty of nothing.

    And right, what has this got to do with “him”, the master of deceit and traitor, a huge embarrassment to our country is the SEC of State?

    I’ve seen a couple interviews with Bibi and I don’t see Bibi acting very pleased to have the options put before them by this friggin ahole.

    Well, before I descend into vulgar language I’ll leave at that.


    • bullright says:

      Please, the expletives might add some color. LOL The English language lacks acceptable adjectives for this outfit. Hats off to BB for not descending to Kerry’s level. But they say the worst things while Israel is under attack or vulnerable. Then they wanted to claim that there is no better friend of Israel than this administration. At the very time Israel has its hands full Kerry opens his big liberal, unapologetic mouth. Oh and I forgot to mention Airport-gate. They want to join the boycott against Israel. And we are giving these terrorists money?


      • peppermintfarm says:

        Bull, right, there really no expletives enough to describe this. The dictator and Kerry seem to be playing a double game here and Israel knows it. And did you hear yesterday at the UN, the US joined in condemning Israel over one of their bombings? This is sick since Israel tries to warn every Palestinian to flee before they bomb.

        Just where is the condemnation over Hamas? The whole thing is unbelievable when every country knows Hamas is a terrorist organization.

        Did you happen to see Hannity last night. The son of the Founder of Hamas was on and he condemned Hamas and told the truth about who they really are.


        • bullright says:


          Yea, chilling to hear from someone who knows. He even said Israel has to destroy the threat or it keeps coming. Yea, I bet he is on their black list. But why does media and the Left go out of their way to deny what is right in front of them? Pelosi said Hamas is a humanitarian org. Yea, right. That’s like having a serial killer be chief surgeon in the operating room, Sorry, I’m running low on stupid analogies for her crap.


          • peppermintfarm says:

            Bull, it was really an eye opener to see this guy, don’t you think? I found it fascinating what he said. I bet he’s on a kill list.

            OMG! Pelosi is sounding crazier every time she opens her mouth. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the people in the little paddy wagon will carry her off and put her into an institution for the insane.

            That is a good analogy for her crack pot shit.


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, you know that convinces me that to the leftites absolute political ideology trumps everything. Even they can see how stupid she looks and sounds, yet the still support her. Even media has to cover for her by going to commercial break. Because politics reigns supreme, no matter how insanely stupid she gets, “elect and support her anyway”.


            • peppermintfarm says:


              I think you got it right exactly. Their ideology trumps everything including getting us killed with a terrorist strike with the border wide open and we don’t even know who these people are coming over here. Yet, Pelosi also said we must support these poor children. She almost always reverts to that one. I’m off target here with your comment.

              I don’t understand why the dimwits keep supporting someone who sounds insane. What is it about her that is so special? Is it they love her kooky stuff that they figure people will believe? I wonder how many morons in this country now believe Hamas is a humane group?

              Ya know, she might just be the face for all the stupids in America who keep voting for these nutters.


            • bullright says:

              Pepp, Haha whenever they have something stupid at the DNC they want to get out, they can give it to Nancy. (Debbie Wasserman Schultz is second) I can’t think of someone on the right like that. How she was speaker I don’t know.


            • peppermintfarm says:


              I can see the smoky, back room right now. “Fellows we’re losing the morons and useful idiots. We need to send someone out to get them back. Oh, yeah, send Nancy or Debbie, two of the dumbest we can think of. They’ll do the job, because not only are they insane, they are good liars. ”

              They open the Cracker Jacks and out pops Nancy, their prize dummy.


  2. bullright says:


    Perfect analysis for the DNC domain. That’s how they do it. Yep, and “they can talk about female reproduction at the same time and rally up that ‘we’re for women’ vote against Republicans’ war on women’s reproductive organs” —- and no one will ask them too tough of questions because they don’t want to embarrass them. Never mind the clowns, send in Nan.

    Gee, now that I really think about it, that is just their starting lineup. They have a list of all stars on the bench to draw on if they need reinforcements. Boxer and Sheila Jackson Lee just for a few. And no one will care what they say either.



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